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The evolution of business: The PROFIT mode dies out, the PURPOSE mode comes in! May 18, 2010


I think the most brilliant about this observation is that this is the NEW trend. I am sure that a couple of centuries or even decades away people have been indeed very well motivated by profit only. Now, as a clear advancement of mankind we can see the new motivation, the advanced motivation.

Let me back it up with one fo the most brilliant TED videos – “How great leaders inspire for action”, I guess it is nearly same idea, but from another view-point…

We live in a very interesting time when we can observe the transformation of the whole humanity at the highest speed!

LOVE, axinia


21 Responses to “The evolution of business: The PROFIT mode dies out, the PURPOSE mode comes in!”

  1. Cristián Says:

    Great find, Axinia!
    Totally in tune with my belief that “spiritual gratification” is the new profit. A trend that’s about to become bigger in the years to come.
    In this case, purpose being the currency.

    Thank you for posting this one, and bringing this to our attention.

    Have a great day.

  2. mahesh chendake Says:

    absolutely right
    the people who works with purpose get more job satisfaction

  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    one question I want to ask you since from many days that, As HR Dept. while recruiting people in your company what qualities you see in the people? what promises you give on behalf of management?and whether management keeps your promises? and when you post them in orientation program may be of days or weeks or simply during probation period what sort of evaluation you do to select right candidate? whether people work only for profit of self or organization and get satisfaction and what about management part whether they see profit of worker? but if scenario changed and both will work for purpose then what will be picture?

    • axinia Says:

      dear mahesh, many thanks for this interesting question!

      Obviously as a yogi I have a bit diffrent approach to HR and surely I apply all my yogic skill and powers for recruitment and team support 🙂
      I am lucky to have an outstanding boss who respects and loves people. What promisess? Comforatable work place, interesting and presitigious jobs…
      We obviously incourage people to work for profit, but also show them that thanks to that, their own personal situation improves.
      In the case of my company I do not think I can inspire anyone to work for purpose, because I do not see a higher purpose in the actual activity of my comapany :).

  4. radha Says:

    yes, the purpose came in and lets see whats gonna happen now!

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video, Axinia dear. I agree with much of what is mentioned in it. It is true that for civilised people, beyond a point, money (or reward or profit) ceases to be the motivating factor.

    However, let me be very clear that it applies ONLY to decent, civilised people, those who are governed by the normal ethical natural instincts of humanity. Besides, it is not just humanity, it can also be found to a certain extent in higher animals, like mammals and birds.

    However, it DOES NOT hold true for the scum beings 👿 , those filthy, sewery dregs of humankind 😡 Such lowlife beings are not governed by the moral, ethical values that evolution bestowed upon higher animals. Their deceitful, sub-human souls are governed by pure unending greed – greed for money, power, control etc. Those filth beings would not be ashamed of stooping down to sub-human levels to amass wealth, power and control by any means possible, legal and illegal, ethical and unethical, moral and immoral.

    Why do you think the forces that control the world are trying to turd worldise the civilised first world, instead of trying to first worldise the uncouth turd world? The answer is simple – the forces that control the world are scum beings, the greatest threat to humankind’s progress and the greatest enemy of human civilisation. Those creatures know what they are doing.

    Knowing how both the civilised societies and the uncouth societies work, they perceive civilised behaviour (socio-economic equality and free mobility, liberty, bottom-up structure of power, total literacy and healthcare, social safety for the weak, personal liberties, rights, justice etc. etc.) as the greatest threat to the power, wealth and control they have over the world. By contrast, they love the way the uncouth, filthy, sub-human, turdy societies function – “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving, rapidly overbreeding hordes”, high levels of uncontrollable crime and run-away corruption, controlled education system that churns out illiterates and eager arse-lickers, top-down centralised fascist power structure, complete absence of justice, civil liberties, healthcare, social safety net, equality, socio-economic mobility, sewery media ever eager to lick the filthy arses of the establishment scoundrels, widespread uncouthness and blind beliefs etc. etc.

    The scum beings know that they can get away with any crimes in the turdy, uncouth societies without being held responsible or accountable. Being sub-humans who aren’t governed by the ethical laws that evolution embedded in humans and higher animals, their great greed and desire for ever more wealth, power and control is pushing them to turd worldise the civilised societies and transform the entire world into one big, filthy, dirty, new globe under the total control of the capitalo-communist scum beings. If the civilised societies fall to this nefarious plan of the unholy alliance between the power-wielding crime cabal and the hordes and hordes of rapidly overbreeding, turdy, uncouth beings, then the whole of humankind is doomed forever.


    • axinia Says:

      Hi Raj, I totally agree with you here that the PURPOSE motivation is only possible in a civilized and generally well-off society. Only when the basic needs are coverd people start looking for something higher.
      But this is the evolution. Once the masses in the West start the transformation, the rest will catch up. sooner or later 🙂

      • That’s true, Axinia. Unless the basic human needs are met, there is absolutely no question of someone working for a non-profitable, non-monetarily rewarding project (but one that rewards a person in other ways). For instance, it wouldn’t be possible and it wouldn’t be fair either, to expect an unemployed programmer (who is struggling to meet the basic needs of himself and his family) to contribute his time and effort to a completely free open source software project. It simply doesn’t make sense.

        But I’ll have to say you are an eternal optimist, Axinia 😉 It’s true that large scale contributions of this kind can only start in the civilised societies where, except for a small percentage of extremely wealthy and an even smaller percentage of poor people, most of the population belongs to the middle class and where even the working class have all their needs met.

        However, this is the exact civilised model that is despised by the notorious global crime cabal. Instead, they love the turdy model of the filthy societies – “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving hordes” since it enables them to amass even more wealth, power and control unquestioned, eagerly assisted by the arse-licking media and the uncouth hordes. And they want to replicate it in the civilised societies.

        So instead of the masses in the West starting the transformation, they are going to find themselves forcibly turd worldised. Welcome to the new global turd world 😐

        America, where everyone was supposed to be middle class, will be the first to be forcibly turd worldised, followed by Europe and the other first world places. Many Americans are coming to the inevitable conclusion that nothing short of a revolution would be able to save them 😐 But the crime cabal does have a plan to tackle that as well, and that is called WW III.


  6. Something that makes me suspicious is that one study mentioned in the video was financed by the Federal Reserve. I’m not going to insult the intelligence of your readers by assuming they know nothing about this notorious institution. Being completely unaccountable and unanswerable to the American people, but controlled totally by the vested interests who own it, it can be safely said that this “creature from Jekyll Island” and its handlers are responsible and have always been responsible for the economic miseries of the American people (and much, much more than that).

    Also, the cartoonist draws a picture of that totalitarian thug – the tyrant Lenin and the speaker tries to somehow associate him with socialism. What did Lenin or communism or the USSR have to do with socialism 😕 The name of the USSR – the Union of Soviet “Socialist” Republics is just like that of North Korea – the “Democratic” People’s Republic of Korea. The commie totalitarianism of the USSR had as much to do with “socialism” as the tyrannical dictatorship of North Korea has to do with “democracy” and that is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    An imperfect version of socialism can be found in the civilised societies of Western Europe (esp. Scandinavia) and to a certain extent in others like Japan. But Lenin and the Soviet Union??? That was totalitarian, regressive communism falsely and viciously masquerading as “socialism”. Crooked communism is nothing but monopoly capitalism that’s several times worse than laissez-fraire capitalism because it comes coupled with tyrannical fascism and dictatorship by the thuggish “Party”.

    If the Soviet Union even had traces of socialism, it would not have collapsed in the way it did. A socialist collapse would be more like the economic collapse of Iceland. The well-deserved collapses of the Soviet and Yugoslavian empires were typical communist collapses. Crooked communism ravages and destroys everthing it comes across. The State of West Bengal (in the evil, uncouth Indian empire) has been completely ravaged by the goons, thugs and barbarians of the Communist Pigs of India (Marxist) – the CPI(M) who have maintained a criminal, vice-like grip on it for several decades, driving it to utter destruction and destitution.

    Even the filthy, turdy, uncouth, evil Indian empire had a crude form of crooked communo-fascism called the “licence raj” of corruption, crime, barbarism, uncouthness and sub-humanism as its governing policy till 1991. This filthy model of near-communism utterly destroyed the uncouth Indian empire and turned it into a beggar, keeping hundreds of millions of hordes wallowing in perpetual poverty and regressiveness, with a cabal of criminals stealing all that they could from the hard-working, productive people and distributing it amongst themselves and to their goons and thugs.

    The uncouth Indian empire came to the stage of near-collapse when the totalitarian Eastern Bloc collapsed. Only in a last-ditch, desperate pledge of its few remaining reserves of gold to the IMF was the turdy, criminal beggar – the uncouth, evil Indian empire able to stave off a spectacular collapse like that of the Soviet and Yugoslavian empires. By moving away from the crooked communist model, the turdy Indian empire was able to stave off total collapse, but it hasn’t yet changed its evil ways of massive, broad-daylight looting of the wealth of the productive civilised people in order to lavish them on the dirty crime cabal and their hordes and hordes of uncouth, pea-brained, rapidly overbreeding, regressive savages. Meanwhile, its crimes against humanity and civilisation are rapidly increasing by the day, and it’s only a question of “when” and not “if” that the filthy, uncouth, criminal, obnoxious, sub-human, turdy, evil Indian empire gets its deserved comeuppance for its heinous crimes.


    • axinia Says:

      hi Raj,
      there have been many really great things about the socialism (whatever you call it), and believe me I do not regret even a second that i grew up in THAT system insted of any other. honestly.
      The greatest thing of all was the power of a collctive, the collective consiousness/awareness which is a beauitful quality missing a lot in other countries (even “socialistic” like Sakndinavia)…
      Another thing is that because there was no performance pressure and luxury, people did only nesessary work and nad much mor time for hobbies, culture and sport. People were satisfied with what they had! And, honestly, tell me how much does a person really need?
      Besides, people have been very intrelligent and extremely well educated. Most of the population! If you have never heard about it all, I suggest you do not balckpaint something you know only from books and not from your first-hand experience. Am I wrong with this, Raj?

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        it is said that sahajayoga was more selected and popular in Russian because their socialism,communism and collective nature which is very close to sahajayoa theories .and whatever sister said that may be another contribution.

      • I believe you when you say you do not regret growing up in such a system, Axinia. What reason would you have to regret it 😕 You are the daughter of a Soviet military officer, and as such your family would not have had much reason to fear/hate the commie regime (though your dad himself must have been at risk of being purged by the hated secret service goons if they even suspected anything about him).

        Your nostalgia and longing for such a system, while certainly being genuine and true, is only one side of the story. I would also take into consideration how much people suffered under the paranoid regime and its gangs of secret thugs. Imagine having to live one’s life in perpetual fear, not knowing when one would hear that dreaded knock on the front door, to be whisked away to a remote Siberian Gulag to spend a few years of hard correctional labour on the slightest suspicion of being an “enemy” of the revolution. Imagine having absolutely no freedom, no choice of what one does or even who one works for (only one employer, the all-powerful regime). Of course, things like freedom of expression and freedom of religion were unthinkable, even the freedom of thought being within the narrow limits defined by the “Party”.

        What about the hordes and hordes of people who fled the commie regimes every year, under grave risk to themselves and their families, with quite a few getting killed in the process? All in order to escape from the suffocating, stifling controlled societies and taste the refreshing breath of freedom? What about those countless people and their families who were affected by the horrendous excesses of the commie regimes? Should I not even listen to their real life, chilling, first-hand experiences 😕

        While it’s certainly true that the commie regimes were generally able to deliver on good education and acceptable healthcare for all, it is by no means a special achievement. It may be great when compared to the turd world, but is just about decent when compared to the first world.

        Honestly, Axinia, a person’s needs should be left to himself/herself to decide. Why should the regime try to control and micro-manage each and every aspect of one’s life and even thoughts? If someone decides that he/she can get happiness only from material objects, then so be it. If another decides that only the life of a recluse will make him/her happy, then so be it. If yet another decides that being a workaholic gives happiness, then so be it. If yet another decides leisure makes one happy, then so be it. As long as all these people do not infringe upon others’ rights or harm others in the process, I see no problems with them. Each human is unique and has the ability to think and decide for himself/herself. They are neither robots made on an assembly line nor sheeple that need to be led by a cabal of goats.

        The collective feeling, beautiful as it sounds, is not natural since it was forced down upon them from above, by an outside force.

        The basic unit of the collective is the individual. Unless the individual is respected, the collective has no meaning. The TRUE collective feeling can only come VOLUNTARILY from the individual, once he/she realises that the individual needs to form a collective. Still, there will be many who want to form not one, but many different collectives, or just remain an individual. It’s their human right to do so. Any forced outside system is artificial, unsustainable, regressive and bound to collapse.

        I have a question, Axinia dear, but am worried that you will take it too seriously as you sometimes do 😦 I guess you have found happiness and fulfilment by your practice of Sahaja Yoga. Do you think you would have been allowed the freedom to do so under a typical, tyrannical, totalitarian commie regime (like that of Josef Stalin, and not that of a rare reformist like Gorbachev) which was completely paranoid about all things religious, spiritual and suspected any activity of three or more people that was outside its total control 😕


    • No, you aren’t wrong Axinia. But what makes you think I haven’t experienced a communistic model first hand 😕 I spent my childhood in the crap of a heinous, near-communist “licence raj” economic model that was modelled after the Soviet economy by that nasty thuggish tyrant called Nehru (and his coterie and his family) who had a craze for commie ideas and totalitarianism. Everything, from the so-called “Five Year Economic Plans” to the filthy, incorrigibly corrupt, thieving organisations called central PSUs (from the sewery Indian Railways, turdy Air India, the Disgustingly Dirty television channel called DD to lowlife bankster gangsters, shitty PSU industries etc. etc.) were modelled on the crappy, monopoly capitalist commie model (and much of this filth continues to exist to this day).

      The products that weren’t made by the filthy CPSU organisations were heavily “licensed and controlled” by the turd headed bureaucratic lowlives. In reality, this meant that an organisation could produce something only if it managed to pay humungous amounts of money to the turdy filth beings who ran the evil Indian empire and a long line of bureaucratic loafers. This stinking “licence raj” economuck model, based on commie economuck ideas, not only kept the overbreeding hordes wallowing in perpetual poverty and decadence, it turned the already evil, uncouth Indian empire into one of the world’s most corrupt places and elevated the (already existing) arse-licking tendencies among the hordes into an art form.

      The only reason why the turd head Nehru did not go the whole cog and turn the uncouth Indian empire into a commie country was because the evil Indian empire had to extend its begging bowl to the West and receive its annual quota of alms and food aid. If the evil Indian empire had been communist, the West would not have given a single penny. The meagre alms from the unproductive, perpetually stagnant Eastern Bloc would have been grossly insufficient and the uncouth, rapidly overbreeding hordes would have starved without the Western food and monetary aid and they would have remained primitive without the generous transfer of Western technology.

      In short, this filthy economuck model steadily drove the evil Indian empire to the verge of total collapse. Massive corruption and cronyism was the order of the day, jobs were extremely scarce and heavily contested, higher education was limited, food shortages and malnutrition used to be the order of the day until the “Green Revolution” inspired by the Western scientist Norman Borlaug bore fruit (“God” bless Borlaug’s noble soul, despite the pea-brained turd worlders subsequently making agriculture unsustainable due to their greed and uncouth breeding habits). Essential imports kept swelling, while exports kept dwindling rapidly. All innovation, improvement and technological advancement was killed and the quality of the primitive goods produced was simply ridiculous. Honest people who worked hard all their lives could at best dream of owning a modest home (by living frugally) at the time they retired, while the filthy corrupt bureaucratic vermin had easy access to loads and loads of illegal cash gained through corruption. No wonder the evil, uncouth Indian empire gained a reputation for being among the turdiest and filthiest countries.

      All that was because of turd headed goons like Nehru who had a fetish for commie totalitarianism and commie economucks.

      Thanks to being driven to the verge of near-collapse by its nasty commie-inspired economuck model, the evil Indian empire was forced to abandon its uncouth “licence raj” economucks. The economic change is there for all to see. Of course, the evil Indian empire is still a typical, filthy, criminal turd world crapocracy that’s a regressive, uncouth and evil force in the world. But, having abandoned its commie-inspired economucks, it is no longer known to go around with a begging bowl for food and monetary aid to the civilised world.


      • axinia Says:

        dear Raj, I think you just cannot compare your experience and mine…we lived two different countries iwth two DIFFERENT regimes. Even if Neru has tired to apply the soviet system, it was never applied the way we had it, the whole sodicalitic CULTURE was missing. Only the rational part was taken.

  7. mahesh chendake Says:

    it was output of discussion in my office that was guiding towards raj. the people who do not have moral,ethical,social values not only motivation purpose but also any other theme is also not going to work. they are only self profit oriented. do not thinks of others.even they will destroy total organizations either owner or employee both for self profit. corruption, under work, overwork with less wedges. misuse of man money,material, unethical,illegal work etc their they don’t think of humanity, health hazards,nationality or relatives. they only require dictatorship on employee side and use of power pressure on employer side and they will never come together for a good purpose. when thing come to realized soul then even poorer organizations, having less resources,less wedges,more working hour can raise to upper level by contribution of both side. so theory is applied even not for civilized and generally well-off society and Only when the basic needs are covered people but most probably realized soul.(when the basic needs are covered- I am doughtful of this group as it totally depend on morality,humanity and ethical values of people and not on what money,material they posses)

  8. Steve Says:

    Thanks Axinia. I recognize this from Dan Pink’s talk on TED. Very interesting.

  9. radha Says:

    socialist countries were colletive but it WAS not collective awareness

  10. radha Says:

    btw many are following this tenndece of purpose without being aware of it. here in HK we are reaching the top of purpose oriented projects from all kinds of fields…lets see the quality of the fruits of all these purposes.

  11. […] interesting answer I found in the video I posted earlier was: “getting better is satisfying”. Yes! As simple as […]

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