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The primordial archetype of the collective mind February 2, 2010

In spite of all the attempts to drive the Mother Goddess underground, or to eliminate her altogether, she still occupies the essential place in the collective mind. We should remember that our civilisation has arisen from the Neolithic culture, in which the Mother Goddess was the only deity. In this respect, our culture was not different for that which gave rise to the great civilisations of India, China and pre-Columbian America. We should not forget that, except for our own modern society, the Mother Goddesses been revered everywhere, and at all times.

This is what led C.G.Jung to recognise in the Mother the primordial archetype of the collective mind. His desciple, Erich Neumann, in his study of the archetype of the Mother Goddess recognised that the West neglected the matriarchal aspect of the collective consciousness and developed only the patriarchal aspect.

However, none of the attemps to banish the religion of the Mother from the human soul has ever been completely successful. The Eternal Feminine has always resurfaced in the one for or another. For the Greeks she took the form f Sophia, for the Jews that of Shekinah, and for the Christians that of Mary.

from “The Search for the Divine Mother” by Gvenael Verez

(image by unknown author)


29 Responses to “The primordial archetype of the collective mind”

  1. Even in the Baha’i Faith, the most recent World Religion, the Prophet-Founder, Baha’u’llah, received his Mission from a Vision of the “Maid of Heaven”………

  2. pooyan Says:

    nice post, nice pictures …. who is the painter ? I found it really cute.

  3. radha Says:

    i wanna kind of reproduce this painting, it`s a good inspiration!

  4. mirel Says:

    if I am not mistaken, this amazing painting ‘Mother Earth’ belongs to Jenness Cortez Perlmutter, the founder of the American Meditation Institute….also a landscape artist!

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  6. Tomas Says:

    Thank you for the post that radiates the peace and love

  7. We should remember that our civilisation has arisen from the Neolithic culture, in which the Mother Goddess was the only deity. In this respect, our culture was not different for that which gave rise to the great civilisations of India, China and pre-Columbian America.

    I don’t know much about pre-Columbian America or China, but in the so-called “great civilisation of India” (which was in reality as barbaric, sub-human, primitive and uncouth as any of its time), the Mother Goddess was DEFINITELY NOT the only deity. In fact, she was NOT EVEN ONE among the main deities – it’s a fact! The so-called “Mother Goddess” of the uncouth “civilisation” mentioned above was merely one among many, one who was popular only in some pockets and who had to play second fiddle to a long line-up of male deities.


    • axinia Says:

      Raj, the time which are meant here are the more ancient times that you mean. we talk about pre-civilisation and EVERYWHRE in the world people used to workship Mother. Long, long ago.

      • I guess so, Axinia. Even primitive man must have been aware that it was the feminine that gave birth to life and nurtured it, so they must have held it as sacred along with other natural elements. In fact, the Earth itself can be compared to the womb of the Mother Goddess Gaia that creates and nurtures all forms of life.

        Then why do so many silly, superstitious religions portray their “Creators” of life as exclusively male imaginary entities 😕

  8. An example of how true Mother Goddess worshippers are being slaughtered and driven out by the evil, savage, uncouth Indian empire (and its greedy corporate bedfellows), only because the tribals want to protect their sacred mountain and its pristine surroundings:

    Tribes vow to fight as mining given green light, ActionAid calls for Vedanta investors to take action.

    New Delhi, 08 August: Indian tribes today vowed to fight to the death rather than leave their sacred mountain as the Supreme Court of India gave the go-ahead for controversial FTSE 100 Company Vedanta Resources to mine bauxite, from their home, the Niyamgiri hills in southern Orissa.

    “Even if you kill us we will not give Niyamgiri. Our souls are in Niyamgiri. Our food, water, homes are in Niyamgiri. There is nothing without Niyamgiri,” says Jairam of Parsali Village, Rayagada district.

    “We are deeply connected with the mountain” says Jitu Jakaka, 21 year old activist. “We will not allow the company to mine our land, our sacred place,” he adds.

    The Kondh depend on the fertile forest and rivers of Niyamgiri for their food, water and livelihoods in an otherwise drought prone area. Cutting trees is a religious taboo for the Kondh. Their lifestyle and beliefs have protected the local environment for centuries.

    Vedanta and the company’s Indian arm Sterlite are set to mine bauxite, the raw material for aluminium, from the summit which the Kondh worship as the seat of their god. In a first for India, environmentalists, tribal activists, wildlife experts and human rights watch-dogs are united in their opposition to the mining project.

    Bratindi Jena of anti-poverty group ActionAid, one of the groups campaigning with the Kondh to save their mountain, says the cost of mining would be phenomenal:

    “Niyamgiri bauxite would come at the cost of clean water and pristine forest in an otherwise drought-hit area. Extracting it would constitute an outright assault on the culture of the indigenous people who live there and denies protection for their religious beliefs.”

    “We are calling on Vedanta investors to take a stand against environmental and human rights violations. The Norway Pension Fund recently sold its entire shareholdings worth over US$13 million. We hope other investors will take action and push the company to abandon its plans to mine Niyamgiri.”

    Experts have pointed out that the project fails to make economic sense for India. Existing ‘brown field’ bauxite deposits are already well able to meet India’s projected aluminum needs. Under Vedanta’s proposals, the precious mineral in the ‘green field’ site of Niyamgiri would be transferred to the company at a fixed price divorced from the reality of the international aluminum market.

    “Even at this late hour we call on the government of India to intervene decisively to allow the relevant authorities to reconsider such rapacious plunder of our natural resources, and protect the Kondhs livelihoods, home, identity and the sanctity of their most religious site,” Jena adds.

    Tribal rights watch-dog Survival International points out that, in common with other displaced tribal groups worldwide, the Kondh would also lose their health, their self-sufficiency and their expert knowledge about the hills, forests and farming systems that they have nurtured.

  9. Atlantic Says:

    Hey Axina, I was just wondering where the idea comes from that the word Shekinah is feminine. I’d like to point out that the word itself means “He rested” in the Hebrew language.

    Naturally you would know that I would disagree on this topic.
    Of course nature would suggest in most cases with a few exceptions that life comes more directly from the female and yet from where comes that life giving power. I mean to say she has it, but can she explain it. Most all things begin with a female but beyond that we can not see. However even she had a beginning. Nature can’t prove nor know its source so as to convince anyone with human lodgic. Only the spiritual. Is the true source of life which we can not see Male or Female? Our only understanding of the gods or God comes from the past generations. Then we choose to believe or not. But what’s the point… does it matter one way or the other. I guess from my stand point to think the other way would take away all credability from the holy books of the different faiths, mine being Christian. At least most. And well you know that my beliefs would then be meaningless. But I trust in the records of the past and judge them to be true partly based on evidence and partly based on faith. And if not for those things, for me, there would be no reason for believing in anything.


  10. Atlantic Says:

    As far as I don’t agree with the theme, that was a really awesome video Raj. I really enjoyed the music!

    • Thanks, Atlantic! It’s great to see you here after a long time 🙂

      The music of that video has such an unexplainable quality to it… and that lady’s voice is almost unreal in its sweetness!

      I fully respect your disagreement with this topic. But naturally, I have different ideas 🙂

      As you’ve already mentioned, all life begins from the female. Probably, when life itself began as a conditional accident on our fertile planet, the only life forms for hundreds of billions of years must have all been female. Male life forms must be much, much newer to the planet. So, perhaps all primitive societies recognised that the female form, in the form of “the Mother Goddess” was a life-giving entity whom they worshipped along with all the other natural elements that they respected, feared or simply did not understand in the form of “gods” and “goddesses”. This must have been the case among all the primitive societies, all around the world.

      • Atlantic Says:

        Your welcome Raj, and your right, her voice is sweet. I could listen all day! Also, Thanks to you too. Somehow I knew you’d stop by to say hello. There is nothing on this blog that I appreciate more than your thoughts and those put forward by Axina. Sometimes it makes me smile to see how different we all are. Both of you have Ideas that are so rational and well formed and yet so apposed to my own as well as each others. That fascinates me! And when I hear your arguments in defense of your beliefs it leaves me feeling something special. I think I learn to understand and value differences in people and part of the reason is that believe it or not I see a little of me in each of you. You probably think that strange.

        From time to time I love to check up and see what’s being said. I had some big changes since the passing of my mom when I last commented. And while I liked to read, I was afraid to say anything for fear of becoming involved in your conversations. Of course, I did find myself tempted more than once! Cause as you probably well know, in the past I haven’t usually shyed away from sharing an opinion.

        Just one question. While your reasoning is that it takes a female to create life on this planet, how many organisms do we know of that can reproduce without a male. So what then, the need for a male would have been developed later on? We see that no matter what one believes there is always in opening in the theory to give reason for unbelief if one so choses. Which I guess is why we all have, and may always have our own distinct points of view.

        I know that life can’t begin without a female… But as far as I can see life can’t begin without a male either. Therefore it must have been something supernatural. A miracle even. Something unexplainable to what you or I can comprehend.

        Your friend,


        • axinia Says:

          Atlantic, what a beautiful comment!…thanks for leaving these sincere word here.

        • Atlantic/Newfoundlander,

          I’m very sorry to hear that your mom had passed away 😦 It must have been an extremely difficult thing for someone like you, brought up in a traditional Christian Western family, to lose your dear mother 😦 I hope Christ gave you (and your family) the courage to overcome the terrible loss.

          I’m aware of how those from other “cultures” deliberately stereotype and mock the lack of so-called “family values” in the West. From your comments, I understand that you were raised in a loving, caring, Christian family (probably in a small town or semi-rural area) in a close-knit community that had many families similar to yours. I bet those who mock and ridicule the lack of “family values” in the West would be forced to change their (misguided) opinion if they had a look at a family in your community 😐

          It’s a different matter (and a real pity 😦 ) that the real Western family structure (that will shame the hordes of loveless “families” that exist in other “cultures”) is being deliberately destroyed by a culture of crap and trash that is being imposed on communities such as yours.

          It comes as quite a relief to hear that you appreciate my thoughts 😉 I’m quite aware of how I’m hated for saying things as they are, which many are fully aware of, but most are ashamed to express. Though I admit, the use of “certain kinds” of words and phrases on my part, may be the reason that triggers the hatred against me 😐

          I don’t think it strange at all that you can see a little of yourself in Axinia and me. For despite our opinions being as different as chalk and cheese, I would have had a similar opinion as yours if I had been in your place or you in mine and so on 🙂

          How is the weather in your place at this time of the year? I hope you aren’t buried under a ton of snow 😐

  11. Atlantic Says:

    It is true that Israel at some points in their history were influenced by the surrounding nations and did worship and believe in the “queen of heaven” but for this they were criticized by the prophets and it was given as a reason for their captivity in Babylon.

    The Roman Church also, widely seen as representing Christianity also worships the mother Mary however this is not according to the scriptures they profess to believe in but merely their traditions. Most other Christian churches are not so. Which is a part of the reason for the split in denominations.

    Other world beliefs I can not speak for as I don’t really know where they stand. But it does seem to me that most worship “both” male and female entities. Pretty much always have through history.

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