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Why we are not perfect yet May 2, 2010

The image by me, the quote by… guess whom? -of cause, by Hazrat Inayat Khan! 🙂

LOVE, axinia


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  1. I agree with the saint! 🙂 No one or nothing is perfect… perfection can never be fixed, and one has to always journey towards it.

    That’s why science is good since it always strives for perfection and religions are worthless and regressive since they are caught in the primitive times.


    • Dave Paquiot Says:


      Sounds dangerous ! You might be entering the bubble

      j/k lol

      • axinia Says:

        hahahah :))

      • You might be entering the bubble


        😆 😀 🙂

        Mon cher ami, it’s not that I haven’t experienced “bubble-dwelling” at all – no! I have certainly “dwelt in a bubble” before, and continue to do so occasionally (like when I’m dreaming and day-dreaming 😉 ). But I see it as just that – a pleasant harmless “escape” from the everyday harshness of viewing and living the “illusion”, as you “bubble-dwellers” would call it. I’m aware a similar pleasant (to an even greater degree) “escape” can be had by other means, such as alcohol and drugs, but they are harmful.

        But I can’t “dwell in the bubble” forever. If I did so, the bubble would burst sooner rather than later, and the result would be a crash-landing. So I have no choice but to view and live the “illusion” and try to work towards making the “illusion” itself a pleasant experience like the imaginary “bubble”.

        An acceptably decent “illusion” that is for real is SO much better than the most pleasant “bubble” that is imaginary!


        • Dave Paquiot Says:

          uh-oh Raj

          That’s how it starts an admission of dwelling in a bubble. A quantification of types of bubble/illusion. Before you know it your a bubble dweller permanently, at least online among the internet’s denizen.

          Now that you have crossed over to the other side. I would like to invite you to my bubble, or if we can’t cross that soap multi-hued barrier, at least perhaps you can enjoy the view (The given here is that the bubble are still transparent, I don’t deal with opaque bubbles- bad interior lighting)

          There is orange juice in the fridge, some leftovers and the harsh realities of unopened mail, bills to be paid, people to support, multiple jobs to work, demanding parents who are never satisied, non existent leisure time.

          LOL – Im teasing as always.

          I am guessing my belief in God (not the bearded guy with thunderbolt who transform himself to bed a variety of women, but an absolute source)is the imaginary delusional bubble I live in, that I let without my consent or an offer of dinner and a movie, to take me for a ride. Sounds highly inappropriate and unbecoming of a gentleman. 🙂

          We could say the same about you living in a bubble since you believe that God is imaginary. But that’s the problem, always dividing people into categories, especially now based on an intuitive perception and experience. Before we know it there are people in bubbles fighting for surpremacy sort of like the mortal kombat video game.

          We all have our own reality, which is part of the greater. What work for some doesnt for others. You feel the west should return to its christian roots which is strange to me, given your belief that god is imaginary. You like the moral and ethics preached by Christ and I guess from his bubble dwelling antics that the only thing you decided was salvageable?

          If I believe in God, and as a result live in a bubble I can only imagine how delusional a prophet must be, now to take the rules and dictates of such a person I dunno.:-) Sounds a little sketchy to me

          back to work


          • Non, mon ami, pas du tout! Belief in “God” is not, I repeat, IS NOT what I’d term as bubble dwelling. If that was so, then the vast, vast majority of people on the planet would be bubble-dwellers. They aren’t.

            What I’d call as “bubble dwelling” is the concept of the mind tricking itself into believing things like “All is lovely, the world is always beautiful, calm and serene”, “Everyone is good and nice, truthful and kind, pleasant and Godly”, “The world is love, all humans are always full of love” etc. etc. These are the typical things that arise out of, symptoms if you can call it that, of bubble-dwelling.

            You like the moral and ethics preached by Christ and I guess from his bubble dwelling antics that the only thing you decided was salvageable?

            Christ was a bubble-dweller??? NO, he wasn’t one!!! Why do you think I have the greatest respect and reverence for Jesus Christ and only great respect for so many other saints, especially the ones from the uncouth Indian sub-continent? Actually, the teachings of a saint like Buddha were more in line with science, than those of Jesus. But, Buddha concentrated more on bubble-dwelling and less on humanitarianism and ethics. While so many other saints were purely wise bubble-dwellers. Christ was just the opposite. His bubble-dwelling antics were very, very limited and he was much more of a humanitarian, an ethical revolutionary, a forceful reformer of uncouthness, one with an idea of transforming the world and finally, the one single person who achieved the greatest success in civilising more people than anyone else (though the results showed only a long time). That’s why I firmly believe the West needs to claim its spiritual Christian foundation back!


            • Dave Paquiot Says:


              I was being snarky and a little sarcastic. It’s a NYC thing perhaps. I don’t really think life is rosy, it’s hard. There are beautiful moments, there are hard moments, there are ugly moments, there are beautiful moments but they are all part of life. I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t suffered through loss, who has not gotten things their way, unless they are eating at Burger King.

              I have been sick my whole life with Sickle Cell anemia and actually this week is about one year since I had to be hospitalized. I suffered a lot in life, but it’s only made me happier, more grounded a person and hopefully more humble a human. Because I feel an inward closeness to people, that doesn’t mean I think all is well and I invite murderers and criminals into my house on some crazy notion that they will appreciate my hospitality and behave lol.

              I remember this words from my late master how had to flee Iran from religious persecutions: ‘O you, a fish in the ocean of the sufi path. Think of whales and sharks and other dangerous creatures in the ocean and beware, and don’t ask How or Why For the perfection of the Ocean lies in having such creatures’ – Dr Javad Nurbakhsh

              I try as much as possible to meet responsibilities, despite pain, sickness, depression, lack of funds or food, i.e. whatever is happening, and I do it out of love for the people I care about, even for those I don’t know or care about personally that depend on the job I do in research and in teaching college students, my neighbors , etc.

              If one day I am in a state, and in my pain I get a glimpse of some beauty I don’t think that qualifies as a bubble dwelling. I think part of the confusion with a lot of saints/spiritual masters/ etc is a lot of their story isn’t told completely what are preserved of what they say are ecstatic utterances, and certain deeds which serve to those who want to emulate their way.

              There was a journal of Rumi some sort where he says: I came home dead tired and couldn’t even lift my head up, and I asked myself “What is the point of all of this?” I work like a donkey and at night I am just tired, what is the point?” And then he wrote after that: “The sun rises in the morning”

              Hafez’s wife and child both died and he was homeless. Hallaj was killed and tortured for his ecstatic uttering. Rumi’s own son supposedly killed his beloved friend and teacher. Rabi’a Basri was sold into slavery and ended up in a brothel. She wrote “What a place for trial and transformation did my Lover (God) put me, but never once did he look upon me as if I were impure. Dear Sisters all we do in this work whatever happens is bring us closer to God”

              St John of the Cross, was tortured and beaten and put into a tiny cell, described as an unlit closet in which he could not even stand up. He was left to relieve himself on the floor of his cell and his food and scraps where thrown into his own excrement. But during this time he wrote he most touching poems.

              Suleyman Dede said: There were many times that I would say to myself, “What am I doing here? Why do I go through this? Why don’t I just leave?” But then I heard deeply in my heart that God was talking to me and telling me to have faith and to trust in Him and stay. So I stayed and had trust, but there were many times that I wanted to leave.

              These are only the more well known cases and there are many others. Everyone on a spiritual path I feel has given up a lot and is being purged by fire like naturally occurring gold ore does in a crucible. If in that purging we are given an insight or a glimpse at the finish product and the smiles it will bring to the face of someone, while living life and suffering I don’t see it as living in a bubble. I think due to posterity many of us see the beautiful words but do not know or haven’t felt the painful and sorrowful experiences that gave birth to them.

              From the Sufi master Suleyman Dede I take these words
              Suffering is part of life … we must learn how to suffer without falling to pieces. This is part of our training – to be strong.


              • axinia Says:

                thank you Dave, again what a comment…so full of wisdom and heart!..

                It is aweful to hear about your life pains, but as you say we often need them on our way…AND it is also a matter of what and how we see this suffering (sometimes we may not even notice).
                STAY STRONG, dear brother!

                • Dave Paquiot Says:

                  Axinia Dear,

                  They say in our tradition that a friend is one who helps you remember. I have found a great friend in you and your site. Thank you 🙂 I appreciate your kindness.


              • Dear Dave,

                I’m extremely sorry to hear that you suffer from a terrible medical condition since childhood 😦 I didn’t know what sickle cell anaemia was, and when I looked it up on wikipedia, I was shocked and saddened to learn that it can cause so much trouble and unbearable pain 😦

                You must be a really, really tough guy with an iron will, to bear all the pain this causes you, and yet work harder than most healthy individuals. I hope your faith in your way and modern medicine are able to cure this terrible condition, or at least help you overcome the pain it causes, mon cher frère.

                I didn’t know the Sufi masters had to suffer so much 😦 and that their “bubble” thoughts were said in such a condition. Yes, it does give an entirely new meaning to the same when said in the conditions that you described them to be in.

                Yet, it does prove that beautiful thoughts in trying circumstances were a means of “spiritual escape” from the horrible, unbearable conditions. My issue is that such a solution of “escaping” from the harshest situations, effective as it may seem for those trapped in such situations, is not going to solve the situation, is not going to strike at the root cause of problems and is not going to make the world a better place.

                It can be done only outside the imaginary “bubble” by working on and improving the “illusion” which is real. For instance, the Sufi masters were persecuted only because they lived in uncouth societies. In a civilised society, they would not have been persecuted or tortured for their beliefs. Being forced into prostitution (not free-willed prostitution) is a characteristic of the filthy, savage societies and wouldn’t be tolerated in the civilised ones. Even diseases and medical situations can never be cured by singing praises of “God” and worshipping idols. The best chance of curing them lies with medical science and scientific advancement, that should be a part of any civilised society.

                In fact, that is what I’ve been saying all along. The only way forward for the world, is for the uncouth societies to civilise themselves, which would automatically solve many problems. But unfortunately, the hordes of such uncouth places aren’t capable of such things, instead they are perfectly capable of destroying even the few civilised societies. That is the real pity.

                • Dave Paquiot Says:

                  Cher Ami Raj,

                  Thank you for your words. We all suffer I feel in a way that is so unique and specific, rich and poor, young and old. If one thing pain has thought me is to laugh, and treat everyone like a guest, and the subtlety of animals. Whenever I was sick, all my dogs and cats would scratch at my bedroom door to be let in and would just lay around me. I am working hard till my time is up and hopefully the last veil removed.

                  I wanted to add something and give you an example from my personal life to hopefully explain something further. To sufis and many other spiritual practitioners, we feel whatever state we are in, we believe whatever befalls us is a gift from God. In Sufism this is called wadat al wujud, the unity of being.

                  Whereas some people suffer and become bitter, we see this suffering as a softening, a gradual sweetening or ripening. Last May I felt a pain that unlike all the other pain before was completely unbearable. For the first time in life I didn’t want to be alive any longer. But I said to myself if I have to suffer to gain an ounce of sincerity or whatever it is I am lacking so be it I accept whatever happens, and then something happened, there are no words for this.

                  When in pain, and we recognize the Face of the Beloved, the Face of the Friend for some of the masters of the way words flow, for other music flows. Each flower has its own fragrance indeed. If everywhere we turn there is the experience of God, where can we hide? As for pain and suffering, nothing can lessen it, not morphine, oxycodon, not dwelling in a bubble, not pleasant memories.

                  Rumi called his poetry poetry of gratefulness. He also likened it to a host who entertains guest who like to eat tripe but cannot stand it himself. He wrote
                  In pain, I breathe easier.
                  The scared child is running from the house, screaming.
                  I hear the gentleness.

                  Under nine layers of illusion, whatever
                  the light on the face of any object,
                  in the ground itself,
                  I see your face.
                  – Rumi

                  Two months after my sickness I starting writing poems, I am on the third edit and hope during my vacation to finish editing and find a publisher. I never meant to or wanted to. Here are some words

                  all forms are born
                  through Your passion, incomplete
                  crafted in the ambiance of dire need.

                  The Sun is inseparable from the amber
                  carrying its light beyond the grasps of its rays
                  Tears race to caress your face

                  washing away all reasons
                  and thoughts that we
                  could ever be apart

                  There is no hiding here, the situation isn’t one to be solve or fixed or changed. The deep sorrow for Rumi was a door that opened to the Presence. To Hallaj his death and beheading as he said removed the final veil and he danced with joy on the way to the gallows, the meeting he had been waiting for was imminent. It’s all part of a spiritual love affair. For example I love my wife dearly I wouldn’t take away all the time she has yelled at me for forgetting to do something important, she looks cute when she is angry at times lol. The worst thing she can do is ignore me, that cuts the deepest. Sultan Weled son of Rumi has said which is to me an encapsulation of a major aspect of the sufi work.

                  Those full of fear are not really on the way.
                  Everyone here is a king. No servants.
                  The wave can never be afraid of the ocean.
                  Inside that motion, how can anything be “other?”
                  When you feel separate, you’re in your imagination.

                  As for the uncouth hordes civilizing themselves, I consider myself a student of history and maybe a bad one at that but I don’t remember a time in human history where those who spoke the truth and tried to bring changes to help their fellow man were not killed tortured hanged beaten. People are just as willing to kill someone who asks a lot of questions now as they at any point in history. Kids are forced into prostitution and slavery right now as we speak, priest are molesting children. Doctors robbing their patients.

                  Science hasn’t necessarily made everyone more civil. The Atom bomb isn’t really a civilizing factor or indication. Science though like everything , religion, spirituality, a chisel, a paring knife, is only as good as the hand that wields it. It is a commendable sentiment that science is our only hope but I want to ask in whose hands do the discoveries end up ? big business….. military…..big pharma? Human nature hasn’t changed since recorded history, which is a long time. The best and first step we all can do is to make sure we don’t contribute in any way to the nonsense going on.


                • Cher Dave,

                  Being interested in the science behind stuff, I spent some time looking up on sickle cell anaemia yesterday. The more I read about it, the more I saddened I was, to learn that it can cause so much intolerable suffering, pain and distress in those affected by it and that medical science hasn’t (yet) been able to find a way to relieve the pain permanently, much less find a lasting cure for the condition.

                  Yes, it’s true that science isn’t perfect and is still at an evolving stage, like anything that is in search of truth and perfection. But science is the only hope. The Western philosophy of tackling the reality (the “illusion”), by understanding it and working to improve it is the only way forward.

                  What is the alternative? Let’s take one particular uncouth oriental philosophy. For the lowly hordes who believe in such primitive crap, their pea-brains think that sickle cell anaemia is caused by “previous births’ karma” and that there should be no cure for it. The most uncouth savages believe that one should not even try to find a cure for it, but must suffer and sing praises to the multitudes of imaginary entities. Does such a regressive, sub-human philosophy offer any hope? No, on the contrary, such an uncivilised, pea-brained way of thinking is bound to derail even the solutions that offer the best hope. It isn’t a wonder that the uncouth hordes who believe in such crap as a part of their filthy “culture” remain regressive, pea-brained and a shameful disgrace to humankind.

                  Science is destined to offer a lasting solution to this sooner rather than later, just like it has done for so many deadly conditions that were thought to be incurable in the past. I really hope that people researching this come up with a quick and effective solution, for the sake of so many like you who suffer so much terrible pain right from childhood.

                  Oriental societies that are progressive enough not to let filthy, pea-brained ideas and concepts govern them have been quick to realise that the Western scientific, rational way is the only way forward for humankind. Why do you think Japan, South Korea, Taiwan (and others that are influenced by Confucian thought) have adopted Western science and technology as a part of their own cultures? It’s because those people are progressive, humane, not hampered by pea-brained savages in their midst and are wise enough to recognise great ideas whenever they see them. That’s why they constitute the few civilised societies of the Orient.

                  You’re correct, amigo, those who have asked questions and spoken the truth in history have always been persecuted in history by the uncouth hordes that surrounded them. Even Christ was not spared by the savages. It isn’t a wonder that societies that accept the Socratean idea of questioning things in order to progress find themselves in a civilised situation today while those believe in the pea-brained idea of arse-licking are observed to be as uncouth as ever.

                  I’m glad to know that your cats and dogs have shown that they care for you, though they cannot speak. I’ve observed pets, and yes, these lovely creatures offer solid proof that ethical qualities are a product of evolution, not creation. What else can explain the fact that higher mammals and birds are perfectly capable of empathy, compassion and caring while many barbaro-hominoid specimens don’t even have traces of them in their lowly, pea-brained selves?


              • mirel Says:

                hi Dave dost!
                the historical countdown starts. are you READY for the
                adventure? just 3 days left?
                drink lots of lassi and eat chunks of delicious
                naan, tandoori rotis for me, too…good food in
                good company
                ‘Yunus, today while you have eyes to see, do what you must.
                Those who attain do not come back’. ( can a single
                drop becomes a see!!!)
                bon voyage! lots lots of love….

                • Dave Paquiot Says:

                  Dear Mirel,

                  Thanks dear! I think you misread my comment to Raj, I would like to revisit India again, but I wont be going this time. I will be sitting home just hanging out around the city.

                  Dont dismay I am a great cook. I make all the foods you mentioned often for my wife. A couple of years ago I applied to culinary school and life had other things for me to do but I cook everyday when I get home and it has become the go to hobby of mine when I am stressed or need to let off steam. I’m not an Escoffier but I am a badass with a skillet and some butter lol

                  Due to a small project I wont be able to be off this friday 😦 but next :-). But that’s great next friday my wife returns from visiting family in California. I don’t mind the wait because work keeps me from missing her too much.

                  How have you been dear? I had some uludag Gazoz at a Gulluoglu here and thought of you. I read that there is one in Istanbul? Let me knowhow you have been fairing.


                  • mirel Says:

                    real transformation, like any birth, needs the darkness as much as the light. (countries too)
                    The purpose of pain is to rouse us from the illusion of our separate, form-based, ego identities and awaken the true, being within—the soul.
                    Happiness cannot be bought or sold, nor can you give it to a person who has not got it

                    what has lasting value and what is only of passing worth!
                    consciousness like a pendulum. At one end is the dimension of our being that is transient and evanescent, or continually changing and transforming through a process of evolution. At the other end of this pendulum is that part of consciousness that remains immortal and unchanged. Thus our whole being could be said to be a continuity in change — just as it’s never the same water that passes under the bridge, yet at the same time it’s the same river. Each of these poles embodies a specific mode of consciousness.

                    I look forward to reading your published poems and wish you a refreshing and creative spring break!
                    ‘the heart suffers because it has not forgotten its true love’ !

                    • Dave Paquiot Says:

                      Hey Mirel,

                      Check this out from the Masnavi, i think its in line of what you saying:

                      God created pain and sadness
                      so that joy could be clearly recognized
                      on account of what’s opposite to it.
                      Hidden things are thus made apparent
                      through the agency of their opposites;
                      but since God has no opposite,
                      only He/She remains obscure.

                      [Rumi, Mathnawi I, 1130-1131]

                  • mirel Says:

                    tesekkur thank you for the lovely thought and forgive me for this misunderstanding.
                    Gulluoglu, a family tradition for more than 100 years. ‘Su BOREK’ with Uludag (bubbles!!!) my favourite!
                    my blessings to you and your whole family!

                    • Dave Paquiot Says:


                      Im looking forward to the time off. I will be resting at home. This week I haven’t been feel very well just achy a lot but that seems to have gone away.

                      I will be cooking, playing my neglected guitar, and playing video games hopefully till my fingers rot (video games are my guilty pleasure and I havent played in 2 years) and editing this manuscript. I designed the layout and everything else as well. If you want I will send a copy to you in Istanbul.

                      In the meanwhile I will be going to Golluoglu with my sister, and wishing you well as always 🙂 I read these words from Mihri Khatun today enjoy

                      My heart burns in flames of sorrow
                      Sparks and smoke rise turning to the sky

                      Within me , the heart has taken fire like a candle
                      My body, whirling, is a lighthouse illuminated by your image

                    • mirel Says:

                      Today is ‘Hidrellez Festival’… a celebration of the arrival of spring and awakening of nature here which has been turned to a collective civil community activity in some districs. Awakening of the earth mother and nature. All the traditional spring foods and drinks -both the traditional ones and the brewery- are sold through the street-buffets, while the local musicians perform Turkish, Roman and Balkan music! wake a little bit earlier, walk on grass, drop a few flower petals into the sea and make a wish:))))
                      the final touches before publishing, proof-reading editing, the final layout…tough but amazing work. My all best wishes to you!
                      Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them….I would love to read a copy of the manuscript, but I can wait. So this is your time, your attention should be on your creative work.
                      o see the Summer Sky
                      Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie –
                      True Poems flee.
                      ~Emily Dickinson

    • mirel Says:

      have you ever tried to play your own spiritual scientific game to achieve your self knowledge, to decode your OWN spiritual ‘DNA’.

      this game to be played just needs one scientist, namely YOU.
      You are the scientist, the player, the jury and the judge.

      the others, the first, second, third, fourth world & developed undeveloped world hordes &other scientist, politicians,
      in sum, entrance not allowed to anyone except YOU

      Your nationality, your country, your wealth, your past and your future have no relevance.

      you have to be in a thoughtless state, not thinking on anything, just feeling your own energy.

      no analysis, no critics…
      can you accomplish ‘not thinking’, brain at standstill!

      Can you decode your hearts rhytm, reach your spirit? (not the other hordes, just yours!!!)
      The scientific outcomes would ONLY concern you. They only belong to you.
      You are the scientist, the witness, the jury and your own judge

      • I do accomplish “not thinking”, everyday of my life – during sleep 😉 though I admit I don’t feel my own energy at that time.

        As for my heart’s rythm, normally, it goes like this – lub dub… lub dub… lub dub… lub dub… lub dub… lub dub… lub dub…

        During sleep and relaxation, it goes like – lub dub….. lub dub….. lub dub….. lub dub…..lub dub…..

        During excitement, tension or physical exertion it goes – lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdub lubdub…

        By the way, I don’t think it’s that big a deal to achieve “not thinking” even when awake… I’ve done it a few times before for short periods of time and with a little practice, I guess I should be able to do it for much longer like you folks.

        But what’s the use of “not thinking” for very long periods of time, or a permanent state of “not thinking” 😕

        Je pense donc je suis

        Cogito ergo sum

        I think, therefore I am


        • mirel Says:

          ‘I guess I should be able to do it for much longer like you folks’.
          -You are your boss. If you dont desire it, nobody cant force you into it. Personally, I would be delighted!
          Don’t you wanna discover your dormant powers which would guide you on your scientific journey (besides your ego bubble and intellect)
          ‘ But what’s the use of “not thinking” for very long periods of time, or a permanent state of “not thinking?’
          -You have the answers, not me! you’re the scientist, the witness, the jury and your judge.

          • mirel Says:

            I think, therefore I am…. , but I am still not ‘perfect’ nomatter I accumulate academic scientific knowledge in the East and the West:((((

          • I agree that I’m not perfect, Mirel, and will never be… perfection, like what the wise saint says, is something that one has to strive for all life long. If one was born perfect, then what purpose would life have 😕

            Besides, knowledge is no big deal at all. One can get any kind of knowledge (scientific or otherwise) anyday by looking up books, or nowadays, the web. Acquiring wisdom and the ability to think/learn/behave better are what matters.

            What kind of dormant powers can be unleashed by achieving a permanent state of “non-thinking” 😕 Apart from a slightly more relaxed mind, lowered blood pressure, anxiety etc. I don’t know any. If you do, kindly let this ignorant undesirable also know, please.


  2. swaps Says:

    And, ‘perfection’ itself is ever changing!

  3. Dave Paquiot Says:

    There is a Rumi Poem, which seemed to fit Enjoy!


    Why ask about behavior when you are soul-essence,
    and a way of seeing into presence! Plus you’re with us!

    How could you worry? You may as well free a few words from your vocabulary. ‘Why’ and ‘how’ and ‘impossible’. Open the mouth-cage and let those fly away.

    We were all born by accident, but still this wandering caravan will make camp in perfection.

    Forget the nonsense categories of there and here, race, nation, religion, starting point and destination.

    You are soul, and you are love, not a sprite or an angel or a human being! You’re a


    No more questions now as to what it is we’re doing here.

  4. kush Says:

    We can be perfect,firstly, if we believe that perfection is possible.
    Secondly,if we respond to ‘How are you’ question by replying ‘I am Perfect’ each time,then we shall automatically become perfect,actually.
    Anyone can try this on oneself and see the result.

  5. mahesh chendake Says:

    perfection is illusion. when we go nearer it run away or disappear and when we look ahead it calls!!!!! really there is nothing like perfection. every performance done by heart is always perfect don’t bother about result because it gives same pleasure to self which would have given by any professional perfect performance.

  6. axinia Says:

    I belive we are already perfect, but this perfection is kind of covered…like the sun is covered by the clouds…

    why? see my older post on exactly this topic:https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2007/04/18/nobody-is-perfect-false/

    We are already perfect, but we will probably never reach that perfection, for it makes sense just to develop perpetually. It is an eternal process, a universal enjoyment…

  7. Sadiq Alam Says:

    beautiful quote dear!

    blessings and yes Hazrat Inayat Khan never cease from giving pure drinks of wisdom.

  8. radha Says:

    actually we ARE aready perfect but we must prove it

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