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My special New Year wishes to everyone! December 31, 2009

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I wish from the bottom of my heart that each and everyone can have a deepest experience of touching one°s Self, this deepest and the most beautiful part of our being.

I wish you all amazing experiences in finding the Truth and Beauty of Life.

The experiences of Oneness (which is becoming more and more easy nowadays).

The experiences of Love to all and oneself.

The experiences of Compassion.

The experiences of Enlightenment.

The experience of Achievement.

Many, many blessing for all of you, my dear ones…




11 Responses to “My special New Year wishes to everyone!”

  1. Wortman Says:

    Wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch und ein frohes neues Jahr 🙂

  2. Sakhi Says:

    Wish you a very happy and properous new year! 🙂



  3. My best wishes for you and yours this upcoming year.

  4. Many thanks, Axinia! Wish you a very, very Happy New year! 🙂

  5. pooyan Says:

    Thanks Axinia, we also wish you best of luck in the new year …

  6. Fatima Says:

    Many best wishes for you, too. Let us all do our very best this year!

  7. Princess Says:

    hi axinia,

    lovely wishes you give 😀 true and the ones we need the most



  8. CECE Says:

    : ) May you you also have a blessed year, with increasing wealth in all areas of your life.
    Peace and Love to all the other readers as well. 🙂

  9. axinia Says:

    my heartfelt thanks to everyone for the wonderful wishes!!

  10. Nova Says:

    Happy New Year to you my dear 🙂

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