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5 popular myths about Russian women November 24, 2009

Although I am not on the marriage market since long, the topic of marriages, especially for Russian women still keeps me busy (my best girlfriends are free). Being a Russian in Europe is in a way exotic (Russian speaking people are still a minority here, surprise surprise! :)) and every time I speak to someone, the topic of Russian women pops up. There are lots of rumors about Russian women in the West, some of them quite OK, some are just ridiculous…

However there are good people out there who do their best trying to bring clarity into the topic,  here are some lovely arguments against the popular myths  for bride seeking males I found accidentally in web:

Different people always have preconceptions about each other people or nationalities. With the internet and media in every corner of life, it is easy to hear stories and gossip, the Western world has posted propaganda about Russia for many years and in a way it has also effected how people view Russian women, however most of this is all untrue. Below are 5 popular myths about Russian women, understanding these will help you understand why so many people have a lot to say about  Russian brides.

1.Russian brides are shy, quiet housewives who are happy at the kitchen sink.

The great advantage of having such a wide selection of women to choose from, is you have the chance to meet a woman with a personality to suit you, all women are different just like any women in the West, some have their own plans and goals in life, some are happy to be the traditional housewife, some are shy and introverted, some our outgoing, this is the great thing about having so many Russian women to choose from, there will always be someone who will have the perfect chemistry and personality for you.

 2.Most Beautiful Russian women are prostitutes

Because  Russian women are often labeled as “Russian brides”  or “mail order brides”  many men some they are so desperate that they sell themselves and of course it does not take long for rumors to spread that Russian women are generally prostitutes this is complete nonsense . Russian brides are not for sale, Russian mail order brides are not delivered to your door by courier. Russian women value themselves just like any other women in the world. Some Russian women certainly could be considered to be hot Russian brides and are very attractive, just as some Russian women choose a more quiet emotional life, and every woman is different.

3.Russian women do not like Russian men

Of course Russian women do not hate Russian men, but why do they want to leave for a foreign man? There are 12 million more women in Russia than men, there is a lot of competition to find a good man in Russia, even if a Russian woman wants to marry a Russian man it is not so easy because of the male/female ratio. But what is wrong with Russian women broadening their horizons with the arrival of the internet? We all live in an ever shrinking global village now.

 4.Russian women want a passport or money only and are desperate to flee Russia

Russian life is not as bad as so many people think and very different to how it is often portrayed in the media. Many Russian women in the larger cities in fact would have to take a pay cut to move overseas, many are highly educated. Russian women love their family and the family is usually the centre of most Russian women’s lives. Russian women are making a huge sacrifice to move away from their country and start a new life with a foreign man. Just like men have worries about finding a genuine Russian bride, Russian women also have their own worries about moving away with a man of a different mindset.

5.Russian women are Gold diggers and high maintenance

This myth is such a nonsense! Take a look at so many relationships around you where the wife has left the man, usually with his house and a large chunk of his money and possessions, you do not need to marry a Russian bride to find a gold digger, they are already on your door step. Russian women are extremely beautiful, always look stunning, so men naturally assume they need lots of money to spend on cosmetics and perfumes, this is not the case with many Russian brides, they just like to look beautiful all the time, it’s in their nature, they can do this in Russia even with little money, they have no need to find a man to support them for this reason. Just like in any other country in the world all women are different and that applies to Russian women as well.


36 Responses to “5 popular myths about Russian women”

  1. Nita Says:

    OMG Axinia, I had no idea of these stereotypes. I guess they must be existing in Europe! Luckily we in India do not have any such ideas of Russian women. Good you busted these myths which are nothing but prejudice or some sort of xenophobia.

  2. Anastasia Says:

    I agree with you Axinia. It is very good article 🙂

  3. Ldinka_108 Says:

    Unfortunately, when I see Russian woman married to American man, it is quite sad image. Somehow soft Russian ladies attract control freaks here who are unable to develop relationship built on the equality. In majority cases, it is different grade of abuse from the beginning and usually ends up as a domestic violence.
    This situation is very typical in those kind of couples. I just wish it won’t be. Of course, there are exceptions, and I’m glad there are.
    Russian women posses great mentality. They usually make good wives and mothers, capable to bear a lot, are dedicated to the family in majority of the cases. Those all are brilliant qualities which position Russian women as by very giving nature. Unfortunately, it attracts wrong people here :-(.

  4. Marina Says:

    Really funny and such modern topic since some years ‘Russian women’, in France even they produced some TV shows showing the French or American guys (all of them were old and without specially nice education) just going to marry Russian girl as a nice modern object!

    I quite agree with some of points of this description of our education (our strong willing to have happiness in family, big love and so on, “Семья – ячейка общества!!! Как же без этого!)

    But also, some of us are still suffering cause of these stable ideas from our Soviet education like ‘men should be like that or if he did not do that, it is no good, men should be stronger and so on)
    Due my experience of living in other European country, I have noticed that all women (almost all) would like to be happy, have a family, nice husbands and love. It is just a standard conception from the tales about princess!
    As so my French friends have almost the same willing as mines. But if it does not work exactly like that they just stop thinking abt it all the time giving them a chance to try other way of happiness, and a lot of my soviet comrades continue suffering cause of obtrusive ideas abt family model life.
    My other point of view also is the men who are going to find there wives there in Russia or other republics maybe, just are unlucky guys who can not find the women just nearby to him??? There are still a lot of interesting people around of us, no matter, which nationality or beauty. So the poor guys who are travelling so far even can not imagine which exactly character Russian women has and it is just like us girls living in Vienna  go to Milan to buy the cheaper and nicer clothes (the choice is not the same in Vienna )!

    So I think that the guys who go in Russia (apart some of them who really love Russian culture and language and willing to learn more abt all of this through relationship with Russian women, it is quite sane desire) maybe just have nothing to do in their life than rather to fly so far to have an interview with agency and then with girls (who sometimes even can not speak English and the interpreter is there to help them)

    This phrase: Russian women are like any other women from any part of the world, they are simply looking for a partner that will love them and stick by them. – It is interesting for me from which tale this sentence has been taken& I found it a bit ridiculous, no?

    Please tell me which women would not dream abt men (whom she will love also, I guess) who will love her forever, but we know that sometimes the reality is different.

    Finally, I would say that cause of all these articles sometimes some disagreements and not lovely behaviors to Russian girls occurred from other nationalities and I was witness of that. It is just simple, all of us are the same, we have just grown up in the different conditions and had different possibilities to develop our skills and our lives experiences are sometimes are so different!!!
    And the last point, we still have the same problem: so many nice women willing to see themselves in happy marriages and NOT SO MANY MEN willing the same (whatever country or nationality)!!!! 

  5. Why does Russia have such an unbalanced sex ratio 😕

    Only the extremely savage, primitive, barbaric, uncouth, mediaeval-minded hordes that inhabit the most backward, semi-civilised parts of the world practise despicable things such as female foeticide.

    I’m sure Russian parents don’t kill male children or abort male foetuses 😐

  6. Marina,

    And the last point, we still have the same problem: so many nice women willing to see themselves in happy marriages and NOT SO MANY MEN willing the same (whatever country or nationality)

    Do you seriously believe that only women want a happy marriage while men don’t? 😯 😯

    • axinia Says:

      dear Raj, I don’t know for India, but in Russia and here in Europe (what I can clearly see) modern yougn men are so scared of marriage. They seem to have a serious problem with that, really.

      • I think that’s quite understandable, Axinia 😉

        In a mediaeval, uncouth culture, marriage is often a form of pseudo-slavery 😡 In such primitive societies, women aren’t usually treated as the equals of men. Marriage is more like a contract that forces women into semi-servitude to their husbands (and their husband’s families) and gives men a licence to have sex. I’m not mentioning dowry because dowry exists in some semi-civilised “cultures” while others have a bride price. So men get a lot out of marriage and they wouldn’t be averse to it in such an uncouth “culture”. Such primitive “cultures” also force women to tolerate abusive husbands instead of seeking divorce.

        In a more civilised society, where marriage usually means the union of two equals for love, a marriage would naturally favour the woman when compared to one in a semi-civilised “culture”. Marriage would mean much more responsibility on the shoulders of men and they would be forced to treat their wives as equals. Though it’s sad, it isn’t a wonder that young men are averse to marriage in such a society because it demands much more responsibility and committment from them.

        Societies where young men prefer to get married happen to be uncouth “cultures” that treat women like dirt 😡 In more civilised societies that treat men and women as equal partners, and where women have much more rights, it’s upto the woman to convince her man about the supposed benefits of marriage 😐

        Women can’t really have their cake and eat it at the same time 😉


        • axinia Says:

          “isn’t a wonder that young men are averse to marriage in such a society because it demands much more responsibility and committment from them.” – you got the point, Raj, that is exactly the problem.

          • Yes, that can be the problem, Axinia. But when one compares it to what women in uncouth “cultures” have to undergo, it doesn’t really seem to be that big a problem 🙂

            Believe me, European and Russian women would thank their lucky stars they weren’t born in a primitive semi-civilised country that treats its women like dirt. The primitive “cultures” of the world treat women worse than they were treated in mediaeval Europe. Why, in one of the world’s most barbaric “cultures”, a baby girl has a high chance of being killed 😡 right in her mother’s womb just because she is a girl. And the word “marriage” actually has a very different meaning in the uncouth “cultures” and the more civilised ones.

            • axinia Says:

              what kind of different meaning?

              • Most things have different meanings in the civilised and the semi-civilised worlds, Axinia 😐

                Take the word “democracy”. In the civilised world, democracy can be taken to mean “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”. In a primitive, uncouth Third World country that claims to be the “world’s largest democracy”, the word democracy means “a government that’s (completely) off the people, buy(s) the people and far (from) the people” 😡

                According to dictionary.com, marriage is “the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.” That can be taken to be the meaning of marriage in a civilised society. In one particular society with an uncouth “culture”, marriage happens to be “the social institution under which the family of a woman purchase a man with money, but then decide to let the man (and his family) own and treat the woman as a (preferably male) baby-producing machine”


  7. sai kiran nagineni Says:

    HI Axinia,

    Nice blog. But do not worry of those people who keep pointing fingers at others. Anyway you have cleared all the misconceptions. And Unknowingly you cleared one more minsconception that Russian women only speak Russian! Nice english by the way. cheers!

  8. swaps Says:

    Sadly, bad news have many helping hands and so, these myths have become prevalent. Even in India, Russia is in news for all the wrong reasons…and that includes the above myths.

    As always, Axinia, you have dispelled these myths with patient reasoning but at some point Russia itself has to take the blame. Its obsession with total control and unwillingness to open to outside world… it has a kind of devil-may-care attitude to how the world views it. In such a scenario, a few people outside Russia become its cultural ambassadors and often, these do little justice to their Rogina.

    How I wish the best of Russia gets its due respect and acclaim … including Russian women, but nobody seems to care. I have to put it all down to ascendancy of materialism.

  9. radha Says:

    all these silly myths emerge in the recent american movie 2012 phew

  10. i wish i could visit russia.. ;p anyway nice story to share

  11. Nyil Says:

    Oh Yeah.This article is too good which help people to realize the true picture about Russian women.Well I am from India and we people love Russia and Russians a lot.I too heard lot gossips against Russian women which disappointed me lot.I guess a few of the Russian dating sites, there models and Russian womens poor command over foreign languages are the root cause for the the same.Thank you Axinia for the article and my best wishes for all you and all Russians

  12. sam Says:

    hello ,
    i am a real and honest man from India i am searching a nice and caring , family oriented beautiful and charming girl.girl for relationship, marriage so those real girl are interested for lifetime relationship , marriage and able to come and relocate in to my country India write me fast,,,,


    • axinia Says:

      dear sam, there are many agencies out there where you can post your request, I guess this blog is a bit a wrong place :)) I wish you good luck in your search!

  13. Senthil Kumar Says:

    I totally agree with her! It’s true that most often people stick to stereotypes.
    I’m an Indian, I know lot of visible prostitutes from India and it doesn’t mean that India has lost it’s moral values despite having 2.8 million sex workers. The fact is people don’t realize to remove the dirt from their own country and rather blaming other country’s women.

    India Having 2.8 million sex workers still claiming for it’s women’s good reputation and notably Russia has lesser but the picture is different. I know the truth and I write this statistical data.

  14. Julia Says:

    It’s very sad, that American men in majority take Russian women as a housewife first and only then – the lovely wife. Russian women deserved a better attitude.

  15. Russian Says:

    I don’t know about beautiful Russian women are prostitutes. Russian women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Russian women, you know? I mean, Russian women are tall and in excellent shape. What else do you need from a girl? Hope it helps.

  16. anton Says:

    I think that Russians although they may look european, be blonder and bluer eyed than west europeans and the english and even fairer, their mindset is more eastern. russians can sit and easily talk to asian, indian, middle eastern and african people with no problem. West and north europeans and americans cannot. I think the problem comes with these people make the mistake of thinking that russians are like them without respecting the difference of russian thinking and culture which is by itself different and beautiful.

  17. Mate Says:

    I appreciate your effort to break bad stereotypes about Russian women. And to put into persecutive why some Russian women have but no choice to, as you stated, broader their horizons, in seeking men abroad. Especially due to skewed demographics.

    Likewise, I hope to see more positive things written about Russian men. They’ve suffered severely under communism, the fall of communism, shock capitalism, and Russia trying to develop a modern economy that serves the Russian people.

    I’m Croatian-American. I love Russian culture and the Russian people. Croatians have some cultural similarities. Family, food, and…I dare say…we too are a pretty good looking people!


    All the best.

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