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How to know you are doing “the right thing”? March 24, 2010

When you are working and you don’t feel you are “working”

When you are in relationship/marriage and don’t feel you are “working out something, building relationship”

When you percept anything you do as a natural flow, an enjoyment, a simple and easy thing


know that you are “in the right thing”.

P.S.That is my and some other people’s observation. I wonder if you can relate to it?

Thanks and LOVE,

axinia (image by me)


13 Responses to “How to know you are doing “the right thing”?”

  1. axinia Says:

    That’s an amazing phenomonen, and I am lucky enough to have been experinceing this recently…

    Once a firend of mine has asked me about my job and I started telling him I think I am not born to work, I would prefer to be a housewife. He smiled and just said “you are just int he wrong job! change it, get the right one for you and you will see that your concept of “working” will change”. This was a very wise person who later actually has givem me the job in which i don’t feel that I am actually “working” :). it has been since 2 yeas now and still it amazes me every day!

    Same thing with my marriage. I only laugh when i hear people “working out things in a marriage”. We had some issues too, but it never felt like “work, a process, a fight, a negotiation” or whatever people call marriage otherwise. It alsways feels like an ever-blossoming flower…

    And same thing with the place of living! I live in the city which I love the most and it does not feel like “surviving”, or “struggling with daily life”, or just “bearing” it (in fact, life is too good in Vienna, but so many locals and foreginers hate it…incredible!), i do LIVE and ENJOY and I know this is the right palce for me to be.

  2. Föhre Says:

    I have experienced this a few times, but at the moment I am still searching for it (in job/education).
    I am a bit confused with that lately.
    But I do believe you are right and I want to believe it too.

    • axinia Says:

      Föhre, why are you confuesed? you mean this “rule” is not working?

      • Föhre Says:

        No, it’s not that.
        It’s more that I don’t know what I want to do, at the moment.
        But I do think that the rule works.

        • axinia Says:

          oh, this is a familiar thing…some of my best friends are also hesitating…:)
          Then just do what comes.
          When my boss offered me this job I was not sure how good it is. I liked it. But only by doing the job i relised how perfect it is for me.

          BTW, there is a nice Sufi story about a man who was only following the Divine Will and taking just any job the mystic being told him to take. He kept changing places and professions, dramatically. And the became a saint after all that experiences.

          Intrestingly, my best friend has just posted her intresting insight on it (you can read via GOogle translate):

          • Föhre Says:

            Thanks for your encouraging answer and the link of your friend, I will try to read it (google translate is improving steadily, but it still creates very “surreal” texts sometimes) 🙂

  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    Dear sister very rightly said and you are lucky enough that you have got right people to advice in right time or when you needed. with Majority it happens like they are not happy with present and they are not getting right thing at right time even advice, so they have to carryout life with adjustments and with lot of pain or without sensation or may be to carry responsibility.due to which they feel like work of burden with lots of complains about present rather than enjoyment. Many times they understand that they are not in right position but just can’t change.

    I told you about one interview and one another also according to them some jobs/ relationships we are doing just for to understands ourselves and others and some for to earn bread and to carry responsibilities where there is no choice. they are recognized and well known, well established doctors in their profession but they choose acting as profession and become successful and satisfied in personal and social life Dr. Agashe well known psychiatrist, who made revolution in work of mental health, told, by psychiatry I understand people which I implement in acting and enjoyed lot every role I performed, so for me both are essential for my breath and bread. Both the things keep me alive to enjoy life . In theater also he made different experiment and established a pattern specially for children’s learning like that way I find him very positive in work and relationship. when he was asked about what you want to tell younger, He said wisely still i am learning from them in each role performing with them. they have got lots of potential I have enjoyed my period of life now it is their turn they are having their own way to do and they are working hard. when they will need from me defiantly they will get from my role. no need to tell or impose.

    so it is not only point of bread definitely we will work for bread anyhow but we everybody should search for our own desires to fulfill apart from bread. age is no bar.when you find one job/hobby/relationship/destination, I feel that is rebirth. Don’t forget Mother started at sixty’s.
    very good said. Thanks Axnia.

  4. swaps Says:

    It is a game. I must be playing the game that suits me. I better learn its rules fast.

  5. radha Says:

    life eternal quote ~ i also agree

  6. Triveni Says:

    What does it take to reach a state when you are working and you still don’t feel you are “working”

    What does it take to reach a state when you are in a relationship/marriage and don’t feel you are “working out something, building relationship”

    What does it take to percept anything you do as a natural flow, an enjoyment, a simple and easy thing

    What does it take to know that you are “in the right thing”.

    I guess – an absolute state of thoughtless awareness is all that takes to get this happened.

  7. mirel Says:

    like a pure white hamsa….
    having the uncanny ability to acquire/apply knowledge with discrimination and to move gently without disturbing the ‘water surface’! would be terrific (^O^)

  8. Fatima Says:


  9. Catherine Says:

    hmmm a “thoughtless awareness” = sounds like in the spiritual realm of our very beings – where the conscious unconscious state lies….

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