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The magic of numbers on my watch October 25, 2009


Since today is the day when we change from summer time to winter time here in Europe, I take it as a good opportunity to make a note on the recent funny behaviour of my watch. By watch here I mean any digital display showing time. Since a couple of months I am witnessing the following phenomenon:

any time I have a look at the numbers, they are of this nature:






I mean may be not always, but surely 99% of cases!!! It has become even a kind of game for me – I suddenly glance at the watch (on my PC or mobile) and here we are – a “funny time” again and again.

Any explanations/theories/same experiences? 🙂




16 Responses to “The magic of numbers on my watch”

  1. pooyan Says:

    There are some superstitions saying that if you have the combination of this time with the date, e.g, 09.09.09 at 09:09 hr, then it brings fortune for the person, means that you can have a wish and that wish will come true ! I don’t believe in such things !
    But I know of a couple which got married on 07.07.07 and now they are living happily with their 9 months boy 😀

  2. I haven’t had such an experience, so I have no explanation or theory to offer 😐

    There is however, something with certain dates. The crooks who are planning to take/have taken control of the world believe that some numbers (dates) are kind of special for them to carry out their nefarious deeds.

    There are even people who watch out for and prevent false flag terror attacks by the information they get, including the dates that these crooks love. I don’t have the link now. I’ll post it when I find it again.

  3. Алима Says:

    The same thing happens to me, not always, but very often, I always quickly make a wish.

  4. axinia Says:

    not many suggestions…But at least from Alima’s comment I can consider myself to be a lucky person 🙂
    May be it’s a good idea to make a wish every time I see it. the only problem is that I don’t have so many wishes.

  5. Sahaja Says:

    I have this too Axinia, I see numbers in my clock very much like you do….like for example, everyday I wake at 5.55 and I atleast wake up , see the clock and go to sleep again def! I wondered why, but could not come up with an explaination….its just that our body clock may be used to those sort of intervals??
    It gives me a nice feeling though, for no big reason, so why not!

  6. swaps Says:

    I like to think that in a different way you are asking the old question:
    From moment to moment
    Does time leap
    Or does it flow?


  7. Solveig Says:

    Good that I usually look at my normal non-electronic watch with three hands that can not possibly take any special position, they simply show me the time.
    Thus I have less things to break my mind on 🙂

    As to you, my dearest friend – I know that you certainly have your idea on that thing. WIll you share it here? 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      clever you :)))))) no, I dont’ have any special idea.
      I just heard once that it is a sign of being in a balance (in the center). But honestly, I have no my own idea about it!

  8. Atlantic Says:

    Dear friend, I have an interesting theory based on my own experience. When I pray or meditate as you do, I empty my mind of self and I become connected to God or the Spirit. With God all things have order, even numbers. Sometimes they have meaning in the numerical value but that doesn’t just happen with numbers the Spirit gives order to life events also. I will give you an example of both.

    Two years ago when I was praying about a certain thing I was given the number 111. I can not explain in a short way, but many times after I would meditate and see the number 111 on the dash of my car or in my home. I believed in it’s spiritual significance 111 being the numerical value for “Alpha and Omega” or in other words Beginning and the End. The Christian Bible uses these words to describe God. When I would see them I would feel peace. I do think that if you were to stop meditating you would no longer see strange patterns. I notice that I only see them when I feel connected to the source. Now let me show you the exact same thing using life events. As you know I have not commented here for a very long time, as I’ve been going through this experience and I am sorry I have forgotten you. There is however this feeling of a special connection for me here… So that in my returning, I almost right away looked to see what you had posted on a specific day last year. A day that had special meaning for me because it is the birthday of a friend that I’ve been praying for. It is a healing of the heart that I look for and a reconnection of a friendship. A rebirth if you will, also with God. Well I have seen many interesting things that point me to this healing of the heart. The most important being that her birthday happened to magically land on the Day of Atonement which she also had dreamed about after praying one night two years before. Atonement is the Jewish day in which one makes their hearts right, not only with God, but with each other. Again.. Christians call Atonement rebirth. This day has never landed on her birthday before because it is on the Jewish calendar which is out of sink with the one we use. For these reasons and many others I was very curious what my friend Axinia may have posted on Sept. 26 2012, because I believe the Spirit of God controls the order of events. This girl I have told her, she is like a sister to me, like blood, and a best friend. Since she has been out of my life for these years I was not surprised to see it was your own “sister” singing a song about goodbye. Naturally I had to look up this song and read in English. It is as you yourself noted a song about the heart, and I would say a song of healing also. I closed my eyes and it made me weep. Listening to your sis sing sent shivers through my soul. I think it is the best one I have heard her sing. So you see, it isn’t just numbers. I think you may have seen it in your own life too, strange things that seem to relate to you in some way and have a special order. Other people would say things are random and meaningless but I believe in the power of God to control even down to the smallest detail. Like your Grandmother I believe in the power of prayer and I think you do too in a different way, but it’s not that different. Have a good day and God bless you! = )


  9. Atlantic Says:

    Another thing… I have no Idea what brought me here. A post from 2009??!

    • axinia Says:

      Hello my dear friend, great you see you commenting here again, always love your comments!
      This story about number, your friend and the post about my sister is truly amazing, thank you so much for sharing it!!
      And of course in a way I do pray to God and feel His presence everywhere, my life – as actually of everyone else I think – is full of fantastic coincidences and iterations so it is obviously divine driven.

      • Atlantic Says:

        Axinia, I hadn’t intended to say anything until I read this post and then I just felt like I needed to. Thanks for your complement. You were always kind. You once called me a true knight. = ) Trust is magnetic as you say, but you also have a way of making people feel loved and important.

        “…In a way I do pray to God…” I was going to ask you, do ask for things? Like if your husband or child was sick or something… I looked to see if you have ever written anything about prayer and was happy to see that you have. Actually, I was very impressed, also with your message about Jesus. It was as I thought of you. Sometimes when I read, you make me think that I have more in common with you then I have with most Christians. The more you say the more I think so. Funny.. But then I am a very unusual Christian, am I right? We both think outside the lines of religion because even though I am from a denomination I never find myself in agreement with their politics. I like that you are free thinking.

        So… This has been on my mind for the last couple of days.. Why was it that this post about numbers caught my attention? I was thinking about 2009 being the year that this friend came into my life but then I notice it is much more then that. I stopped commenting on this blog that same year because my mom was sick and died that July. Before she did I told her, and also God, that I couldn’t be without her because I wouldn’t have anyone. We were close, and my best friend also died when we were 21 years. So this girl contacts me for no obvious reason just four weeks before the cancer took my mother. My new friend lost hers when she was only 10 and I spent the next years getting to know her and I considered it an answer to prayer. Then more recently I realized that It was much more amazing then that because this girls mother had died on that day before, June 25, and she contacted me on the following day not even knowing about mine. And now I am getting back to my earlier point about these repeating patterns that keep coming back to me. The one about atonement… death and rebirth. In Christian practice there is a symbolic ritual that one goes through to demonstrate this. You will be very familiar with it. It is called baptism which means “submersion by water” not sprinkling as most church’s now do. When one passes beneath the water it represents the death and burial of the old life and coming out of the water into new life a new person. It was meant to illustrate Christ’s own death on the cross, the result of evil, and the resurrection on the following Sunday. Well… I notice that you made these comments about numbers on Oct. 25, 2009 and I realized the other day that my dear friend was in true fact baptised on the day before and committed to changing her life in full surrender to God. Dying to self… I think it also interesting that Christ arose on Sunday because my computer search tells me that the 25th was a Sunday and the following day after you posted is none other then my own mother’s birthday Oct. 26th. Do you see what I mean? What I have seen on your blog I also see in other avenues of my life and I have many such examples. This is something that has never happened to me until now, these last two years. Some people think I search for things. And to them… I simply say, you can’t find them if they are not there. Also I don’t look for them.. They come to me. There is a such thing as strange coincidence.. but not repeated again and again or else it ceases to be an accident but a pattern. Same with numbers. Anyway, this all started with a dream of hers…


        • Atlantic Says:

          I also like this newer connection you have to Facebook. Perhaps now you can put a face to my words, if you can only find the right pic that is. = ) Which is not very hard to do.

  10. Krishna Pusuluri Says:

    Dear Sister,

    I would like to share a similar experience.
    A few years ago, while I was in the undergraduate course, the entrance to our college was next to a 4-way traffic junction with a lot of traffic, in the middle of the city. I had a lot of free time and used to spend in the lawn of the college, meditating. And whenever I left the college to go back to my hostel, as soon as I reached the junction, the traffic inspector used to stop the traffic in all the other directions as if just for me to cross. In the beginning, it was like a coincidence but as time passed by, just as in your case, it became like a game for me. I remember going to that junction just to test if it would still work, for may be some 60-70 times. And it used to work every time. It was amazing.
    Recently I read Carl Jung spoke of some these coincidences describing them as ‘Synchronicity’.
    It’s really nice to see someone else also had such experiences. 🙂


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