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A book of books! October 15, 2009

I’ve just finishied reading a book. A very unusual one. It is not a book in a real sence of it, but it contains…the best of all that has been known of this Earth so far!

Sounds very intriguing, isn`t it?

Here is the book:


This is a Biographical Dictionary of Realised Souls. It contains 160 entries for key figures in the History of Spirituality, together with a Glossary of Terms and a Bibliography, as well as great links to the sources.

The book contains short bios of the truly great people who deeply influenced the evolution fo human civilization, personalities whose enlightened hearts and minds sculptured the face and soul of Mankind. The true heroes, not the false ones who are presented to us as such by the mighty brainwash.

Among these 160 are those who are very well known like Christ, Leonardo Da Vinici, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Rumi, Carl Jung, Lenin, Mozart, etc.  and some are less known like Dadu Dayal, Joachim of Fiore, Hildegard of Bingen, Daniil Andreev, Patacara and many more… What brings all these personalities together into this book is that their heritage has truly good vibrations, opposite to many so called gurus and leaders, whose heritage emits heat. Having all these people in one book, creates a different perspective on the world history. It suddenly becomes clear how, through the great souls of all nations we are all genuinely connected and how they all have been speaking about same things…

Obviously the list is not complete, but the collections is so brilliant and uplifting! A feast for an enlightened intellect.

You can order the book by John Noyce “Saints, Sufis and Yogis” here.

P.S. The gem of the book is a short biography of Jesus Christ which I bet you never read in that perspective!

LOVE; axinia


9 Responses to “A book of books!”

  1. Алима Says:

    Wow!Haven’t heard about this book!Have to order it.Thanks!

  2. swaps Says:

    Read the preview…very interesting and kinda serendipitous.
    Wish it were available for free download.

  3. axinia Says:

    thank you both 🙂

    I would like to underline the fact that the main criteria for choosing these people was not what we know about them, but what kind of vibrtaions (which is the material, perceptable manifestaion of Spirituality) they have. This is crucial in that case. Otherwise it woudl ahve been the regular Bibliografical Dicitionary of well known personalities… But it is not.

  4. Interesting idea for a book… hopefully someday I will be able to read such books – I am reading two books now at an extremely slow pace! Wonder how ppl read fast…

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      it is easy to read fast 🙂 look up for mnemotechnique.
      The other thing is that I read very little and I don’t like to read fast.
      This book I reviewd is not actually for reading, but more for infomation, for insight… There is not much to read in there 🙂 It is an overview that you get and then you can meditaion on ti and see what insight it gives..

  5. This sounds like a different book, Axinia. Is there a list of the 160 persons who are included in this book anywhere?

  6. Princess Says:

    oh another good addition to my wish list. thank u

  7. leela Says:

    there is a nice film about hildegard von bingen in cinemas right now.

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