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my reflections on facebook December 15, 2009

Two years back I posted “how many bloggers use Facebook” saying that real bloggers don’t need Facebook and it’s a waste of time :). Either Facebook has developed itself to the best, or I have changed my ways, but somehow or rather I started appreciating Facebook. In fact, I found out how much fun and use it can be! By now I have about 620 friends (not everyone I know in person though) and that is not the limit for me. I love to watch this sea of souls communicating and sharing… fascinating!!

Here are my Facebook goodies:

1. It is a brilliant manifestation of collective intelligence: sharing and supporting each other gets easier for people, even if they don’t really know each other. I belive it is Facebook that made the breakthrough into collective online awareness – not everyone is a born blogger and blogging is a job after all :)… but everyone can make a step into the online life through Facebook.

2. New virtual friendships establish themselves probably even easier than through blogging – and then, online leads to offline! When i started using Facebook, I only wanted to have my real life friends there. But soon other people (mutual  friends, etc.) joined in and I realised how much fun it can be to meet and get to know better people with whom you would probably never met otherwise (not only because of the distance, but also because of differences in background and interests).

3. An interesting phenomenon: with some people whom I hardly know offline and kind of rediscover online – we can have a very intense Facebook connection, however it does not lead to its offline manifestation. Even if we meet then (occasionally),  it never comes to the Facebook intensity…I have 3-4 examples already. Any idea why?

4. Great links, travel photos, private photos (so sweet!) and just what matters for everyone is a daily live… so much to enjoy! It gives a great community feeling.

5. Quite a number of people became my Facebook friends because they know me from blog (only) – there is something special in that “silent readers” emersion when they suddenly turn up and say” hey, I have been reading your blog since years” – even if they don’t comment on the blog, I am lucky to get their comments on FB then 🙂

6. And after all, facebooking is definitely a nice opportunity to share the blog posts 🙂

I assume most of my readers are Facebook users  – please share your reflections!

thanks 🙂



14 Responses to “my reflections on facebook”

  1. Princess Says:

    Samething happened to me too 😉
    i started Fb account long back and closed it sometime soon.
    And now I started it again and i spend a lot of time connecting with people. It’s so much fun like you say.

    I love facebook too 😀
    would find you soon there friend


  2. Ldinka_108 Says:

    love to feel that world is soooooo big and I’m not lost in there ! 🙂

  3. swaps Says:


    (But FB is not intimate enuf for me 🙂

  4. radha Says:

    hi there dear, regarding your point 3 the communicative human system is still misterious in 2009 and it is all to be discovered, understood and handled with lots lots of care. i am getting similar experiences and i am opened to see how they develop and grow, all is possible, but few things are a “must have” anyway.

    yes i remember your old post abt FB and now look at the change. no surprise, it is very common and also beautiful and cool to change mind reg. something- to me it happens almost all the times, it feels really good~

  5. symilano Says:

    i think facebook give us the opportunity to feel somehow the experience of others. We can see place’s from the human eye view that otherwise is impossible to see except to travel there.
    Maybe the ability to see also many private things of people we don’t know, or people we want to know more, it’s also a good thing, because there are no more “secret”, all it’s exposed; the chance to lie its reduced.
    a joyful hug!

    • axinia Says:

      great input…i think it is not about exposing the “secret” of other lives, but just getting to know…as you said.
      I find it very enjoyable too!

  6. Facebook also has some extremely addictive games that require one to “network” with people to progress in the game. A blogger friend introduced me to the Mafia Wars game on facebook and I immediately got addicted to it 😐 I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone since it can be very addictive 😉

    • axinia Says:

      good point, Raj! 🙂
      As I never play any computer games, I blocked this part of FB and just forgot about it…I know many are playing…

      • symilano Says:

        the games are a waste of time, i see many people at university playing Farmville!! i used to play games when i was younger, but then i realized that if our reality is the Maya ( so is an illusion), games are the Maya of the Maya !! XD…better not to play with them, there are so many realms that we can enjoy in our Dreams.

  7. Nita Says:

    Axinia, I felt exactly like you – that facebook is a waste of time. However some of my real life friends persuaded me to join and I have and I agree it is a good thing to keep in touch. I am actually at a place where I do not want too many people as my facebook friends. The majority of my facebook friends are real life people and a few are online. However I do not go to facebook often and have blocked all games! 🙂
    I wonder if I will progress to where you are. I am a flexible person, always open to change. Maybe one day I might embrace facebook more fully. Who knows.

  8. Axinia dear,

    There is something about sites like facebook that worries me seriously. And that is privacy and online security 😐

    I discovered that many are liberally and freely posting too much information about themselves on facebook. It makes me uncomfortable to know that my friends are taking the security and privacy issues with facebook too lightly 😦

    The online world is a big, bad world just like the real world, or worse. At least in the real world, you would become aware if someone is stalking you or keeping an eye on you with evil intentions in mind. One would never be aware of such things in the online world.

    What’s worse is that facebook is a site that’s notorious for its privacy issues. With more and more people using facebook, it can easily become a tool for scum beings looking to harm people. Children and teenagers are especially at risk, since they usually aren’t aware of how baddies in the cyberworld function. Parents need to keep an eye on what their children are doing online and educate them about the risks of using social networking sites.

    I hope people become fully aware of the privacy and security issues with sites like facebook and think twice before putting something out there that could be used against them 😐

    It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


    • axinia Says:

      hi Raj, I am aware of that, thanks. But it is true, most of the people are not aware…they have to learn.
      Facebook is not diffrent to a real life: just never tell or show people what you woudl not like EVERYONE to know.
      I find it is a good traning for…wisdom 🙂

  9. […] Two years back I posted "how many bloggers use Facebook" saying that real bloggers don't need Facebook and it's a waste of time . Either Facebook has developed itself to the best, or I have changed my ways, but somehow or rather I started appreciating Facebook. In fact, I found out how much fun and use it can be! By now I have about 620 friends (not everyone I know in person though) and that is not the limit for me. I love to watch this sea of … Read More […]

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