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The positive impact of 2012 end-of-the world mood April 23, 2010

We live in a highly interesting time. Another doomsday mood is increasing  and people all over the world are responding in a very special way: many start seeking something beyond their mundane life!

In the last couple of years I am observing a powerful shift in a  mindset of “down-to Earth” people I meet. More and more practical, either simple-minded working class or highly intelligent atheists start asking themselves: What if??

The  2010 series of nature-disasters and the Polish flight drama have well contributed to this mood. We all have just realized that our sophisticated machines are NOTHING agains the Nature if the Mother Earth raises its voice.

So what is the cure? How can we protect our lives from the possible uproar of Nature?

And here, as a lost child, the humanity turns its head into the opposite to the technical direction – namely, to Spirituality. For a person with spiritual powers can talk to Nature, the rest (scientists, politicians, artists)- cannot.

Do you also observe this tendency? Do you see what I see?

Loads of love, axinia (image by me)


34 Responses to “The positive impact of 2012 end-of-the world mood”

  1. Föhre Says:

    I believe, that we all are part of nature and that the power to talk to “it” is within all of us, but then of course: that IS spirituality 😛

  2. What if??

    What if a doomsday scenario were to come true? Hmmmm, I really wouldn’t care! The only thing I’m sure of in life is that I would die one day. So what if it takes place fifty years from now or the very second after I hit the submit button after typing this comment?

    It doesn’t make much of a difference to me. If I have to die in fifty years from now, so be it! If I have to die at this very moment, so be it! I have come somewhat close to death before, so I’m inclined to view the Grim Reaper more as a friend than an enemy. Besides, I want to die only once.

    A coward who is afraid of death probably dies a million times in a lifetime. A person who has overcome that fear dies just once.

    We all have just realized that our sophisticated machines are NOTHING agains the Nature if the Mother Earth raises its voice. So what is the cure? How can we protect our lives from the possible uproar of Nature?

    There is no need for a cure when there is no disease at all. Mother Nature’s fury is a part of life. Just as living and breathing are a part of life. We can prepare ourselves to the best of our abilities, that’s all. The dinosaurs thought they were the mightiest creatures on the planet, ruling over every other life forms, a seemingly invincible species. Then it all happened in an instant – kaBOOOOOOOM! 😉 All it took was a wayward piece of rock from space and the dinosaurs became history shortly thereafter, while lowly lifeforms like cockroaches, insects and their primitive relatives managed to survive the doomsday scenario. Do the brainiest of all species ever present on the planet have a similar fate in store for them as the brawniest of them all? Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

    The 2010 series of nature-disasters and the Polish flight drama…

    Do you seriously believe the Polish crash was an “accident”, Axinia 😕 I don’t think so. The entire top brass of the Polish government gets wiped out in the blink of an eye and it was an “accident”? 🙄 There have been too may “accidents” of this kind in the past, involving similar people and the law of coincidences has its limits, especially and more so, when the flight is not an ordinary passenger flight.

    In 1940, 22 000 Poles were slaughtered in cold blood by Stalin’s trigger-happy thugs in the Katyn forest massacre and the blame was conveniently and falsely foisted upon the Germans. Seventy years later, the top echelons of the Polish government and their aides, numbering nearly 100, are travelling to a remembrance of those poor souls butchered in the Katyn forest and they too get wiped out and the weather takes the blame 🙄

    • axinia Says:

      as for the Polish crash, Raj, I have some very interesting facts (BTW sent to me by a Polish friend!)

      “1,5 hour before that fatal plane another Polish plane (with journalists) landed
      at the same airport and it was alright. But just in one hour – from time of taking
      off in Warsaw (6.23 GMT, 7.23 of Polish time on Saturday, 10th of April)
      to the time of landing in Smolensk (7.56/8.56) the fog became so
      dense that. pilots couldn’t see the ruway. Moreover, 15 minutes before crash
      another plane (with Russian bodyguards) made two approaches to land and
      was sent to Wnukowo in Moskow. And in one hour after the crash the sky
      became blue… ”

      What woudl you say to it?

      • Axinia dear, the weather and a supposed “human error in difficult conditions” are just convenient scapegoats that have the blame falsely foisted upon them. Not for a second do I believe official or unofficial reports that blame the weather.

        Remember the Katyn forest massacre? The Soviet NKVD goons carried out the mass slaughter and the blame was conveniently foisted upon the German Nazis. Germany (and Japan) lay in ruins, was under “Allied” occupation and many Germans (and Japanese) were being tried for war crimes by the occupation forces. Some hapless German officer was savagely tortured into “confessing” that the Germans carried out the massacre. The “evidence” presented was so flimsy that even the kangaroo court in which he was tried found it unconvincing. Why weren’t the “Allies” tried for war crimes like the firebombing of Dresden, the mass rape of German women and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, among others???

        That’s because the unholy “Alliance” controlled everything, including the information that was flowing out and went to any extent to cover up their crimes. It’s the same now, all information is controlled and the sheeple don’t have the fortitude to question it.

        Let’s see what Jane Burgermeister has to say on this. Yes, it’s the same Austrian woman who dared to expose the “swine flu vaccine”:

        A guy who filmed the crash site clearly captures the sound of several gunshots. And now he has been murdered. Sounds fishy? Smell a rat? I certainly do:


        I wonder what you have to say about this, Axinia 😕


  3. And here, as a lost child, the humanity turns its head into the opposite to the technical direction – namely, to Spirituality.

    You have set your hopes extremely high for a so-called “peaceful mass spiritual transformation” of humanity, Axinia dear 🙂 Believe me, it is not going to happen 😐

    It’s not going to happen anytime in the near future. Such a kind of transformation requires all (or >95% of) humans to be at the same civilisational level as the first and foremost condition. As the world exists today, we have vastly different civilisational levels. Only a part of the world population exists in a civilised state of being. The majority of the hordes exist in an uncouth, primitive, unevolved state of being. The lowliest, regressive hordes haven’t even achieved the ethical state of being that mammals like cats and dogs have done. It’s a tall order to expect such beings to take part in a spiritual transformation when they aren’t even civilised in the first place. Why, expecting the uncouth, rapidly overbreeding hordes not to destroy the civilisational advancement of others itself seems to be a hope against all odds.

    What is likely to happen is not a catastrophe caused by Mother Nature, but a worldwide man-made disaster caused by the savage hordes and the criminal cabal that controls the world.

    It’s getting increasingly difficult to ignore the signs that we are being set up for WW III, starting from the Middle-East. And it probably needs to happen as a part of the unfailing principle of natural justice. The first two World Wars saw the rise and fall of empires and their hordes having to suffer because of the crimes of their empires. Since WW II, too many evil empires and their hordes have been getting away without getting the punishment that they deserve for the crimes of their filthy, uncouth empires. A Third World War is probably a natural way of making the savage hordes suffer for the crimes that they were/are willingly a part of. If it means the human population getting culled by 5.5 billion in the chaos of WW III, then so be it. Like it has always happened throught history, evil, filthy, uncouth empires all have to collapse at some point of time under the weight of their own crimes and the hordes that inhabit such empires have to pay the price for their sins 😐


    • axinia Says:

      let’s bet 🙂 I am sure your scenario with not work out.

      • The scenario I mentioned above (5.5 billion humans getting culled) may not work out exactly like that, Axinia. But a big Middle-East war is almost a certainty. And it will suck the entire world into it whenever it happens, just like the Balkans sucked Europe and the world into WW I.

        Even a crappy, government-controlled “mainstream media” outlet like the BBC finds it difficult to ignore the increasingly clear signs:

        The Middle East is full of talk of war. Not today, tomorrow or perhaps even next year but the horizon is dark, and people who have to live with the Middle East’s grim collection of smouldering problems are finding it hard to look ahead with anything other than foreboding.


        • axinia Says:

          i see your point, but I guee you are underestimating the Nature, MOther Erth will said her word before anybody else has done anyhitng.

  4. Tomas Says:

    Thank you for the awakening reminder. I liked your post greatly. All our current calamities looks like the blessings in the spiritual light because they announce the forthcoming God’s kingdom and teach us to live accordingly.
    However, I was a bit confused too because you ended with the statement that the artists can’t talk to Nature as people with the spiritual powers do. I think otherwise. Spiritual questions are the main theme of all creative work. The Holy Spirit enables the artists’ paintbrush to continue to talk when it seems the above became just physically impossible… we need just to learn the visual language- the symbolism of any image

    • axinia Says:

      Tomas, What i feel that art is at its closes to the Spirit, but yet it is not he Spirit.
      It is just another way to get there… A truly spiritual person is able to manifest the beauy of the Spirit in every little things of life, not only in art.

      Apprently there have been great musiker in ancient India who could, by playing a certaing musical item, bring about rain or sunshine… I heart about it. But even if it is true (which is possible), then it is still very very rare and requires great spiritual powers anyway (Indian klassical musiker have been like yogis)…

      • Apprently there have been great musiker in ancient India who could, by playing a certaing musical item, bring about rain or sunshine…

        Even I’ve heard of it, and in fact seen it depicted on television, Axinia dear. It was an old serial of which I don’t remember the name and couldn’t find it on youtube. But I’d take it with a bucketload, rather a truckload of salt. Apart from clothed-apes, music can also have pleasant effects on animals and plants. But myths like music causing rain or sunshine must be met with loads of skepticism.

        Also Axinia, since many Indians are generally an uncouth, regressive and superstitious bunch whose environment doesn’t inculcate any ethics or scientific temper, but instead teaches voracious arse-licking, treachery and lying, you will find that they often claim ridiculous myths as facts in order to glorify their stinking “culture”. They try all sorts of cheap, dirty tricks to cover up the truth about their filthy, sub-human “culture” and nauseating, mediaeval, barbaric behaviour. I hope you don’t fall for any such trick without verifying the truth about it 😐

        How can spiritual persons talk with Nature 😕 If you mean talking to animals, yes, communication with animals is certainly possible. But talking to the Earth??? You mean a thing like Moses raising his hand and parting the Red Sea? I think a mythological event like that should not be taken in a literal manner without scientific proof 😐


  5. mirel Says:

    Although reports on these new approaches can be found here and there in the mainstream media, few prople weaving them together to show the bigger picture of change now occurring.

    I think we start to realize that there is some specific reason why we are here on the planet at this very important time….a shift having a greater effect on human consciousness.

    Our contemporary world bears witness to our greed, delusions of power, and many live as if life were sth apart from ourselves, sth we can master and control, rather than part of our being. most of us are fixed on the image of an Earth that has no soul, too caught up in our affairs, anger and selfcenteredness.
    Life is alive with its own intelligence, purpose. It knows how to evolve, how to recreate itself anew…maybe an era will be ending. I hope an awakening, a shift in consiousness be rekindled attracting those who wanna to work with it.

  6. prasad Says:

    Global warming ? ….It’s a Demon …
    2012 is not end ,..


  7. billibaldi Says:

    In regard to the Polish Air Crash please ask one question, qui bono, who benefits?

    Poland and Russia share a sad history and they share a future. The raw materials that Poland needs for its industries have to come from somewhere and Poland needs to sell its goods somewhere. What was supposed to happen at Katyn was a drawing of a line underneath 20th century history. Katyn was not the only tragic Polish-Russian event. (Please look up the Polish-Russian war of 1921 and the number of Poles who fought alongside the Germans in the Great Patriotic War.)

    There is another country that may be involved. This country is noted for the use of assassination and regime change mostly in South America. It is also noted for the use of aircraft to get rid of troublesome people.

  8. billibaldi Says:

    Axinia, the impact is not when people talk to Nature, it is when Nature talks to people. There was a lady called Jill Jordan who said that the Earth spoke to her and told her that she needed more people to help look after the place where she lived. She ended up being a kind of politician.

  9. Who benefits? A whole lot of people other than the Poles themselves. It looks like the late Polish President and his government put the interest of his people above the interests of external powers, so they were conveniently done away with. It could be the Russian regime, it could be the IMF/World Bank goons or it could be the crime cabal that seeks to control the world.

    Since they are bang in the middle between Western and Eastern Europe, the unfortunate Poles have suffered the greatest excesses from both sides throughout their history.

    Poland shares a bright and happy future with Western Europe, but only as an equal and respected partner. Perhaps Poland and Russia do share a future as well, but not of the slave-master kind that existed under the crappy totalitarian Eastern Bloc. The Russian regime would be daydreaming if it thinks it can once again recreate a totalitarian empire that crushes the freedom of the Eastern and Central European nationalities. Once the oppressed peoples have tasted the sweetness and beauty of freedom, they would never be willing to go back to the savage days of barbaric totalitarianism, ever.


  10. Fatima Says:

    Many people in the city where I live, (the city that never sleeps ^^) have been making alot of noticeable changes. Many people hand out spiritual pamphlets and booklets of the bible. Also, many people in local parks sit around and discuss the “end of days” and how the signs are all there, and we are not noticing it around the world.

    Many have even claimed a government conspiracy on 2012, too!

    • mirel Says:

      Fatima, i remembered Frank Lloyd Wrights famous words….’New York is the biggest mouth in the world. It appears to be prime example of the herd instinct, leading the universal urban conspiracy to beguile man from his birthright (the good ground), to hang him by his eyebrows from skyhooks above hard pavement, to crucify him, sell him, or be sold by him’

  11. mirel Says:

    Prof. Stephen Hawking recently, appearing in a series for the Discovery Channel, has claimed that, to him, the prospect of alien life existing is “perfectly rational”.
    However, he has a warning.
    He said:
    If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.
    Such advanced aliens would become nomads, conquer and colonise all planets they can reach! Living in ‘massive ships’ could invade the Earth
    Soo, it would be tooo risky to make contact with alien races!

    …this dog-eat-dog theory that has seen us denude the earth of its resources, decimate our species including our own…

    • Of course, Mirel! 🙂 The existence of aliens (not me, I’m only an alien Earthling 😉 ) is as much a fact as our own existence. If planet Earth in a tiny stellar system can harbour so many forms of life, then I bet among the billions of planets and planetary satellites out there among the millions of stellar systems, there must be at least tens of thousands that can (and do) support forms of life.

      Some of them may have primitive microbial forms, some may be more advanced like tiny plants and lower animals, others may have highly advanced and complex life forms and yet others may have species intelligent and civilised enough to make humans look like a bunch of scum beings.

      Also, while I completely agree with Professor Hawking’s idea of the existence of aliens, I disagree with him on the topic of ALL aliens being colonisers and malevolent creatures. Sure, some of them may be looking to loot the Earth’s resources and would not mind killing the native inhabitants if they get in the way (just like human savages from Earth trying to kill Pandorans in reel life, or the uncouth, sub-human creatures of the filthy, evil Indian empire butchering their own tribal population in real life).

      But to expect all aliens to be as uncouth as the filthy, lecherous, murderous, cowardly, mercenary dogs of the evil Indian empire would be incorrect, to say the least.

      Prof. Hawking fails to consider the ethical aspect of evolution. If an alien species from outer space were to be so advanced and intelligent as to cross galaxies and live permanently in massive spaceships in hostile environmental conditions, it’s quite possible that they may be highly ethical, peaceful, friendly creatures just looking to travel the wider universe and say hi to the local planetizens and learn about different planets and their inhabitants.

      Afterall, it has been proven even among humans (and animals) that the least evolved, least civilised and least intelligent hordes tend to be the most uncouth, savage, barbaric, overbreeding, shameless and worthless creatures on the planet.

      Higher mammals like cats, dogs, elephants, horses, monkeys etc. and some birds are known to exhibit noble qualities like compassion, altruism, concern for the injured etc. This kind of noble behaviour is completely absent from the filthy creatures like cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites and other lowlies.

      Even among humans, it is common scientific knowledge that the more evolved, intelligent and civilised a people are, then they are bound to be less criminal, corrupt, murderous, regressive, shameless and uncouth. That’s because evolution is multi-faceted. Evolution tends to inculcate nobler qualities like compassion, justice, fairplay, altruism, liberty, equality, fraternity along with increased intelligence among the more evolved people.

      The uncivilised, less evolved, pea-brained barbarians don’t have a clue of these nobler evolutionary qualities since they are regressive, savage, feudal minded lowlies still stuck in the mediaeval times with the sheer uncouthness of their filthy “cultures”.

      So, not all aliens are bound to be vicious creatures looking to colonise the people of the Earth. Even the most vicious of them are perhaps only looking to take away the Earth’s resources without violently oppressing, brutalising, discriminating, gang-raping and murdering the inhabitants like what the filthy mercenary savages of the evil Indian empire are doing to the poor oppressed people of Indian Occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur etc.

      There is a possibility that SOME aliens are actually very friendly, intelligent and helpful people who have studied the Earth and know its problems well as well as possible solutions. Contact with them could even prove highly beneficial as they may have the capability and technology for free energy, bountiful organic food, ultra-cheap desalination, eco-friendly technologies etc. etc. which they may be willing to share.

      I wouldn’t mind contacting such aliens. In fact, I would love to contact such friendly ones even if they don’t have much useful technology to share. Maybe, I could even get them to contact Prof. Hawking to disprove his theory of all aliens being dangerous.


      • Föhre Says:

        I agree with most of what you say in this comment, but cannot fully agree with this: “Evolution tends to inculcate nobler qualities like compassion, justice, fairplay, altruism, liberty, equality, fraternity along with increased intelligence among the more evolved people.”
        What about “incredibly intelligent psychopathic murderers” and the likes?
        Even some “world leaders” are really intelligent, but still they might be only interested in their own profit and not give a damn about their fellow humans (or animals, plants…).
        The “ideal” case of course would be intelligence that is combined with a responsible way of thinking and an empathic way of feeling, but sadly many of us grow up being “sick” in our souls, bodies or minds.
        A child who was never loved might grow up to be the most intelligent person on the planet, but will he or she be able to have a healthy relationship to others?
        Sometimes that happens, but often it doesn’t.
        In fact often people who are more “simple minded” are much more helpful to others acting out of a “felt” moral, rather than a constructed one.
        But what I am trying to say is, that there really are both cases and one generally can not assume intelligent or “dumb” people to be the better people, it all really depends on the individual and their experiences in life.

        • axinia Says:

          Föhre, thanks for this brilliant point!

        • You do mention a very valid point, Föhre. And it is true, the personal environment in which one is brought up in has a marked effect on one’s behaviour.

          But it holds good at an individual level. The psychopathic serial murderers do seem extremely intelligent in the way they do their dirty deeds but don’t have the refined ethical qualities. Neither do the “world leaders” who are like the scum that forms on the top, or like the worthless flotsam that somehow come floating to the top, especially in the uncouth societies of the world. (The Indian parliament is well known to be a den of the worst criminals, thugs, goons and other lowlives.)

          I’m talking at a broader societal level. The most regressive, mediaeval societies are known to have a highly inequal distribution of wealth – “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate starving hordes”, high rates of uncontrollable organised violent crime, runaway corruption, uncouth social systems, perpetual chaos, overcrowding and shortages arising out of disastrous overbreeding (women are mere “breeding machines” in such semi-literate societies) and mediaeval social indicators. It’s obvious that such societies are unevolved, trapped in a nasty feudal mindset, which is a sign of low collective intelligence. At a collective level, such “sick” societies haven’t acquired the refined evolutionary ethical qualities, and one can hardly expect civilised human behaviour from such uncouth places.

          Contrast that with the civilised societies. At a collective level, they are the opposite of the uncouth places. Evolution is multi-faceted and civilised socities have gone through experiences that have inculcated good ethical qualities at the societal level (though it may vary within, at the individual level).

          That explains why mass migration always takes place from the less civilised and least civilised places to the more civilised places. The uncouth overbreeding hordes have completely overshot the carrying capacity of their places, utterly ruined it with their feudal mindset coupled with mediaeval behaviour, and then look to move to the more civilised places to leech off them like parasites. This is bound to lead to the destruction of the civilised societies (and the whole of humankind), if some drastic action is not taken.

          I believe Europe, especially Western Europe, is in for some “interesting” times 😐


  12. pooyan Says:

    I do believe in what you are saying, but I think the problem is how to put this desire in action in order to save ourselves from our doom.

    • axinia Says:

      dear pooyan, I don’t think much action in needed here, at least not a physical action.
      As soon as more people will get enlightened, at some point the breakthrough will happen automatically, naturally…just like the next stage of Evolution.

      • As soon as more people will get enlightened…

        And how will they get enlightened, Axinia 😕 More specifically, how will the hordes and hordes of uncouth, semi-civilised, arse-licking, regressive beings get “enlightened” when they don’t even have it in their lowly brains or their filthy “cultures” to act in a civilised manner? Will coconuts and pumpkins fall on their thick-skulled heads from the heavens above and suddenly “enlighten” their primitive pea-brains?

        I would love to know the source of your optimism. Or is it just a wildly hopeful bubble thought?


      • pooyan Says:

        agreed … it is true.

  13. Dave Paquiot Says:

    I have always felt that the earth is one place where souls come to learn and serve for a period of time before they continue their journey onwards. Each of us has a different role to place, a different task to accomplish. I also feel that without friction there is no growth, I feel that through overcoming obstacles, through struggles we learn. If we are happy and content, we aren’t starved; we have anything we need, why even care about anything spiritual? All searches for spirituality starts with a rejection of some sort and some period of searching of struggle. I think looking at thing that ‘you must have shadow and light source both’, in order to transcend them.

    If out of fear of some impending doom or a strike from Mother Nature people turn dive into spiritual practices and teaching I don’t feel it’s sincere. Over time this causes the watering down of mystical teachings and practices. I feel the benefits of spirituality only come when someone faces their fears, faces their mortality and chooses to search because they are called. I see this similar to people who are afraid of being alone and so they go into a relationship. Never ends well because the main goal is to not the relationship but to feel alone.

    I also don’t feel that (and I may be wrong) turning to spirituality saves lives and prevents impending doom, looking at all the spiritual people who have been executed and persecuted, forced into exile, and sacred spots bombed and destroyed. Everyday could be our last, any day coming could be our doomsday. Maybe it best to have dessert first afterall. 🙂

  14. mirel Says:

    This being human is a guest house…
    Every morning a new arrival.
    A joy, a depression, a meanness,
    some momentary awareness comes
    as an unexpected visitor.
    Welcome and entertain all!
    Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
    who violently sweep your house
    empty of its furniture,
    still, treat each guest honorably.
    He may be clearing you out
    for some new delight.
    The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
    meet them at the door laughing,
    and invite them in.
    Be grateful for whomever comes,
    because each has been sent
    as a guide from beyond.

  15. Hagnaifam Says:

    В настоящее время «[b]Церковь саентологии[/b]» является тоталитарной структурой, жестко контролирующей своих членов, располагающая эффективной системой подавления инакомыслия, допускающая применение любой формы насилия (вплоть до физического уничтожения) в отношении людей, осмелившихся им противостоять.

    Особую активность и изобретательность функционеры-[b]саентологи проявляют в сфере бизнеса[/b]. Через международную сеть WISE и различные консалтинговые фирмы российским предпринимателям навязываются «административные технологии управления», разработанные Роном Хаббардом: эти технологии преподносятся как чрезвычайно эффективные, способствующие росту доходности предприятий. Это – [b]ложь: ни одно из предприятий, использующих административные технологии Хаббарда, не стало процветающим[/b]: большая часть их доходов уплывает за океан, поступая в саентологическую казну.

    Однако, саентологическое вранье нередко поддерживает безответственная [b]часть российского бизнес-сообщества[/b], подвергшаяся жесткой психологической обработке и «подсевшая» на саентологические методики.

    Вот лишь некоторые представители саентологической элиты, запомните их лица и будьте бдительны!

    Илья Борисович
    Владелец и Генеральный директор ТД «Уральский стандарт» (г.Челябинск)

    [URL=http://www.4picture.ru/look-image.php?id=f54d21925b403e0cae4b0f315adeb230] [IMG]http://www.img7.4picture.ru/thumbnails/82e360764a742f73e951c3ae46835d26.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    Сергей Моисеевич
    СП «Лазерные технологии»

    [URL=http://www.4picture.ru/look-image.php?id=165d8e0d37fe2ccd46117b05647494e8] [IMG]http://www.img5.4picture.ru/thumbnails/b02f10e2b4f0d5f1d13f33a8601d179f.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    Егор Олегович
    председатель совета директоров
    ОАО «УралАвтоПрицеп»

    [URL=http://www.4picture.ru/look-image.php?id=e5c2159b3a32e55714f56a11a55a42a9] [IMG]http://www.img15.4picture.ru/thumbnails/c6912199bf9d25c58a169cfa3001991f.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    Елена Александровна
    Руководитель компании «Консультант бизнеса»

    [URL=http://www.4picture.ru/look-image.php?id=256e418f1c5dd6469dbce2e81938c909] [IMG]http://www.img4.4picture.ru/thumbnails/d36be4e043f725e7e57a338b51ae9b5d.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    Продолжение следует. Ищите о нас в интернете!

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