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3 common misconceptions of work March 5, 2010

ILLUSION 1:  People tend to overestimate the role of work in their lives: the identification with a profession is often so strong that the whole personality gets squashed into that limited role.

ILLUSION 2: A job is the only mean of unfolding the beauty of personality. In reality there are so many other occupations that also do it: family, friends, hobbies…

ILLUSION 3: the greatest one – a job is the way of self-realization or so-called self-fulfillement.

These are the illusions I guess we all more or less dwell in, due to the strong conditioning of the society. However the opposite is true!

Here are some points I  gained from my observations:

  • generally, most of the people have many talents/abilities, they can vary from art to technique, from language to mathematics within one and the same person.
  • it is difficult to find a job where we can fulfill many of our talents at the same time.
  • we often have to take one opportunity after another in order to be able to live all our talents in one life. And even one life may not be enough.
  • we have to realize that there may not be ONE dream job!
  • we have to realize that even getting the dream job is not reaching heaven, and finally it does not make us happy. It may contribute to our well-being, but it is not the ultimate happiness (as many people seem to believe). Neither a dream job nor a dream partner are responsible for our happiness.

And what are your observations?

P.S. In order just to add to the dream job issue: I myself have in mind several dream jobs which are totally different!  Despite the fact that I am already having the so-called dream job, I would love to do at least 3 other things later in my life:

  1. life coach/job coach (helping people to find their mission and place in life)
  2. director of my own private school (with a unique educational concept I worked out through years)
  3. florist (flower design) or interior designer

I hope I will manage to live all them in this life  :)… At the same time I know that in the end of the day there is something else that matters much more for me, something which gives me the true self-fulfillment. And for you?




14 Responses to “3 common misconceptions of work”

  1. I think you should say what matters to you more than your dream job and happiness…

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      do you think I should? I think that’s clear from this blog too 🙂

      Since my childhood the only thing that sencerely and deeply mattered to me is my personal spiritual development, spiritual growth. The rest is just application.

  2. Föhre Says:

    Yes, I agree.
    It is not a good job or good partner that makes one happy.
    But on the other hand: a bad job or bad partner can make one quite unhappy 🙂
    I think that “professions” are pretty limiting.
    Now suddenly everybody is “just” an electrician or circus director or psychologist, I don’t think there is any person who only has “one side” 🙂
    Sadly hobbies and social life are not very respected in society.
    Only yesterday I read an article that said that scientists made a study in which came out, that it might not be “good” to be fully happy. I wondered what they mean by that and read on, just to find out that the result of their study was: people who define themselves as “relatively happy” are very successful in their jobs and education, while people who claimed to be “very happy” people were not so successful in job and education. “The only thing where the very happy people got the best results was their success in their hobbies and relationships with other people”…
    Obviously success in this example is measured in a financial way only and how competitive one is in the market….
    I prefer social and interest specific success a lot 🙂
    Even though of course one needs a certain amount of the other one too, to survive in this material world.
    Anyway, I am talking too much, my main message:
    I totally agree, we humans are being reduced to our professions (and even there, the only thing that counts is some paper that says so, rather than our actual talent for the job) even though we are such strange and multi faceted beings, impossible to be put in a single word (other than humans).
    Yes. 🙂

  3. Tomas Says:

    Dear Axinia,
    your posts always inspire me, yet I’m sorry, it’s otherwise this time.
    After reading your article, I looked around once more. Yes, the air was just thick with talks about the work indeed, but I didn’t find any who would overestimate the role of work in their lives- people just wished their daily bread.

    ….a job is the way of self-realization or so-called self-fulfillement.
    You say that’s the greatest illusion. Maybe, you are right (I am sick indeed)
    Yet what you offer ? How to pay the living fees and the medicine expenses?
    Excuse me for such questions. Each and all beggar would applaud to your statements, yet not all desire to become the homeless.
    I think only the rich can muse about such illusions. Therefore I am glad for your life in abundance. As for me, I greatly respect people, who work and thus enable us to breath too (I’m the jobless for life disabler – the social dependent due my trauma) I didn’t earn a penny – all I can to do is to share my pictures on a free web for a free, yet…. Do you tried to live with zero in your pocket?

    • axinia Says:

      Tomas, I ahve quite a long period in my life when i lived almost on zero…belive me I know what you mean.

      I guess you misunderstood my point here. Indeed, a job is needed for our daily bread, but it is not all. It is not the ultimate mean of our fulfillment. It is just a part of it.

  4. mirel Says:

    illusion 3!!! its not about earning more money or greed. when you derive genuine joy from what you do, clearly its not the ultimate happiness….but still one of the tools on the path to self -fullfillement.
    dreamworks: what your soul wants you to bring to the world. why to postpone it???

  5. swaps Says:

    I am an engineer (remember that personality test?). I cannot think of being anything else…hmmm, may be a farmer.

  6. Alima Says:

    Just yesterday I almost had a plan how to combine
    my hobby and job. I think that’s a nice way out of
    illusions, maybe for some time at least.
    I would love to see your school, Axinya. What
    kind of and for whom it would be?

  7. mahesh chendake Says:

    I agree with you for these illusions.
    i feel still life remains.one can get dream job,dream partner and everything,but still he may unhappy . because choices and demands are increasing.And on our substal level our demands are different ,many time we do not understand them throughout life what i want exactly. It happens like child we crave for new things, when we get, some time we play also then we through and run after another what I feel leaving life successfully and happily is a big illusion. As both the things are objective and personal.like that way no one is happy and successful and still life is going very beautifully as it is . It is just our attitude, emotions,beliefs,personality, attachments,ego’s changes the scenario.
    what I feel first importance should be given to bread then we should love the work we are doing ( money no matter we may get less)and of course in leisure we through ourselves in dream jobs, dream partner/dream relationships etc… safety and security of bread may make man lazy and dissatisfaction may lead to more work and more success. so both should be balanced.And of course we look to our substal requirements I think we will be more happy and consistent in life.

  8. Triveni Says:

    Ur articles in blogs are guide me so many times. sometimes i find guidance in ur blog that would be lingering in my mind for sometime. thank u so much..
    Looks like Your 1st To-do item is fulfilled through the blog too 🙂 :
    1. life coaching/job coaching (helping people to find their mission and place in life)

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Triveni..yes, I am actually doing it all the time, with lots of people…this is one my vocations. I don’t think I will ever do it for money…somehow I feel this is not thing to earn on, this is almost spiritual.

  9. Anna Kolesnichenko Says:

    actually its quite a while that I have been thinking about job and how it relates to life purpose. I guess I fall into the group of people in illusion, but I view a job more like a vocation in life, a contribution to making the world more beautiful. otherwise I do not see a sense in working, apart from making some money 🙂

  10. radha Says:

    well i m still pretty unclear about job issues with relation to my talents and never went too deep into any of them. yes you should have a website for job coaching/advice, will be happy to use it!

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