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Internet is my morning coffee December 7, 2009

As a B-person, I find it hard to wake up in the morning. I mean to fully wake up, not simply hang around like a somnambul.:)

Since I don’t drink coffee at home, I found a good way to wake my body up: INTERNET! My theory goes that the informational “coffee” first switches my brain on, and then the brain sends impulses to body to start working. Somehow or rather, it works well.

Checking Internet (my blog, emails and Facebook) right after brushing my teeth gives a good start for the rest of the morning procedures and  – interestingly! – does not disturb  my morning meditation which I usually do before leaving for work. In fact, meditation does the second part of waky-waky: it breaths live and powers into me, but this is another story…

I wonder what helps YOU to wake up?

😉 thanks,

axinia (image by me)


19 Responses to “Internet is my morning coffee”

  1. What helps wake me up?

    If I don’t set the alarm, through most of the year, the hot rays of the morning sun wake me up from my deep slumber 😉 During the short winter (like now), when the sun is further south in the sky and its rays aren’t as hot, I dwell in dreamland for much longer… hehehe 🙂

  2. swaps Says:

    The birds!! They galvanize me into action… to grab my camera and rush to the balcony!

    So beauty is always refreshing 🙂

  3. Sahaja Says:

    I would love to wake up to my mom’s & brothers efforts to wake me up……i seriously love to just lie in there, even though I am awake, listening to my mom calling me to wake up in between her daily morning chores……….haha very strange na….

    now however, i wake up to go to my office 🙂 …..mostly, with my iphone singing Suprabhatam 🙂 Love MS Subbalakshmi’s voice …..Axinia, I dont know if u wud understand but do listen to this piece…to which most of Telugu households wake up…..

  4. volodimir108 Says:

    … a cup of green tea wakes me up, internet relaxes me.

  5. Sahaja Says:

    U have been tagged Axinia 🙂
    Love to see what u wud write 😀

  6. Alima Says:

    I guess it’s a sign of today’s person if he switches on
    his computer first before a shower. So do I))) By the way,
    the other day I made the same heart on capuccino for
    my hubby (I’ll show you soon)))

  7. davecandoit Says:

    Making those swirls in coffee is an art. Nice shot.

    By the way, I posted an annoucement on my blog for an upcoming event. Maybe you’d like to check it out.

    Black & White Wednesday

  8. radha Says:

    sleeping is not what i can do best but yes i enjoy it until the alarm clock rings. the wide blue seaview thru the balcony is the first thing i go to check out to feel the energy awakaning and the goodmorning. i realized that it s like a need for me to hav a gorgeous view at home. it makes a big dfference in the day~

  9. Erwin Says:

    Bingo !! Yupiii ! So I am not the only one that finds this helpful in the morning . ( better still so I am not a gone case internet junky : ) !! ) Yes, Axinia , I do something similar . I have a shower, make my self a cup of good ol’ English Breakfast tea and switch on the PC and check my email accounts ( and blogs ) as I sip my tea . I then meditate after this and actually find it helps me meditate better if anything , otherwise I would probably be more in a cloudy sleepy mode still . ( Oh, forgot to mention also go out and water the plants first : )

  10. Erwin Says:

    PS : My wife thinks I’m nuts to do all this first !

    • axinia Says:

      hope you shared with her that you are not the only one 🙂 what did she say?

      • Erwin Says:

        Well, I think she just smiled …can’t remember too well, have been without internet connection a few days now , and wow ! I noticed how dependent we have become on internet for everything ! Was suffering from serious withdraw syntoms : ) Luckily found a local library that has internet but not the same as having it at home …

  11. symilano Says:

    in the morning i try to wake up i put the alarm almost half an hour before the time i should get up! ehehhe.. i’m lazy! 😀
    nice blog Axinia, im linking you in the Sahaj Blog of Milan!!

  12. Ankur Says:

    Waking up and driving to the yoga studio for my 7am practice is what wakes me up.

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