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On Christmas day Mr. Jesus was begging me to crucify him! December 24, 2009

On the Christmas day I am flying to Rome. That’s symbolic… I will surely visit Vatican…I wonder if I will feel the presence of Christ in there?

Today I want to make a very unusual post – it’s a re-post of one blogfriend. This is a great fable was written by Suresh. I simply love that. It is hard to write up something better than that, really. The message is too good!


“In celebration of Christ” fable by Suresh:

As usual I was getting ready for morning prayer. You know today is special, its Christmas! and I have lot of people to attend to. I have been working as a Bishop for years and nothing much has changed except that church contributions have grown bigger and I have grown fatter and little balder. I have felt good being a Bishop!

My vesture looked nice and ironed. It’s always nice to walk around in Italy during Christmas, So much celebrations and festivity around. As I walked out of my house, a well built stranger with piercing eyes was waiting for me. I wished him well and asked him “who are you? What Can I do for you?”

He said “I am Mr. Jesus and I am here to bless you”


I said “Good Morning Mr. Jesus, Nice to see you and would you like to come with me to address morning prayers?

Jesus: “Sure if you insist,

I said with half smile “Son what do you want? good joke but what can i do?

He said “I want nothing, I am Jesus and I have come back to help my people. I waited for a second and then said “Sure, would you like to show me your ID or some proof that proves you are Mr. Jesus.

He just walked near my pool and started walking on water. Afterwards he came outside the pool and called my servant John,asked him to show his limping leg. It took him few seconds to cure Johns’ leg. For me everything was moving too fast. John was down on ground with folded hands in eternal prayer.

I knew that this man is really Jesus!I thought this is not going well and its an important morning . I called Mr. Jesus inside “What’s this magic you are doing? I was stern and serious.

Jesus said “there is no magic, this is who I am” he continued “Can we go to prayer hall now? and I would love to meet my followers and dear Christians. I have waited for this day for so long.

I had to tell Jesus the truth.

Look Mr. Jesus I can’t take you and introduce you in prayer hall”

Why not? Jesus asked.

I said “I have too much at stake, If you are the Jesus then why would anybody listen to me again? Why would anybody come to church again? What about me being Bishop? I have worked hard throughout my life to come to this position and I can’t just give it away. I am starting to have little fun you know.

Jesus said” but I thought you love me and you wanted me to resurrect again?

I said” Yes yes that’ true but things have changed since you are gone. We have built empire around us and we have charitable institutions, Banks and millions of priests depending on this setup. If you come now then it’s going trouble for all of us. We can’t allow the real Jesus to surface. Because we have too much at stake.

Jesus looked little sad “ what do I do now? Where shall I go?

I said “you stay at my place. No one will know, You can tell me stories about Bible and your crucification”. I will take care of you but I can’t introduce you to the world.

Jesus said “ Ok would you like to crucify me at least? That way there is a new hope for my loved ones?

Me: I can do that and what reason can I use now to crucify you?

Jesus : how about WAR? I want to die so that WAR can be stopped?

Me: Listen Mr. Jesus! , I know you are excited about the Crucification, but this is going bit too far. If you prefer I can shoot you. Don’t even consider WAR. We have politicians, businessmen supporting us in our community. The moment you take on them we will not get their support. So please stay out of this non-violence business. We need them and they need us. this nexus is working well for years!

Jesus: What do I do now?

Me: listen we have a problem here. I am running late for prayers. I will think through this. When I come back I will find a way to kill you. First of all you made a mistake coming back. Now you are troubling me. But don’t worry, you have given me a good life. So let me crucify you in return.

End of the fable

Parting note:

You will avoid that man. It is dangerous. Only those who are very courageous can come near to a Jesus. The greatest courage is needed to come near a man like Jesus. That means you are ready to take the jump into the abyss, you are ready to lose yourself.



LOVE, axinia


25 Responses to “On Christmas day Mr. Jesus was begging me to crucify him!”

  1. swaps Says:

    I want to meet Him.

  2. A sufi story for you:

    A Bektashi dervish apporached a certain bishop and said: ‘I have heard of a young man who harangues crowds, advocating their breaking the law, claims supernatural
    connetions, performs “miracles” and contradicts himself….”

    ‘Enough!’ said the bishop. ‘he shall be tired, charged
    with blasphemy and upsetting public. If he does not recant, he
    may be put to death as a heretic and corrupter. Just tell me
    his name, and I shall arrange the rest!’

    ‘I wish you could realize how impressed I am by your
    competence,’ said the Bektashi. ‘His name is Jesus.’

    – take from the Magic Monastery by Idries Shah

  3. Great story, Axinia 🙂

    I guess one cannot feel the presence of Christ in the Vatican 😐

    What does the Vatican have to do with Christ 😕 It’s merely the seat of power of the Catholic Church – that presides over a ritualistic religion that was invented by combining the primitive beliefs of the pagan hordes with the words of some of Jesus’ followers that were handed down.

    Christ would probably disown the Vatican (and many other Churches) if he were alive today. Instead of civilising the lowly barbarians of the world (especially the uncouth hordes that overpopulate the semi-civilised parts) by spreading the message of Christ, most of these Churches are more interested in spreading their influence, reach and rituals and in competing with each other (and with other religions). These Churches have failed Christ and Christianity miserably 😦

    Perhaps, Christ knew such a thing would happen 😐 Perhaps he was aware that making the uncouth, barbaric savages of the world behave in a manner befitting civilised humans would not happen even in the 21st century. Unfortunately, infusing civilised values into all clothed-apes-with-opposable-thumbs has proven to be a task that was beyond even a saint as great as Christ 😦 It would probably be too difficult even if he were to be born a second time 😐

    • axinia Says:

      you are right, Raj!

      • By the way, it just struck me now, Axinia, that this particular statue of Jesus looks a bit different – in which place is it located 😕

        I don’t remember having seen Christ being depicted in this particular pose before 😐 This pose (sitting with folded legs) is kind of associated with Buddhist/Jaina monks. I’ve seen Jesus being depicted on the cross, as a toddler in his mother’s arms, standing with his welcoming arms outstretched, sitting at a table or preaching while seated on a rock, but I’ve never seen this depiction before 😐 And it looks like Christ is holding some kind of book in his hand – what could it be? It cannot be the Bible, can it 😕

        • volodimir108 Says:

          the statue is from India.

          • Just as I had suspected 🙂 The folded legs and the garlands clearly give it away… but exactly which place 😕

            • volodimir108 Says:

              I don’t really know. I have found it somewhere in net. I also used it for my blog, it is a new perspective on Christ. Besides, I believe that he lived in India for some time.

              • swaps Says:

                That is very sad. I was hoping this statue was from the West. Anyway, this one is the best so far… it is almost alive.

                  • swaps Says:

                    It is sad because it means the cross will continue to represent Christianity glorifying suffering, sacrifice and penance. May be that is how it was meant to be – a mascot for a PR campaign to control people. Whereas Christ in meditation – personifying detachment, has no religious utility.

                • Anyway, this one is the best so far… it is almost alive.

                  😯 😯 😯

                  Unfortunately, for me, this seems to be the worst depiction of Christ 😦 It tries to portray him as a bubble-dwelling saint, content to sit by, dream of imaginary, non-existent worlds and idly watch the uncouthness, decadence, barbarism and primitivity of his regressive society.

                  Thankfully, Christ was none of that! He was a pro-active saint, a reformist, a rebel against the ethical decadence of the uncouth society in which he lived, one who questioned the archaic and barbaric practices of his time, an active healer and one who came to the aid of those in need.

                  As far as I know, he wasn’t sitting still in a place, existing in an imaginary bubble of his own making. He went about cleansing uncouth societal practices, curing the sick, rehabilitating deviants and preaching civilised behaviour. And he was crucified precisely for that. So his depiction on the cross or with his welcoming arms outstretched sounds very appropriate.

                  Though I too believe there is a decent chance that Christ might have visited Kashmir, I’m relieved he wasn’t born in the sub-continent 😐 It was good that he was born in a place close to civilisable societies. Such a noble soul would have been lost to the world and completely wasted if he had been born in a hopelessly uncouth part of the world 😐

                  • It is sad because it means the cross will continue to represent Christianity glorifying suffering…

                    I wonder where ideas like “Christianity glorifying suffering” or “Christianity calling on people to suffer” come from??? 😕

                    Like all primitive, uncouth “cultures”, Christ lived in a society that osctracised suffering. It’s only natural for all savage hordes to believe that earthly suffering happens because of certain barbaric concepts their Paleolithic minds believe in. This was the reason why all uncouth peoples ostracised/ostracise suffering and believe that sufferers should be rejected, abandoned, humiliated, ridiculed and ignored (or at best, pitied).

                    Being a revolutionary saint and a noble soul who couldn’t tolerate such disgusting, sub-human practices, Christ began preaching that God was for all, including the suffering. It was something no part of the uncouth world had ever heard of before. The world had seen plenty of mystics, bubble-dwellers and others such as politicians, even tyrants and killers being glorified as saints and godmen, but it had never seen a true humanitarian saint before. Here walked a man who went about curing lepers, aiding the distressed, freeing slaves, feeding the hungry, rehabilitating prostitutes, reforming repentant sinners while preaching that “God” was for all.

                    The sheer shock factor would have been too much for even his disciples, let alone the uncouth hordes. Instead of conforming to the savage societal practices of his time and shunning the sufferers, the rebel saint went about reaching out to all kinds of sufferers and aiding them, telling them that God was with all of them, especially the sufferers. It must have truly been the greatest turning point in the history of human civilisation. Never before did a saint openly proclaim, “God has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed etc.” and more importantly, exhorted his followers to the same.

                    Humans, who lived as uncivilised hordes in societies that followed barbaric jungle laws, for the first time realised what civilised behaviour means. They learned that savage, sadistical instincts and barbaric ideas about the concept of suffering made them no different from uncouth beasts. The beastly hordes and brain-dead sheeple for the first time in history had a shepherd to guide them on the path to civilisation.

                    It isn’t a wonder that societies that were exposed to the teachings of Christ for centuries were the first to civilise themselves. Also, it is no wonder that almost every modern civilised concept can be traced back to the message of Christ.

  4. sanath Says:

    i just love this fable, thank you:) i agree, meeting Him is possible if you know the ways..:)

  5. cordieb Says:

    Happy New Year Axina. What a great fable you’ve shared with us – the scary thing is I thing it rings a bit of truth! If Jesus were to come back in the flesh today, surely he would be persecuted, again.

    Blessings as always, C.

    BTW, have you heard anything from Molly. I met you through her blog, yet she’s not posted since I don’t know when.

  6. Delaine Heyn Says:

    I’m surprised there haven’t been more comments about this. Seems like the sort of thing people should be discussing every day. We just don’t have that much meaningful dialog anymore.

    • cordieb Says:

      You must have missed all the comments about the controversial statue of Christ, above. 🙂 The statue produced more dialog, so far, than the posting. Quite interesting… 🙂

      • axinia Says:

        Thanks, cordieb I also find this discussion very interesting! I obviously used this image on purpose, as I find it also a very refreshing, especially for the Chrisitans 🙂

        BTW, you asked the other time about Molli – I really don’t know anything about her … I mean why she stopped blogging…many people do stop, for various reasons. Recently a great blogger-friend of mine, Nita, has toped too. What a loss for the blogosphere!!.. but that is life.

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