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~My Bucket List :) Wishing, Hoping and Attaining~ December 29, 2009

No, it is not my New Year Resolution. It is simply a nice tag a friend Sahaja has asked me to do.

I am not someone who likes to achieve goals. If I have a task to fulfill (say, a project), I will determinately follow it, but I do no “achieve” goals. I belive that the power of my Spirit  attracts the Matter and thus I get things done without much effort. Thus I enjoy drifting on the waves of the Ocean of Life and see where it takes me to.

If we do not speaks of goals but of dreams, I have a small list of four, which I would like to see happening in this lifetime:

1. Save the world. No kidding! 🙂 I think that I have enough potential and powers to make an impact on many people. And I know many people who are of the same type. So the good chances are that one day we’ll do the job!

2. After I get and bring up my own children, I want to become a Principal of a Private School and realize my long time dream of a new generation school system, bringing up the best people of tomorrow. I have this concept already in my head and I am sure one day I will get a chance to fulfill this beautiful vision!

3. I want to build a house with my own hands. No kidding! (imagine I can do that! :)) I will do it alone, of cause, all my extended family is fascinated by the idea and wants to help. There is fasicantingly easy technique how to do it. One can build a beautiful cosy fairy house , cheap and secure, without engaging an architect and a building company! More information here.

4. When this house if built, I wish my dearest soulsister Tatiana will join me one day with her husband and child, and we will all live together in this lovely house, and also our parents can join us…It will be bubbling with love and joy!

I would not know what else..I think I have everything I need in my life.

None of this things can be fully realized in one year or even decade, but slowly things work out and all these dreams come true…I am sure.

I wish to all my dearest readership wonderful dreams and their fulfillment in 2010!!!

LOVE, axinia

(image by me)

P.S. Since this is such a nice tag, I would love to see what Sakhi, Alima, Valusha, Radha and Raj would say about their wishes. thanks, friends!:)


20 Responses to “~My Bucket List :) Wishing, Hoping and Attaining~”

  1. Sakhi Says:

    Hey, loved reading your wish list and am impressed (as usual!) 🙂

    And thanks for tagging me but i am off my blog for time being so will not be doing the tag… hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    wish you have all that you want and then some more in your life, always! 🙂


  2. pooyan Says:

    And I wish you all the best …

  3. ajalota Says:

    Regarding #2 – Building a new school system – There was a chapter in “Outliers”, by Malcom Gladwell, about a reformed school system in New York.

  4. swaps Says:

    Ah! sooo pleased and relieved to hear that 🙂

  5. Huihua Says:

    So nice! I really believe that dreams do come true if we have a strong enough belief….this reminds me of a famous lecture that Dr Randy Pausch gave “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”. It was a really inspiring talk before his death and was widely circulated on youtube. I used to have a dream book where i wrote down all my dreams….now looking back many of them have been fulfilled and others are not really relevant anymore…..

  6. Fatima Says:

    it’s always good to have dreams we know in our hearts will come true. I’m sure each of us who visits you has them.

  7. Valusha Says:

    Nice dreams 😉 Thanks for tagging me, I’ll try to make my list before new year comes…;)

  8. draupadi16 Says:

    Liebe Axinia!
    Danke, daß ich mir etwas wünschen darf:
    Ich wünsche mir Frieden, Freude, Gesundheit und genug zu essen für ALLE Menschen auf der Welt.
    Ich wünsche mir Geborgenheit für ALLE Kinder der Erde.
    Ich wünsche mir Respekt, Liebe und Zeit füreinander.
    Und ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Lieben ein wunderschönes Jahr 2010. Draupadi.

  9. Dinesh Says:

    Like birds, let us,
    leave behind what we don’t need to carry…
    Life is beautiful, Enjoy it.

  10. axinia Says:

    thank you my dear friends!
    I just wanted to add that I do not think it work will drems tht they come true. I believe that we dream of something that is already written in our destiny book 🙂 We want what we are supposed to desire…that is what I really feel about it.

    • I believe that we dream of something that is already written in our destiny book 🙂

      I would agree with you about the destiny book… except about its author(s)… each one is actually an author (but not the only one) of his/her own destiny book 😐


  11. Taco Says:

    hey guys, visit my blog! it’s about me and my friend’s bucket list for 2010 🙂

  12. radha Says:

    Axinia dear, it s not easy tag, just rough dreams here … eheh

  13. Lovely wishes, Axinia… I hope they all turn true!

    I don’t remember when was the last time I did a tag… I got tagged quite a few times and never did any of them 😐 My apologies to all those who tagged me 😦

    As for my wishes, they are varied… some are outlandish, some are mundane, some are seemingly impossible, some just happen to be unrealistic, some are secret and so on 😐

    4. When this house if built, I wish my dearest soulsister Tatiana will join me one day with her husband and child, and we will all live together in this lovely house, and also our parents can join us…It will be bubbling with love and joy!

    Glad [and extremely relieved(!) 😉 ] to hear that! 🙂 You once had an idea of permanently moving to one particular semi-civilised, heavily overpopulated (and very uncouth) Third World country… I don’t know if you have given up that shocking idea 😯


    • axinia Says:

      Dear Raj, this particular dream does notexclud the chance of moving to India! I am going to live a long life, and probably at the rental age I will move to India. By this time India might also change 🙂

  14. Rebecca Says:

    I happened upon your blog via Caravan of Dreams and I love it… You said and photographed my exact sentiments far better! I spoke of goals wishes and compassion and took a red berry plethura of pics:-)

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