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What’s your favorite quote? Why? May 3, 2010

There is something about quotes…

Why do we like them? Because quotes make us wiser? Because quotes express something we always knew but could not utter? Because quotes are the gem of human intellectual heritage?

I invite you here to share your favourite quotes (one or several and possibly explain why do you like these particular ones).

Let me start with my examples. Most of them I posted already earlier.

  • Happiness lies in thinking or doing that which one considers beautiful. (Hazrat Inayat Khan)
  • Even if you are an Angel, there will always be someone who doesn’t like the sound of your wings rustling….(author unknown)
  • People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone. (Audrey Hupburn)
  • By self-realization a man becomes larger than the universe. The world in which he lives becomes as a drop in the ocean of his heart. (Hazrat Inayat Khan)
  • Intellectuals are those nice people who think they reach their destination merely by studying the road map. (Gregoir de Kalbermatten)
  • The ideal life is in following one’s own ideal. It is not in checking other people’s ideals (Hazrat Inayat Khan)
  • You are love. You come from love. You are made by love. You cannot cease to love. (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

 These 7 quotes I have chosen, when I read them altogether I realize that they represent my being very well. Probably that’s the secret behind a quote? That it reflects our present state and we enjoy the harmony between the quote and our soul? What is your idea?

Thanks and loads of LOVE,



25 Responses to “What’s your favorite quote? Why?”

  1. pooyan Says:

    “You are love. You come from love. You are made by love. You cannot cease to love.” was the best. and thanks for sharing these 7 nice quotes.

    • axinia Says:

      thank you pooyan..but in fact I was interested in your favorite quote, but not from my list 🙂
      I mean you difinitely have some own favorites of another authors?

  2. pooyan Says:

    alright, mine is:
    from Rabindranat Tagor… 😉

  3. swaps Says:

    Satyam Shivam Sundaram

    (meaning, “Truth is God and God is beautiful”)

    • Satyam Shivam Sundaram

      Hmmmmm… if one were to consider Satyam (company) {or rather, all its thuggish global likes such as Vedanta, Arcelor-Mittal, BP, Monsanto, Enron, Exxon, Halliburton, Xe, Gazprom, CNPC, Rio-Tinto, POSCO, Lehman, Goldman Sachs etc. etc.}, then it wouldn’t be Satyam Shivam Sundaram, but…

      Satyam Suvarnam Sundaram

      {meaning, “Truth is Gold (money) and Gold is beautiful”)


      • axinia Says:

        would it be YOUR favorite quote, Raj?

        • No, Axinia 😐 Neither is my favourite quote. As you know, I believe “God” is imaginary, so the first one doesn’t quite strike a chord in me.

          As for the second one: gold – beautiful as the yellow metal is, it’s just a metal after all, like iron or copper or aluminium. So how can a single metal be the Truth? It may be for folks who seek gold at any cost, like the ones at the very aptly named GOLDman Sachs. But for a heavily indebted undesirable like me (I really understand the situation of millions of American/European “debt slaves”), gold (i.e. money) is just a means of repaying the usurious banksters and buying essential stuff.

          I don’t have a single favourite quote as such. That’s because I love the sheer wisdom contained in many of them. Here are three ones that I like, maybe I’ll share more later:

          1) What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? (Jesus)

          2) Kannirku annikalam kannottam aqthinrael
          punnenru unrarap padum.

          Empathy and compassion make one’s eyes very beautiful,
          Eyes that lack them are like two ugly sores on the face.

          3) He who learns but does not think, is lost. He who thinks but does not learn, is in great danger. (Confucius)


  4. kush Says:

    “No harm in fooling people who are already fools”-is a favorite

  5. Alenok Says:

    “Every day is a gift. That’s why it is called “present” ” – autor unknown.

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    “A true friend walks in when rest of the world walks out”
    “successful marriage require falling in love with same person all the time”
    “I believe in sun if when it is not shining
    I believe in love if when I am alone
    I believe in God If when He is Silent”
    “I am possible”

  7. Kabar Says:

    “Happiness is when what you say, what you think, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    So many good quotes and so tuff to choose! The one above is at the top for me for the moment. We all want happiness. It is nice to find a single sentence that can clearly describe it.

  8. Fatima Says:

    ” If it does not bring you love, light and a shining wisdom of the eternity of love, leave it be” – Kerli (artist)

  9. Nirav Says:

    Wow, these are really inspirational quotes.

    I love Vivekananda’s quotes, and am not able to pick one favourite at the moment. Will just share some that I like:

    From the Spiderman series: “With great power comes great responsibility” . Who can understand this better than Sahaja Yogi’s?

    This one is about Love – unconditional love, selfless love – tagline from the movie Love Story (1970): “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”.


  10. mirel Says:

    a few quotes popped up in my mind:

    ‘I see now
    that all creatures
    have perfect enlightenment
    – but they do not know it.’

    ‘There is no difference in the destination,
    the only difference is in the journey.’

    ‘Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
    Love tells me I am everything.
    Between the two my life flows’.

    ‘I do not desire suffering;
    yet fool I am,
    I desire the cause of suffering!’

    ‘I was raw, then I got cooked, now I am burned’

    as Oscar Wilde once said, ‘I am not enough young to know everything’|:(((

  11. axinia Says:

    thank you all, my dear friends, such a wonderful collection of your favourite quotes!…
    that truly made this post.

  12. radha Says:

    Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

  13. spirit Says:

    Delighted. it’s very true that quotes we like, reflects our state of being what we are at the moment. so they very with time and our state,like seeing things the way they are and thinking things the way they are not really.
    the quote i really like – the eye encompasses the beauty of the whole world – (da vinci)
    where as heart and mind encompass the beauty of the universe.

  14. Alima Says:

    Mine is:”Do not tell God how big your problem is,,
    tell the problem how big your God is” (author
    unknown). I learnt it in Dharamshala school, kids
    also loved it. And it’s the answer to everything, I

  15. Валюша Says:

    The quote I remember every time when I lead sahaja yoga program for beginners:
    “I am not a teacher – only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead – ahead of myself as well as of you”. (George Bernard Shaw)

  16. Yang Tjew Says:

    J.W. von Goethe: Without haste, but without rest. In the original language: “Ohne hast, aber ohne rast”. I prefer my positive imagery version of the quote and sometimes think of it as “steady progress step by step.” It’s my fave quote because it’s a motto to live by. Hopefully by working and studying steadily for many years I can achieve my dream of writing an ebook tentatively titled “The Legendary Student.” It is an ebook for students and it will guide them to increase their learning capacity through effective techniques used by the ancients.

  17. aby29 Says:

    “happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your actions” Dalai Lama
    Thanks for this nice post.
    I love this webstie: wordpress.com it has connected me with amazing people and made me see a lot of great posts like this one.
    We can always connect and share ideas here, and it’s totally for free.

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