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How to keep your head cool and clear December 3, 2009


It is true that since we start mediating and experiencing seconds or minutes of thoughtless awareness, it becomes easier to keep the head “lighter” also during the daily activities. But it is also true that if we do not overload our heads with mental tension caused by many outside and inside factors, it is easier to get into the thoughtless awareness state and generally keep a cool, light head any time.

Here is my personal lifehack on  how to keep one’s head cool in general, outside of the meditation time :).

1. FORGIVING POWER: I not only forgive easily, I just never feel offended. I understand that people will be people, they all have different ideas, and some have difficult lives or character…what to do? I just keep this very tolerant attitude to humans. You may like to read my post on forgiveness.

2. STAYING IN THE PRESENT I do enjoy every minute of my life. Naturally. Not because somebody told me “you have to enjoy”. One can enjoy everything, literally, even the stupidity. I also noticed that most of the time I am very much in the present. Surely I do plan or think of yesterday but this is not dominating. For example, I almost never miss people – when I am at work, I enjoy my colleagues, when I am at home -my husband, in my free time – my friends. They call it “living life fully”, right?

3. ATTENTION: I discipline my mind by asking every time I see it deviates from the present the question “Where is my attention now?”. It is a great question to ask oneself. My attention is the cool breeze on the top of my head. I see to it that I ALWAYS feel it (even if not always cool, but I must precept it. always).

4. BE THE WATER, NOT THE SPONGE: I do not allow the outside world to influence me much. I NEVER watch TV. I use Internet a lot, but this is different because I have more choice and I am not being bombarded by the brainwash messages all the time. With my attention I can penetrate into the depth of the things and see what the reality is (very useful for understanding politics and economics). Never get obsessed with anything,like Obama. I try to see beyond, study the alternative sources. Never believe mass media. Beware of ads and all wellness-fitness stuff.
Yes, I do not allow the outside world to influence me much. In fact, I prefer to influence it myself. There is a great quote about it by Gregoire de Kalbermatten:
“In the case of homo sapiens, our being imbibes the outside world through constant sensations, impulses, impressions and conditionings. The outside world is the water, the inside world is the sponge. With homo spiritualis, however the inner world and its energy, crystallized by the rising sap the Kundalini, is much more powerful. It is emitted from the personality of a realized person on the surrounding world and it subtly, yet effectively, influences the outside. The inner world is the water, the outside world the sponge.”

These are the main factors that help me to keep my mind relatively light and clear, which naturally leads to the easy gaining of the Thoughtless Awareness state.

LOVE, axinia


16 Responses to “How to keep your head cool and clear”

  1. Dima Says:

    Thank you 🙂

  2. CECE Says:

    Very good, my personal favorites were the power of forgiveness and be the water not the sponge!:) I was Surprised that you knew about the Obama craze. Thanks for the tips to help me be less stressed.

  3. radha Says:

    5. Moderate and extremely balanced use of internet and visual appliances

  4. Deepa Mahajan Says:

    Very beautiful.

  5. Vinayaka Says:

    If people were aware of the power of forgiveness, they could jump into the reality of spirit directly, without any obstacles. Some think, forgiveness is only a reaction onto something bad happenning. It is not truth… Forgiveness is a state of being, like a light of understanding, of inner Knowledge, of onneness of all, of an essence of lovet hat is continuous, and exists without outer reason. Forgiveness is its light, like radiation.

    If we forgive as an action, we take one drop from the ocean, and use it. If we but understand, we dont use it, we just exist in the ocean itself, without drops.

    If we use forgiveness as water, with its drops, it touches, and it is gone, it never pervades. If we but swim in its waters, we radiate that forgiveness, that light, energy, that doesnt stack on things, people, happenings, but pervades and dissolves everything without having a reason.

    This way we can change the world. May we all are like that.


  6. Alima Says:

    How deep and impressive!
    Tell me, what about Obama?(I also do not watch TV:)))

  7. I NEVER watch TV. I use Internet a lot, but this is different because I have more choice and I am not being bombarded by the brainwash messages all the time.

    Very true!!! But how did you realise this, Axinia? Was it because you grew up in a place where the only thing that the mass media dished out was brain-washing propaganda approved by “the party” 😕

    I realised it the hard way. In an uncouth Third World pseudo-democracy like India, the press may not be formally controlled by the state, but the worthless “mainstream media journalists” are very fond of licking the filthy boots of the establishment scoundrels. To get the truth out of shameless Indian “mainstream media journalists” would be as difficult as growing Brazilian rubber trees in the Thar desert.

    I guess the same holds true for the “mainstream media” in the rest of the world. But at least many First Worlders are smart enough to realise that they are being lied to on a constant basis by the “mainstream media” scoundrels. The primitive, uncouth hordes that (over)populate the lowly Third World simply don’t have the ability to differentiate between facts and lies. They would gladly drink deadly poison if they are told it was good for health by the creatures that operate the “mainstream media”.

    That’s one more reason why the globalist scoundrels are trying to pull down the First World to the lowly levels of the uncouth Third World. The semi-civilised Third World hordes have very little idea about ethics or civilisation. By deliberately dumbing down the First World population to the level of the Third World hordes through control of the media and the education system, the globalist scoundrels will face very little resistance to their evil plans of establishing a global order of neo-feudal tyranno-fascist capitalo-communism 👿

    • axinia Says:

      that’s a good qeustion Raj, how did I realize that?
      Definietly on my own, and it took some time. But geenrally I think it came while my Intenet usage was increasing. At the time when i watched TV I had no Internet, or was not very much into it.
      Since I love good infromation, I needed some replacement for TV and as soon as I got it, I switched…

      But I don’t think it has anything to do with my Soviet childhod. In fact, any country is doing lots of propaganda, even Austria.

      • True, Axinia, the internet is the best source of information. Instead of being subject to the half-truths and plain lies of the filthy “mainstream media”, its easier to find out the truth on the internet.

        That’s why the establishment scoundrels are trying to desperately control the internet, even in the First World. Totalitarian regimes like the one in China already censor the internet heavily. An uncouth Third World barbarocracy like India is also trying to place controls on the internet. If the First Worlders are not careful, their crooked governments will try to replicate the moves of such lowly, semi-civilised countries. It’s now a clear race to the bottom led by the ignorant mediaeval-minded hordes of the Third World. It looks like the USA will be the first to be forcibly reduced to Third World status 😐

  8. Tomas Says:

    when you start meditation ?(time) 🙂 how you come to this type of meditation?


  9. s.m. saljar -al- hosain Says:

    dear, i m sm_razen. all time i have a headache , how can i remove it, plz help me anyone , mail me razensm@yahoo.com please

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