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Slideshow: Winter in Vienna December 21, 2009

Finally a true winter feeling in Vienna – snow and -10 Degree Celsius! I love it. A snowy winter has its spell and it has been a rare gift in the recent years. Mostly we had warm, snowless winter times…

I made up a  slideshow of my recent photos  for you to share the joy:




11 Responses to “Slideshow: Winter in Vienna”

  1. symilano Says:

    thanks sister! here in milan we had already 30cm of snow and it’s keeping snowing. wooonderful!! even if it took 4 hour and half to come back home! 😀

  2. swaps Says:

    But where is the snow castle you wanted to build??

  3. Princess Says:

    fabulous picture axinia..
    white snow, the lights and all are taking to a dreamy place

  4. Alenok Says:

    Oh, the bitter taste of frozen rowan berries! I miss them so… For some reason rowan trees don’t grow here, I’ll have to plant one someday. Thanks for the beatifull pictures!

  5. Nice pictures… thanks for sharing! 🙂

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