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If you read this post I bet you have only high class problems May 12, 2010

When you can meet your basic needs, are healthy, and have a few people in the world who love you, pretty much all of your problems are going to be those of the high-class variety.

What I mean to say is this — living in any developed country, we have not genuine “problems,” but most typically “inconveniences.” Sometimes they are even “major (life) inconveniences.”  In short, whatever is going on with us, …we are (relatively speaking) blessed beyond measure!

The point is that the other 95% of the people on the planet have the real problems. Problems like starvation, lack of clean water, and infectious disease. Problems like feeding their children and basic medical care and illiteracy. Problems like addiction, disease, and homelessness.  These are problems my friends. What we deal with are, on balance, “high class problems.” Consider yourself LUCKY TO HAVE THE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE!

And if you are a regular quest on my blog, then one more prove of your “high-class” being is this one:

Personal development is a very high-class problem.

So enjoy your next existential crisis, because being able to have one of those puts you in the elite class of human beings. 🙂

LOVE, axinia

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25 Responses to “If you read this post I bet you have only high class problems”

  1. Ruthvick Says:

    Awesome post. We truly do not realize we are swimming in blessings, and the problems are just to keep our egos in check.

  2. Tomas Says:

    Your post enabled me to look at my problems from the other angle. That was very beneficial. Thank you for the reminder, that awoken me anew. You as if lead the reader into beyond the picture of our daily being and thus comfort greatly – enable him to enjoy the light now and here in the wisdom of the eternities.
    I enjoyed all your posts as the awesome portrait of art and life, that was put in simple words. Thank you once again.

  3. Dave Paquiot Says:

    No need to wait until we die!
    There’s more to want here than money
    And being famous and bites of roasted meat.

  4. radha Says:

    lol yakky materialism, he is the worst at all levels!!!!!

  5. apeopleswalk Says:

    Inside of poverty, disease, struggle, hunger and the like still exist the only place for peace to be felt ~ inside of one’s personal development. I disagree that personal development is a high class problem. I suggest that it is a problem that few regardless if their bellies are full or empty take to heart.

    It is through personal development that we will change the awful situations that plaque our globe. As you see politics have failed and so has war and religion just didn’t quite do it.

    What is left is all that we have ever had the opportunity to personally develop into more than we were yesterday. We here do have it easy in many respects but we here have done no better with personal development than the starving child. Maybe even worst the child knows he/she is hungry from lack of food; we here do not realize we are hunger from a lack of personal development.

  6. I’m pleasantly surprised, even mildly shocked 😯 to read such a different post, Axinia 😉

    I thought you were tricked by the criminal, shameless, uncouth “elites” of the third world (especially the sly, notorious, cunning, hypocritical liars of the filthy, evil, turd world Indian empire) into believing the sheer crap that the people of the civilised world were the ones “drowning in materialistic misery and suffering”, while the hordes and hordes of wretched, miserable turd world people were leading “wonderfully blissful spiritualistic lives” because of the “great culture” they were born into. What a foolish thought it turned out to be 😐

    Though my “problems” certainly fall into the category you describe, and aren’t real “problems”, I wouldn’t consider myself an “elite” or a “high-class” being.

    In a civilised society, such terms wouldn’t have much meaning. People with civilised mindsets naturally tend to form egalitarian societies, because of their evolved nature as human beings. In any civilised society, there wouldn’t be too much of a difference between the classes and the masses. People in such a civilised society would tend to look at others as fellow humans since they live in an evolved society.

    By contrast, it’s the filthy, uncouth, worthless societies that have massive differences between the “elites” and the “rest”. The filthiest and nastiest of them all even tend to follow a crappy logic called “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving hordes”. Being a serious disgrace to all of humankind, the worthless pea-brained “elites” of such societies happen to have a mediaeval, feudal, regressive, uncouth, barbaric mindset. Having wallowed for centuries and millenia in the filth of their stinking “culture” based around a sub-human, sewery caste system, the pea-brained barbaro-hominoid inbreds, however “educated” they claim to be, have an illiterate, uncouth, sub-human mindset even more primitive than that prevalent in mediaeval Europe.

    Since such scum people tend to believe they form the “elite” and “high class” of their turd world society, to be bracketed with the same repulsive group would be a disgrace to any self-respecting, decent person.

    Why do you think many such “elite” scum creatures of the filthy, uncouth, evil, turd world Indian empire were so annoyed by the fantastic movie Slumdog Millionnaire? As far as movies go, Slumdog Millionnaire is a more accurate reflection of the uncouth, nasty nature of the lowly Indian empire than anything else made so far. But unfortunately, even this fabulous movie just exposes the tip of the iceberg. If the whole truth about the sub-human Indian empire were to be depicted on screen, it would give 25% of the civilised people who watch it mild to serious health issues.

    The barbaro-hominoids of the evil Indian empire were annoyed with the movie because it exposed their shamelessness, hypocrisy, sub-humanness (even the accurately depicted act of the goons who deliberately blind little children, despicable as it is, simply pales in comparison to the real-life event called “Bhagalpur blindings” that was carried out by sub-human scum beings) and blasted the big lies and myths they were spreading around about the evil Indian empire. Many clueless, gullible people who were deceived by the sly, vicious creatures of the evil Indian empire into believing the crap that it was a “non-violent”, “spiritual” place and “a future superpower” were able to realise the truth about the stinking, evil, sub-human Indian empire, the sheer filthiness of its “culture” and the depravity and barbarity of its uncouth hordes.

    Being shameless, hypocritical, sly, deceptive and criminal-minded, the uncouth “elites” of the evil Indian empire were annoyed greatly because the movie exposed their big, dirty lies. The pea-brained scum knew that their evil turd world Indian empire stood exposed for the stinking crapocracy that it is.

    Also, Axinia, the real problems that you mention like starvation, disease, homelessness etc., bad, sad and shocking as they are, are eclipsed by what happens in the lowly turd world, like the evil Indian empire. In such filthy places, many people are denied (by the sub-human, stinking empire) the most basic of human necessities – even more basic than food, clothing and shelter i.e. the right to life and the right to lead a life with dignity as a human being. In the filthy, turdy Indian empire (among other such lowly dump holes), even this most basic thing is not guaranteed for many unfortunate people 😦 , let alone the basic necessities such as food and shelter.


  7. radha Says:

    BTW i m always doubtfull if the so called civiized places have less problems than the others less advantaged. Apparently it seems so but deep down we are all at the same level on this earth. It s more like wherever i am and in whichever context i do live.

  8. swaps Says:

    I will be pleased if the high class too would join us in our starvations and assorted miseries …it would do mother earth a lot of good. Enlightenment will definitely follow 🙂

  9. mirel Says:

    No matter how complex global challenges may seem, we must remember that it is we ourselves who have given rise to them. It is therefore impossible that they are beyond our power as human beings to resolve. Returning to our humanity, reforming and opening up the inner capacities of our lives, can enable reform and empowerment on a global scale.

    tiny little differences we make in our community, society add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.

    The wisdom to perceive the interconnectedness of all life and living.

    The courage not to fear or deny difference; but to respect and strive to understand people of different cultures, and to grow from encounters with them.

    The more knowledge one gains, the more important becomes the question of what that knowledge will be used for. Knowledge without wisdom and philosophy produces nothing more than talented beasts.
    We need to awaken to a common consciousness of being all inhabitants of Earth. This consciousness is not to be found in some distant place. It will not be found on a computer screen. It lies in our hearts, in our ability to share the pain of our fellow human beings. It is the spirit that says: “As long as you are suffering, whoever you are and whatever your suffering may be, I suffer also.”

    let stop dwelling on what ‘uncivilized’ people in ‘evil’ empires have done or still doing…

    the key question is how WE contribute to the problem solving of the evil problems in our societies
    hence, we must first set our hearts right!!!

  10. mirel Says:

    we have to contribute to bridge gaps between different communities as a PERSON!:
    be part of social initiatives to helping bring about the eradication of illiteracy focused on “functional literacy” skills, which goes beyond “basic literacy”. mostly among women and children in rural communities/.The education of women is particularly valuable as a strategic investment in human resources, as the social returns are high. / has a tremendous impact not only on their own development, but also on that of their families and communities. It acts as a catalyst in virtually every dimension of development and poverty alleviation, with outcomes such as reduced fertility, reduced infant mortality, improved child survival, better family health, increased educational attainment….
    action speaks louder ! talk is cheap….


    Click to access Diminish_Carbon_Footprint.pdf

    • Returning to our humanity…

      Sounds good, but the problem is that the filthy, uncouth “cultures” of the world never had much humanity in the first place, and their pea-brained hordes aren’t quite capable of cultivating it by themselves or learning it from others either. To expect humane behaviour out of filthy, sub-human, sub-animalistic scum “cultures” would be as futile as looking for fragrant roses in the sewers 🙂

      …in our ability to share the pain of our fellow human beings. It is the spirit that says: “As long as you are suffering, whoever you are and whatever your suffering may be, I suffer also.”

      Again, it sounds great, but it’s something that cannot be expected out of the lowlife, uncouth hordes of certain filthy, evil, turd world empires. According to the pea-brained way of thinking of the savage hordes 👿 :As long as you are suffering, it is because of “previous births’ karma”. And I can inflict even more suffering on you and take great delight and enjoy watching your pain and misery as you suffer. 😡

      As I already mentioned, it’s simply too much to expect sub-human scum beings to behave like humans or even animals 😐
      The steps to reduce lessen the environmental burden by lowering one’s carbon footprint are good. Whether man-made global warming is true or a giant hoax, one cannot deny the fact that natural resources are very limited and that the planet is a very polluted place. So any attempt to reduce wasteful use of fossil fuels and energy, prevent pollution and built a sustainable lifestyle is certainly welcome.

      However, forcing the people of civilised societies to bear the burden of saving the planet while allowing the uncouth hordes of filthy societies to escape scot-free is a crime against nature and the planet.

      It’s certainly true that the civilised societies have been responsible for much of the world’s fossil fuel consumption. But one cannot overlook the fact that the populations of civilised societies have been stabilised and many are actually beginning to drop, some alarmingly so. It’s also true that the civilised societies, though they may emit more carbon dioxode, don’t pollute their environments in other nastier, more dangerous ways since they have rigid environmental regulations, safer waste segregation, treatment and disposal systems as well as recycling systems.

      Contrast that with the filthy, uncouth societies. They still breed like rats in the 21st century, massively overshoot the carrying capacity of their places and spread like the plague to the more civilised places. Fossil fuel consumption is not the only way of destroying the environment. Breeding like pigs and popping out babies by the dozens is a far more deadlier and much quicker way to kill the planet. Besides, the filthy, turdy societies pollute their environments in many more nauseating ways than tail-pipe emissions. Being uncouth hordes, they have scant regard for the environment, water bodies, waste segregation, treatment, disposal, recycling or even something as simple as personal hygiene.

      In a turd world crapocracy like the filthy Indian empire, for instance, there are more mobile phones than toilets 😯 No, I’m not joking – it’s a fact that the evil Indian empire has an unusually high proportion of its population answering the calls of nature in the open 😮 Also, the stinkingly filthy Indian Railways 😡 has the dubious distinction of having the world’s single largest and longest open toilet – its entire rail network 😮 Thankfully, the uncouth, evil Indian empire does not make its own passenger aircraft – whew! If it did, just imagine what would happen the next time a filthy, turdy Air India 😡 aircraft were to fly over Istanbul 😮 😯 😀

      While it’s in their own interest for the civilised societies to reduce their fossil fuel consumption and build a more sustainable lifestyle model, it CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be delinked from the uncouth societies having to curb their rat-like breeding and pig-like polluting habits. The robber barons of the global crime cabal and the uncouth hordes of the filthy turd world crapocracies (especially the notoriously evil, sub-human, turdy empires like India and China) have ganged up against the middle classes of the civilised societies in a nefarious plan to turd worldise the civilised societies.

      Accordingly, the puppet governments (under the thumb of the global crime cabal) of the civilised societies with the aid of the filthy “mainstream media” are making a big push for nasty laws like carbon-cap-and-trade, massive taxes on fuels and even electricity from non-renewable sources, forced carbon audits for businesses and homes etc. etc. It’s nothing but a part of a deliberate plan to destroy the economic productivity of the civilised societies, destroy millions of businesses and jobs, off-shore and outsource most manufacturing and services to the turd world (where the hordes work in slave-like conditions in manufacturing industries and in service sweatshops for peanuts), destroy the middle classes of the civilised societies and drive them into poverty, desperation, homelessness and a deep, deep debt-trap. The ultimate aim of this nefarious plan is to turn the first world into the turd world.

      That’s why it’s very important for the people of civilised societies to resist this evil plan. Before they agree to any cut in carbon emissions or any carbon tax or audit or cap-and-trade model, they should force the filthy parts of the world to reduce the alarming breeding rates and the polluting habits of their uncouth hordes.


  11. Steve Says:

    Thanks Axinia. Spot on. To other posters: High class doesn’t not refer to a the human strata level but to the problem. It is a problem of a higher class. e.g losing your Blackberry compared to having to work on a garbage dump in Kenya for 50 cents a day. Spending 30 minutes to find a parking space compared to being a child slave in Nepal, spending the day carrying rocks up mountains. That’s not to say that you can’t have real problems living in a ‘developed’ world where all the comforts of the body have been met. You can be rich i.e. of a higher class in society’s terms but you could suffer from manic depression or alcoholism or a serious health problem. The high class problem classification helps put things in perspective e.g. when we say, “Today, was a complete nightmare”. Was it really?

  12. erwin ebens Says:

    Totally agree with you . Funny, I was just saying something of the sort to my wife today at lunch before we started eating. On looking at our table full of nice food ( and this would probably be considered a pretty frugle lunch for a Sunday by most compatriots ) I couldn’t help suggesting we be should be really greatful and stop complaining about petty nonsensical things , when others in other countries might not have this nice food to eat today …
    Much love

  13. I’m glad that all commenters agree that most of their “problems” aren’t really “problems” when compared to what the least fortunate people on the planet have to go through.

    But unfortunately, Axinia, just as I had feared, many humane, civilised people seem to be completely unaware of the sheer uncouthness and sub-human nature of the world’s nastiest “cultures”. Make no mistake – poverty, illness, homelessness etc. in the civilised societies is bad enough and a serious problem. Extreme poverty, exploitation, starvation etc. in the least developed parts of the world is much worse. But what takes place in the world’s most filthy and nauseating “culture” simply blows away all these problems and is the worst of them all – because it’s not just despicable and uncivilised, it’s downright dehumanising and makes wild cave-dwelling Neanderthals look like they are time travellers from the future.

    The filthy, sub-human, sewery caste system, that forms the basis of the uncouth Hindu religion (and noxious, destestable shit such as “previous births’ karma”), is the most vicious, despicable, sub-human, filthy, nauseating social system there ever was, is or will be in all of humankind’s bloody history. A system so uncouth that civilised people and those who believe in the words of a civilising saint (like Christ) will be shocked, repulsed and feel nauseated at the sheer barbarity and filthiness of the inexplicably evil Indian empire and the deranged depravity of the sub-human hordes whose pea-brains believe in such obnoxious crap and the sewery, moronic humanoid specimens who oppress the people called as “untouchables” in such a despicable, inhuman way:

    Caste-ridden India – the uncouth, obnoxious, sub-human, evil turd world empire


  14. mahesh chendake Says:

    Dear brother,
    whatever shown is horrible and true but now India is changing .lot of practices stopped. ( not talking about UP,Bihar)specially talking about western maharashtra , we don’t see such practices. not totally stopped but redusing. astrocity crimes are also increasing but they are very well taken up by media and some leader like Anna Hazare , Bung family and other . you might have noticed about yesterdays mankhurd,s incidence in mumbai. even Ashok Chavan supported to a falling of unauthorized huts (near about 400 ) where maximum these people are staying. ( on human background /now where will they stay? no answer…)
    I am not denying that they are deprived and purposefully kept away from main stream but but this reservation system definitely try to bring them to front slowly but as usual it is not used properly eight er by their or other politician or by they them selves again reservation to them in higher institution is becoming a problem ( as Arjunsingh announced) as it affect quality of output ( as other says) and corruption as usual a big cancer the people who used reservation and go up they have trapped in that cancer so after Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar they have totally misguided and really not learned or educated. ( Facts are not different other other casts also) but now realizing importance everybody demanding caste reservation. In my own life we have never experienced such things I have all caste friends since childhood who used to share kitchen and drinking water as my house was near to school. they have got very high class posts and goes up very fast due to reservation now their fourth generation is enjoying reservation.but I have seen those practices in others houses even my relatives in villages and wadies. still they shout at me and ask how I can do that ? but really i dont find any difference .I think I have got good rearing practices and of course as usual I have raised myself to upfront in such problems. I really don’t feel that my or my children ‘s opportunities are taken away by reservation system. really this is a very very big problem to humanity but thing is that nighter dalit nor other Hindus are going to base of problem and nobody want real solution which is there, in knowledge, wisdom and devinity. Mahatma Gandhi used the word ” Harigen” means “gods people”. unfortunately I have never seen devinty or humanity in any body around me or from news from India . Usually people try to use only and that’s why really those people who are working for them or with them get frustrated.Inter-caste marriage is not a solution for that as both are bringing in different culture/different religious practices and value system and different manner and different world as said in blog they have really different problem of their own class and caste.( yesterday announced by R.R.Ptil Home minister , Inter-caste marriage within police will encouraged.) so only thing is that we have to change ourselves first rather than changing other and take oath that I will practice Humanity and not caste and class system that should be totally banned but unfortunately it is says in marahi ” jee kadheech JAT nahi ( going/leaving) ( even after death) tee JAT (Caste)”.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      another thing is changing of caste is also a not real solution for that .I observed either people are not truly accepted and kept apart or they are just practiced same old patterns which they were practicing in their previous caste. Nothing is changed.
      There is lot of literature written by their own people or other( Dalit Sahitya / literature) even though it is criticized by Hindu writer as “not good as literature basis) it has its own values but still i feel neither it not giving true picture nor it changes their lives, it only explains sufferings to sensible people upto certain extent.It doesn’t guide for future or change their sufferings in present .. (even writer is not intended too)I am not against slum dog and such literature. It may have earn millennium but it has not brought any change in their life, even actors also. In Dharavi every thing is Same. ( i dont know how much dharavi you know, but every things ,including mother’s milk is on sale and for loot in dharavi. it is a battle of survival.) rather it is trend in aught er who writing in English or preparing movies for for such events ( to get awards ,publicity,and of course money( it is another ‘s selling business ( selling India’s poverty,illiteracy, and such so many things list is long unconth hordiness as you said ) without showing any concern with real people or problem) and not giving true solutions. that’s why I don’t like that. we cant enjoy others sufferings if possible we can share their pain and sufferings (usually we do not and here makes the difference) without disturbing their ego’s and self esteem. Inter-caste or other marriages get failure here because we don’t accept the person as human being and dissolving our ego’s don’t share pain and suffering and that’s why these are not true solutions. most important is attitude . attitude of both .how we look towards the problem and accept it and workout the solutions. we all have to raise ourselves beyond the level of all such uncouth hardiness and filthy things and of course caste and class system.
      all such work are called as “noble works”. why noble because nobody is doing it and you are doing so the work and you are the noble. many times i feel it as slag word as the people who accept this service their views are horrible and not eligible. Even in nursing ,supposed to be a noble profession attitude of people towards it is not good. as it rightly said in film they ( those who receives services and their relatives) see only “female” in the nurse and treat her as “Dalit” ( same behaviour as dalit. here i am apart from caste ). so dalit is a another attitude not only is caste or a class. and it observed by both who are and who are not and takes services. In that sense many Dalit, s also not lag behind ( jeetana lootane ko milta hai wootana looto” is the attitude.) so how we can deal with?

      • You made a very valid point about the nursing profession being viewed as “dalit”, Professor Maheshsaheb.

        You see, brother, the uncouth, despicable, sewery caste system does not have even traces of anything civilised in it. It is built upon a foundation of nauseating shit, obnoxious lies, deception and cheating. According to the filth of the stinking caste system, any profession that involves honest, beneficial, hard work is classified as “low”, while those that involve cheating, lying, corruption and deception are classified as “high”. The more cheating, lying, fraud and dishonesty it involves, the “higher” it is on the scale of the stinking, sewery Hindu caste system.

        Let’s take your area of expertise – nursing. It’s among the noblest, humane professions there ever is. It involves ending suffering and alleviating pain by honest, hard, humane work with one’s hands, heart and head. It is a practical, civilised, humane way of caring for the miserable and making life tolerable for the sick and the wretched. It is extremely “Christian” in its ideas and at its core, which is not surprising at all, considering that almost every humane, civilised, progressive idea and concept we have in today’s world can be traced back to the message of Christ.

        The “mother of professional nursing” – that humane, caring, civilised, intelligent, gentle lady, Florence Nightingale, believed that she was answering Christ’s call by doing her trailblazing work in the field of professional nursing. She was deeply influenced by the work of some humane people who took Christ’s message seriously and set up centres to care for the wretched and the sick. Her great work was, in fact, inspired by a deep desire to standardise, professionalise and spread the humanitarian, caring and compassionate work of those blessed foot soldiers of Christ among the miserable, sick people of the world and the hordes of wounded soldiers.

        Apart from professional nursing’s deeply Western Christian roots, even today, in the non-Western world, a large majority of persons who take up nursing happen to be Christians. Christian Filipino nurses are present in many hospitals in both the civilised and uncouth countries. Even in the turdy, filthy, uncouth, sub-human, evil Indian empire, where Christians only form a miniscule part of the population, a large percentage of the nurses happen to be Christian. You would know all this much better than I do.

        However, the uncouth, sewery caste system of Hinduism, being the turdiest, most evil social system in all of humankind’s history, gives a “low” status to any profession that involves honest hard work. See, nursing involves real humanitarian work, toiling among the suffering, caring for those in pain and being in close contact with humans and their miseries. So it can only get a “low” status in the sub-human, sewery caste system just like any honest, beneficial, hard work, such as agriculture, technical trades, manufacturing and even medicine. Anything productive got a “low” status and anything beneficial and humanitarian also got a “low” status, but anything deceptive, treacherous and corrupt got a “high” status in the obnoxious filth of the Hindu caste system.

        Instead of honest, hard, true humanitarian work, if nursing had involved deception, cheating and trickery, it would have become such a “high” profession. If nurses had placed a carved stone near the suffering patient, splashed and decorated it with flowery stuff, chanted mumbo-jumbo and then suddenly declared the sick person to be cured of all pain, then they would be seen as practising a “high” profession. But since it involves real toil, skill, touching and curing humans of their pain, it naturally gets a “low” status accorded to it by the sewery caste system. To get a “high” status in the sewery caste system, a profession would naturally need to involve corruption, deception and earning loads and loads through the least amount of honest work. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you mention that the uncouth pea-brained hordes treat nurses as practitioners of a “low” profession.

        Besides, how dare you nurses and doctors interfere with “previous births’ karma” that received divine sanction from the imaginary entities? Don’t you realise that a person’s suffering is caused by his/her “previous births’ karma”? Even if a sick little child is suffering, it is all due to her “previous births’ karma” and she must be allowed to suffer horribly and die, because it is the only way of working out “previous births’ karma”, you see. Every woman going through the pain of giving birth, is suffering because all women are sub-humans who were condemned by “previous births’ karma” to be born as girls and suffer in this life. Don’t you understand such a simple thing that is mentioned in the “holy” craptures?

        So, how can you even think of going against the “holy” craptures and interfere with the divinely sanctioned suffering caused by “previous births’ karma”? How dare your profession can work towards alleviating pain and ending suffering caused by “previous births’ karma”? According to the sewery caste system, you and your students need to be treated as “untouchables” since you dare to work to lessen suffering, instead of singing mumbo-jumbo praises to the imaginary entities who cause suffering due to the stinking shitty concept called “previous births’ karma”.

        It’s not just professions. It’s even within professions. Why do you think cricket is so popular in the filthy Indian empire, while other sports barely get a second glance? The world’s most popular sport and the only truly global game, soccer, is quite dead in the uncouth Indian empire, though it remains popular in a few pockets. Why is the beautiful game of soccer, that is wildly popular all around the globe, virtually non-existent among the savage hordes of the evil Indian empire, while the ordinary, petty game of cricket, is so popular among the hordes?

        The answer is simple. Even traditionally, football has been a tough game, requiring physical attributes like strength, stamina, endurance, toughness, agility and speed. Those are in short supply among the grass-eating hordes, with their turdy bodies having wallowed in millenia and centuries of eating a grassy, grossly deficient diet. There is absolutely no place in a soccer field for pot-bellied, turd-headed idiots. Such goons ambling on a soccer field would be a liability to themselves, their teams and to the game itself. Even football referees have to be in top physical shape. Besides, football involves physical contact in the course of the game. Do you really think the sewery Hindu caste system which followed untouchability allowed for the free mixing and contact of players from different castes on a common field? Of course, it doesn’t. That’s why soccer is a “low” sport according to the sewery caste system while cricket is a “high” sport. Even other sports requiring some phsical strength and contact, such as field hockey and kabaddi, are not popular as they are practised among the “lower” castes and therefore don’t attract any money or sponsorships or even interest.

        A pot-bellied turd-headed grass-eater could traditionally play cricket without being physically fit. He could easily fool around on the field by standing at the crease for hours holding a bat and occasionally bringing it down and without ever coming into contact with the other sportspersons who may be from “lower” castes. So cricket became popular in the evil Indian empire among the uncouth hordes who, despite detesting sports and games, took to cricket. By contrast, such a crappy “sportsperson” would be immediately exposed, punished and kicked out of the soccer field. That’s why cricket is so popular in the evil Indian empire, while soccer is almost dead. It’s all got to do with the sewery, stinking, sub-human Hindu caste system, whichever way you look at it.


        • mahesh chendake Says:

          Dear Brother,
          yes.it is, I was rightly expecting from you. same comment I got.only one thing i want to tell you that ” christian philosophy of Nursing” Now nobody practice, as it is become paid profession not remain missionary work….. (Nurses not remain as nun . there is no need to stay in churches , even hospitals are not attach to churches.they can marry. concept of missionary hospital has gone) Nursing services are sold considering human needs. perhaps we fails to cultivate attitude of as” nursing is service to humanity” and a “professional Nurse” attitude is inculcated ( if taken totally one way it is not wrong as it includes service to humanity) apart from caste and religion in various teaching institutions. and many people including Christan looks towards nursing as good salary earning and 100% job security profession all over the world. A professional Nurse is a nurse who is holding up to date knowledge and practice a very high level nursing skills apart from caste ,religion, and on those who are needy and she get paid for her services. it is observed that now gradually nurses are forgetting a integral part of nursing that is “Heart” and even we fails to inculcate that attitude apart from religious views. but still it remains a “Nobel profession”as it concern with service to humanity for those who really in need of it. renumeration , respect,awards are different things. I can quote you thousands of such incidents from my personal experiences where i have got bliss,peace and much more, many times not from humans but from God Almighty also. one should be faithful and loyal towards one’s profession that’s all .
          scenario in nursing education and service side is very dangerous as owners ( most of them are politicians or doctors) looks towards it by different way ( one more earning business)I am not against of profit oriented corporate hospitals but I bother for quality of work/services and of course purpose it does matter. some times (patients)they are totally neglected. Patients are treated as guinea pegs and students(Medical and Nursing both) are having attitude that we have paid fees.and they are only interested in certificate (which can give them job and allow to practice profession). nighter knowledge nor skills. Attitude is far away. interesting thing is many teachers are having same attitude. people like me are really helpless and feels pains that’s why I also questions on word Nobel profession.

          • mahesh chendake Says:

            most of the my students are christian and place all over world in many prestigious institutions. They attend churches and all but I don’t see Christianity in them. What i believe Christianity is an attitude which needs to be inculcated among the students apart from any religion/caste, who want to become a nurse, where exactly we fails..
            As there is a tremendous need of trained nurses and shortage all over the world. without having teaching facilities/experienced teachers, many new institutions are opened like mushrooms/crops, by corrupted way and they have become simply certificate providing trade centers where lot of bargaining is occurs. owners, Nursing members and teachers are become a traders. and half hazard nurses are prepared and placed in selling market. there is no Head, Hand and Heart. ( CBI catch MCI chairman Ketan desai with 1.5 tons gold and 70 crores cash on the spot holding in house) this is an icebergs what about others?It can not be managed by one person. so dear brother enjoy divinity in all and work as realized sole if you don’t want to commit suicide. what I meant say it is not a question of only Hinduism and its practices or any ….ism but more than that ….. what ? we should find the answers .
            not to blem or curse. it will not give solutions. Again thanks as allow me to share and tolerate. you can discard me if you don’t like.

        • Maheshsaheb,

          Its a pity that when things become so commercialised, the humane aspect usually goes out 😦

          Having said that, it’s not fair to expect today’s nurses to behave like the nuns of old, who performed their humanitarian deeds for the sheer love of their fellow beings, after taking the message of Christ to their hearts. People like Mother Teresa and Edhi are usually one in a billion.

          In the evil world, its only those with big money (usually ill-gotten) and power (like the filthy barbarocratic sub-humans who run the uncouth turd world empires) who wield influence, not genuine humane people. Without money, it would be impossible to survive in this world. Therefore, it would only be fair on the part of nurses to expect a fair remuneration for the tough, humanitarian work that they do.

          Money by itself, is not at the root of evil. Money can never buy happiness, but it can buy the basic necessities of life. As Axinia mentioned in some other post, it’s only after the basic necessities are met that the average human begins to look towards higher things that can bring happiness. Once a certain threshold is reached, civilised people begin to look for better things than money.

          It’s the love of money that is at the root of all evil. For certain scum beings, the threshold rule does not apply at all. Their goal is to keep accumulating as much money (and power) as possible by every means possible (usually crooked and wicked). They would not hesitate for even a moment about butchering people, if it means that they get richer by a few pieces of silver. Usually, these lowlife types are common among the uncouth hordes of the filthiest turd world societies that are characterised by the logic of “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving hordes”. When Christ mentioned that was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, he must have definitely meant such turdy lowlife creatures.

          In the civilised socities, the threshold rule usually applies more often than not. Despite all my anger at Microsoft’s unethical monopolistic practices, I have nothing against people like Bill Gates. They became rich by harnessing technology and creating intellectual wealth through effort, and not by murdering people and looting their lands (and the minerals beneath) in conjunction with their running dogs, like the scum at Vedanta and their ilk. Besides you hear that news that Gates is donating most of his wealth for philanthropy, and fellow billionaire Warren Buffet is donating most of his wealth to the Gates’ foundation for philanthropy. But you never hear about the billionaires from the turd world doing such things. Why is that? Once again, it has all got to do with the difference between the civilised societies and the turdy, uncouth “cultures” and the humane tendencies that Christian values bring to a society.

          In such a turdy world, would I blame nurses for expecting fair wages for their tough work? Not at all. I used to believe that nurses were merely doctors’ assistants. That foolish idea was permanently expelled from my mind when I was lying in a hospital bed (for a couple of times). I realised the hard way that nurses do a lot of the tough, thankless tasks and play an important part in relieving pain and easing suffering.

          That was when the Christian roots of nursing fully sunk into me and I understood why most of the nurses happened to be Christians. It’s so much easier for someone to take up nursing when she understands Christ’s message that one can find “God” by relieving others’ suffering and alleviating their pain, when compared to a regressive turd-head from a filthy “culture” whose pea-brain wallows in the obnoxious shit that all suffering is a way of working out the divinely sanctioned “previous births’ karma” 😡

          Yes, irrespective of religion, nurses need to understand the roots of their profession and the humane ideas about it. Once, they do their task by applying their heart, things like wages and remuneration would automatically follow. More importantly, a nurse can find much more than money by doing her task with her heart. She can find happiness that no amount of money can buy and she can find “God” if she is a believer. If they work from the other way around, looking only for money, they would neither find enough money, nor would they find happiness or “God”.

          The reason why overseas nurses are in great demand in the West is because nursing has slowly lost its sheen in the civilised societies and fewer people now take up nursing there, as the West is losing its spiritual Christian foundation 😦 That’s one more reason why the civilised West needs to go back to its strong Christian roots 🙂

          I’m not blaming things here. I’m just trying to understand why, despite the fact that all humans are Homo sapiens, some Homo sapien societies are much more civilised, humane and progressive while many others are turdy, uncouth and regressive. That’s because the uncouth hordes get their turdiness from their filthy “cultures” while the civilised ones get their progressive tendencies from a strong civilising influence (like the message of Christ). And don’t worry about me committing suicide, as I realise its sheer futility and the potential that it would waste. Even if I have suicide as the only option left, I would make sure that I take out a few filthy sub-human scum beings with me, when I go that way 😐

          Thank you for the wonderful sharing of your thoughts with me, here on Axinia’s blog.


    • Brother Maheshsaheb,

      First of all, thanks for accepting the truth about the filthiness and sheer uncouthness of the stinking Hindu caste system. The typical pea-brained, turd-headed hordes, especially the self-proclaimed “educated” ones from the evil, uncouth Indian empire often LIE, CHEAT and DECEIVE anyone naïve and gullible enough into believing the stinking load of bull-shit about the “great culture” and “spiritual nature” of the filthy, turdy, barbaric Indian empire. Of course, many people from the civilised societies are not fooled by these heinous lies. If the stinking Indian “culture” was so “spiritual”, then why the hell is the filthy Indian empire home to the world’s vilest, most regressive, uncouth, sub-human, savage and barbaric practices and social systems???

      I really wonder if there has ever been a social system anywhere in the world at any point in history that is as sub-human and nauseating as the filthy caste system of the uncouth Hindu religion. Apartheid was despicable, but the filthy caste system beats it on sheer uncouthness. Even institutionalised slavery, that has existed in most societies, usually had a provision where some of the slaves were freed, either by their masters or due to their own efforts. But the uncouth Hindu religion has trapped so many hundreds of millions in history into its stinking, sub-human, sewery caste system by peddling the world’s filthiest, dirtiest, most obnoxious load of shit called “previous births’ karma”. How much more depraved, barbaric and uncouth can a religion get than the crap of Hinduism which did not (and does not in some filthy places to this very day) permit its own adherents to worship in the temples of what is supposedly their own religion???

      Of course, a typical turd-headed liar from the uncouth Indian empire will never even acknowledge the sub-humanness of this stinking practice as the pea-brain of the regressive savage, after having wallowed like a pig in the filth of the sewers of the Hindu caste system, is not capable of thinking in the manner of a normal human brain. I’m glad to know that you do not belong to this detestable group of uncouth barbaro-hominoid specimens who are a shame upon humankind.

      unfortunately I have never seen divinty or humanity in any body around me or from news from India

      That must be one of the most honest statements to be ever made by someone from India. It’s 100% true! How can one even dream of expecting humane behaviour from the world’s turdiest, most uncouth empire with the filthiest “culture” ever in the entire history of mankind?

      As for Gandhi and his so-called “Harijan” term, it’s obviously an eyewash. Gandhi was no reformer of the sewery caste system. In fact, being a typical product of the uncouth Hindu “culture”, he was a sly supporter of the world’s most obnoxious system. Since he happened to study in a modern Western education system along with civilised people, he understood that the sewery caste system was incompatible with humane, civilised, progressive ideas. However, with his mind too corrupted by the sub-human shit of Indian “culture” and the Hindu religion, he did not have the ethical courage to denounce this filthy system or reform it. So he came up with a cunning gameplan of enacting this patronising “Harijan” drama while actively working against the interests of the very people he named as “God’s own”. It’s all a part of recorded history.

      Gandhi is an obviously over-hyped and over-rated individual with some clueless, gullible people holding him as a saint. If they knew the whole truth about Gandhi, his beliefs and his actions, their high opinion of him would vanish in an instant. I’m sorry to say this, but in a true list of decent, civilised, progressive humans who have done something against the filth of the sewery caste system, Gandhi’s name would not deserve to be mentioned anywhere. The contributions of Maharashtrians would make up a solid part of the list, even the occasional Brit would find mention, but Gandhi’s name simply would not be on it.


  15. mahesh chendake Says:

    Dear brother thanks for comments. I Understand your pain behind truth( we everybody know the truth) and our helplessness that we ourselves can not change the whole system but still I expect more from you,not only blem ( I believe it not good to surview whlie always blemming) but solutions which can be addapted on self level so by practicing them in our own life we will have peace in mind.our behaviour should like lotus which stand and fed in durt but but not a single drop can spoile its beauty or fragrance.it has its own status and valuses which nobody can dare to change.
    About Mr gandhi one important thing I know that he was having tremondous knowlade about how to handle the people ( comman man)and their emotions.on that only he succeeds in indian polytics.There is one says i heard from people around me that “He live life of shri krishna by taking name of shree Rama”.Needs more study to comment on his life but he definetly affected a lot on indian further futur.Lal bahadur shastri, Sardar valabhbhai patel, Mahatma phule and his wife savitribai.Shahu maharaj from kolhapur , Sayajirao giakwad from baroda These are some names which we can take from indian history, who were having different views but they could not able to impress indian polytics. in that sence Smt mrs. Indira Gandhi ,a called as iron lady really having international status and understanding, further impress on indian polytics.(now not a single leader having international recognism and impact) ( Mahatma phule and his wife savitribai.Shahu maharaj from kolhapur , Sayajirao giakwad from baroda a special and really good work on dalit) unfortunetly after Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar I dont find any dalit leader whose name can be taken inthis movement. they are really worst pollitician and some writter too they are victim of dirty indian polytics.
    About karma, on which you always talks whenever you get chance, I have little bit different attitude. Here first of all i will clear that I totally support to your views and really I also dont belive on that.what I observe that one ” karma” what we commenly understand as fate or future.and another is “Karma” is a actions/ activities, what is told in ” Geeta” both the things are different. many times people mix the meaning of both the term. It should be very clear that todays fate is not a result of previous “karma” on the basis of sin ” Pap/Punya” etc one sense ( another way If you are induldge in unprotected sexual activities then your chances of risk of HIV are increased but it is not a fate,or if you are smoking cancer risk is increased, those things If you have done purposefully after knowing its reasults How Can it be a fate?. Accidents, early deaths,or getting or not getting something ( may be good result/any object or even any relationship)it is totally not depend on fate but some time may depend on your actions ( another Karma). If you work hard yow will get it even if after you dont it is not because your karma( Fate). It is also not true that always good karma rewards good fate and vise varsa because i belive there is no link at all. Whatever life you are having it is your own on time scale and how you spend it, it is also impressed on time scale.”No Pap No Punya” ( for you, most important is how it is spend/ Which emotions were genreted? whether iternal joy, bliss was genrated?) those are just matter put on time scale thats all they can not be linked. we can use knowlade and skills ??? genrated within limits of our own in time scale in futur as evolution.but really not as result of pap and punya. then why it has so much impact on indian sociaty. answer lies in the rular of sociaty, they purposefully link karma to human behaviour and withdraw and enjoy their purpose s years togather. Caste system is another child of these crucade people.they very inteligently link these thing and totally impressed on poor ,illitrate popullation as mass. and they extract their purposes years tothter.You see, knowladge of “vedas” is different from “upnishada”. I feel Knowladge of “Upnishada” was more usefull and totally different (and ofcourse needs more deep study ) but it was never put forth as it was absolute and doesent support to caste and karma system which was troublesome to each present rulers on time scale. but I find another benifit of that system is , any how it gives purpose to their leaving ( they keep some faith that, one day, will mine in future ??? and keep surviving and rulars keep extracting them )otherwise they must have commite sucides rather than facing hardship of surviving. so it is not changing and having deep impact. Nobody wants hardships and present rular always takes benifit of it. I am not knowladgeble like you and really not studding. these are some obervations and understandings. thanks to axinia as she gave platform to express own view and share. and thats why i started thinking and sharing after reading her blogs.

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