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The rule of harmony March 12, 2010

The existence of land and water, the land for the water and the water for the land, the attraction between the heavens and the earth – all demonstrate a universal harmony. The attraction of the sun and moon to each other, the cosmic order of the stars and the planets, all connected and related with each other, moving and working under a certain law; the regular rotation of the seasons; the night following the day, and the day in its turn giving place to the night; the dependence of one being on another; the distinctiveness, attraction and assimilation of the five elements – all prove the universal harmony.

The male and female, beast and bird, vegetable and rock – all classes of things and beings – are linked together and attracted to each other with a chord of harmony. If one being or thing, however apparently useless, were missing in this universe of endless variety, it would be as it were a note missing in a song. As Sa’adi says: ‘Every being is born for a certain purpose, and the light of that purpose is kindled within his soul’. All famines, plagues and disasters such as storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, wars and revolutions, however bad they appear to man, are in reality for the adjustment of this universal harmony.

In music the law of harmony is that the nearest note does not make a consonant interval. This explains the prohibition of marriage between dose relatives because of the nearness in merit and blood.

As a rule harmony lies in contrast. Men fight with men and women quarrel with women, but the male and the female are as a rule harmonious with each other and a complete oneness makes a perfect harmony.

from The Mystiyism Of Sound by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

P.S.  Just 10 min after positn this quote, I ran into a beuaitful video clip with exactly the same message! ENJOY:

(image by me)


17 Responses to “The rule of harmony”

  1. mirel Says:

    Right Now, Just Take the Time to Sing – DO RE MI FA SO LA !!!!!!!!!!!:))))))))


    From the beginning of time, sound has created and sound has healed . . .
    Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony!!!
    Each and every one of us has our own natural harmonic balance.
    soul recognizes and responds to compatible sound….The history of harmony is the history of the development of the human ear, which has gradually assimilated, in their natural order, the successive intervals of the harmonic series

    Does each and every atom in fact produce a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration???
    All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having it’s own function and character, contributes to the whole

    After silence,
    that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible
    is music….it gives a soul to the universe,
    wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, life to everything

    YES!!! Music is the universal language of mankind

  2. mirel Says:

    ‘the male and the female are as a rule harmonious with each other and a complete oneness makes a perfect harmony’
    like RHYTHM cannot exist without tone, nor TONE without rhythm.

    the rise and fail of the waves, the ebb and flow of the tide,
    the waxing and waning of the moon,
    the sunrise and the sunset, the change of the seasons,
    the moving of the earth and of the planets – Cycles of rhythm, with major and minor cycles interpenetrating, uphold the whole creation in their swing.

    a music conductor will count ‘one, two’; one, two:
    a strong accent and a weak accent,
    one motion with two effects,
    each distinct and different from the other.
    A mystery hidden under the dual aspects in all phases
    like the rhythm is innate in us!!!

  3. swaps Says:

    All famines, plagues and disasters … are in reality for the adjustment of this universal harmony.

    This simple truth, when nature whispers it, we are too busy to listen… until it grows shriller.

  4. swaps Says:

    Oh!! what a video… dissolving.

  5. mahesh chendake Says:

    Who maintains this harmony ? In net power ?!! Adi Shakti ? man has recognized it long back but not understood . To maintain Harmony, balancing is essential. Nature balance himself all the time.Specially in the morning ,Afternoon, Evening and midnight. along with sun rising and setting. that’s why people in India used to call those timings as ” Muhurth” Starting of good work usually done on that timing marriages occurs at ” Goraj muhurth” Aftrnoon is ” Dhananjay Muhurth”and like that . some people are doing A small “Yagnya” at that time “burning gober with ghee” and praying for balancing the environment in home and surrounding. the interesting point is, they are just doing it blindly without knowing the reason, may be as a tradition. Now very few people follow such tradition because lack of time , Lack of knowledge,inconvenience and no faith etc
    So one should understand logic behind it . A play behind it .Of course he is a creator and we belongs to him .He is also destroyer ( Power Of God Shiva ) destroying may be for balancing , to maintain harmony . ( Indian philosophy – Spirit do not destroy .He removes his old cloths ,only this body get changed . what is come from nature it grows to maturity and then goes to nature again so during survival it require energy to vitalize and balancing to maintain just like natures harmony) ) If today Sun is not set ,how he will rise tomorrow?
    So to rise he has to set first. In today’s darkness tomorrows sun rise is there. Just we have weight and watch calm and quietly in the balancing and witnessing state and accept whatever we are receiving ( and of course balancing is essential along with constant flow of vital energy from cosmos) . so we can also enjoy the play of creator along with him.
    If we understand principle of harmony in relationship, work, society them lots of problems will reduced here only and every work/ action will have its divine purpose with understanding.

  6. mirel Says:

    the dance of Nataraja and the logic behind it…symbolizing the cycles of creation and annihilation. in destruction lies the seeds of creation
    Im not from India but I believe and esteem that Deities encapsulates the logic of life and living-the realities of existence and the ways of being in amity with our natural surroundings-
    it shouldnt be about blind devotion. joy of bhakti comes from Shiva….
    thank you mahesh!

  7. draupadi16 Says:

    DANKE für die wunderbare Abrundung meiner Morgenmeditation! Gestern beobachtete und liebkoste ich die jungen Hasen meines Sohnes. Wie vollkommen, wunderschön und verschieden sie waren. Und sooo modern, denn der Vater kümmerte sich perfekt um die Jungen, weil seine Frau sich schonen mußte! Alles Liebe von Draupadi.

  8. mirel Says:

    Ostern ist nun nicht mehr fern.
    Alle Kinder sehens gern,
    wenn der Osterhase naht,
    wenn er recht viel Naschwerk hat.
    Lieber, flinker Osterhase,
    leg im Moos und leg im Grase
    zwischen gelben Osterglocken
    Eier hin und Kandisbrocken.
    Nougat ist mein Leibgericht,
    und vergiß auch bitte nicht
    eine bunte Zuckerstange,
    eine lange, riesenlange!
    Auch ein Schokoladenei
    hätt ich gerne noch dabei,
    und ein Ei aus Marzipan,
    eins, verpackt in Cellophan,
    wünsch ich mir vom Hasenmann:)
    alles Liebe on Mirel

  9. What a lovely video! Thanks for sharing, Axinia.

    All famines, plagues and disasters such as storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, wars and revolutions…

    I simply cannot understand why the bubble-dwelling saint mixes up natural disasters like storms, floods and volcanic eruptions with man-made disasters like famines, wars, revolutions and plagues 😕

    While man has very little power to control Mother Nature’s fury, he certainly has the ability to mitigate the losses and keep it to a bare minimum if he has the will 😐

    On the other hand man-made disasters like wars, revolutions and famines are completely the product of the evil nature of mankind and they have nothing to do with Mother Nature! Nothing at all! 😐 It’s only the semi-civilised, pea-brained, uncouth peoples who keep warring with each other and dealing with revolutions, since there is no justice in their filthy countries and they simply haven’t achieved the civilisational advancement required to live in peace with their neighbours.

    Just like the filthy, mediaeval hordes of warring savages, the uncouth peoples and countries of the world live in a heightened state of tension with their neighbours and they have to deal with two dozen insurgencies, struggles and revolutions at the same time – like the evil, uncouth, filthy, Third World barbarocratic Indian empire (over)populated by (a majority) of hordes and hordes of pea-brained, semi-civilised boot-licking barbarians who simply don’t have the ethics or the civilisational advancement required to live in peace, both with themselves and with their neighbours.

    Civilised people have shown that it is possible to live without wars, revolutions and famines. Take the case of one of the world’s most civilised and advanced countries – Switzerland. It hasn’t taken part in a war or seen an uprising, much less a revolution, for over one-and-a-half centuries continuously. Despite the fact that it is not a country of homogeneous people and despite the fact that it was right in the middle of the battleground in the two World Wars, it hasn’t seen a war or revolution or insurgency during all these years. Why? Is it because the Swiss are the children of Lady Luck? No. It’s because the Swiss are a civilised people. As simple as that! Being a highly civilised people, they realised the need to ensure justice and equality in their country which negates the need for revolutions. Their civilisational advancement also ensures that, despite being perpetually prepared to defend their tiny country, they choose to live in absolute peace with their neighbours.

    On the other hand, the lowly, semi-civilised hordes that (over)populate the least civilised parts of the world have to deal with wars, revolutions, insurgencies, famines etc. etc. on a continuous basis since they are uncouth. It’s as simple as that!


  10. mahesh chendake Says:

    americans,japanees,and now china are intersted to keep hold on all world to use their natural resourses such countries and countrylike pakinstan , afganistan are pressuring the terrorism in india and other to keep hold on those resourses so to whom you will called civilised?. both are hungry and having desire to rule the whole world with their own rule. It is a tendancy of mankind only who are not realised.

    • Maheshsaheb Chendake,

      I guess you haven’t understood my comment properly. Did I ever call the uncouth Chinese totalitarian empire or the barbaric Pakistani empire as civilised? No, they certainly aren’t – not by a long margin! Those Third World barbarocracies are as uncouth, if not worse than the filthy, evil Indian empire.

      I called the Swiss people as civilised, and they ARE civilised, highly civilised, no matter which way one looks at it. A country that hasn’t gone to war (despite being right in the middle of two battlegrounds in the last century) and one which hasn’t seen an uprising or revolt (despite being a mix of several different ethnic/linguistic groups of people) for the last one-and-a-half-centuries and then some more, IS HIGHLY CIVILISED, by even the toughest standards!

      The American empire is a slightly different story. Though it has the trappings of being a civilised place, it isn’t that civilised. Like all empires, the American empire too is governed by a cabal of ruling elite who control everything, and aren’t answerable to the American people at all. The cabal controls both all American domestic and foreign policies, economy, media, political parties and everything of note. By manipulating the pathetically dumbed down and brainwashed American population, they have literally enslaved them in mountains of debt, both personal and public. By engineering certain “events”, the cabal have made sure they can get large numbers of young, brainwashed Americans to die for them in immoral, unethical, needless and endless foreign wars, none of which are beneficial or even necessary for America or the American people. Like in all empires, the American people are heinously manipulated to slavishly serve the interests of the American ruling elite, the evil cabal that will go to any lenghts to maintain and strengthen its hold on power. Only now, are many Americans waking up to the fact that they are hapless slaves serving the interests of the filthy cabal that runs the American empire. A revolution has been overdue for some time in America 😐 However, at the rate at which America is being Third Worldised, it may never happen 😦

      Although Japan still has an Emperor, it isn’t quite an empire as in the case of the uncouth Third World barbarocratic empires. For all practical purposes, Japan ceased to be an empire at the end of WW II. The Japanese people, being a civilised lot, realised that all filthy empires are bound to collapse under the weight of their own crimes one day, and so instead they chose to built a civilised country. Being civilised, it hardly took them two decades to rise like the proverbial phoenix from the smouldering, radioactive ashes that their country was reduced to as they were nuked and occupied at the end of the last World War. It’s the same story with Germany. It didn’t take more than twenty years for these two civilised countries to rise from flattened and bombed out wastelands to the top level of world civilisation again. When a place is civilised, it is easily observable to any person who has even an ounce of neutrality and fairness.

      By the way, while conveniently blaming uncouth China, Pakistan and Afghanistan for the woes of the filthy, evil Indian empire, why do you fail to accept the truth about the uncouth Indian empire? Why is the notorious Indian empire occupying Kashmir, Nagaland, Manipur, Asom etc. using more than a million armed mercenaries if these places were an “integral part” of India? Is it beacause the uncouth empire wants to keep looting the water of Kashmir and the oil of Asom and hold on to these territories against the will of their people? Why the hell should the armed mercenaries have “special powers” to grant them immunity from prosecution from the crimes the scum beings commit as they occupy these places, like with the filthy AFSPA? Why is the uncouth, savage Indian empire waging a bloody war on its own tribals in Central and Eastern India, hand in hand with the scum beings in the form of domestic and foreign corporations who want to wipe out these tribals, loot their land and steal the natural resources?

      I find it ridiculous how shameless, hypocritical, uncouth Indians boast about M.K.Gandhi who used fasting as a weapon to take on the nasty British empire. How many of these lowly, shameless, uncouth Indian hypocrites have even heard of a courageous woman called Irom Sharmila?


      This iron lady has not been taking even a morsel of food for the past TEN years to protest against the filthy AFSPA that gives the armed mercenaries of the uncouth, evil Indian empire the licence to kill and commit brutalities in the territories that it occupies.

      Unlike the British empire which at least had the decency to treat M.K.Gandhi in a humane way, the filthy, sub-human, uncouth evil Indian empire has kept this brave lady in a rotting prison for the last ten years continuously! All this for protesting the world’s most filthy law that gives uncouth mercenaries of the evil Indian empire the licence to commit crimes and get away with it scot-free.

      Tell me, Maheshsaheb, at least now, are you man enough to accept the truth about the filthy, evil, uncouth, sub-human Indian empire and its barbaric crimes, like a civilised person and a decent human being? Or are you going to still keep blaming every other damn person and thing on earth for the woes of the evil, uncouth, sub-human Indian empire, just like the hordes and hordes of savage, semi-civilised, uncouth, boot-licking, pea-brained hordes that you and I have the misfortune of calling our countrymen/women???


  11. mahesh chendake Says:

    Dear Brother,
    I have well understood to you. I Think you are having prejudiced ideas about India in your mind . The way you think, India is not like that. I think you are not tapping good and trusted sources about India. whatever information you are having is totally wrong and part of political propaganda about India which some people are doing constantly.
    I m not saying everything is well in India.Indian have to fight to ourselves only for spiritual and social ascend. In all field revolutionary changes are expected but the way you are putting India it is not . You need to refer proper history from trusted site. usually Indians are peace loving people and they knows well- wars, and division of people on the basis of religion , Border, illiteracy and poverty is not a answer But all the wars and terrorism is forcefully imposed on them every time .About north east ,there movement is turn away from their objective. both are sensitive issue and I don’t want to comment superficially and come into conflict but it is true that whatever you said is not correct and needs consideration. Indian politics and politicians are subject of study. First we should fight against corruption then morality. Indian army’s morality is always high. I don’t believe on make believe stories . Sorry Brother.

    • I expected more from you, Maheshsaheb. Not that I’m disappointed to read your comment – it’s the way a typical, brainwashed Indian who has no access to any source of news other than the filthy Indian “mainstream media” reacts when he hears the truth about the uncouth, filthy Indian empire. It’s not me, but you who has to learn the true history of the crimes of the uncouth Indian empire.

      Of course, it’s too much to expect the lowly, shameless, hypocritical, boot-licking uncouth hordes of the Indian empire to behave in a civilised way and oppose the crimes of the uncouth Indian empire. If they had the ethical courage and moral fortitude to do so, then India would not be the filthy, uncouth, hypocritical, shameless, barbarocratic Third World empire that it is. But I thought I could expect more from someone like you. Alas, it’s not to be. Now I know why there is very little hope for the uncouth, filthy, evil Indian empire.

      Like all the other sub-human scum empires in history that ultimately paid for their crimes, the filthy Indian empire too will have to answer for its evil deeds one day. And the poor brainwashed bootlicking hordes that overpopulate this uncouth empire will be left wondering why they have to suffer when that day arrives. The reason – they will suffer because they were willing accomplices in the crimes of the filthy, uncouth Indian empire. Ignorance and bubble-dwelling will never be an excuse as far as natural justice is concerned.

      You can go on believing make believe stories and filthy lies of the lowly ass-licking Indian “mainstream media” scoundrels about Kashmir and the North-East. Any person with a gram of conscience in him/her will know that these territories are under the brutal occupation of the filthy, criminal, uncouth Indian empire against the will of their people and oppressed savagely by armed mercenaries of the Indian empire with the aid of filthy laws like the AFSPA and the DA act. What the hell is the Indian army doing in Kashmir and NE anyway? Playing football and cricket? Hahaha, you’ve got to be joking by stating that the Indian army’s “morality is always high”. Sure, a few criminal creatures in its ranks don’t reflect the army as a whole, but one cannot deny the fact that the army is NOT defending the country against external forces in the NE and Kashmir.

      They are there as mere uncouth mercenaries, to occupy those territories and keep the people there oppressed using filthy laws like the AFSPA and the DA act. Not even the British empire had a law as filthy as the AFSPA as it occupied the Indian sub-continent, but the filthy, sub-human, uncouth, evil Indian empire does.

      You call me brother, but do you remember the pledge that you took in school, beginning with “All Indians are my brothers and sisters…” So I guess you do not regard Kashmiris and North-Easterners as your brothers and sisters, eh? If you do regard them as your brethren, why do you have to forcefully occupy their lands using mercenaries and oppress them with filthy, sub-human laws? It’s not uncommon for the filthy, uncouth boot-licking hordes to regard Kashmir and the entire NE as the colony of the uncouth Indian empire and all Kashmiris and North-Easterners as “terrorists” and “insurgents” despite the lies that they keep mouthing about how the filthy Indian empire is a supposedly “peace-loving” country that has “never occupied” any place.

      You know what, Maheshsaheb, looking at the attitude of a typical Indian, now I begin to understand why Indians are hated, despised, abused and attacked in every country in the world, ranging from the US to Uganda to Europe to Russia to Australia.

      It’s because we Indians are, in general, the most shameless, lowly, unethical, uncouth, hypocritical LIARS and CHEATS in the entire world. You know, it’s a very painful thing for me to say, and it does hurt to know how we are perceived truthfully by much of the rest of the world due to our own uncouth attitude. But the truth is never pleasant, it always hurts, expecially if one has been savagely brainwashed to the contrary.

      May you realise the truth sooner, rather than later, so that you can avoid going to the pain of paying for crimes that you were ignorantly, but willingly, a part of. Good luck to you, brother Mahesh.

  12. mahesh chendake Says:

    Thanks brother, I am also not disappointed.
    whatever you says it is your opinion. I can’t say any thing more than that.I hope you are also from India. i don’t know why you are so much angry about.
    Personally I feel I am not brainwashed. I understand other side of coin also.
    why Indians are hated from whole world and attacked because Indian are very hard at work-ship wherever they will go they will settle their and will make their community because of which others are having feeling of loosing. why to see others. what happens in various states of India. migration for job is not a crime But in forward state like Maharashtra people are finding lot of difficulty and crime report is increased . they are denying the job and migration for others from India only as it is reducing resources and chances for locals. so this is the same philosophy working everywhere. Barak Obamma also said outsourcing should be cut short and job should be given locals . What happen in china about Google and yahoo group? everybody is having same philosophy then why you are blaming to Indians only.and as blaming will not solve the problems also surly wrongly ruling,crime, war,Division on all basis and terrorism is not answer for that which all are choosing commonly( both so called civilized and non as you say). and also politician will not give solution on that even though it is possible to them. It is the people themselves should understand the truth and behave properly and responsibly considering all are human. It is not a question of civilized or non civilized people but a humanity ,love, understanding and respect to others which both are lacking.and of course all are struggling for survival and opposing being ruled by others.

    • I hope you are also from India

      There you go, Maheshsaheb! 🙂 Where do you think I’m from, Mars or Krypton or Pandora 😕 Is it so difficult to believe that you can find an Indian who is not a brainwashed arse-licker of the scum beings that run the filthy, uncouth Indian empire? Is it so difficult to believe that you can have free-thinking people in a lowly, shameless, evil, uncouth Third World barbarocracy who have the the guts to call a spade a spade instead of voraciously licking the bovine excrement on the boots of the establishment scoundrels and eagerly lapping up the stinking filth dished out by the “mainstream media” scoundrels???

      The very fact that you aren’t sure of where I’m from shows the despicable, uncouth, hypocritical nature of the lowly Third World barbarocratic countries.

      Let me describe a crucial difference between the First World, Second World and the Third World here:

      In the civilised First World, there is no shortage of free-thinkers and civilised, conscientious humans who can express themselves without fear and oppose the crimes of their governments. It is a crucial ingredient that makes the civilised societies civilised and the First World the First World.

      In the (now defunct) Second World, people would be intelligent enough to be aware of the crimes of their (filthy commie) governments, despite the massive levels of propaganda. But they would be too scared to speak out. For if they did, then they would be immediately marched off to the nearest neighbourhood Gulag (or worse).

      In the lowly, uncouth, filthy, barbaric Third World, there is no need for Gulags. For the hordes and hordes of uncivilised beings are only too eager to lick the stinking boot soles of the establishment criminals and the “mainstream media” loafers of their own accord with some brainwashing. Being uncouth and primitive, their societies haven’t yet developed the concept of free-thinking and ethics that are a part of the First World. And unlike those in the Second World, their mediaeval pea-brains aren’t yet developed enough to see through the propaganda and brainwashing. That is what makes the uncouth places uncouth and the lowly Third World the Third World. The real tragedy is that this may never improve 😦

  13. why Indians are hated from whole world and attacked because Indian are very hard at work-ship wherever they will go they will settle…

    You must be joking, right, Maheshsaheb? 😆

    Indians, hard-working, hahahahahahaha 😆 I’m having a good laugh here.

    Tell me brother Mahesh, if Indians were so hard-working, then why the hell is India the eight least developed country in Asia, according to HDI???

    If Indians were so hard-working, then why the hell don’t they just stay in their own country and make it developed, if not civilised???

    Why don’t they just put in all their hard work in their uncouth country to make it civilised???

    The answer is NO – Indians are NOT hard-working! If they were, India would be among the civilised countries long ago. The very fact that it languishes among the most uncouth countries in the world shows that (generally) Indians and hard-work are as distant as Mercury is from Neptune.

    No, don’t tell me the crap about how the Brits are responsible for the present state of India. I’ll have none of that nonsense! Funny how you so easily remember the past colonialism of the nasty British empire, but fail to even recognise the colonisation and oppression of the peoples of Kashmir and the NE by the filthy, uncouth, barbaric, evil Indian empire.

    I’ll tell you who is hard-working – the Japanese and the Germans ARE hard-working! They not just rebuilt their countries from the smouldering ruins as they were occupied at the end of WW II despite the punitive conditions imposed by the occupiers, but they managed to make their countries among the most civilised places in the world in less than twenty years again. They are hard-working, and NOT the shameless, parasitical, hypocritial hordes of the uncouth Indian empire.

    The reasons why Indians are flooding other countries is because they are like overbreeding parasitic rats, that have massively overshot the carry capacity of their uncouth places and are spreading like the plague to the more civilised places to leech off the benefits and hard work put in by the people of civilised societies.

    Migration for jobs is certainly not a crime, Professor Mahesh. But let’s not forget that MASS MIGRATION (stress on the word “mass”) is like the principle of osmosis:

    Migration of massive numbers of uncouth hordes takes place from the less-civilised and least-civilised places to the more civilised places, through porous borders and open boundaries and immigration scamming. This goes on and on, until the civilised host societies have been reduced to the lowly levels of the uncouth societies from which the migrants come from.

    You are absolutely right about migrants to Maharashtra, Professor Mahesh. Being among the relatively developed and comparatively more civilised states in India, Maharashtra is a magnet for hordes and hordes of migrants from the uncouth, primitive and least-civilised parts of India. Also, like with all more (relatively) civilised societies, Maharashtra’s birth rate is around the replacement rate and steadily falling. What this does is that it attracts hordes and hordes of migrants from the uncouth places where they still breed like rats, popping out babies by the dozens.

    When these hordes from the less-civilised parts of India move in to Maharashtra, they are ill-suited to adapt to the more-civilised way of Maharashtrians. Since they are from the primitive, shockingly corrupt and crime-ridden badlands, they cause problems to their host state and its people by imposing their uncouth “culture” of crime, violence and thuggery. This causes resentment among the native Maharashtrians about how their state is being driven to the dogs by the hordes of new migrants. Naturally this results in problems that we have seen.

    Despite the filthy lies of the mainstream media scoundrels, every knowledgeable person knows the problems in Maharashtra are NOT caused by Maharashtrians. It’s caused by hordes and hordes of migrants from the uncouth places who have moved in droves to Maharashtra.

    It’s the same story with Indians in Australia and other places. They are migrating in massive hordes from the uncouth parts of India and trying to scam the immigration system of Australia to gain PR and the benefits of living in a civilised society. While they are there, they cause all sorts of problems by breaking the laws of Australia, behaving in an uncouth manner, teasing girls, raping them (I wonder if the filthy Indian mainstream media has ever told you of the hordes of Indians arrested in Australia for sexual assault) and indulging in other uncivilised behaviour. Is it any wonder that such uncouth behaviour is earning the ire of the people who cannot tolerate such crappy stuff?

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