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One more interesting prophecy of the upcoming golden age April 27, 2010

Several decades from now, the ever-increasing rate of economic growth will reach a level we will be fully justified in calling global prosperity. Living standards now enjoyed by citizens of the economically advanced nations will be established in the remotest corners of the globe.

The rechanneling of the massive sums that are now spent on weapons into peaceful uses will impart almost unimaginable acceleration to economic growth. Universal elementary education will likely be achieved even before that. Eventually, even universal secondary education will be felt to be insufficient. The borders of the intelligentsia will encompass all of humanity.

The development of newer and newer means of communication, along with their accessibility and practicability, will virtually eliminate the distance between nations and cultures. As the working day shrinks, new reserves of time will be freed up. Physiological science will devise technology that will enable the human brain to memorize input quicker and indelibly. Leisure time will increase.

And those matters that now occupy the majority of people—the economy, politics, product improvement, technology, the further upgrading of material comforts—will lose their interest. It is entirely realistic to think that the generations of those times will find it baffling and strange that their ancestors could have been so engrossed by and emotional about decisions relating to such boring and trivial matters. Their energy will be channeled into the creation of riches of a higher order, since the economic base, being firmly grounded and global, will not be subject to any sharp fluctuations.
Issues connected with technology and economics will cease to engage people’s overriding attention. They will be dealt with in their respective committees and will be subject to public scrutiny, just as issues of restaurant hygiene or sewage are now.

Humanity’s gifts will be put to a different use, dictated by the thirst for knowledge, a love for all living beings, a need for higher forms of creative work, and a passion for beauty.

The thirst for knowledge, which at one time drove explorers to embark on voyages through uncharted waters and to range over unopened continents, will send them first (perhaps even before the rise of the Rose of the World) into outer space. But the other planets are inhospitable. After several exploratory missions the launches will halt, and the thirst for knowledge itself will begin to shift in focus.

Methods will be devised to activate and develop the dormant organs possessed by every human being: organs of spiritual sight, spiritual hearing, deep memory, and the ability to separate at will one’s inner, variomaterial bodies from the physical body… It will be the age of cosmic Magellans and Columbuses of the spirit.

From “The Rose of the World” by Daniil Andreev (1959)

(image by me)

P.S: Probably the author was a bit too optimistic with his time estimations, but in general the prophecy feels very correct and realistic to me!


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  1. Föhre Says:

    I am a bit skeptical about parts of this theory, skeptical not as in “unbelieving”, but rather doubtful of the ways that would be used to achieve such a world and society and whether I would see them as morally right.
    For example I wonder: will every country and every culture have to live the same way, for this goal?
    Would every country have the same education system, etc?
    While this of course would have some advantages I think that (at least in the times we live in) “progress” and development is usually achieved by “westernizing” a country or region and while this might bring western “wealth” it also brings western “illness”.
    Of course in an intellectually and spiritually more advanced time, the goods of progress would not be a TV a microwave or unhealthy fast food, but something less materialistic and more beneficial, but we are just not there yet and until then many of our values could still get lost and corrupted by the material way of thinking, that only sees the differences (for example west and east) and tries to make everything the same (west).
    I am getting a bit lost maybe, in what I am saying, but I just wish that this kind of progress does not come as a dictate by certain worldly powers, but from our own inside.

    I know that you are a rather positive person, so I think you might not share this doubts and worries, but what do you think?

    Thanks for always again posting articles that inspire thinking about them.

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Föhre,
      I see your worries about the “intellect” issue, also from the earlier comments of yours…

      You know, I had samé thoughts earlier, before on good yogi told me that I have an enlitened intellect :). Yes, in case of enlightened intellect there is no problem at all, right?

      You yourself have quite an enlightend intellect, tell me what harm can it do to the world? 🙂

      The intellect without heard is a poinson though, but this we even do not discuss here.

    • Avdhut Says:

      In a nut-shell, the vision will work when everyone values their individual freedom on the basis that every one else has the same innate freedom that needs to be respected. As such, the best route is by combining Love and Truth as one entity, which will form the basis for collective well-being of each other, and thus of ourselves, because brave peacefulness and generosity is the only true recognition of the freedom that we are all born with. Realising this is the only way that freedom will ever be respected and preserved.

      The result is not uniformity but increased freedom and creative diversity, all aimed at perpetuating the joy and satisfaction of peaceful freedom.

  2. Poor old Daniil Andreev! 😦 The more I read his outlandish theories, the more I feel for him. He was an undoubted bubble-dwelling dreamer, one who tried to mentally escape from the horrors of the notorious Soviet prison in which he was confined for being a free-thinker. And he did it by building a beautiful bubble, which he imagined to be the future of the world 😐

    Little did he know that the uncouth barbaro-hominoids that (over)populate the filthy parts of the world would exist at a very low state of human evolution well into the 21st century. For the uncouth parts of the world are least bothered about the filthy conditions in which their hordes live.

    If Andreev thought that the massive sums of money going into weapons would be rechanneled into development purposes, the poor chap was day-dreaming. Take the world’s most uncouth Third World barbarocracy, the evil Indian empire, for instance. Being an evil empire which keeps several parts of its territory under continued brutal occupation and inhumane oppression, the cowardly scum beings who run the evil Indian empire are terrified of the oppressed people breaking free of the colonialism, exploitation and oppression of the filthy Indian empire. So they spend humungous amounts of money on recruiting and maintaining huge hordes of uncouth, semi-literate mercenary dogs to oppress the people kept under occupation.

    Also, being a filthy, cowardly, expansionist empire that is hated by all its neighbours, it is perpetually scared to death about another (but smaller) evil empire which was separated from it in 1947. These two evil empires have been at each others’ throats, fighting each other every now and then. Also, there exists another uncouth totalitarian empire which gave it a sound thrashing the only time the two went to war. The evil empire (just like the other two evil ones) spends massive amounts of money in purchasing all kinds of arms, despite the pathetic state in which most of its uncouth hordes live.

    Nevertheless, currently, more than half of India’s budget is allocated for military, paramilitary, various security forces and debt servicing. That leaves less than half for everything else including infrastructure development projects, education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and various human services. New Delhi’ s latest arms buildup will leave even less for what India needs most to lift hundreds of millions of its citizens from abject poverty, hunger illiteracy and disease.

    Indian civil society organisations, while complaining of excessive defence spending indicated that the government spends 2.35 per cent of GDP on defence, but only 1.72 per cent on the social sector. The defence budget for 2009-2010 is 29 billion dollars, up 34 percent over the previous one. Indian defence analyst Ravinder Pal Singh, while calling New Delhi’s unending defence spending at the cost of poverty-alleviation—with security requirements competing with socio-economic concerns for money calls it the “guns-versus-butter” question. Even some Indian officials are surprised in relation to Indian defence expenditure which has no bounds. For example, an official of the country’s finance ministry remarked, “There is a dilemma…poverty needs to be eradicated to prevent men from taking to the guns…but more funds for security means less money for poverty alleviation.”

    Meanwhile, a report of United Nations pointed out that India ranks 134th of 182 countries on the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index 😯 It estimated that 50 per cent of the world’s undernourished population lives in India 😯 Nearly 42% of the billion-plus Indians earn less than 1.25 dollars a day, nearly 76% earn less than two dollars a day 😯 Secretary General of the Control Arms Foundation of India Binalakshmi Nepram said, “When people are dying of poverty and bad sanitation, what protection will arms provide them?” On the one hand, international community has been making strenuous efforts for world peace in wake of global financial crisis and war against terrorism, on the other, India has initiated deadly nuclear arms in South Asia where people are already facing multiple problems of grave nature. Majority of South Asian people are living below the poverty level, lacking basic facilities like fresh food and clean water 😯 While yielding to acute poverty, every day, many persons commit suicide in India 😯

    Daniil Andreev didn’t realise that for every civilised country on the planet, there would be an uncouth one which defies all norms of civilised, progressive, humane behaviour. It’s a pity 😦

    If only Andreev had taken into account the filthy, uncouth parts of the world, then I guess he might have arrived at a very different conclusion, which is playing out now even as I write this – a situation in which the rapidly overbreeding hordes of the uncouth parts are pulling down the civilised societies as well as the whole of humankind with their savage, regressive behaviour.


  3. radha Says:

    “Leisure time will increase”. i like that

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    It’s true for Indian but what we heard, comparative with other countries india spent less( war within different countries is a bussiness for US so called developed country) and whatever he is spending on army is forcefully. If that money is diverted to social reform definately some improvement will seen but again If freedom is not remain what is use? so it is cost we have to pay to maintain our freedom on empty stomach. China well developed having10 times more army standing on boundry and ready to infiltrate and occupy and pakistan fully supported by US conscidaring its geographical importance to keep hold on asia by US to oppose china,russia and other. tererrism ready to occupy everything by any mean so whatever is written is more optimistic and seems tobe day dreaming .
    what i feel whatever it is developed or undeveloped country, the money is spend on social and cultural reform is depend on their attitude and desire, unless and untill humans are not becoming desireless it is not possible even irrespective of borders or developed or undeveloped. rather i am having fear that humans will again go back to so less civilised period as tererism, forcefully occupation,holding, acquring,killing for just Rs 200/-now people dont want to work hard to earn but definately want to acquire and hold whole world with less or without efforts and any way ??? and it has become everybodys desire( where is culture?) so here fittest to survival rule be implimented and nobody will suppoert to anybody so this is inevitable. What realised soul will do ? and where will be they? and in what number? so this is an day dreaming and i am having another picture in front of me which is fearfull and threating to mankind. so not civilsed regeon but stone age??? what do you think?

    • Prof. Maheshsaheb Chendake,

      If freedom is not remain what is use? so it is cost we have to pay to maintain our freedom on empty stomach

      Freedom??? What freedom 😕 How can you call Indian-occupied Kashmir and the oppressed and horribly brutalised Kashmiris as “free”? Or occupied Nagalim or Manipur etc.? Or even the poor, destitute tribals of central and eastern India? In fact, the unfortunate peoples of these places are much worse off under the filthy rule of the evil, sub-human Indian empire than they were under the nasty British empire. Want proof? Even the British empire was not so evil as to have a law as filthy as the AFSPA. This sub-human Indian law is the world’s most notorious, giving filthy mercenary sons-of-bitches a free hand to commit heinous crimes with impunity. Exposing the typical mindset of the world’s most uncouth, filthy, arse-licking hordes of the evil Indian empire, this sewery law shows the sub-human nature of the evil Indian empire. Want to know how “freedom” is being “protected” by uncouth mercenary savages? Take a look at this:


      China well developed having10 times more army standing on boundry and ready to infiltrate and occupy

      Again, it shows the utter cowardliness of the evil Indian empire. It is scared shitless of its only equal (in terms of population), the evil Chinese empire, having received a sound thrashing the only time the two clashed. Instead of having the courage to stand up to and fight its equal (the Chinese), the filthy, cowardly Indian empire unleashes its evil mercenaries upon small numbers of defenceless people under its occupation, like the Kashmiris, Nagas, Manipuris etc.

      pakistan fully supported by US conscidaring its geographical importance to keep hold on asia by US

      Why is the evil Indian empire so mortally scared about a failed state like the evil Pakistani empire or its relationship with the US or Afghanistan? Is it because the Pakistanis have shown the guts to fight the cowardly Indians, despite being a much smaller and weaker country?

      The filthy Indian empire is like a dirty, cowardly high school bully. When the uncouth teenaged bully (India) tries to take on someone his own size or age (China), it gets a severe, unforgettable beating. When the coward picks a fight with someone much smaller, like a primary school child (Pakistan), the bully faces a fierce fight and receives equal blows. So the filthy bully tries to show its pea-brained cowardice by picking on and bullying tiny defenceless nursery children (Kashmiris, Nagas, Manipuris, Sikhs, tribals etc.)

      That’s typical of the sub-human cowardice and uncouthness of worthless Indian savages. After all, barbaro-hominoids who gang-rape a pregnant woman and her sister-in-law and then drown them in a knee-deep stream must be the lowliest of the low of the humanoid specimens.

      tererrism ready to occupy everything

      Pakistan-sponsored terrorism? What about Indian sponsored terrorism in Baluchistan and NWFP of Pakistan directed from Afghanistan by the uncouth cowards of the Indian empire? Even that lowly son-of-a-Bofors-gun, (inhu)man mohan Singh, had indirectly accepted the Balochistan “affair” not too long ago.

      war within different countries is a bussiness for US so called developed country

      It’s completely true that the (internally subverted and taken over from within) violent, bullying American empire finds itself in a state of perpetual, endless, murderous wars.

      But at least the Americans have a constitution that gives its people inalienable rights (Bill of Rights), and puts the government responsible to the people. Not the way it is in the filthy Indian empire.

      It’s illegal and criminal for the American empire to use federal troops inside its own territory against its own people. Check out what Posse Commitatus means. In other words, the American empire’s constitution disallows the use of its forces as mercenaries against its citizens. That is civilised. Contrast that with the filthy, uncouth, evil, sub-human Indian empire. Not only does it encourage the use of mercenary dogs to kill, butcher, loot, pillage and rape its own people, it also gives those sub-humans “special powers” to commit heinous crimes with impunity. Do you see the difference between American democracy (however imperfect it may be) and sub-human Indian barbarocracy???

    • rather i am having fear that humans will again go back to so less civilised period

      Why do you have to fear it? The uncouth, crappy, turd world societies are already in a less civilised, regressive, unevolved state of being. That is what I have been shouting myself hoarse about all along. There is a HUGE ethical and civilisational difference between the civilised societies and the uncouth hordes of the filthy parts of the world.

      The only danger is that the rapidly overbreeding, savage, uncouth hordes are rapidly going to bring down the relatively few smallish civilised societies that act as a beacon of hope for human civilisation with their humane and decent behaviour.

      and it has become everybodys desire( where is culture?) so here fittest to survival rule be implimented

      It’s already in the filthy “cultures” of the uncouth hordes to believe in sub-human, uncivilised laws of the jungle like “survival of the fittest” and “might is right”. While it’s the exact opposite in the civilised societies.

      Note the treatment of women in the civilised and uncouth socieites. In the uncouth ones, women are always nothing more than worthless “breeding machines”, if they even survive being born as a girl in the sub-human parts of the world, while it’s the exact opposite in the civilised societies.

      Or note how differently abled people are treated in the civilised societies and the filthy, uncouth ones. Such people always get equal opportunites, special care and a chance to lead as normal a life as possible in the civilised societies. In the sub-human ones (over)populated by barbaro-hominoids, they are shunned, ostracised and treated like vermin by savages whose pea-brains believe in filthy, uncouth, regressive, sub-human ideas/concepts like “previous births’ karma”.

      What realised soul will do ? and where will be they? and in what number?

      IF you meant bubble-dweller by realised soul, then the bubble-dwellers would do absolutely nothing, despite being present right there in full numbers. Bubble-dwellers believe “everything is lovely, happy, beautiful always and forever” because they are limited by the imaginary bubble that they have trapped themselves into. Bubble-dwellers have never done much for the progress of humanity at any point of time in world history. The uncouth, sub-human Indian empire, which remains as uncouth and savage as it was in the primitive/mediaeval periods, despite the large number of bubble-dwellers in its history offers superb proof.

      …but stone age??? what do you think?

      Of course humankind is headed for the stone age. The hordes and hordes of savage regressive, uncouth beings will make sure that not only they, but the whole of humanity goes back to the stone age.

      Just wait and watch for the “fun” as it unfolds itself over the next few years/decade 😐


      • Dave Paquiot Says:

        Hey Raj

        How are you? I hope all is well. It is the early part of spargel harvesting season so I dont see why anything should be awry :-).

        I have noticed since I have been reading Axinia’s blog, you’re mentioning the uncouth hordes etc quite frequently. I wanted to know why this is so important and close a topic to you?

        Also in other matters I read a humorous anecdote that made me laugh and I thought of you. The story was given as part of an explanation of how large numbers of superficial people in search of ‘spiritual knowledge’ create a supply and demand situation that causes much imitation of real teaching, and subsequently in some cases the imitation is taken for the real. Whatever the reason for telling it I find it funny.

        In a story current in India, anIndian student in the US heard that a countryman of his was teaching Hindu spirituality to the people of the west, and was well established there, although he stilled lived near Delhi most of the year. When he went home on vacation, the student sought out the great guru and respectfully to become a disciple.

        ‘I am sorry’ said the chief assistant guru at the Ashram: ‘we don’t take Indians here – only Europeans and Americans.’

        The young Hindu was aghast. “I thought the days of colonialist discrimination were over” he gasped. “You mean that you won’t accept me as a disciple, here in my own country?

        My dear chap said the great guru, coming to the ashram gate, the facts are the other way around have you ever actually seen any of the terrible people who want to drink deep of Indian spirituality? I am trying to protect my countrymen from them.

        • axinia Says:

          good story, Dave!! 🙂

        • Cher Dave,

          I’m doing fine. I hope all is well with you in NYC and that your vacation is getting closer and closer 😉

          I keep mentioning the uncouth hordes and the savage barbaro-hominoids that (over)populate the filthy parts of the world whenever I come across a relevant topic here. I believe many (like Axinia and you) hope that a “spiritual transformation” will suddenly transform the world into a better place. Sadly, my friend, such a thing is not going to happen, not in the foreseeable future. If anything, the world will go back to the Stone Age because the rapidly multiplying barbaro-hominoids of the lowly parts keep taking the planet to new lows everyday.

          That’s because the world is (over)populated by a majority (and exponentially increasing numbers) of rapidly overbreeding, uncouth, hypocritical, shameless hordes who exist at a very low state of human societal evolution. These barbaro-hominoids’ pea-brains and filthy “cultures” aren’t even capable of making them behave in a civilised manner in the first place. So to expect something like spiritual behaviour out of the regressive creatures is almost impossible. (Unless of course, you are tricked into believing the BIG LIES of the filthy hordes that the most filthy, barbaric, sub-human practices are somehow “spiritual”.)

          I’m sorry, mon ami, but I didn’t find the story funny at all 😐 First of all, the so-called “guru” mentioned in your story sounds like a quack, a cheat and a hypocrite, a typical Third World barbaro-hominoid fake specimen. You may find the anecdote funny, but the fact that so many unsuspecting Westerners are conned by that fake specimen annoys me 😡 and makes me sad 😦

          The young Hindu claimed “I thought the days of colonialist discrimination were over”

          If the so-called “guru” mentioned in your story was a decent human being, let alone a wise spiritual person, he would have replied, “I’m sorry, my dear chap, but the days of colonialism are not over. Instead, they have got much, much worse and more terrible. Not colonialism by the defunct European empires, but colonialism by the much more vicious, sub-human, uncouth, savage, barbaric empires of the filthy Third World, like your own country. If you want to know the truth, ask a Kashmiri mother whose daughter was pack-raped by sons-of-bitches and whose ten-year son was murdered in cold blood by the same cowardly dogs to claim “rewards”. Or ask an elderly Naga or Manipuri lady whose entire family was gunned down ruthlessly by criminal savages who claimed immunity under the filthy AFSPA. Or ask a tribal family whose hut and belongings were burned down and were put in prison and tortured, becaused they did not want to leave their land that the filthy Indian empire wants to exploit for its natural resources. Or ask the massive numbers of Kashmiri, Sikh and North-Easterners whose family members just “disappeared” completely. If you want to learn to be spiritual, you have to be a decent, civilised, conscientious human being first.”

          Of course, the “guru” said nothing of the sort – it shows that he is no different from the uncouth, filthy, hypocritical, arse-licking, hordes who exist at a very low state of being.

          Also, mon ami, I find that you get irked and become extremely uncomfortable whenever I mention something about the behaviour of the savage, filthy hordes and the barbarism and uncouthness of the lowly Third World empires (or any empire/government for that matter). Why is that? Instead of replying directly to my comments about the sub-human behaviour of the uncouth barbaro-hominoids, why do you always ignore them, ask me not to “label” the behaviour of the barbaro-savages or try to deflect attention from the uncouthness of these creatures by mentioning an anecdote that tries to cover up the filthy, sub-human behaviour of the lowly hordes. Why is that? I’m just curious to know, that’s all 😐


          Votre cher ami,
          Un Terrien extraterrestre.

          • Dave Paquiot Says:

            Hey Raj,

            It’s friday!!! and the sun is out for once. For starters let me dismiss two things. Firstly I dont believe spirituality will make this world change or usher in a golden age or that all the streets will be lined with gold and we will all hold hands sing song play dominos with each other, etc. if spirituality could really change how the world works and was a shield against the bad things in life then I doubt so many saints and spiritual people would have been killed, families persecuted etc.

            To me spirituality is a calling and I answer it sort of like my profession. I dont expect the world to change or anything to get better because I am a darvish or any of that. That’s kind of silly to me. Like the world doesnt change every time someone decided to study medicine or be a humanitarian. I feel personally that we learn and grow by friction, that there is always conflict because in a state of conflict we get to know ourselves really and strive, sorta like evolution :-). There is always a chance humanity will fall into darkness or not at any moment.

            As for my getting irked at the uncouth hordes comments, not at all. My family came to the USA to escape persecution and the uncouth barbarian practices of a dictatorship. I wish i could share with you some of the horrible nightmares and persecutions people under went in Haiti, and really throughout Latin America and the carribean. Even in US being a minority isnt a picnic or a walk in the park. Some people think that because we have Martin Luther Kings Day and Obama has been elected president, all racial tension and bigotry and all that has just magically vanished.

            I am disillusioned with the east and west, the north, south, europe the Third world, everything. But that’s life! I have something I came here to do I feel, and I am doing it and taking care of the people close to me and whoever I can, until my time is up and Im out of this place.

            Do you know how many people I see every day who go around telling everyone to pray, and sing songs and hold hands, burn incense? Who try to recruit people do yoga for only $30 a month to change themselves and the world. I must say seeing older people trying to twist themselves into a pretzel at the peril of their joints isnt to me spirituality.

            Spirituality isnt about being happy or all that, its about living in the real world having jobs being a person, doing service, leading by example while being connected to our source. The test of spirituality is how well do u live in the world, how well are you connect to your fellow human beings. The NY’er in me wants to say if anyone tells u different the are bullshitting you, but thats jsut my opinion.

            I have asked you to expand more on what you mean by asking questions, and just pondering out loud. You can continue to talk about filthy uncouth hordes, as much as you want, maybe even open up a radio show on blog talk radio and I will be happy to listen. I just like to ask questions and stir the pot. I am curious for instance if Axinia were to have a blog post about waffles or french toast or breakfast foods in general, would you be able to work it in I can see how uncouth hordes may not like french toast as it can come across pretentious.

            So with that said, I agree with you on many points. Though I am a darvish, though I have love and compassion for people not just superficially that doesn’t mean if someone insults my wife I am not going to break his face, or I am a door mat, and people can heap their bullshit on me lol. Or that if I loose my job I am gonna wait around for money to fall out of the sky. The litttle I have I am content with; food on the table, to wake up each day singing and happy, etc and if I go at any point I have no regrets.

            I am running late for soemthing as always. ill get back to you about the story


            • Cher Dave,

              I’m glad you have a much more realistic attitude about spirituality than I thought 🙂 You’ve got it spot on – “spirituality” has got absolutely nothing to do with some funny body-twisting exercices or singing praises to the imaginary entities or lighting incense sticks to deities or visiting places of worship regularly or wearing “holy” robes or even renouncing the world and going to a secluded place to spend the rest of one’s life in meditation.

              The true test of spirituality is how good a human being one is and about the compassion and responsiveness and understanding one has about one’s fellow humans and animals, both near and far, related and unrelated, seen and unseen, heard and unheard.

              I keep mentioning the uncouth hordes and their nauseating behaviour not to irk you (glad to learn that you aren’t irked or uncomfortable with it) or anyone else for that matter, but because I’m annoyed with the BIG LIES of certain uncouth hordes and sick of their shameless hypocrisy 😡 They keep shouting from the rooftops about how “spiritual” their filthy “cultures” are and how “stupid and materialistic” the West is. Being from such a “culture”, I understand the filthy LIES and the shameless mentality, uncouthness and hypocrisy of such hordes and their filthy “culture” better than you or Axinia can even dream of.

              The savage barbarians LIE about what a “peaceful” people they are, how they are “tolerant”, are hated and get attacked wherever they go by “racist” people and how the British empire colonised and savaged them and their great “culture”. All that is either a BIG LIE or utter hypocrisy. The filthy, uncouth Indian empire is the world’s most violent, disgusting, savage barbarocracy (just ask the the millions and millions of peoples it has occupied, colonised, brutalised, raped, butchered and savaged and continues to do so, like the Kashmiris, Nagas, Manipuris, Mizos, Sikhs, Asomese, tribals, minorities etc.)

              Just try to find out how people called as “Dalits” or “scheduled castes” are treated in the the filthiest and most feudal parts of the uncouth Indian empire. Just try to find out provisions of the sub-human laws of the stinking Indian empire like the AFSPA, DA Act and so on. Just try to find out what “female foeticide”, “female infanticide”, “sati”, “eve-teasing”, “dowry deaths”, “ragging”, “manual scavenging”, “khap panchayats”, “honour killings” etc. mean. Try to find out about the widows of Vrindavan, about the barbarity of the Ranvir Sena or about the filthy crap that is contained in a book authored by a bastardly son-of-a-bitch called Manu. If you are not weak of heart, do a simple google search for “Bhagalpur blindings” to find out how sub-human these uncouth, filthy hordes can get. All this is not some mediaeval crap – it’s how these savages’ behaved after 1947 and continue to behave to this very day.

              Yet these uncouth LIARS are shameless and hypocritical enough to claim that they are a “spiritual” people and how “materialistic and cultureless” the civilised West is, while looking to flood the West and leech off the civilised societies like parasitical rats that have massively overshot the carrying capacity of their crapocracy. These barbaro-hominoids and their “culture” are NOT spiritual by any stretch of the imagination, they are simply uncouth, shameless, regressive, hypocritical liars.

              I’m sorry to hear that your family fled from Haiti due to persecution by the tyrannical dictator’s thugs, goons, savages and mercenaries. I appreciate your honesty in NOT claiming that Third World Haiti is a “spiritual” country with a “great” culture that’s better than the “pathetic materialism” of the USA. I know nothing about the barbarism and savagery that took place in Haiti under the dictator, but I’m ready to bet the millions and millions of occupied, brutalised and oppressed peoples of the filthy, uncouth, evil Indian empire have it as just as bad, if not worse.

              Of course, the USA had and continues to have, its own serious problems, despite being a First World country. But one cannot deny the fact that the American constitution is a masterpiece with its inalienable Bill of Rights (though it has been silently undermined completely by successive regimes) or the fact that America is the only country in the world that went to war with itself to abolish slavery and free the enslaved people, or the fact that it acted and acts as a place of refuge and hope for millions and millions of persecuted, oppressed people looking to lead a free life and pursue happiness, like your own family.

              But yes, the American empire is in a bad position because of its own unsustainability and crimes as an empire and the fact that it has been undermined and taken over from within by vested interests that are completely unanswerable and inimical to the American people. I believe the USA is the guinea pig for the global crime cabal’s design of Third Worldising the First World countries.

              Now that I have understood the reason, I encourage you to keep asking questions about my comments 🙂 After all, I’d be the first person to tell you not to believe a word of what I say, but to find out by yourself if they are true or not. I know you are a wise seeker, and asking questions is the way to seek or learn about another’s viewpoint – and it’s the scientific way 🙂 So keep them coming! 😉 And I’m glad to learn you have a similar attitude to life and death as I do.


              Votre cher ami,
              Un Terrien extraterrestre.

        • Cher Dave,

          One thing I have noticed, mon ami, is that these gurus (I’m aware of quite a few of them), both real and fake ones, hardly attract any (or barely a handful of) followers from the civilised First World societies of the Far East, like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, while Europeans and Americans are very easy pickings. Why is that 😕 Is it because these few civilised Oriental societies know what true spirituality is, since their cultures are inherently spiritual despite their materialist superstructure 😕 Or is it because many Europeans and Americans just happen to be naïve enough to believe in tall promises of a “spiritual escape” from their “horribly tough and meaninglessly materialistic” mechanical lives 😕

          I tend to believe it’s a combination of the two factors, actually. The few civilised Oriental societies know how to find a combination of spirituality and materialism (or come close to finding this elusive balance), since their cultures have a true spiritual foundation (not like the fake “spirituality” claimed by the barbaro-hominoid hordes of the filthy, uncouth Indian sub-continent) and they have built a materialist superstructure on that, by borrowing the best things of the West and incorporating them into their societies, making them very civilised as a result.

          In contrast to the few civilised societies of the East, the civilised ones of the West have completely lost their spiritual Christian foundation (that they were fortunate enough to get from the message of the life and teachings of probably the greatest Earthling ever, Jesus Christ) and have concentrated excessively on the materialistic aspect of life. Mind you, being civilised, that still makes them more “spiritual” than the uncouth “cultures” of the filthy parts of the world, including the savage, barbaric Indian sub-continent. However, quite a few Europeans and Americans are quite naïve enough (I don’t blame them, poor souls 😦 ) to fall for anything that promises an exotic life experience, a “spiritual”, care-free life from the worries of their “tough, materialistic lives”. So the moment any such “liberating” thing pops up, such as drugs, it is eagerly lapped up by the many unfortunate, naïve souls of the civilised West. Since there are so many naïve souls in the West looking for a “liberating escape” from the tough, hard-working lives they are forced to lead, they easily fall prey to the promised “spiritual escape”. Little do they realise that they are usually taken for a nasty ride that ends in a rip-off and leaving them in a worse state than they originally were 😦

          That’s something for you to ponder.


          Votre cher ami,
          Un Terrien extraterrestre.

          • axinia Says:

            hi Raj, very profoud observation, thanks!

            It is indeed a phenomenon with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, although I am not sure how really spiritual thier culture has been… Do you have any insight on that?

          • Dave Paquiot Says:

            Hey Raj,

            K paso? You hit on many cool points. In every case where there is something to be sought many of the people seeking aren’t seeking to really find. Many people I know chase after expectations of what the truth is or should look like according to them. They spend extravagant amounts of money, come back with pictures cool trinkets, complaints lol etc. Have you seen those adds online “Learn to meditate like a buddhist monk in only 10 easy lessons” etc

            Most people are looking for a sense of security, or some sort of blanket, or a shield from facing themselves and the harshness of the human existence and they turn to spirituality because they feel like it would help them etc.

            There are so many fake gurus and teachers and charlatans who by giving peopel an emotional stimuli and sense of security for X amount of dollars hit it big. We should set ourselves up as a tag team of guru’s on twitter with great brightly colored materials and cool slogans,have some empty -headed celebrities endorse us or wear our tee-shirt, and then voila .

            That’s the way its been since time immemorial, people have a need whether it is for security or to feel ok, whatever it is and there is always someone to provide the fix.

            As to whether a culture is spiritual who can tell. What do you as an atheist call spiritual, it might be a little different from me? Is it based only on outward appearences? A culture can have as its basis a certain type of religious tradition, like the west has its judeo christian theme, and traditions and all that. But that isn’t spiritual. Spirituality is an experience, for everyone it’s different.

            I wonder if the West was ever really faithful at any point to its mystical christian foundation, aside from the crusades , Inquisition, colonialism slavery.

            There are no shortage of gullible, naive people in both the east and the west, and there are no shortage of people who are going to exploit them unfortunately. I don’t remember a time when this wasn’t the case.

            Real teachers are quite rare and real students from what I have been told are a even more rare but again the scarcity of something is what makes it precious

          • Axinia and Dave,

            Thanks, my dears!

            It’s quite obvious that somehow the few civilised societies of the Far East are very different from those of the West in this global spirituality game 🙂

            For instance, I just clicked on the global visitors to Axinia’s blog and the results did not surprise me at all. In the past month (approximately), there have been:

            27 visitors from Taiwan,
            24 from South Korea and
            17 from Japan.

            Almost each country in Europe (except the very small ones) scores double those numbers, with the large Western European countries scoring more than, or close to 100.

            Funnily, the greatest number of visitors have been from the USA 😉 At 4327, that number is nearly equal to the next 25 countries put together! So much for America being “the most materialistic, capitalistic” country of them all 🙄


            But what’s up with the Far East 😕

            Japan has 127 million people with 75.5% internet access,
            South Korea has 48 million people with 77.3% internet access and
            Taiwan has 23 million people with 67.2% internet access.

            All three are in the top 25 in the world in terms of internet access rates, in the top 15 if you count only those countries with more than a million humans.

            With such high rates of internet access and fairly high population figures, they still lag way behind European countries with smaller populations. Why is that 😕 Are the Far Easterners too “materialistic” to even be bothered about “spirituality” 😕 Or do their cultures teach them how to seek spirituality within themselves without searching for it on the web 😕

            It’s very late here, almost early morning in fact, and I don’t think I can type any more.

            I promise a detailed response later tomorrow (today in fact) about this Far Oriental paradox.

            Till then, I wish you both, my dear fellow toilers, a very Happy May Day!!!


            • axinia Says:

              Raj, thanks for this brillinat anlisys (as ever!), however I woudl not rely on the statistics from global visitors (the numbers are not correct anyways), but it is true that the main visitors come from the USA. Not surprising, it is the biggest English native speakers country, right? I am not wondering why Japanese are not reading my blog, it is natural that they would like to read in Japanese :))))

              Language factor is something we should not forget!

  5. swaps Says:

    I could not read beyond the first paragraph…no doubt, ignorance is bliss.

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    Dear brothers and sister,
    It is my opinion that whatever damage is done in India previously it is because political views and by politician and Indian illiteracy, poverty and corruption whatever issues India have, their routes are their and not in Indian culture.what overpopulated illiterate poor people will do? ( They even don’t know what is freedom and which country they live?and they are not interested too)( they are very well ruled by power/ fear of religious practices???….. what exactly “all” are doing) they are struggling for their bread and butter they are far away from spirituality which is discussed on full stomach and in A.C.Ashrams and again if they are taking gun in hand against their own brothers and sisters it just because they are brainwashed wrongly for bread and butter and more importantly and so called cultural and social revolution but true fact is neither politicians, their so called leader nor other who are using them are really doing anything good for them .So it is a political,cultural and social failure where real reforms is necessary. I am again stressing one point is neither so called civilized and well materialized nor uncivilized poor country have understood real spirituality all are doing same and one thing “get and hold whatever you get and with every possible way ” as either they are psychopathic or insecure about future. The areas where problems are there are previously under “kings” empire. they have done maximum damage and still they are existing in the form of politicians and their nature is not changed so “All” are “using” poor, illiterate people who really want secure bread and butter,peace and nothing more even your spirituality. they are far away from that. and I am sure nobody will give it them , one day they themselves will wake up and realized the truth and will start journey towards real spirituality and freedom/wisdom ( from illiteracy ,poverty,false gurus,false culture and religious traditions etc.) that time all will be cleaned including we all( In that sense I said stone Age) first and will newly start. I think we have to pay that much for “our” upbringing as man kind, irrespective of country,region, religion or cultural patterns or civilized / non civilized or highly materialistic. remember Ravindranath Tagor’s ” Let my country awake……”

  7. Cher Dave,

    To me, spirituality has got nothing to do with religion. Religious people aren’t necessarily spiritual and religion doesn’t necessarily teach one to be spiritual. Some uncouth religions even happen to be the very antithesis of spirituality. That’s because religions, by their very nature, are archaic, regressive, self-contradictory, unscientific, irrational and stuck in the mediaeval age. Anyone who examines what is contained in the religious literature of the uncouth religions would be disgusted and nauseated at the filth contained therein, if he/she had even a little common sense and/or a human brain that is larger than an average chickpea.

    I don’t know what spirituality means to you, since you accept to be overwhelmed by the bubble-reality. To me spirituality is the mind acting in a different dimension, just as the thinking mind itself is the physical brain acting in a different dimension.

    As I mentioned earlier, you’ve got it spot on. The true test of spirituality is how good a human being one is and about the compassion and responsiveness and understanding one has about one’s fellow humans and animals, both near and far, related and unrelated, seen and unseen, heard and unheard. In other words, spirituality would happen to be a BIG LIE if one cannot even behave as a decent human being.

    The uncouth hordes of the filthy parts of the world often claim that their nauseating “cultures” are “spiritual” while the civilised world is “materialistic”. All that is sheer crap! They do so only in order to cover up their uncouthness, barbarity and lack of a collective sense of humaneness and decency. This is especially true of the shameless, hypocritical, sly, deceptive, obnoxious hordes that (over)populate the world’s most uncouth, filthy, evil empire which acts as a living museum of the planet’s most disgusting social practices, customs and laws. It’s a real pity that many wise seekers are so easily tricked into believing the noxious lie of the filthy hordes about their stinking crapocracy being a “spiritual place”.

    “Spirituality” being the opposite of “materialism” is again completely untrue. I hope Westerners are not tricked by the sly, cunning savages of the uncouth Indian sub-continent into believing that “spirituality” and “materialism” are opposites, incompatible or mutually exclusive. They are not! As the East Asians have shown, it’s certainly possible (and desirable) for both spirituality and materialism to co-exist in a civilised society. If anything is incompatible with spirituality, it has got to be the regressiveness, barbarity and uncouthness of the hordes of a Third World crapocracy like the filthy, evil Indian empire.

    The religious theme of a place is not spirituality. As for the Judeo-Christian theme, I think it is an oxymoron. I understand that Christianity unfortunately carries Judaic/Abrahamic baggage with it, thanks to the place where it originated. Judaism is a religion that proclaims its adherents to be “God’s chosen ones” and all its non-adherents to be “goyim”. Christ clearly mentions that “His Father in Heaven” loves every human being equally, including those who are sick, miserable, wretched, suffering and victims of circumstances and that His message was for all of humankind. How can the two ever be of the same theme or have a common core 😕

    I think the West needs to regain its lost spiritual foundation that comes from the message of Christ. Christ meant his message to deliver a civilising influence to the whole of humankind. And yes, the West has been faithful sometimes to its Christian foundation.

    Take the case of the Scandinavian countries. In the mediaeval times, the Vikings were reknowned for being ruthless warriors, sea-faring pirates, savage raiders and violent colonisers. What caused their transformation into the world’s most civilised, peaceful, progressive, non-violent and humane societies in the last century? It has got to be the civilising influence of Christianity over a period of few centuries! What else can it be?

    As far as the Crusades, Inquisition, colonialism and slavery are concerned, yes it was a characteristic of the West during the mediaeval times – there is no denying that. But again, the civilising influence of Christianity is clearly visible in the transformation of the West as they gave up all these unChristian practices of their own accord.

    Can the same be said of the uncouth hordes of the Third World? Even in the 21st century, the savages are still butchering each other in the name of religion and persecuting their hapless minorities. The filthy Third World empires are much more vicious, barbaric, sub-human and uncouth in oppressing and brutalising their colonised peoples. And these filthy savages will never even learn to behave as decent humans.

    Mohandas Gandhi used fasting as a weapon to take on the British empire and was successful. That’s because he knew there were a few decent souls among the British colonisers who had a conscience and would not stoop to sub-human levels. But what about the filthy, evil, uncouth Indian empire? A courageous woman called Irom Sharmila has been fasting for the past ten years to ask for the repeal of the world’s filthiest law called the AFSPA that’s used by the barbaro-hominoid mercenaries of the evil Indian empire to keep the Manipuris brutally oppressed. She has been rotting away in a vile prison and forcefed through a tube in her nose, yet hasn’t given up her fast. The filthy pigs who run the Indian empire haven’t even met her once. What about the hordes and hordes of savages who (over)populate the evil Indian empire? Being vile, beastly hominoids, they don’t care. They wouldn’t even care if she were pack-raped like some of her Manipuri sisters and then shot dead and cremated in prison. That’s because the filthy hordes of the uncouth Indian empire are generally shameless, evil, hypocritical liars who don’t even have a shred of decency, conscience, ethics or humanity in their tiny sub-human pea-brains.

    Slavery has existed in all human societies and it existed in Africa long before the colonisers arrived. But it was abolished long ago in the West, largely due to the efforts of humane Christian people who understood the message of Christ. The American States even went through a vicious civil war to abolish slavery. But shockingly, slavery still exists to this very day in both North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa! What would you say about this? Even during the notorious days of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, it was largely African chieftains themselves who fought other tribes, enslaved their opponents and then sold them to the slave traders. Not to forget, many Third World dump holes still have trafficking of women and children for prostitution, which is nothing but a vicious form of slavery.

    Besides, the influence of the message of Christ is visible in so many other ways in the West. Almost every positive contribution of the West to the modern world can be traced back to the message of Christ. Where do you think the ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity, human rights, universal healthcare and education, disabled rights, social safety net, medical eradication of deadly diseases, Geneva conventions, prisoner reform and even socialism (not communism) etc. etc. pop up from???

    Did they fall out of the sky? No, the roots of all these and more can be traced back to the message of Christ. That’s why humankind’s most beneficial concepts all originate from the civilised West (not even the civilised Far East). Meanwhile, what have the filthy “cultures” and uncouth parts of the world contributed to the betterment of humanity? Hardly anything positive or none at all!

    That’s why I think the West needs to revive its spiritual Christian ethos to co-exist along with its materialism, because the message of Christ was the one that civilised it in the first place. And at the same time, it should be wary of the rapidly overbreeding uncouth hordes as well as the global crime cabal’s evil designs of Third Worldising the civilised societies.


    • Föhre Says:

      Just one question:

      “Even in the 21st century, the savages are still butchering each other in the name of religion and persecuting their hapless minorities.”

      Do you really think that the “oh-so-civilized-1st-word-countries” don?t do that?
      I personally think for example, that the “war on terror” the US and some other countries are so obsessed with is really a “war on islam” (besides other things).
      And what about all the “good christian” Europeans who colonized America slaughtering innocents, stealing their land and forcefully “converting” them to a religion which supposedly teaches love, peace and brotherhood?
      While I agree that many practices that you described from India a condemnable and evil, I think you should not forget that “the third world” isn’t the only evil and that for example, it is in the very interest of certain “first world countries” to keep the third world as it is, in poverty induced anarchy (anarchy in the bad way) dependent of “the west” and unable to ever be a real competition for this west.
      It seems, that you can only be “rich” by keeping others poor and the more are poor, the richer you are.
      All of it is an evil game, that has nothing to do with spirituality or any sane form of materialism, but only with greed, egoism and psychosis.

      • You’re correct, Föhre. The “war on terror” is a big, blatant and disgusting lie! It acts as a cover for a war on Islam, a war for oil, a war for control of the Middle-East, a war FOR the drug trade, a war for the military-industrial complex, a war to enrich the pockets of crooked politicians and generals, a war to borrow even more money from the notorious bankster gangsters, among other things. Is it any wonder then, that the American empire finds itself hopelessly bankrupt and on the verge of serious collapse? The American empire has been subverted, taken over from within, and driven to the point of self-destruction. Nothing sort of a revolution (or maybe WW III?) will be able to save it from the terrible mess it finds itself in.

        As for the Christian Europeans who colonised America and Australia, killed the natives and converted them to Christianity… yes, that is true, and no one can deny or ignore those ugly, condemnable events. But that was done centuries ago, while the filthy Third World empires, like the evil, uncouth Indian empire are doing the same, or worse, RIGHT NOW and pretending that they are “non-violent” and “spiritual” while behaving like filthy sub-humans.

        Let’s take a look at this:

        Those are videos of two civilised countries, Canada and Australia, apologising for crimes that were committed centuries ago, against the First Nations people and Aborigines, respectively. Besides, these two countries, and also the USA and New Zealand, give special rights to these original inhabitants and take steps to ensure their welfare. What about the “free” third world countries of the New World (Latin America), that also went through a similar process of colonisation from the Old World?

        Do you think the Third World crap holes would even come anywhere close to that? Oh no, they won’t! How can these turd world crapocracies even think of such a thing, when they are brutally killing, raping, pillaging, butchering and discriminating against their occupied peoples RIGHT NOW, with the nasty barbaro-hominoid hordes that (over)populate such crapocracies fully supporting and backing the heinous crimes of their evil, sub-human empires?

        Even in the pathetically dumbed down state that America is in right now, you can find quite a few anti-war demonstrations and rallies, calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq and bringing the troops home from Afghanistan. When was the last time you even heard of a rally or mass demonstation in the evil Indian empire, calling for an end to the military occupation of Kashmir or Nagalim or Manipur or an end to the “Green Hunt” butchering of tribals?

        If you are from Germany, then you probably know the former German Defence minister resigned over civilian deaths cover-up caused by German NATOs in Afghanistan that was exposed by a German paper. Did you hear of any filthy Indian minister resigning over the scores of civilians killed by mercenaries in Kashmir in 2008 during their on-going freedom struggle? Did any filthy Indian paper or magazine even question the barbaric, brutal way in which their peaceful freedom struggle was put down in 2008 or why scores of people were simply shot dead? No the turd world press was eagerly licking the arses of the establishment scoundrels. As for the filthy, uncouth hordes of the evil Indian empire, they believe all Kashmiris are “terrorists” who simply deserve to be killed and butchered.

        As for the “First World” deliberately keeping the “Third World” poor, that is unsubstantiated propaganda, a cover-up tool. Let’s see… South Korea was a very poor, desperate Third World country when it became free from brutal Japanese occupation in the late forties. Many Third World countries in Asia also became free from colonialism (which wasn’t even as brutal as the imperial Japanese occupation) during the same time.

        South Korea is solidly a part of the First World now, on par with many countries in Europe. It took them about thirty or thirty-five years after the Korean occupational War to trasform into a civilised country. How could they do so if there was a conspiracy against the Third World? The same is true, to a lesser extent, of Singapore and some other countries. How did they accomplish it? Or more precisely, why could other third world countries not do so?

        The answer lies in their “cultures” and attitudes. South Koreans have a civilised attitude and an inherently progressive, decently egalitarian “culture”, while most turd worlders have an uncouth attitude and regressive, mediaeval “cultures”. Their pea-brains are programmed to make them behave like criminal, self-praising, overbreeding hordes that believe in very primitive, feudal ideas and follow revolting social systems and practices. In the absence of any civilising influence, there is no hope for the evil turd world empires and their uncouth, irreformable, regressive hordes 😐

        As for poverty induced anarchy, the turd worlders have themselves and their filthy “cultures” to blame. Why do the uncouth hordes breed like rats and massively overshoot the carrying capacity of their places? Why is the average fertility rate of uncouth places well over 3 or 4 per woman when it is equal to, or less than 2 per woman in the civilised places? It’s not true that poverty causes overbreeding. When the Second World collapsed and people went through terrible economic hardships, the fertility rate actually dropped and people had less children than they did earlier.

        It’s because the uncouth (not poor) hordes overbreed. Women are viewed as barely human, “breeding machines” in their filthy “cultures”. The hordes believe in this philosophy:

        Breed them, even if you cannot feed ’em.
        And don’t stop once you’ve bred ’em.
        Breed some more of ’em,
        Even if you don’t need ’em.


        Actually, there IS a conspiracy to Third Worldise the West, and transform the entire planet into one big turd world sphere. The crime cabal that runs the world has discovered that one can get away with any crime in the turd world but has to be ashamed of, or answer for it in the civilised world. Therefore, they are out to turd worldise the civilised societies, and the manufactured “economic crises” as well as uncontrolled immigration are a part of this diabolical plan.


  8. Axinia dear,

    Strangely and funnily, both you and I agree that Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are somehow different from everyone else in this worldwide spirituality game 🙂

    I wasn’t really sure how I could have explained this spiritual phenomenon convincingly myself, since, just as you often say, certain things are best felt 😉

    But as always, we have that great hope of humankind with us – science and rationality to explain the unexplained, to let us know the unknown! Who said science is superficial and cannot describe spiritual phenomenon???

    I was actually lost about how to clearly explain this spiritual-cultural phenomenon, and was trying to think of it from the Far East Asian point of view – the Confucian, Shinto value systems of these civilised countries. But it looks like the phenomenon has already been explained by science without waiting for a dumb undesirable like me to solve it! 🙂

    I’m not sure if you have come across this already, but let’s take a look at how a pair of wise social scientists have explained this unexplainable phenomenon rationally – please take a look at the lovely scientific work of Messrs. Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel:


    It not only explains why the three civilised countries of the Far East – Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are very unique, but it also explains the differences between the First, Second and Third Worlds as well as the differences between Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christianity! It’s a real masterpiece – enjoy it and maybe even do a post on it if you like it! 😉


  9. kush Says:

    Dear Earthling,
    India does have minorities which you have referred to earlier.There are ,in fact, ONLY minorities to be seen in this country due to innumerable divisions among peoples along castes lines,religious lines ,economic/educational lines,political, regional/geographic lines and other social divisions in various permutations and combinations.Then there are the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS.If at all there is a majority then, it is the HAVE NOTS.
    The basic unit being the individual himself/herself. So there are bound to be infinite differences, opinions,problems,lacunae,defenciences,pecularities, and all that uncouth,barbarism,filth etc pointed out by you at individual and collective levels etc. Who/what should be held singularly responsible for these and what in your opinion is the solution?
    Is aping the West going to help? Or is it something that has not been tried so far that shall help the uncouthness etc to disappear from the Indian scene?
    As for self is concerned,if self has a problem/defect then self is wholly and solely responsible for it and no other factor (single or collective).

    • Dear Kush,

      If “aping” the West is the only way to behave as a civilised human, then I would be delighted to do so, rather than act in the manner of a pig by wallowing in the filth, uncouthness, pettiness and regressiveness of the so-called Indian “culture”. Why, I would be glad to “ape” not just the West, but the Far East, the Martians, the Pandorans and the Kryptonians if it is going to make me behave like in a civilised manner.

      Since uncouth Indian “culture” isn’t capable of reforming itself or progressing by itself due to the pea-brained nature of its hordes, one has no option but to adopt humane, progressive ideas from cultures that are capable of doing so.

      According to your own statement, why do the “have nots” constitute the majority and the “haves” the minority in the uncivilised turd world (not just India), while it is the other way around in the first world? Is it because turd world “cultures” are inegalitarian, uncouth, regressive and stuck solidly in the primitive times?

      As for the uncouthness and barbarity to disappear from the Indian scene, the only way is for the uncouth hordes to first recognise and accept the painful truth that India is an evil, barbaric turd world empire (over)populated by hordes who have a petty, arrogant, incurably regressive mindset. As long as the hordes try to blatantly LIE, CHEAT and DECEIVE everyone (and themselves) by claiming that they are “non-violent”, “spiritual” people with a “great culture”, this is not going to happen. And the uncouth hordes don’t have it in their pea-brains to recognise this simple truth in the first place.

      That’s why, like all evil empires in history that collapsed spectacularly once the sheer weight of their collective crimes crossed the threshold; the evil, uncouth, barbarocratic turd world Indian empire too will have to reap the consequences of its own actions 😐 And that day when the uncouth, arrogant, regressive, pea-brained, incorrigible hordes are held accountable for their heinous crimes, shall arrive sooner rather than later 😐


  10. kush Says:

    Spirituality starts where religion ends.
    Spirituality blossoms in those who deserve and are worthy of it.

  11. kush Says:

    Dear Earthling

    Since we are responsible for ourselves no use playing the “Blame Game”

    • Dear Kush,

      Yes, exactly. That’s why I never play the “blame game” blaming irrelevant people, like the Brits or the First World. The filthy hordes usually play this blame game, foisting all the blame on the British for the woes that the evil Indian empire itself and Indians themselves are responsible.

      I blame the filth and barbarism of Indian “culture”, the uncouth social systems and practices of Indians, the disgraceful discrimination that is practiced by Indians and the regressiveness, pettiness, uncouthness, arrogance and pea-brained attitude of the lowly Indian hordes.


  12. Dave Paquiot Says:

    Hey Raj,

    Religion to me is a social practice. It is how a particular group of people, unified by a belief in the message of a particular ‘enlightened teacher’, work together as a community to live and work in harmony with this teaching. Religion is a hierarchical institution and as always with such institutions a lot of effort is spent keeping it going through time, or to borrow from Shakespeare to keep its coffers filled, either with members or money.

    When Christ was alive, what he imparted directly to the apostles and those in his fold wasn’t Christianity. The term Christianity was coined in the 14th century, 1400 years after the fact. So I agree with what you say that religion can be a bit anachronistic. But for some people both spiritual and non it works for them.

    Spirituality is an individual’s calling. I often compare each mystic to a river going to the sea. The Mississippi River is quite different from the Yellow River in china as we all know but the essence of what’s happening is the same. For example spirituality chez-Hallaj quite different from that of a Junaid just as the spirituality and mystical practice of Catherine of Sienna is quite different than St. Francis of Assisi. Given such diversity I find it hard or impossible to say which culture is more spiritual than another. Spirituality has never been able to be judged by outward signs. Christ was a ‘simple’ carpenter, and according to the Indiana Jones movie he didn’t drink out of fanciful cups/goblets/or Evian water bottles .

    If I work to job, go to school, watch CNN, argue, curse, dance (although not well without alcohol), in other words I live like everyone else I am not sure what bubble reality I am letting overwhelm me and take me on a ride. If that happens I don’t know how the bills would get paid, responsibilities met how I could make an awesome crème anglaise to have with berries and pound cake during the spring and summer months , I don’t know what reason my wife would have for staying around if I was in a bubble. Vilayat Inayat Khan son of Inayat Khan and his successor served in the British Royal Navy and was assigned the duties of mine sweeping during the invasion at Normandy. I know many darvishes/sufis that work with the mentally and physically handicap, who are lawyers, doctors psychologist al with families credit card debt lol , well some not all.

    Ibn Arabi used to write of detailed spiritual states and instruction for fellow travelers on the road, in the form of love poems. People became bitterly hostile towards him because of their inability to understand the projections which he was using. They thought he was talking literally not metaphorically. He provided commentary to a huge number of his writings which satisfied the masses and caused them hail him a great mystic.

    So If I were to recite to you some words of his like these

    My heart can take on
    Any form:
    A meadow for gazelles,
    A cloister for monks,
    For the idols, sacred ground,
    Ka’ba for the circling pilgrim,
    the tables for the Torah,
    the scrolls of the Qur’an.
    My creed is love;
    Wherever its caravan turns along the way,
    That is my belief,
    My faith.

    Literally it sounds like complete rubbish. It sounds as if he is deluded and possible hugging trees, though they need love too definitely in a bubble perhaps. (You should trademark that word make some royalties when others use it.) However If I go line by line and tell from why readings and his comments what he is saying about states of consciousness and mystical experience it maybe be a different story.

    One thought which I have always carried with me, was simply that the smallest fundamental unit of society is that of a single person. The chaos, violence, fear, uncouthness, barbarianism (outside of the Conan the Barbarian and Stallone movies) we see in society is an amplification of the chaos violence and fear in our own lives. I think from time to time we all should take a deep look at the world for all its good and all its bad and realize that we had a hand in it all. Who can cast the first stone really? Who is there to blame other than ourselves first?

    I sometimes feel that the thinking that makes us divide people in us and them, good terrorists on the CIA payroll bad terrorist on another payroll, filthy hordes, clean triple distilled filtered hordes is at fault. It still perpetuates the same problem.

    Its late I will be back

    • axinia Says:

      Dave, thank you for this outstanding comment!

      I really wonder how Raj misses the point that you and me, we are exactly that “bubble dwellers” and still successfully functioninig the the mandain life…how can that be, Raj??

      • Axinia and Dave,

        I think you both misunderstood me 😦 I never, not for one moment, intended or intend to use the word “bubble dwelling” in a condescending manner (no, Dave, I have no intentions of applying for a trademark or patent on the word bubble 😉 )

        I use “bubble dwelling” in the same manner as mystics and dreamers tend to use words like “the world is an illusion”, “ordinary people are overwhelmed by the illusion” and so on. If mystics can call realists as being “overwhelmed by the illusion”, then why shouldn’t I use “bubble dwelling” for those who build a lovely, imaginary “bubble”. If one can term the harsh reality to be an “illusion”, then why shouldn’t another term a pleasant imagination to be a “bubble” 😕

        Axinia, there is no hard and fast rule about “bubble dwelling”. “Bubble dwellers” can function successfully in real life, just as “illusion viewers” can deal with spirituality and mysticism.


  13. kush Says:

    Dear Earthling,
    If “Pea Brains” can decieve every other “goody goody” culture in the manner they do( according to you),then hats off to such pea brains in outsmarting the rest of the globe- this should be considered as a monumental achievement by pea brains in outsmarting the genetically well endowed brains of the West!!

    As to who gets destroyed ultimately in this game remains to be seen.

    • Dear Kush,

      First of all, where did I mention the pea-brained hordes of the filthy “cultures” deceiving all people of every civilised culture? The civilised societies and their people are NOT as stupid as you think they are – because if they were, the civilised societies would have been as filthy and primitive as the uncouth ones.

      I only hoped that the many naïve, gullible people from civilised societies do not fall for the despicable lies of the sly, deceptive, uncouth, unethical, obnoxious hordes into believing the non-sensical crap that an uncouth, filthy, murderous turd world crapocracy like the evil Indian empire is a “spiritual place”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      I’m glad that most people from the civilised societies have NOT fallen for the BIG, FILTHY LIES of the uncouth Indian barbaro-hominoid specimens. The brilliant film called Slumdog Millionnaire is solid proof that many civilised people are able to see the uncouth, evil, sub-human Indian empire for what it is.

      Unfortunately, as shocking and sub-human some of the true things shown in the film were, they represent ONLY the tip of the iceberg. If the complete truth about the evil, sub-human Indian empire and the sheer uncouthness and notoriety of its obnoxious hordes and the sheer depravity, primitivity and barbarity of its filthy “culture” were depicted in a film, then at least a quarter of all people from the civilised societies who watch such a film will have to suffer from serious effects – shock, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia and some may even drop dead in the theatres due to a heart attack or stroke. Such is the detestable, sub-human nature of the evil turd world Indian empire, its filthy “culture” and its obnoxious hordes.

      The notorious turd world Indian empire and its obnoxious, regressive hordes along with their filthy “culture” are a shame upon human civilisation. Like all evil empires in the history of the world, the uncouth, criminal, turd world Indian empire will have to collapse under the sheer weight of its own heinous, barbaric, despicable crimes and the filthy, savage hordes will have to answer for their sub-human scum behaviour.


  14. kush Says:

    Dear Earthling,
    Existence of majority of “have nots” in third world is obviously due to a total,blatant,subtle and clever economic exploitation by an outside entity i. e.’ the haves'(Rich Nations)

    • Dear Kush,

      First you said, Since we are responsible for ourselves no use playing the “Blame Game”

      Now, you say, Existence of majority of “have nots” in third world is obviously due to a total,blatant,subtle and clever economic exploitation by an outside entity i. e.’ the haves’(Rich Nations)

      I wonder what made you change your mind and play the “blame game” within a couple of days??? Now you’ve foisted all the blame on a so-called “outside entity” for the problems that are caused by NONE OTHER than the sheer filth, uncouthness, regressiveness, barbarity and sub-humanness of the savage, pea-brained hordes that (over)populate the filthy, evil, uncouth turd world empires.

      The so-called rich countries are NOT responsible for the hordes and hordes of people leading a miserable, sub-human existence in the filthy turd world empires. The rapidly overbreeding hordes themselves and their pea-brained attitude is responsible. In an evil turd world empire like India, the despicable “culture” and sub-human social sytems, practices, ideas and beliefs are also responsible. The primitive, regressive pea-brains of the barbaric hordes (having wallowed in the filth and uncouthness of the world’s most nauseating “culture” for centuries and millenia) aren’t quite capable of thinking in a civilised way.

      Since the savage hordes of the filthy turd world empires happen to be so regressive, uncouth and obnoxious, even an all-powerful “God” would find it almost impossible to save humankind from its gravest threat – the rapidly overbreeding, uncouth, barbaro-hominoid hordes.


      • kush Says:

        Dear Earthling,
        The view, that outside entity is responsible for the problems of third world, is a popular collective belief of the third world and not mine.
        This belief is not supported by Self although one is residing since birth in the third world.Am of the firm belief that one is responsible for one’s own problems.
        Normally,we have problems mainly because we lack in Chastity,Purity,Morality.
        One has to learn science from the West and also aesthetics,painting, art etc.But Culture we better learn from Indians.There is dearth and dirt of culture,no culture at all in the West.
        What is this culture where a woman is supposed to expose her body?Is a prostitute’s culture.Simple as that.Face it up.Where a woman is not supposed to respect her private parts is no culture whatsoever in the aesthetics of the Divine.So much so today they are making a film showing Mary to be a prostitute.
        This is where the West has ended up.
        The greatest thing and power in us is not sex but Chastity..
        A chaste man,an ordinary chaste person can never be possessed.But a very intelligent unchaste being can be possessed.Bhoots are afraid of chaste people.
        All unchaste people are arrogant.Arrogance is a sign of unchaste personality.
        Chastity is the consolidation of your faith.When you have faith in God,you are chaste.When you have faith in yourself you are chaste.
        If you do not have chastity you cannot have faith in anything.
        Purity again is the fragrance of chastity.Goodness,compassion everything comes from chastity,a sense of chastity,which is not mental.

        • Dear Kush,

          It’s always typical of turd worlders to blame outside entities collectively, since their regressive pea-brains can never realise that they themselves, their uncouth “cultures” and their filthy behaviour are responsible for their lowly, unevolved state of human existence.

          Culture we better learn from Indians

          😯 😯 😯

          Let’s see… in case you don’t have any clue about the sheer filthiness, uncouthness and sub-human barbarity of the filthy Indian “culture”, then I’ll be glad to describe it for you and others like you. But the sheer uncouthness and filthiness of the “culture” of the barbaric hordes that (over)populate the filthy, uncouth, evil Indian empire is not something that can be mentioned in a line or two… even a book or two would not be enough for it.

          From where did you get the silly idea that Western culture is all about women being supposed to expose their bodies?


          Do you, by any chance happen to agree with that mad mullah from Iran who recently declared that earthquakes are caused by women wearing “immodest” attire?


          A “prostitute’s culture”?

          I guess you believe all women of the civilised societies are “prostitutes”, “whores” and of “loose morals”, eh? I bet you are not alone in believing such a thing. Again, that’s something typical of the brainwashing, ignorance, arrogance and uncouthness that takes place in the filthy “cultures” of the turd world.

          By the way, according to your own logic, Indian “culture” is also a “prostitute’s culture” to the hordes whose women clad themselves in attire made of long curtain cloth, covering everything from head to toe. The Saudis, Afghans and others should classify Indian women wearing sarees as “prostitutes” and “whores” hailing from the “dirty, prostitute’s culture” of the filthy Indian sub-continent. As you probably know, the saree exposes a lot of skin as it bares the lower torso, the face, neck, head and usually bares the arms and also can expose a lot of skin on one’s back.

          When compared to the long, face-to-toe covering curtain cloth that a woman from such a “culture” is made to wear, Indian women who live in a “culture” where they are supposed to wear the “revealing, exposing, skimpy saree” are nothing but “cultureless prostitutes” as they don’t respect their “private parts” by exposing them all the time.

          Western women don’t respect their private parts?

          Far from it. Actually, it’s the exact opposite! Women from the civilised societies are taught to respect themselves, their private parts and their bodily functions since their cultures are civilised.

          By contrast, in the filthy, uncouth, sub-human “cultures” of the lowly turd world, women are made to despise themselves, their private parts and their bodily functions as a part of their filthy “cultures”. Why are women belonging to the filthy, uncouth parts of the turd world forced to treat themselves as untouchables among their own families during their periods? It’s because of the filthy, primitive, regressive “cultures” that they hail from. Women in such filthy, uncouth, turd world “cultures” are regarded as sub-human beings who exist for the purposes of being a breeding machine that produces male offspring, being an unpaid cooking and cleaning machine.


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