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What I miss in Avatar and many similar films January 6, 2010

The idea of a Super Hero is something which is so typical for the Western Film production that nobody questions it. Having my Soviet background, when we used to watch films with a winning team, not a Super Hero, I get sick of the this typical One Man Show.

Even if Avatar can be considered as a breakthrough into the new technological and even spiritual level (at some point), then still the message of one man saving the world seems very unnatural to me.

Although in the history of humanity we had many single leaders who managed to bring about the changes, I believe that very soon, if not starting with Today, the humanity will evolve to the next level of collective action. I do not mean that the masses will act unorganised. I think at some point when we all reach a certain level of awareness (some more some less, but still) we can jump into this new dimension of collective decision making, acting and achieving.  

And then they will finally make great films about collective power winning over, and not the single super man acting as the only Hero.

LOVE; axinia

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21 Responses to “What I miss in Avatar and many similar films”

  1. Cristian Says:

    Agree 100% percent, Axinia. Just saw the movie yesterday, and though its “spiritual message” content is well intended, it still lacks some concepts like the one you bring up here, which I totally subscribe to.
    Still, I would give it the credit that being this one a movie for mass audiences, hopefully it will at least put some first seeds in many people towards educating themselves spiritually a bit more, and start their paths towards new levels of awareness.

  2. leelajesus Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    I enjoyed the film greatly but I see your point. Remember one of the most famous heros of the 80`s Rambo :-)? I think in one of the films he managed to destroy the whole former Soviet Union, or was it Vietnam? In Avatar we still have one hero that saves the whole planet but there is quite a development in the perception of the reality since the 80´s.

    Eventually I am sure people in the West will get bored of the single man saving the world and will take to more collective approach.

    Maybe the problem is that in people´s mind anything collective is the same as comunism 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      intresting point, Leela 🙂 yea, the communics was the Enemy and I wonder what my Western readers would say, it is looks like that to them?

  3. I’m surprised that you consider Avatar a super-hero film, Axinia 😕

    Sure, Hollywood does have quite a few super-hero, one man army films, but Avatar didn’t even remotely strike me as anything close to a super-hero film 😐

    Although I don’t watch too many movies, Avatar is one of the best I’ve seen in a long, long time, if not THE best of all time 🙂 I’ll explain why it struck a chord in me later.

    I could only watch it only in 2D, but the film is almost flawless if you ask me! 🙂 In fact, a film like Avatar contains so many fabulous messages that I don’t know where to begin. I’m not even mentioning the unmatched techno-wizardry that’s a part of the film.

    ➡ First, the chief protagonist of the film is a disabled person in a wheelchair. This can only happen in a western film. It reflects the humane manner in which civilised societies treat disabled people. In how many non-western films do you have a disabled person being taken to space, with no questions asked, let alone being portrayed as the hero of the film 😕 (I don’t even want to mention certain filthy, savage “cultures” which believe that disabled people deserve to suffer their “fate” for no fault of their own because of the uncouth, barbaric concept they call as “previous births’ karma”.)

    ➡ It has female roles as good as the male ones. Again, it’s something that can happen only in a western film and reflects the role women play in the civilised societies. Apart from the brave female warriors, the chief scientist (presumably the most learned and knowledgeable of them all) of the mission is a woman. How often do you see that in a non-western film 😕 (In cheap copies of Hollywood films that cater to certain uncouth hordes, this is unimaginable. At best, one can expect women to play heavily made-up dumb dolls, wearing ridiculous clothes, being chased around by filthy fellows who happen to be the protaganonists.)

    ➡ Even if the film was financed by capitalist corporations in a supposedly greedy capitalist society, the message is clearly against the savagery of the barbaric corporate scoundrels – which is what they are. I wonder how many Soviet films even tried to portray the Soviet regime as it was – a paranoid, power-hungry, tyrannical and totalitarian cabal 😕

    ➡ The director clearly hates the real life crimes committed by his (American) government and portrays them in an evil manner – think of where phrases like “shock-and-awe”, “pre-emptive strike” etc. in the film come from. Is there any Soviet director who tried to portray things like “Holodomor”, “Gulag” etc. in any film 😕

    ➡ The protagonist humans in the film, though they were brought there on a mission and paid to do a certain work, are clearly disgusted with the criminal deeds of their own fellows and rebel against their crimes and stand up for what is right, even if it involves going against their own people. This kind of ethical behaviour is clearly a sign of a film created by civilised people. I wonder how many among the uncouth hordes of the filthy societies would even dream of standing up for what is right if it involves opposing their own fellows 😕 (This kind of ethical behaviour, rooted in the Socratean philosophy of “The highest form of human excellence is to question oneself and others” is what differentiates the civilised societies and the savage hordes of the filthy societies.)

    Besides, it does show the triumph of team-work in the final battle. I love the way the protagonist, knowing the limitations of the meagre troops and firepower at his disposal, goes about rallying all support from the other clans as well as other creatures. Without the support of all the warriors from other clans and the home advantage (and Eywa), they would have clearly been pulverised.


  4. axinia Says:

    Raj, your points are really good and I see very wel what you mean. It is all true.

    I was expecting that someone will give an argument of the team work int he final batal – yes, but it is all thanks to the single hero and not the collective awareness.
    whatever it is…

    In a way, I think, the film is too perfect, or too artificial – somehow it is it did not touch my heart at all. I was fascianted, but my heard became untouched.
    I am not watching films a lot eigher, but the film that really touchend me was “It’s a beautiful life” Roberto Benigni. That was very powerful.

  5. I haven’t watched the film you mentioned, Axinia, I’ll try to! 🙂

    I thought you would simply love a movie like Avatar 😕 – it’s about things like the “spirit”, a Mother Goddess Eywa (similar to our own Gaia), collective awareness (like how every living Pandoran is interconnected to each other and can feel it), science, life-long love, triumph of “socialism” 😉 over the greed and barbarism of the “corporate” savages 😡 , even things like the “transmigration of souls” 😯 and something that vaguely resembles thoughtless awareness 😉


  6. axinia Says:

    it is true, Raj, Avatar has absolutely everything I normally love. But really, no idea why but the film does not touches me…may be because there was nothing new to me in there?

    And probably also because I cannot idetify with any protagonist in there. They say, it is the sign of appreciation – our ability to indentify ourselves with a charachter.
    By now, from all these popular films I could only indentfy myself with Neo from Matrix 🙂

  7. Dear Axinia,

    Thanks for putting up this post on this fabulous movie. The main reason why this movie touched my heart is not because of its sophisticated techno-wizardry animation nor the points I mentioned in my previous comment.

    It’s because, right now, at this very moment, the uncouth, savage, barbarocratic Indian empire is waging an evil, unholy, bloodthirsty war on the tribals of Central and Eastern India – it’s aptly named “Operation Green Hunt” since the filthy empire is hunting its own “green” people in the guise of fighting the so-called “Maoists”. For millenia, these tribals have been natural inhabitants of these forests – eking out a simple existence in harmony with nature whom they worship in different forms.

    Okay, but why is the evil empire determined to slaughter, rape, loot and massacre its own people? And why now, all of a sudden? The answer is eerily similar to the events happening in Avatar. You see, my friend, just like the Na’vi people of Pandora were sitting on massive deposits of the mineral Unobtanium which sold for eye-popping amounts of money for a gram, the poor tribals are actually sitting on massive deposits of a variety of minerals. These forests are a kind of goldmine of minerals. And the evil eyes of the barbarians who run the uncouth Indian empire have fallen on this goldmine. Together with the savage corporate scoundrels, both foreign and Indian, these creatures have hatched an evil plot to loot these minerals completely. What’s stopping the loot and land-grab? Just like the Na’vi people of Pandora, the poor, simple, nature-worshipping outcaste “adivasis” of central-eastern India are the only hurdle preventing the barbarians of the uncouth Indian empire and their corporate controllers from laying their filthy hands on this goldmine.

    One must not forget that, in a Third World pseudo-democratic barbarocracy, it makes no difference as to which party is in power. The bloody blue-turbaned thug, (inhu)Manmohan Singh and his shameless sidekick Pee ‘Shit’ambaram, are the scoundrels who are chiefly responsible for this evil mass slaughter. But in Chattisgarh, there is an opposition party and those savages are equaly responsible for the savagery in that state. It’s yet another political party in Orissa. And in West Bengal, it’s the CPI(M).

    The Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPI(M) should not be confused with the Communist Party of India (Maoist) or CPI(Maoist). It’s got nothing to do with the difference between Marx and Mao. The CPI(Maoist) is the umbrella oganisation of the “Naxalites” or “Maoists”, the armed tribal guerrillas who are waging an armed struggle against the apathy, neglect, exploitation and abuse of the state towards its tribal citizens. The Commie Pigs of India (Marxist) on the other hand, are the most shameless, hypocritical, power-and-money-hungry, scum creatures on Earth that have organised themselves into a party.

    The situation of these poor, wretched tribals has been the same when they were under the nasty British empire as it is now, under the uncouth Indian empire, more than sixty years after the latter became “independent” of the former. In fact, though these nature-loving people happen to be outcastes under the disgustingly filthy caste system, their situation now is more precarious than it was at any point in the bloody history of the uncouth sub-continent. Right now, the savage Indian empire is menacingly threatening to annihilate them by unleashing bands of bloody mercenary thugs, named as COBRAS, SCORPIONS, CRPF, ITBP, AR and other such filth. This in addition to hordes of other rabid mercenary dogs, called the Salwa Judum.

    As if that were not enough, the scoundrels are also unleashing aerial mercenaries to hunt them from helicopter gunships (and also drones, like the ones used by the “Nobel Peace Laureate” 😈 to butcher children in Af-Pak). In fact, when the good (and beautiful, too 😉 ) lady pilot in the movie asks the hero, “How are we going to take on gunships with bows and arrows?”, I felt it was as if a tribal lady was asking her friend, “How are we going to fight the barbarians of the uncouth Indian empire in helicopter gunships with our rusted bows and arrows?” The parallel in real life was chilling.

    In fact, yet another scene when the two greedy scum beings in the movie decide to unleash bloody mayhem on the Na’vi for their stubborn refusal to leave their land also reminds of the blue-turbaned thug and his sidekick discussing among themselves that if the tribals don’t move out without fuss, the uncouth Indian empire will have to bomb them out of existence and hand over the land and its minerals for the corporate vermin to loot. So what if it results in the massacre of countless men, women and children? The vast majority of uncouth hordes that (over)populate the barbaric Indian empire wouldn’t even know. Even if they did, living in a semi-civilised “culture” and having been trained to voraciously lick boots, they wouldn’t care. Ethics? Morals? Conscience?Humanity? Civilised behaviour? What do those mean to the uncouth hordes 😕 Of course, the controlled media morons are always under the thumb of the establishment scoundrels. It’s very rare that someone in the mainstream media even writes an article about this:


    This mass slaughter is not exactly something new to the filthy, uncouth Indian empire – it had done it previously in its North-East to butcher different tribal peoples (and also to loot oil) as well as the slaughter that’s going on in Kashmir (for a host of reasons). But the scale of this wholesale slaughter is expected to be much, much greater and the loot expected to be even more.

    I can picturise the tribals getting together and proclaiming, “We will send the evil barbarians of the uncouth Indian empire and their corporate controllers a message! You cannot grab our land and loot its minerals! This land is ours!”

    Of course, things in real life work out differently than in reel life. The barbaric mercenaries of the uncouth Indian empire will probably slaughter the nature-loving tribals and the evil plotters will probably get away with the loot 😡

    However, by doing so, the evil empire will be repeating the mistakes of other such uncouth empires. What goes around, comes around. The uncouth empire will be reaping what it has sown. Like other criminal empires in history, these heinous crimes will permanently seal its fate 😐 It’s a pity that the wheels of natural justice are slow in turning. One can only hope that when the time comes, they are very accurate 😐

  8. Abhinayaraj Says:

    hmm.. Some say all the innumerable galaxies, etc make up this Universe and Others just talk about this “One” Universe.. BTW- Even the collective evolution we are talking about is because of the “One Avatar” who has descended to save! BTW- Avatar is good movie that is bound have a positive impact on human psyche. Opinions seems differing but actually we both are talking about the same thing! 🙂

  9. Abhinayaraj Says:

    May be, as you yourself mentioned, the soviet “Identity” is creating this barrier to feel it as it is, i feel 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      it is interesting that you feel so.
      In fact, i feel just the opposite, it is the Western or may be even Indian approach does not let people see the different side of the play…

      It is finally only one Truth but there are many sides we can see it from.

      ONE LOVE 🙂

  10. swaps Says:

    Seems like everyone has watched the movie except me 😦 😦

  11. TaoOfTweet Says:

  12. cordieb Says:

    I’ve got to see what all this controversy is over. I’ve going to find out if Avatar has been released in the U.S yet… and I’m going to see it. As for super heros, I know just what you mean! The collective conscious of all human beings is soon to take us into a journey into wonderland! I simply pray that the collective conscious will be that of love, and not that of hate. It’s time to reawaken in love!

    Blessings, Axinia!

  13. adrian Says:

    Interesting comments…

    If one takes away a lot of high tech stuff from the movie, we are left with the notion of the special connectedness that the Avatars have with plants, animals, etc and how they collaborate through their spiritual connectedness to overthrow “the destructive part of science”. The key for me was to focus on the essence of simply “being”… and it was in “simply being” that the knowledge was there to deal with what had to be done. Remember that “Jesus” was just one person of many… and you might think of him as “hero”… although I am sure he would never have thought of himself as that… it is to be without “ego and the need to judge” that we find the “way” to be… and in that to enjoy and truly experience life… which is what the Avatars knew… and that to me is what the movie was really about.

  14. radha Says:

    was sweet movie i went to watch it with my sis on a girlie day and we laughed alot coz for each blu krishna character we were finding a simil like person that we know in our lives. was fun 😆

  15. Sam Says:

    Avatar is my favourite film and the theme of the film is that a person is judged as good or evil by his actions and decisions.In the end,Jake’s discretion is reflected by his decision to back the extra terrestrials over his own race of humans.And the ET’s rise against all odds and defeat the humans with the help of their deity.
    The moral of the film was ‘help will always be given to him who stands by righteousness’.It was more of that moral and less of ‘ one man saving the world ‘

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