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How to measure your Spiritual Growth? January 28, 2010

We all know – the Ego wants to take, to absorb, to possess everything and the heart only wants to give, to share, to nourish.

Suddenly a simple idea stroke my mind: it’s so easy to check out how far I am in my spiritual growth by a simple test. I just need to watch and introspect how often I want to get and how often to give.

When I think of it, I remember that people who impress me with their spiritual depth are extremely giving, amazingly generous, heartedly caring… And I recall some who do as if they were spiritually evolved but one can’t get anything from them – no time, no attention, no sharing, no presents… literary nothing.

Since the heart is the place where the Spirit dwells, it becomes obvious that the larger the heart is, the stronger is the manifestation of the Spirit and thus the beauty of spiritual growth.

Check yourself 🙂

LOVE, axinia

(image by me)


18 Responses to “How to measure your Spiritual Growth?”

  1. radha Says:

    the spiritualometer 🙂

  2. Peter Says:

    Not so many people would like to give. May be they are still babies. 🙂

  3. pooyan Says:

    there are some other aspect, e.g., love :
    how much I love others? how much I care for others ?!!
    how much I need someone to love me and care for me !

    just to complete your “Spiritualometer” as Radha said 😉

  4. axinia Says:

    yea, but this is clear…love is above all, sure!

    but with love, you cannot “measure” and with giving – you definitely can 🙂

    Apart from that giving is nowhting else but love, right?

  5. mirel Says:

    spirituality a living process, hence always in progress:)))
    Aaddhyatmikata, the sanskrit term for it, explaines the whole magic in it:
    By giving and sharing, we definitely learn and empower ourselves….i quess, our heart/ Anahata is the actual spiritualmeter! Lets work on it:)))

  6. axinia Says:

    mirel, i fully agree, spirituality and actually the personal grow is a living process, without an end. But it is still good to see at some point where I am now.

  7. mirel Says:

    this blog, your info/visual material sharing and your dedication, on the whole, shows us your spiritual growth. its kinda your spiritualmeter…. in fact, no words are necessary to measure it. you’ve been already given a lot..

  8. Samir Says:

    What is it to the spirituality, beyond giving/altruism ?

  9. Fatima Says:

    I love giving. It makes you feel connected to the person you give to, no matter what it may be.

  10. Tomas Says:

    Your words convey the truth. I was inspired to think and thus have tried to overview my blogs http://artbytomas.blogspot.com/ and http://candleday.wordpress.com/ in the light of your article for my response would be not the musings but as possible more objective statement.
    Yes, the giving marks our spiritual maturity and the growth is the desirable, yet is it possible to LOVE the giving?
    As I meet the needy, I give him what I can at a moment without any thinking about what I am doing. That comes out as if out of itself… As I recall such things, I know that was fine, yet such reasoning mean just one – at a moment I am not giving anything to any (now I’m just writing and memorizing what was what and why it was so)
    Spiritual growth … I think that the attempts to measure her would lead us nowhere despite the wisdom of such approach, because that would demand to focus on how we look on the outside and thus would be the artificial already, meanwhile the growth is the natural process and it either takes part in our life or not.

  11. solveig Says:

    Just a brilliant idea.

  12. valarity Says:

    Speaking from personal experience . . . there is a pitfall in giving. That is, if we are giving without detachment. Then it becomes just another device of the ego. If we think it is we who are giving then we are lost. We can go on a crusade of giving with the idea of achieving something and end up almost worse off spiritually. Rather, from a state of complete detachment, we can become an instrument of giving. And then it flows so naturally.

    The evolution of humankind is inevetible and yet our attachments only weigh us down and slow our ascent. I appreciate your sincere efforts and heartfelt words.

  13. symilano Says:

    I think that HEART and GIVING it’s the point, its the fuel of our ascent! but i think that there are also some Spiritual Achievement you can see in your spiritual “carrer”. i’ll try to make a little list from my personal experience,

    what i experienced:
    -vibrations feeling on hands
    -vibration feeling on head (all the zone of different chakras)
    -“talking” with vibrations, using them in decision making
    -reading other people chakras
    -healing other people chakras
    -reading and healing other people chakras from DISTANCE( i tried 4000km distance and it worked)
    -using bandhan in daylife (speed and accuracy in event-changing its the meter here)
    -astral travelling(in the past years, before sahaja yoga)
    -be aware of the aid of Ganas, and use the intuition instead of mental toughts.
    -being very humble with all and be mind-opened (intuition can lead you in place you can’t imagine)
    -feeling vibrations from paintings and things (hot or cold)

    maybe this is a rough method to measure the spiritual level, but its good to share also these things.

    if you have anything to add please share 🙂


    • axinia Says:

      i am not sure these things tell us about the ascent as such, for many people get self-realisation ” in advance”, without being really spiritually evoleved.

      And they CAN feel vibrations and all that. Spiritual ascent is a matter of hard on-going work on oneself.

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