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10 quotes to dissolve your thoughts November 19, 2009

Sincerity is the jewel that forms in the shell of the heart.


Life is an opportunity given to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the soul.


There are many paths, and each man considers his own the best and wisest. Let each one choose that which belongs to his own temperament.


All earthly knowledge is as a cloud covering the sun.


Life is a misery for the man absorbed in himself.


Happy is he who does good to others; miserable is he who expects good from others.


He who wants to understand, will understand.


Narrowness is primitiveness; it is the breadth of heart that proves evolution.


Rest of mind is as necessary as rest of body, and yet we always keep the former in action.


Happiness lies in thinking or doing that which one considers beautiful.

By Hazrat Ihayat Khan, A Sufi master

(iamge by me)


14 Responses to “10 quotes to dissolve your thoughts”

  1. swaps Says:

    All earthly knowledge is as a cloud covering the sun


  2. Solveig Says:

    The third one was also quoted by me in my Sufi post 🙂

  3. Rest of mind is as necessary as rest of body, and yet we always keep the former in action.

    I’m absolutely sure the mind takes rest just as the body does when we sleep 😐 Doesn’t it 😕

    • axinia Says:

      no, it does not, my friend! just ready any brainresearch lieterature. the mind is always active, also when we sleep.

      • A small part of it might be active, Axinia, as it has to control the important (involuntary) functions of the body, but the “normal” mental activities should be at rest. It’s just like the heart has to keep beating and the lungs have to keep breathing despite the body being at rest.

        If the mind does not take rest when we sleep, it would only be logical to conclude that it certainly cannot take rest during thoughtless awareness either 😐

        The only “complete rest” for the body and the mind would be when one “kicks the bucket” 😉

        • axinia Says:

          i ma really surprised, Raj, that you are not familir with these reaserches. It is actually a well known fact, that the mind is always working, and rather actively when dreaming. I don’t have time to find some links for you, but if you are curious enough, you will easily find the proof.

    • Ankur Says:

      False. From my cognitive science background, I can tell you that the mind is active even in sleep.

      The once lesioned a cat’s lower brain that prevents the muscles from engaging when sleeping; the result was that the cat was “running” even in it’s sleep.

      Anyway, there are states of sleep; but if you could sleep efficiently, all you really need is 2 hours of REM sleep – the deepest state of rest.

  4. IC Says:

    Beautiful, thank you
    ( I got to you by a search for Jung )
    You seem to share inspiring views/thoughts.

  5. seeker2008 Says:

    There is a technique that sufi of all orders practice, some vocally, some silently called Zikr or Dhikr. I take the following words from an article written by the late Master of the Nimatullahi order who was also a PhD. in psychology.

    He said “Dhikr consists in the methodical repetition of certain names of God which are given to the disciple by the Master.
    The goal of this constant invocation of God is, first of all, to create in the disciple single-minded concentration. The disciple who until this time has been plagued by scattered thoughts and a myriad of interests and desires gradually comes to concentrate all of his mental power upon a single point, which is God. ”

    To me the unrest of the mind, and its scattered activity is given rest by single point focus on first a word, or a sound or a visualization, that links to something beyond the mind. During zekr also meditation, at certain points the mind vanishes. It is put to rest. It is an analogous state to the body at rest and there are some signs or occurences through which this can be recognised.

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