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Feminine power and its role in contemporary life December 8, 2009

Feminine power and its role in contemporary life is increasing everywhere.

It is that circumstance above all that is giving rise to worldwide peace movements, an abhorrence of bloodshed, disillusion over coercive methods of change, an increase in women’s role in society proper, an ever-growing tenderness and concern for children, and a burning hunger for beauty and love.

We are entering an age when the female soul will become ever purer and broader, when an ever greater number of women will become profound inspirers, sensitive mothers, wise counselors and far-sighted leaders.

It will be an age when the feminine in humanity will manifest itself with unprecedented strength, striking a perfect balance with masculine impulses.

See, you who have eyes.

Daniil Andreev (1906-1959), The Rose of The World


13 Responses to “Feminine power and its role in contemporary life”

  1. Arius Says:

    I like this piece–as in Egypt’s antiquity, the queen shall stand along side man, not behind him.

  2. radha Says:

    ehhe masculine impulses, how subtle ?

  3. Poor old Andreev! What a dreamer he was 😐 If he thought that “feminine power” was increasing during the time he lived (1906-1959), one of the most barbaric and tumultous periods in world history, he must have been seriously dreaming indeed!

    And if he thought that “feminine power” would increase after he died, again it would be nothing more than a pipe dream.

    Now, with the globalist scoundrels determined to reduce the civilised First World to the lowly standards of the uncouth Third World, whatever little hopes dreamers like Andreev might have had, have vapourised into thin air.

    It’s a fact that as societies develop, the role of women increases significantly. That’s why in developed societies, women have a far greater role and womanhood is respected and has an equal place. The way a society treats its women is directly proportional to the extent to which it is civilised.

    In the uncouth societies of the lowly Third World, women have a very low status, little better than that of cattle. That’s why certain primitive, savage societies have a very low sex ratio, since they murder millions of female foetuses even before they are born. Other uncivilised societies don’t allow women to work or study or even leave the house without a male relative.

    What’s worse is that the women of such societies very rarely admit that their own “cultures” are simply uncouth and primitive. They look at the liberated women of the civilised societies and secretly feel jealous of them and envy them. Yet their minds have been so poisoned by the constant brainwashing about their own “culture” by their families and societies, that they prefer to lead second-class lives as “property” and as child-bearing machines. In the uncouth societies of the world, a woman is not recognised by what she is. Instead, like a cow, she is recognised only as who her “owner” is and the “calves” she has contributed to the “herd”. (Unfortunately, women have it worse than the cows. A cattle owner would prefer more female calves than male. The “owners” of women in uncouth societies prefer male offspring to female.) Pathetic is the correct word to describe the status of women in the uncouth societies of the world 😦

    With the primitive Third World societies and their uncouth “cultures” gaining prominence due to the designs of the globalist scoundrels, such a pathetic status is what the women of civilised societies can expect for themselves, unless the “Third Worldisation” of the civilised societies is stopped immediately by controlling migration and by forcing the uncouth hordes of the lowly societies to reduce their alarming breeding rates.

    • Ldinka_108 Says:

      Raj, your and many others awareness IS a step, yet small perhaps, toward solving the problem. Just be patient. It takes more time to solve serious problems. But global public awareness is a good thing. Keep it up spreading the word, though.

  4. axinia Says:

    Raj, there is definitely a great improvement if you see in the world on a larger scale and you just can’t deny it. Even in India there have been women ruling the coutnry.

    It is a steady development!

    • there is definitely a great improvement if you see in the world on a larger scale and you just can’t deny it.

      I don’t deny there is an improvement, Axinia, and I’m delighted to observe such an improvement, but it is limited to the more civilised societies. That’s why I mentioned that the way a society treats its women is directly proportional to the extent which it is civilised. The uncouth hordes of the primitive societies still treat women as they were treated millenia ago.

      Even in India there have been women ruling the country.

      It’s certainly true that a few uncouth countries (including India) have had the rare woman ruler while some civilised ones have not had any woman in the top position, so far at least. But it does not mean anything for women, really! The way an uncouth society functions is very, very different from the way a civilised place does, Axinia 😐 A woman in a position of power (even if it’s the highest) in an semi-civilised society (especially if she happens to be the wife/sister/mother/daughter/daughter-in-law/grand-daughter/concubine of a scoundrel holding a position of power) does not reflect the true status of women in general of that society.

      Please watch this video, and draw your own conclusions after reading the lines that follow it:

      The society in the video in which the pathetic, primtive and disgustingly uncouth practice of sale of wives and daughters takes place is located:

      1) in a State whose current Chief Minister (ruler) happens to be a woman called Mayawati,

      2) which is part of a country whose current President (titular head of state, a ceremonial rubber stamp in whose name all the corruption is carried out) is also a woman called Pratibha Patil,

      3) whose head of the Lower House of Parliament (a den of assorted criminals, murderers, thieves, human-traffickers and other unsavoury characters) also happens to be a woman called Meira

      4) and is proxy ruled by a person [nicknamed by some as “the super Prime Minister” who is believed to control the unelected puppet Prime Minister – the bloody blue-turbaned thug, (inhu)Manmohan] who also happens to be woman whose name is Antonia!

      What difference does the fact that (not one, not two, not three but) FOUR women CURRENTLY hold top positions of power make to the status of unfortunate women in an uncouth society that sells its wives and daughters like cattle, goats, chicken and pigs to pay off the moneylender 😕

      Uncouth societies in primitive places with a semi-civilised “culture” will remain as barbaric as the savage hordes of the mediaeval ages.

      I remember the story of a man who actually auctioned off his wife and daughter to the highest bidder in England. But that was done in a highly intoxicated state and the shameless mediaeval man (of 16th or 17th century Britain) lived to regret it for the rest of his life. Also, since the incident forms the basis of a classic called The Mayor of Casterbridge(a really fantastic novel), I do not know if it was a real incident or not. But I won’t put it beyond a shameless drunk in mediaeval 16th or 17th century England to auction off his wife and daughter.

      Unfortunately, what was a one-off, possibly fictional incident in mediaeval England takes place on a regular basis among “sober” but uncouth and savage hordes of a semi-civilised society in the 21st century which has FOUR women in TOP positions of power! 😡

      As I mentioned already, pathetic is the correct word to describe the status of women in the uncivilised societies of the world 😦

      And when such uncouth hordes breed like rats (since they view women as mere “property” and “baby-making machines”) and spread like the plague to the more civilised societies (since their own mediaeval societies cannot support their rapidly exploding population), they will slowly but surely destroy the civilised societies by imposing their uncouth “culture” and primitive ways of life on their civilised host societies. These savage hordes will undo in an instant whatever steady development the women of civilised societies made over the centuries 😯

      It’s no longer uncommon to hear of “honour killings”, “dowry deaths/harassment” and “female foeticide” happen in civilised societies among the barbarians from uncouth “cultures” who migrated there. Human behaviour is really like water in interconnected jars. Rapidly overbreeding and migrating hordes from uncouth societies will destroy the civilised ones in no time.

  5. Billibaldi Says:

    The most powerful predictor of the quality of life in any society turns out to the amount of education that the women in that society receives.

  6. Erwin Says:

    I believe many changes start as a dream …
    Just take a look at Spain for example , the role of women has changed dramatically since the represive days of dictatorship ; now we have mainly women ministers in the goverment !

  7. Föhre Says:

    “See, you who have eyes.”


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