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All humans to me are god-like Gods! April 21, 2010

All humans to me are god-like Gods!
My eyes no longer see
vice or fault.

Life on this suffering earth
is now endless delight;
the heart at rest, full,

In the mirror, the face and its reflection —
they watch each other;
different, but one.

And, when the stream pours into the ocean…
no more stream!

poem by Indian Saint Tukaram ((1608 – c. 1650)


image by me.


10 Responses to “All humans to me are god-like Gods!”

  1. wordwand Says:

    impressive , I love this poem ; thanks for sharing.

  2. CECE Says:

    What a simply great poem! 🙂

  3. When many humans behave like sub-human, sub-animal scum beings 😡 and when the imaginary entity exists only in the minds of those who believe, I wonder why this wise saint ever wrote a phrase like the first line 😕

    It’s isn’t a wonder that bubble-dwellers, no matter how wise or enlightened they were, have done so little to make life better on the planet. Of course, they didn’t see the need to. In their big and beautiful self-made bubble, anything they imagined existed, even if the exact opposite were the case. If they saw a pig and imagined it to be a unicorn, then their imagination took precedence over fact.

    I guess “bubble-dwellers” will remain “bubble-dwellers” and “illusion-viewers” will remain “illusion-viewers”. Never shall the twain meet 😐


    • axinia Says:

      dear Raj, as I pointed out earlier, we create our Universes like we want to. You will always see what you would liek to see. And I will see something different.
      And, indeed, very much possible that our views will never meet.
      Life is amazing!

      • Axinia dear, I don’t know about you, but I certainly cannot create my universe 😦 I don’t see what I like to see. I can only see things for what they are, not how they exist in my bubble. I dwell in my bubble only when I’m dreaming, once I wake up the bubble disappears.

        You like to dwell in a “bubble” and I like to view an “illusion” and we can never get our views to meet since I don’t like to perceive what’s in the “bubble” and you don’t like to perceive the “illusion”. Life is indeed amazing if we can see things in such different ways 😉


  4. mirel Says:

    he indeed represents the vital link in the mutation of a medieval Marathi literary tradition into modern Marathi literature…. the Bhakti-movement in a spirit of universal fellowship…the deity does not represent any sectarian dogma to the worshipper but only a common object of universal love or a common spiritual focus, poetry is an other express on of the same fellowship.
    He understood the nature of language well enough to understand how it can be used to bewitch, mislead and distort. the individual alone was ultimately responsible for his own spiritual liberation. I quess his mysticism was not rooted in a rejection of reality but rather in a spirited response to it after its total acceptance as a basic fact of life.

    Life, in all its aspects was the subject of such poetry. Tukaram himself believed that he was only a medium of the poetry, saying, “God speaks through me.” This was said in humility and not with the pompous arrogance of a god-man or the smug egoism of a poet laureate.

    The saints are perhaps inaccurately called so because the Marathi word “sant” used for them sounds so similar. The Marathi word is derived from the Sanskrit “sat” which denotes being and awareness, purity and divine spirit, wisdom and sagacity, the quality of being emancipated and of being true. The relative emphases are somewhat different in the Christian concept of sainthood, though there is an overlap

    he would have agreed with Heidegger that in poetry the language becomes one with the being of language. Poetry…a precise description of the human condition in its naked totality. Language was a divine gift and it had to be returned to its source, via poetry, with selfless devotion.

  5. Tri Says:

    I like your uplifting and spiritual outlook on life. Thank you for sharing!

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Tri, I like your compliment “spiritual and uplifting” – is exactly what I want it to be! 🙂

      • Tri Says:

        oh Yes! this world needs millions more people like you, Axinia! I know my soul needs to be “spiritual and feel uplifted”. Your insights and positive outlook are a total plus on this earth! Thank you. Namaste!

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