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In the Beginning of Time January 21, 2010

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In the beginning of time,

 there rose from the churning of God’s dream two women.

One is the dancer at the court of paradise,

 the desired of men, she who laughs and plucks the minds of the wise
from their cold meditations

and of fools from their emptiness;

and scatters them like seeds with careless hands in the extravagant
winds of March, in the flowering frenzy of May.

The other is the crowned queen of heaven,

 the mother, thronedon the fullness of golden autumn;

she who in the harvest-time
brings straying hearts to the smile sweet as tears,

 the beauty deep as the sea of silence,

-brings them to the temple of the Unknown,
at the holy confluence of Life and Death.

Rabindranath Tagore

(image by me)


6 Responses to “In the Beginning of Time”

  1. axinia Says:

    here comes out the essence of the Femail nature…astonishing poetic beauty by Tagore!

  2. Makk Says:

    Excellent! (by the way i am no one to comment on Tagore but still I felt like)

    Nice Pic.

  3. mirel Says:

    father of Bengali literature! Tagore once wrote:
    “Joy flows through the universe,
    The sun and moon drink of it
    A full measure.
    The light of the joy of goodness
    Stays ever effulgent… Why are you all by yourself, confined to Your own ego?”
    his spirituality explores the dynamic principle that touches every aspect of life and the guiding principle that leads human existence from partiality to fullness
    indeed ecelent pic….thankYOU

  4. pooyan Says:

    wow, It was such a beautiful poem, the way he describes :
    “the beauty deep as the sea of silence” … awesome .

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