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An Amazing speech by a female Aboriginal elder April 6, 2010

It is a beautiful  speech by a female Aboriginal elder by the name of Bilawara Lee, about the powers of women, their place in society and the changes that are happening in the world today.  The speech was made in Darwin (Australia), march this year.  It is very insightful, and worth a read.

“Today we are facing a new Era.  The ancient Mayan culture speaks of this change, the ending of their old calendar in 2012, and the beginning of a new age.  They, along with many other Indigenous cultures, also speak that these times as one of a more feminine nature, based in the heart and unconditional love.

But women in our modern world have a problem.  We have begun to become financially and professionally empowered.  Yet the most important need, for spiritual empowerment, is often neglected or ignored. 

Our world is already in the time of transition and it will be a difficult time until the new era blossoms into an age of peace and understanding.  If our world is to survive, spiritually empowered women must take their place in helping.  It’s time for us to step up and step out.  The time of hiding is over.  

Most “aware” people know that it is necessary to heal our Mother Earth if we are to survive.  However, it is equally as imperative to also heal ourselves and each other through unconditional love, compassion and respect.   Moreover, women also need to help our men and boys develop their own feminine aspects of gentleness and sensitivity, compassion, nurturing, and kindness.  We need to help our male counterparts learn to work from the heart.

It won’t be easy but if we don’t do all of this, we can’t help our planet and humanity risks extinction.

Women you are powerful – truly powerful, with unique gifts that are far-reaching.  That is why we are considered a threat by so many male-dominated modern cultures and religious hierarchies.  Women are especially tuned to walk in both the spiritual world and the everyday world.  I have been taught that we are born spiritual; men have to strive hard to attain that state.

We are particularly adept at creating energy and change.  Our great capacity for bonding has made us especially empathic and gifted at understanding and seeing past surface levels.  Ultimately, our roles as caretakers and nurturers have opened our hearts and awareness to many levels of the universe.  Our spiritual gifts are profound.

Unfortunately, women today have begun to lose that understanding of their gifts as they have grappled to survive in the callous male dominated societies of today.  Many live tentative, cold, and fragmented lives as victims of violence, victims of unspeakable offenses against honour.  Too often, their hearts and spirit have become uncertain and lost, awash in grief and fear.  They have forgotten who they are.  They have forgotten their original instructions as human beings and as women.

Yet, most Indigenous cultures recognised the unique and powerful qualities of women.  In many cultures we were revered and respected.  In some, the entire societal structure was Matriarchal.  In others, the special spiritual gifts of women are recognised and we were considered to be the nurturing connection to the Divine.  Throughout the Indigenous world, women often held the honoured roles of leaders, advisors, or wisdom-keepers.  Often, we are the community healers and seers, although in many cultures this role is reserved for women in their post-menopausal years.

So it’s time that we start looking at our power, our bodies, and our moon-cycles with respect instead of as a “curse.”  It’s vitally important that we choose to heal ourselves and regain the understanding of our own unique gifts; to re-claim our own power and ourselves.  Then it will be up to each of you, your beliefs, and your own personal, spiritual journey as how to best walk with it all. You need to find your unique way to walk with spirit and continue to succeed with your professions and enterprises.

To quote an ancient Indigenous song, “Women of the earth, take courage.  You carry the teaching of a people who look to you for guidance.  Be mindful of your walk.”

You are the ones we have been waiting for.  It’s time to step up.  And yes, I’m speaking to each of you.”

Bilawara Lee, Larrakia Elder

March 2010

(image by me)


18 Responses to “An Amazing speech by a female Aboriginal elder”

  1. Föhre Says:

    Wow, quite the mind-blowing speech!
    Very beautiful indeed.

  2. CECE Says:

    This is great!:) Thanks for posting.

  3. That’s a beautiful speech by the Aboriginal Elder, thanks for posting it, Axinia. Much of what she says is indeed true.

    However, I guess she is off the mark by stating that this is going to be an age that is feminine in nature, full of understanding and unconditional love. This could well turn out to be the most barbaric age in all of human history.

    I don’t know why she believes women need spiritual empowerment. Women need civilisational empowerment, which is the only way forward for the hordes and hordes of women leading a sub-human existence in the uncouth “cultures” of the world.

    Women were never treated as the equals of men in the spiritual spheres. Rather, they were treated as sub-human beings by those crooks who claimed to control all things spiritual.

    Now, let’s see what certain religions have to say about women.

    1) The uncouth, sub-human, filthy law book that was written by a sadistic sewery scum being called Manu prescribes the nauseating ways in which women should be treated in a “culture” populated by lowly barbaro-hominoid creatures:

    Women are liers, corrupt, greedy, and unvirtuous. (Manu II 1)

    Though destitute or virtuous, or seeking pleasure elsewhere, or devoid of good qualities, yet a husband must be constantly worshipped as a god by a faithful wife. (Manu V. 154)

    Killing of a woman, a Shudra or an atheist is not sinful. Woman is an embodiment of the worst desires, hatred, deceit, jealousy and bad character. Women should never be given freedom. (Manu IX. 17 and V. 47, 147)

    None of the acts of women can be taken as good and reasonable. (Manu X.4)

    In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent. (Manu IV. 148)

    At her pleasure let her (i.e. widow) enunciate her body, by living voluntarily on pure flowers, roots and fruits, but let her not when her lord is deceased, even pronounce the name of another man. (Manu V. 157)

    But a widow, who from a wish to bear children, slights her deceased husband by marrying again, brings disgrace on herself here below, and shall be excluded from the seat of her lord (in heaven). (Manu V. 161)

    Now, let’s see what certain other books of the same “culture” have to say about women:

    Women are fickle minded. Never believe them. Friendship with a women is just like friendship with a wolf. (Rig-Veda 8-33-7)

    A virtuous woman is one who dies on the funeral pyre of her dead husband and avails the privilege of serving her husband in the other world. (Atharva Veda 18-3-1)

    All women are born of sinful wombs. (Bhagavad-Gita IX 32)

    Axinia dear, I hope you understand why Hinduism is NOT becoming popular in the civilised West. With such filthy, sub-human ideas that can nauseate even a barbarian with a little common sense, it’s not a wonder that a religion that contains so much sub-human shit in it isn’t becoming popular anywhere.

  4. 2) Another secret, “holy” law book, which is more of a hate literature than a book, has many surprising similarities to the filthy law book of the uncouth “culture” mentioned above, both in its treatment of women and otherwise. In fact, I guess a comparative study of the sadistic, uncouth hate literature prescribed in both books can make for an interesting doctorate thesis. Let’s see how it asks for women to be treated:

    The birth of a girl is an unhappy event (Baba Bathra, 16b).

    It is never good to talk too much to women including one’s own wife (Aboth, 1.5).

    All women are “temperamentally light-headed” (Kiddushin, 80b).

    It is okay to divorce your wife if she spoils your food, or if
    you find a more beautiful woman (Gittin, 91a).

  5. 3) Another “holy book” also has some, ahem, “interesting” ideas about women and how they should be treated:

    A woman is worth one-half a man. 2:282

    “The guile of you women … is very great.” 12:28

    Men are in charge of women, because Allah made men to be better than women. Admonish and scourge women from whom you fear rebellion. 4:34

    Don’t pray if you are drunk, dirty, or have touched a woman lately. 4:43

    Women are feeble and are unable to devise a plan. 4:98

    Those who disbelieve in the afterlife give female names to angels. 53:27

    • axinia Says:

      thank you for the intresting quotes, Raj…you know I was never impressed by “holy” books because as you know none of the really holy people (incarnations that established religions) have ever written anything.

      So WHO are whose holy book writes?

      That is why i don’t read them at all.

      • I don’t really care either about who wrote those so-called “holy” books, Axinia. No one or nothing is holy as far as I’m concerned.

        I try to understand where the hordes of filthy “cultures” get their incorrigible uncouthness and filthiness from. Despite being homo sapiens like all others, why do the lowly hordes of uncouth “cultures” behave worse than cave-dwelling hominoids? What gives them their repulsingly regressive and uncouth nature? It’s all got to do with their filthy “cultures” and the sub-human concepts their pea-brains believe in.

        With such despicable, sub-human, crap ideas about women and womanhood ensconced deep inside their primitive cockroach sized brains due to the filthy “cultures” that they hail from, is it any wonder that the same savage hordes proudly practise things like sati, female foeticide, female infanticide, dowry deaths, eve-teasing, ostracisation of widows, honour killings, gang-rape etc. etc.? All these nauseating behaviours can be directly traced to these shitty things that’s very much a part of the uncouth hordes’ “culture”. The barbaro-hominoids’ minds are too regressive to even understand that such sub-human filth concepts are plain uncouth and sewery.

        When such hordes invade the civilised places by moving there in massive numbers, you bet the civilised societies would be destroyed in no time. Look at the kind of behaviour that the uncouth, eve-teasing, immigration scamming hordes from the filthy, evil Indian empire are taking with them to a civilised place like Australia:


        And the uncouth hordes and their notorious, lowlife “mainstream media” keep wondering why these barbaro-hominoids are hated and attacked in Australia! I’ve heard of a few psychopathic serial murderers before, but a “serial breast grabber”? It has to be a logical extension of the “eve-teasing” that the criminal barbarians do to their women back in the uncouth, evil, (over)populated Third World crapocracy from which they emanate.

        With the nasty Australian federal government thinking that it needs a “big Australia” by getting more numbers, I guess the death knell has been sounded for all of civilised Australia (including the Aboriginal people).

        The uncouth, unethical hordes from the semi-civilised parts of the world will do to the Aboriginal people what the early settlers of the previous centuries did not do. Though the Aboriginal people did suffer at the hands of the early settlers, all that is history now. Australia has civilised itself and apologised to the Aborigines for the inhuman way in which they were treated and now takes steps to ensure their welfare.

        But the unfortunate Aboriginal people can never even dream of expecting such decent behaviour from the uncouth hordes that are descending on the Australian continent in droves. Once the hordes take over Australia by numerically overwhelming the native population, then it would be real hell for the Aboriginal people. The savages would not rest until the last one of them has been wiped out.

        The Aboriginal people need to just look at what the evil, filthy uncouth Indian empire is doing to its own tribal population living in the forests of central and eastern India. They are facing decimation because they are sitting on large deposits of natural resources that have caught the greedy, lecherous eyes of the evil Indian empire and its partners-in-crime. Or they can take a look at what the evil Indian empire has done/is doing to the unfortunate peoples of its north-eastern states.

        These tribes and north-eastern peoples of India are actually quite tough and brave people who are putting up a courageous resistance to the mercenary hordes of the filthy, evil Indian empire. I do feel sorry for the Aborigines of Australia because they seem to be a passive, non-violent people. It makes them extremely vulnerable to the barbarism of the unethical, uncouth hordes who are flooding Australia with the support of their evil, overpopulated empires.

        I guess the best way for the Aboriginal peoples to ensure their survival and well-being would be to team up with other Aussies in order to stop the uncouth hordes from overwhelming Australia. What the unfortunate Aborigines suffered under the early settlers is absolutely nothing compared to what the uncouth hordes from filthy, evil overpopulated empires have in store for them.


  6. you know I was never impressed by “holy” books

    But why are you so impressed by religions, Axinia 😕 If anything, religions are worse than some of the crap contained in their “holy” books. That’s because the crap contained (like the ones I’ve quoted) are the theory or a reflection of the actual practice that was done by the religions and its followers 😡

    These quotes aren’t just a reflection of the so-called “holy” books that they were taken from. They are ACTUAL religious practices as well! And such uncouth crap became ingrained in the “cultures” of the hordes who practised those religions. That’s why the uncouth hordes of those filthy “cultures” remain so regressive and barbaric to this very day, practising extremely uncouth and sub-human deeds that can nauseate the mind of the even the most savage barbarian.

    I guess you aren’t aware of the nauseating and uncouth things about many religions. I know you love to completely ignore the negative side of things (I’m talking about things, ideas, and concepts, not even people) but if you were completely aware of the filth, sub-human crap and pure evil contained in many of them, I bet you would become unreligious or even anti-religious.

    The shitty religious quotes that I’ve posted above are only a small part of the actual filth concealed in religions, but they should be enough to make you rethink.


    • axinia Says:

      I wonder Raj if I really mentioned that I am impressed by religions????
      I am impressed by holy people, great saints, but never ever by religions.

      • …but never ever by religions.

        Glad to hear that, Axinia 🙂 It would have been a real pity if someone brought up in an environment with no religion fell for the nauseating filth and sub-human crap of religions, especially the uncouth ones.


    • Paddy Yaxley Says:

      As far as holy books are concerned, the sermon on the mount in the book of Matthew would retain all it’s relevance if indeed written by a cockroach, alien or whatever

  7. mirel Says:

    Mother Earth like an immense tree, whose branches are all the forms of life we know, whose flowering is a potential within us….a potential that indeed a tiny handful of the human race has realized!

    • Very true indeed, only a tiny handful has realised the potential of Mother Earth.

      That’s because a large majority of the uncouth, savage hordes believe in their lowly pea-brains that the Earth itself was born of a sinful womb, and that She is deceitful, unvirtuous and of bad character – just like all mothers/women/girls, according to the crap of their filthy “culture”.

      Their mosquito-sized brains also believe it is not sinful to kill Mother Earth (they do it by breeding like rats and spreading like the plague) because She is definitely a female entity, just as they proudly KILL:

      ➡ millions of girls even before/immediately after they are born
      ➡ countless girls in their youth for purposes of “honour”
      ➡ many women just after marriage for low ransom payment (termed “dowry”)
      ➡ some women by pushing them into the funeral pyre of their husbands

      They do it because it’s what their religion tells them to do and it has become a part of their filthy “culture”.

      It’s all so beautiful and lovely, isn’t it 🙄


  8. sarah hennings Says:

    hay this is a really beutiful speech i love it
    good job:)

  9. Peta Purdy Says:

    How good to read the positive words of the wise, enlightened, Aboriginal woman Bilawara Lee. We are truly moving forward.

    Thank you for posting.

  10. gr Says:

    What’s the title of this speech?

  11. gr Says:


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