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What are we longing for? February 17, 2010

So much of our lives is spent in a longing and a search – for what, we don’t know.

So many of our ostensible “goals”, so many of the things we think we want, turn out to be the masks behind which our real desires hide; they are symbols for the actual values and qualities for which we hunger.

They are not reducible to physical or material things, not even to a physical person; they are psychological qualities; love, truth, honesty, loyalty, purpose – something we can feel is noble, precious, and worthy of our devotion. We try to reduce all this to something physical – a house, a car, a better job, or a human being – but it doesn’t work.

Without realizing it, we are searching the Sacred. And the sacred is not reducible to anything else.

by Robert A. Johnson

(image by me)


13 Responses to “What are we longing for?”

  1. Fatima Says:

    So very true.
    As an artist, there are many times where I cannot put my motivation into words. I want so badly for people to know my feelings, and understand my intentions and see something beautiful when they look at my art. Without this passion, I could see very little substitutes to help me find and outlet for such a desire.

    I’m sure that is true for every one that is passionate in their career, hobby or work.

  2. Charisma Says:

    so true axinia 😀
    the values we long for are sacred and nothing else can ever be a substitute for those values

  3. Charisma Says:

    hey Axinia,

    oh i dunno, does it mean something too??

  4. kanagu Says:

    Surely we are longing for something all our life and i think its natural too…
    And that picture is so beautiful… Nice click 🙂 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      thanks 😉 the problem with longing is that we are often not able to realise what we are loning for, and getting something material results in dissatisfaction…

  5. mirel Says:

    food of thought: ‘
    When we are born, we come with closed fists. And when we die, we go with open hands. What do we take with us?’
    sense & pure self-knowledge?

  6. swaps Says:

    And the sacred is not reducible to anything else.

    Sounds like a pearl of wisdom to me.

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