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What men really love about women March 9, 2010

Since years I have been interviewing men who seemed to be in happy relationships about the secret of their choice. “Why that woman? What does she give you?”… And you know there is a pretty common answer which I keep receiving from  males of various cultural and social backgrounds.

There is one word which they all mean: inspiration. “She inspires me: She awakens my desire to live, to create, to move, to achieve….”

We are the INSPIRATION….amazing, isn’t it? Just think that this is probably the core of Femininity…

Here is what a saint says about Inspiration:

“Inspiration is a stream, a stream of wonder and bewilderment. The really inspired person, whether a writer, a poet, a composer, or whatever may be his work, when once he has received an inspiration, has found satisfaction – not with himself, but with what has come to him. It gives his soul such a relief, for the soul was drawing from something and that object from which it was drawing has yielded to the soul, has given it what it was asking for. Therefore inspiration may be called the soul’s reward…    

This phenomenon is so great and so wonderful that its joy is unlike any other joy in the world.

It is in this joy that the inspirational genius experiences ecstasy.

It is a joy which is almost indescribable. It is an upliftment.” Hazrat Inayat Khan

LOVE, axinia

(image of me taken by Jai Jalan)


22 Responses to “What men really love about women”

  1. clairela Says:

    This is one of the most inspirational blogs I have read in quite awhile… so beautiful. Thank you for this, that is an amazing quote.

  2. volodimir108 Says:

    What can an author of a book of poems about you say here?
    Just “yes, it’s true”…

  3. Föhre Says:

    In fact it was told to me too 😀
    It seems to be true.
    But now I would like you to do the same research the other way around 🙂
    What do women really love about men?

    Greetings to you,


  4. deanjbaker Says:

    good to see, and read

  5. Princess Says:

    so we should be glad that we inspire men 😀
    wonderful thought and makes me feel GOOD

    thanks axinia,
    much luv as always..

  6. annika Says:

    wow, what a thought – inspiring 😉

  7. mahesh chendake Says:

    What I feel, when we say that, we got inspiration from so and so more than loving we worship that fellow/object etc.

  8. swaps Says:

    Beauty inspires beauty.

  9. Yup it is inspiration which attracts 🙂

  10. Dave Paquiot Says:

    I thought this quote by Mirabai, the rajput poetess, would be fitting. I hope you enjoy it .

    God has
    a special interest in women
    for only they can lift this world to their breast
    and help Him

  11. mirel Says:

    Intuition is a supersense, comes before one wishes to begin a thing, and so one knows what will come out of it. first expressed in the language of feeling. That feeling, spreading within the horizon of the mind, shapes itself, and becomes more narrative of its idea. Then the mind turns it into a form, and then language interprets it to one. Therefore it is the feeling heart to which intuition belongs

    Inspiration is probably a higher form of intuition, for it comes as an idea, as a complete theme with its improvisation

    Inspiration, Discovery and Joy….women, men and mostly children give inspiration
    what is inspirational to me> seing artists, scientist come together to mutually inspire and excite, to spark off ideas and radical new ways of thinking and to catalyse collaborations.
    just plain reveal the stunning beauty of the world the way art or science sees it

  12. radha Says:

    contact with nature is my source of inspiration~

  13. You know, that inspiration is given in various forms that some of them men just cannot forget!! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  14. Ioana Says:

    Amazing photo – so perrrrfect for the title .. love your website.. i come rarely but I am a fan!!

  15. Nishant Says:

    Wow! What a lovely face and a beautiful picture! You are amazing!
    After seeing the picture I forgot the post!

  16. Fernando Says:

    What Jung (and other) called The Eternal Feminine.

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