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The poem to give to your mom – Mother’s day poem October 17, 2009

God created mother coz

He can’t be present everywhere…

But I feel god made mother coz,

He can’t fill that place…

never have I learnt anything

than in her cradle

never I felt any love,

than in her cuddle…

the stairway to heaven in her mothers lap

the doorway of love is in her eyes

safer were the days

where I clasp her hands  and stroll…

friends stands nowhere in sharing,

even god lags in wen it comes  abt caring…

its mother..

a day might come where

friendship may fade away

love may  droop off

wen u turn back, she will be there

wit arms open to say

come my dear!

da only heart which will luv u

even if u hate,

da only being in this world,

which takes all da pain, for ur gain…

u cry, she will cry,

u laugh, she laughs,

u love, she loves

u hate, still she loves…


ma, hold my hands

coz.. if i hold, ya  chances r there, dat I might loose u,

but by all means I know,

by no means u will loose me…

the beauty that an angel envy,

the smile that all da flowers in world cant,

her words which hems in all meaning…


This beautiful poem is by my friend Bala, the image is of my own mom :).

The love between mother and a child is truly the most sacred, the most amazing!…Call your mom now.

LOVE, axinia


40 Responses to “The poem to give to your mom – Mother’s day poem”

  1. swaps Says:

    Also, the most hugged and kissed person is always mother.

  2. enria Says:

    Hwa, it makes me miss my mom so much now..

    The poem is beautiful

  3. A really nice and touching poem! In India, it has started to become a trend to ignore ones parents during old age! I don’t know how it is in Europe…

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      DI, a very good point!
      When I came to Europe 12 years back I was shocked to see that people put thier old parents into homes for the aged and this is concieed to be normal. I thought may be it is because the parents themselves did not give so much love to their children, that’s why they don’t get it back…But in India? I always thought the parents are very loving there..

      Then it is clearly another impact of Materialism.

      • sakhi Says:

        not all parents around me i see are loving… sorry, if it sounds too rude, but its a fact. And i am not talking about my generation or the younger parents. I am talking about the older generation. It probably is “what you sow, you reap”

  4. sakhi Says:

    oh forgot to say… This is a beautiful poem! 🙂

  5. Lovely poem! Fantastic tribute! 🙂 (though I may not agree with the bit about the imaginary entity 😐 )

    But in India? I always thought the parents are very loving there..Then it is clearly another impact of Materialism.

    I really don’t know what to say, Axinia 😐 Indian “culture” 😡 doesn’t quite work in the way you assume it does 😦

    I wonder how “loving” you think the following parents can be:

    1) Those who abandon (or worse, kill) babies just because they are girls

    2) Those who abort a foetus after discovering that it’s a girl

    3) Those who believe they are cursed to have a daughter born to them

    4) Those who have kids by the dozen (whom they cannot raise properly) because they are completely ignorant about something called birth-control

    5) Those who kill their own adult kids for the only reason that they loved someone outside their caste/religion/economic status etc.

    All the above have nothing to do with the so-called “materialism”. All these features are signs of a crude, primitive, backward, semi-civilised, Third World “culture” that you seem to be so fond of 😐


      • Thanks, Sakhi 🙂

        Let’s take the case of a crazy couple from such a “culture” who believed that daughters are a curse and sons are a blessing and therefore aborted two female foetuses in order to have two sons. If they get abandoned in their old age by their “blessed” male darlings despite showering “love” on them, who can one blame?

        “One only reaps what one sows” makes so much more sense than silly superstitions like “previous births’ karma”.

        • axinia Says:

          “One only reaps what one sows” makes so much more sense than silly superstitions like “previous births’ karma”.

          Raj, don’t you see that this is one and the same thing???? It is a bit differnt in time, but the principle is just the same.

          • How can they ever be the same thing, Axinia 😕

            “One only reaps what one sows” is in complete accordance with the natural laws of the universe and the principles of science. Poor quality seeds sown (let’s say wheat) and improper conditions will result in a poor wheat harvest. Good seeds and good conditions will result in a good wheat harvest. In both cases, the output will be wheat, but of varying quality and quantity.

            On the other hand, “previous births’ karma” is not only a savage, uncouth, barbaric concept, this superstition also tries to make a mockery of scientific principles. It’s like saying poor wheat seeds and conditions will result in a harvest of sorghum and good wheat seeds and conditions will result in a harvest of corn (I’m just using sorghum and corn as examples, they could be any other crop).

            A bacterium will be reborn only as bacteria when it divides; an amoeba will be reborn only as amoebae when it divides; a mosquito will be reborn only as another mosquito when it reproduces; a cockroach will be reborn only as a cockroach; a fish will be reborn only as a fish; a lizard as a lizard; a frog as a frog; a dove as a dove; a cat as a cat; an elephant as an elephant when they all reproduce; and humans will be reborn only as humans in the form of their offspring.

            The uncouth superstition of “previous births’ karma” suggests that an amoeba will be reborn as a mosquito which will be reborn as a cockroach, which may be reborn as a fish, which may become a moquito or a dove, which may become a cat or a cockroach, which may become an elephant or a donkey, etc. Just imagine it, a tadpole emerging out of a cockroach’s egg 😀 , a kitten emerging out of a parrot’s egg 🙄 , a baby elephant being born of a pig 😯 , a whale being born of a bat 😆

            Doesn’t it just sound ridiculous? 😀 How about a camel being born to a polar bear 😯 Or a squirrel giving birth to a one-horned rhinocerous 😆

            • Ldinka_108 Says:

              yeah, Raj. sometimes I see that lovely, pure, sensitive people are born to the emotionally limited and arrogant ones (“the herd” as you would call them), and don’t have any other explanation as a bad lottery choice… they really seem like belonging to different species sometimes. so illogical it seems at the first glance. but with getting to know the situations closer and deeper, i see in majority of the cases that it provides a lot of food to introspection and spiritual growth for those who are more capable. conflicts – inner and outer – stimulate the development in general.
              again, as in the case with husband/wife relationships, the greatest lessons we get are those that we get through the closest to us people. why? it is whole different story…

  6. Bala Says:

    Thanks for including the poem. And I understand your love for your mom.

    • axinia Says:

      you are welcome my dear! unfortunately I could not explain it so well in English as you did!! 🙂 thanks again for sharing your poem with the worl. I find it great that a men can express his feeling in such an awesomely gentle manner…

  7. Nita Says:

    What a lovely sweet poem and your mother too looks very sweet!
    And overall I think children do care for parents in India. The majority of them do.

  8. Ldinka,

    I guess Nature’s ways can indeed be quite baffling. Each individual is unique and is a combination of the product of its constituent genes, the environment it was brought up in, the substances it intakes and another variable factor that includes a few other things. Even if one of these things changes, it results in a remarkable overall difference. In other words, an individual’s behaviour is a result of the combination of the four ‘N’s – nature, nurture, nutriture and the ‘n’ factor 😐 Instead of scientifically discovering these variables and the equation that connects them as the civilised societies are trying to do, the backward hordes belonging to semi-civilised societies try to find a ridiculous explanation with uncouth ideas such as “previous births’ karma” and “fate”.

    I once watched a European documentary (I think it was German) which showed the lives of senior citizens. Some felt very lonely, unloved and miserable 😦 But others were somewhat happy since they lived in a community of people in similar situations. They built friendships with many other people, kept themselves busy with hobbies and had pets for company. They didn’t look like they missed their children who only visited them occasionally.

    Also, due to the “global economic crisis” deliberately triggered by the crooked elitist scoundrels 👿 , many senior Americans have been forced to lose their homes and have become homeless. It’s sad to learn about their plight 😦

    • Ldinka_108 Says:

      I have a friend who used to work in such community for elderly as you described above (with pets and extended cultural programs etc), here in US. she told me that for the Holiday season (Thanksgiving – Christmas, all those family holidays) they used to hire a psychologist to join their staff members to prevent committing suicides among the elderly people there. they even try to involve kids from the local schools for the visiting programs to compensate the lack of the connections with relatives… i guess, you are right, and situations may vary from case to case, but, generally, broken connection between generations is not a fun and hits everyone in equally bad grade sooner or later… as i personally perceive it, the older generation gets inspired from supporting and nurturing their grand children, so it is quite vital for them, and ideally should get feeling of being useful and appreciated (at least, not even talking about being loved, respected and admired by youngsters). and if this circle breaks at some point, it turns out to be another sad story.
      in regarding “karma thing”, again – it depends what people mean with that term. in my understanding it is very subtle “cause – consequence” connection. it would be very interesting if science could be developed so extensively that one could count bad/good influences through one’s lifetime. but those connections usually are quite subtle, especially those that accumulated in sub-consciousness. so i’m not sure if it is possible to do it at all now – but who knows, maybe in the future? what i do know from my own experience and many others for sure is that through introspection with enlightened mind and attention, one gets a quite strong guide for making right choices and therefore improving overall level of one’s own development stage. which, as a part of the cause-consequences link, will have an positive impact not only on one’s current and future life, but on the society at whole.

      • they used to hire a psychologist to join their staff members to prevent committing suicides among the elderly people there

        That’s terrible 😦

        At least in the civilised First World, the elderly have good social security and so their basic life needs as well as healthcare needs are taken care of to a large extent. They would mainly miss the company of their family.

        By contrast, in the lowly Third World (over)populated by the semi-civilised hordes and run by a bunch of criminal elites who have absolutely no sense of ethics or shame, there is very little social security for the elderly. In a primitive semi-civilised country like India, for instance, things like pension and provident fund are usually a joke, which cannot enable most people to meet even the basic needs of life (high inflation only makes things worse), let alone the special healthcare needs of the elderly. And one must remember that in a badly overpopulated Third World society, those in the organised workforce who have access to even these meagre benefits form only a small percentage of the population. So, it essentially means that the elderly who don’t have a fortune to retire on are essentially turned into destitutes if they don’t receive the support of family members.

        This is the lowly model of the Third World that the crooked globalist scoundrels 👿 are trying to replicate in the First World in order to bring down the civilised societies. These criminals are basically telling the senior citizens, “You are now considered a useless drain on society since you are no longer a wage slave/debt slave. Look at what they give the elderly in the Third World. We need to cut down expenditure on useless people like you in order to be able to compete on cost with the Third Worlders. So shut up and be satisfied with what we give you. Else be prepared to slave away till you’re eighty or till you drop down dead, whichever is earlier”. 😯

        Replicating the lowly model 😡 of the semi-civilised Third World in the civilised societies is what the global economic project is all about 😦

        • Ldinka_108 Says:

          i don’t feel like there is a need to tell each other the problems of the places you or I or anybody else lives. there are problems everywhere in the world, and it is well known fact. what is more important – i think – what do we DO TO CHANGE IT other than feeling pity and pointing fingers.
          i know from my own experience that when i feel something is wrong or if i see some nasty problem which touches my heart deeply, i humbly ask Divinity to work it out for everybody’s good. and then solutions or opportunities start to show up because through my Self Realization my connection with Divinity is empowered dramatically.
          don’t trust me or any other yogis here, on the blog? try it by yourself. it DOES work for me personally as well as for millions of others.
          all the best.

          • Ldinka,

            I don’t know, I’ve tried out various means (may be not by your method) of trying to reach out to the divinity and my experiences have confirmed that the divinity does not exist 😐 The existence of the imaginary entity seems to be a cruel joke played on the minds of the “believers” (which means a majority of people around the world).

            Or, if it does exist (I use the word “it” since “He” sounds so sure of both the existence and gender of the imaginary entity), it isn’t capable of doing even a little thing 😐 It just exists like the countless pieces of rock, liquids and gases that fill the universe. This is so unlike the “all-poweful”, “omni-present”, “omni-potent” characteristics that are usually attributed to the imaginary entity 🙄

            • Ldinka_108 Says:

              Oh come on, Raj 🙂 if so many closed doors exist, it is just to mislead seekers from the one which is open. just think how much help and change you might bring into the world with your kind heart and sharp attention.
              all the best.

  9. radha Says:

    last week i read the first 2 lines of this poem on the chat yahoo status of a close workmate friend (that i also love like an auntie) of my mom . how did this poem reached a small italian island i dont know, loved these 2 lines they are so true~

  10. swaps Says:

    Did anyone mention??
    Mom never rests.

  11. Sahaja Says:

    Awwww!! Your mom looks so beautiful 🙂 infact beautiful than u if I may say 😉

    Beautiful poem too, very simple and meaningful!

    Sometimes I wonder, is it not that all human beings are as capable of loving as a mom! I feel, its not her love that makes her special….its her capability to love unconditionally, and naturally that makes her special!

    Surely I agree, to the first para of the poem! Nobody can fill her place!

  12. axinia Says:

    Here is another trubute, to both parents:

    This is hysterical. If it had been presented this way,
    > I don’t believe any of us would have done it!!!!
    > POSITION :
    > Mom, Mommy, Mama, Ma
    > Dad, Daddy, Dada, Pa, Pop
    > Long term, team players needed, for challenging,
    > permanent work in an
    > often chaotic environment.
    > Candidates must possess excellent communication
    > and organizational skills and be willing to work
    > variable hours, which will include evenings and weekends
    > and frequent 24 hour shifts on call.
    > Some overnight travel required, including trips to
    > primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far away cities!
    > Travel expenses not reimbursed.
    > Extensive courier duties also required.
    > The rest of your life.
    > Must be willing to be hated, at least temporarily,
    > until someone needs US$20.00 or more.
    > Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly.
    > Also, must possess the physical stamina of a
    > pack mule
    > and be able to go from zero to 60 kmph in three seconds flat
    > in case, this time, the screams from
    > the backyard are not someone just crying wolf.
    > Must be willing to face stimulating technical challenges,
    > such as small gadget repair, mysteriously sluggish toilets
    > and stuck zippers.
    > Must screen phone calls, maintain calendars and
    > coordinate production of multiple homework projects.
    > Must have ability to plan and organize social gatherings
    > for clients of all ages and mental outlooks.
    > Must be a willing to be indispensable one minute,
    > an embarrassment the next..
    > Must handle assembly and product safety testing of a
    > half million cheap, plastic toys, and battery operated devices.
    > Must always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.
    > Must assume final, complete accountability for
    > the quality of the end product.
    > Responsibilities also include floor maintenance and
    > janitorial work throughout the facility.
    > None.
    > Your job is to remain in the same position for years, without complaining, constantly retraining and updating your skills,
    > so that those in your charge can ultimately surpass you
    > None required unfortunately.
    > On-the-job training offered on a continually exhausting basis.
    > Get this! You pay them!
    > Offering frequent raises and bonuses.
    > A balloon payment is due when they turn 18 because
    > of the assumption that passing matric will help them
    > become financially independent.
    > When you die, you give them whatever is left.
    > The oddest thing about this reverse-salary scheme is that
    > you actually enjoy it and wish you could only do more.
    > BENEFITS :
    > While no health or dental insurance, no pension,
    > no tuition reimbursement, no paid holidays and
    > no stock options are offered;
    > this job supplies limitless opportunities for personal growth, unconditional love,
    > and free hugs and kisses for life if you play your cards right.

  13. leela Says:

    your mum looks very sweet!

    • axinia Says:

      thank yo, dear 🙂
      I think she is just a very motherly type of a person, and that is sucha power of attraction. I always want her to hug me 🙂

  14. Rahma Says:

    what the beautiful poem, it makes me cry and miss my Mom alot, I live miles away from my Mom now 😦

  15. Julia S Says:

    Аксинья, му мы же знакомы с твоей мамой!!)))) ничего себе! значит это твоя мама! я даже не знала, мы вместе были в замке и очень нежно обнимаемся при встрече! )

  16. […] at some point I can’t keep myself from paying them my tribute (see my earlier posts on my mother, father, husband, best […]

  17. […] My mother is a true mother as one should be – at least this is what I always felt. A perfect mother archetype, just AWESOME! […]

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