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Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Russia December 10, 2009

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Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Russia

  • St. Cyril did not create the Cyrillic Alphabet
  • Every Russian Tsar named Peter died a hard and painful death
  • The first Russian Olympic gold medalist was in skating; the first Soviet gold medalist was in discus
  • A Russian invented the helicopter
  • The Russian language is spoken by 278 million Earthlings (fifth most of all languages)
  • A fox is the most famous trickster in Russian folk tales
  • 22% of the world’s forests are in Russia
  • Never step over small children, you might stunt their growth
  • Tchaikovsky (yes, Pyotr Ilyich, of 1812 Overture fame), was actually trained as a lawyer
  • Russia has more Muslims than any “European” country

    a lazy post 🙂



    14 Responses to “Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Russia”

    1. swaps Says:

      My kinda post 🙂

      You know, I wouldn’t step over anyone!

      Today I learned that Soviet actually means ‘to advise’! Right?

      • axinia Says:

        right!! there is a commons insider joke that Russians are only good at giving advises 🙂 haha..

      • Ankur Says:

        “Never step over small children, you might stunt their growth”

        This is an Indian tradition as well. Though even elders don’t like you crossing over them – I’ve been asked to cross back to “undo” the action.

    2. Thanks for sharing these fun facts.

    3. Hicham Says:

      These facts are new for me, axinia. It is notable that “Tchaikovsky” was a lawyer which reflects the education problem worldwide 😛 Anyway as humans we’ve many lawyers but one Tchaikovsky 🙂

    4. swaps Says:

      Last week I was reading an old Sputnik, it had an article on Tchaikovsky with photos of his beautiful home!

    5. Fatima Says:

      I would love to visit Russia, to see the old architecture of the cities. I bet they’re filled with so much memory and love through the years.

      Plus, to my artist eyes, it’s a goldmine of creativity.

      • axinia Says:

        an interesting insight, Fatima… I think you are right to the large extend, although I have never seen Russia like that 🙂

        • Fatima Says:

          Well, even if you haven’t, I think simply being there would give you the same feeling. I mean, you talk about it so much, and have such love for Russia.

          Maybe you don’t notice because the love you have for Russia, and the love it has for you, as always been there?

    6. axinia Says:

      thank you Fatima, but as the famour Russian poet said “I love Russia, but my love is strange”… I am definitely a patriot and I keep my Russian passport despirte licing in Austria for 12 years. And yet..I would not be able to live in Russia any more.
      But I love the land, for sure.

    7. aernatoli Says:


      Love your foto’s 🙂 Particularly the Mamayev picture by night (http://www.photohost.ru/pictures/345125.jpg) ! Would it be possible to receive a high-resolution version ? Thank you in advance !

      Kind regards and best wishes for 2010 !

      (My email address (without the “_” signs is): de7r _@_ live _._ nl)

    8. I read in a book that Russian army is an excellent defender (of territory), but not so particular about offense. The book also mentions that if Russians had gone to attack USA, they might as well start eating burgers on the way (in McD) and would enjoy it so much that the war would have never started 🙂

      Destination Infinity

      • axinia Says:

        This is so true, DI, Russians are deffender by nature, and not those who likes to attack. The Mcdonalds joke goes a bit too far though 🙂

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