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The vision: The Rose of the World as a new global social system February 25, 2010

There exists an entity that for many centuries has proclaimed itself the lone, steadfast unifier of all people, shielding them from the danger of all-out warfare and social chaos. That entity is the state. Since the end of the tribal period, the state has been of vital necessity at every historical stage. Even hierocracies, which attempted to replace it with religious rule, simply became variations of the selfsame state. The state bonded society together on the principle of coercion, and the level of moral development necessary to bond society together on some other principle was beyond reach. Of course, it has been beyond reach even until now, and the state has remained the only proven means against social chaos. But the existence of a higher order of moral principles is now becoming evident, principles capable not only of maintaining but also of increasing social harmony. More important, methods for accelerating the internalization of such principles are now taking shape.

In the political history of modern times, one can distinguish two international movements diametrically opposed to one another. One of them aims for the hypertrophy of state power and an increase in the individual’s dependence on the state. To be more exact, this movement seeks to bestow ever greater power on the person or organization in whose hands the state apparatus lies: the Party, the Army, the Leader. Fascist and national socialist states are the most obvious examples of such movements.
The other movement, which appeared at least as far back as the eighteenth century, is the humanist. Its origins and major stages are English parliamentarianism, the French Declaration of the Rights of Man, German social democracy, and in our days, the struggle for liberation from colonialism. The long-range goal of the movement is to weaken the bonding principle of coercion in the life of the people and transform what is largely a police state defending race or class interests into a system based on overall economic equilibrium and a guarantee of individual rights…
History has also witnessed examples of novel political arrangements that might appear to be hybrids of the two movements. Remaining in essence phenomena of the first type, they alter their appearance to the extent expedient for the achievement of their set goal. This is a tactic, a deception, but nothing more.
Nevertheless, despite the polarity of these movements, they are linked by one trait characteristic of the twentieth century: global ambitions. The ostensible motivation of the various twentieth century movements can be found in their political blueprints, but the underlying motivation in modern history is the instinctive pursuit of global dominion….

Taking advantage of that fact, despotic regimes systematically actualize the principle of extreme coercion or partly camouflage it with a cunning blend of methods. The tempo of life is accelerating. Monolithic states are emerging that earlier would have taken centuries to erect. Each is predatory by nature, each strives to subjugate humanity to its sole rule. The military and technological power of these states boggles the mind. They have already more than once plunged the world into war and tyranny. Where is the guarantee that they will not do so again in the future? In the end, the strongest will conquer the globe, even at the cost of turning a third of the world’s surface into a moonscape. The cycle of wars will then come to an end, but only to be replaced by the greatest of evils: a single dictatorship over the surviving twothirds of the world. At first it will perhaps be an oligarchy. But, as often happens, eventually a single Leader will emerge. The threat of a global dictatorship—this is the deadliest of all threats hanging over humanity…

So, lessons drawn from history should lead humanity to realize that the dangers will not be averted and social harmony will not be achieved by scientific and technological progress alone. Nor shall it be accomplished by the hypertrophy of the state, by the dictatorship of a “strong leader,” or by social democratic administrations that get buffeted by the winds of history, first right, then left, from inept starry-eyed idealism to revolutionary extremism. We must, rather, recognize the absolute necessity of the one and only path: the establishment, over a global federation of states, of an unsullied, incorruptible, highly respected body, a moral body standing outside of and above the state. For the state is, by its very nature, amoral.

The century of mass spiritual enlightenment, the century of decisive victories for a new, as yet barely discernible pedagogy is approaching. Even if only a few dozen schools are organized on its principles, a generation capable of doing its duty out of free will, not coercion, a generation acting out of creative impulses and love, not fear, would form there. That is the essence of ennobling education.
I picture an international organization, both political and cultural in nature, setting as its aim the transformation of the state through the consistent implementation of far-reaching reforms….It will be an interreligion or pan-religion, in that it will be a teaching that views all religions that appeared earlier as reflections of different layers of spiritual reality, different sets of variomaterial facts, and different segments of our planetary cosmos…(it can be called The Rose of the World).

The appearance of the Rose of the World has been preceded by the scientific era, an era that revolutionized humanity’s view of the universe, of nations, of cultures, and of their fates. It has been preceded by yet another era: one of radical social changes and upheavals, of revolutions, and of world wars. Both kinds of phenomena have loosened humanity’s psychological crust, which had remained for so many centuries unbroken. In that soil, plowed up by the iron teeth of historical catastrophes, the seeds of metahistorical revelation will fall. And the entire planetary cosmos will reveal itself to people’s spiritual sight as a constantly evolving system of variegated worlds, a system speeding toward a blindingly brilliant goal, spiritualized and transformed from century to century and from day to day. Images from future eras are beginning to show through our reality—each in all its inimitable uniqueness, in its correlation of metahistorical forces battling within it. The collective mystical consciousness of all living humanity, it will illumine the meaning of the historical processes of the past, present, and future in order to assume creative guidance of those processes. If one may speak of any dogmas in its teaching, then those dogmas will be deeply dynamic, multifaceted, and capable of further enrichment, development, and long-range evolution…

Not a hierocracy, not a monarchy, not an oligarchy, not a republic: something qualitatively different from all that has come before will emerge. It will be a global-wide social system working toward sanctifying and enlightening all life on earth. I do not know what it will be called. The point is not in the name but in the essence. Its essence will consist of work in the name of spiritualizing individuals, all of humanity, and nature.

by Daniil Andreev (1959) “The Rose of the World”


15 Responses to “The vision: The Rose of the World as a new global social system”

  1. radha Says:

    Dear Daniil Andreev it willbe called Sahaja Yoga, hope you can hear that ~ I love your book, with the best wishes, radha so

  2. mirel Says:

    wow! complete transformation of the ‘Soul’ of the universe.

    Daniil Andreev….so strong historical, utopian, and philosophical dimensions in his universalist vision!

    Thus for Daniil Andreev, acknowledged clearly the “invisible” participation of women in the history of civilization, underlining the feminine principle will increasingly determine the supreme goals of historical development>

    ‘the cycle of epochs when the feminine soul will become increasingly pure and broad, when more and more women will become deep inspirers, sensible mothers, and wise and visionary leaders. This will be the cycle of epochs when the feminine component of humanity will manifest itself with unprecedented strength, balancing the previous dominance of masculine forces in a perfect harmony’

    Roza Mira, not just one book, consisting more than ten!
    , finished in 1958 (sentenced to twenty five years’ imprisonment; under Khrushchev’s rule, this term was reduced to ten years.)
    nonetheless coud be released in the 90ies, right!…

    No suprise, the newspaper Nezavisimaia gazeta then stated:
    “In his investigation Leo Tolstoi and Dostoevsky (1901-1902), Merezhkovsky grasped the imminent emergence in Russia of a poet who will synthesize in his creativity the carnal, paganist, and highly spiritual elements, i.e., the artistic discoveries of Leo Tolstoi and Dostoevsky, respectively. The epic scope of Homer, the visionary gift of Dante, the religious heroism of Milton, the universality of Goethe indissolubly merged in the creativity of D. Andreev.”

    Roza Mira, huuge stuff, so much to talk about….

    • axinia Says:

      have you read the whole book, mirel? As far as I know online one can find only the short version.

      • mirel Says:


        but I met some fellows from Usbekistan at the University of Vienna in the 90ies, who had the book and also extensive knowledge….Andreev’s work-his attempt to understand historic events better and deeper through meta-history which operates not only with ‘real facts’ as common ‘written’ history does but also with people’s thoughts and the fight of ideas known as facts of ‘unwritten’ history-was unknown by the western academia.

        Have you heard of ‘The Daniel Andreev foundation’?
        I believe that Lindisfarne Books is the publisher of the first English edition!

        some useful links for enthusiasts:


        12 books with many chapters:

        Book I. World Rose and her place in history
        Chapter 1. World Rose and its immediate task
        Chapter 2. Relation to the Arts
        Chapter 3. Religious beliefs

        Book II. About metahistorical transphysical and methods of knowledge
        Chapter 1. Some features metahistorical method
        Chapter 2. About transphysical method
        Chapter 3. Original concept
        1. Stratification
        2. Origin of World laws. Karma
        3. On the question of free will
        4. Being and consciousness
        5. Raznomaterialnaya structure of human
        6. Metaculture

        Book III. Structure Shadanakar. Worlds of the rising number of
        Chapter 1. Sakuala Enlightenment
        Chapter 2. Zatomis
        Chapter 3. The middle layers Shadanakar

        Book IV. Structure Shadanakar. Infrafizika
        Chapter 1. Basis
        Chapter 2. Worlds Retribution [see also poem “Demons of revenge”]
        Chapter 3. Shrastry and uitsraory [also see the poem in prose “Iznanka World]

        Book V. Structure Shadanakar. Stihiali
        Chapter 1. Demonic stihiali
        Chapter 2. Light stihiali
        Chapter 3. Attitudes towards the animal kingdom

        Book VI. Higher worlds Shadanakar
        Chapter 1. Before World Salvaterry
        Chapter 2. Logos Shadanakar
        Chapter 3. Femininity

        Book VII. By metahistory Ancient Russia
        Chapter 1. Kievan Rus’ as a phenomenon metahistorical
        Chapter 2. Christian myth and prarossianstvo
        Chapter 3. Era of the first uitsraora

        Book VIII. By metahistory kingdom Moscow
        Chapter 1. Change uitsraorov
        Chapter 2. Egregor Orthodoxy and infrafizichesky fear
        Chapter 3. Filling the space between cultures
        Chapter 4. Rodomysl Peter and demonic distortion of his mission

        Book IX. By metahistory Petersburg Empire
        Chapter 1. Second uitsraor and outer space
        Chapter 2. Second uitsraor and inner space
        Chapter 3. Withdrawal penalties
        Chapter 4. Feat

        Book X. By metahistory Russian culture
        Chapter 1. Dar vestnichestva
        Chapter 2. Mission and destiny
        Chapter 3. Mission and destiny (continued)
        Chapter 4. Mission and destiny (continued)
        Chapter 5. The fall of the messenger

        Book XI. By metahistory last century
        Chapter 1. Accession Third Zhrugra
        Chapter 2. Fighting spirituality
        Chapter 3. Dark shepherd
        Chapter 4. By metahistory our days

        Book XII. Features
        Chapter 1. Education Rights ennobled image
        Chapter 2. External events
        Chapter 3. Cult
        Chapter 4. Prince of Darkness
        Chapter 5. Change aeons

  3. Föhre Says:

    This guy really knew what he was talking about.

  4. Vinayaka Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    The vision shown in the book is beautifull and full of understanding of the root priciples. If all that happens as a spontaneous appearance of the light of understanding of humanity, it could be a paradise. Todays situation is unfortunately very different.

    In these days many individuals, actually having no contact with their inner being, with their spirit, still being full of greed, lust, lost in their mind-limitations…try to “manufacture” the “One Religion” artificially, like a kebab, and in that way give to the enslavement of humanity deeper meaning.

    We need to wake up within, and as an effect we can do something…any other way will bring only suffering, torture and decay.

    First inner global change, than outside change, not oposite please.

    • mirel Says:

      absolutely. the individual worth comes from inside and this should ideally be unified with the society and universe.
      The corrupt foundations of false societies. false faiths crumble…so many global problems and turmoil. definitely its hard to argue that the future is bright! i think we live through the high points of civilization and i do hope this points to a new beginning, renewal.
      most people feeling an urge to change at least, the Age of Aquarius !!!

  5. barradaud Says:

    I am reading it now-the full version from the Foundation-got it online
    One “a must happening” the world must come to a global disaster-thus thru great catastrophe can we come together.
    Hopefully the Book survive
    Kuta, Bali

  6. barradaud Says:

    Thus , after 2012 if we survived-great possibility this system could work
    ok thanks

  7. barradaud Says:

    Well Axinia-, just finished reading the Ebook version from the Foundation-
    It appeared that The Spirit Guide-that was trans’allocating this vision was formally in the “real life” a Brahmani, thus he was first at the Indian Zatomi, then move on to Russian, probably an Indian who then in his life married to a Russian , lost his caste, converted to Christianity

    @ Thus all the vision basically grounded of little bit in Christianity blend much with Hindusim’s myths and traditions plus a touched of Buddhism

    @ Sooo the counterpart is that of Emanuel Swedenborg: his vision on “Heaven and Hell”-which is totally/absolute grounded solely on the christian orthodoxy /with quotes from The Christian Scriptures.
    Note: Both Daniel/Emanuel played down the “Islam factor”

    @Daniel’s vision on the Federation of all States-probably his own idea (personal’s creative mind”) much influenced by Gandhi “The Congress Party ” and also at the time the formation of ” The League of Nations” in San Francisco, then moved to New York-became the present United Nations.

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