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The most silly question people keep asking me October 12, 2009

When the cold time is coming, I dress myself warm and enjoy the cold. If I am not dressed warm enough, I naturally freeze  🙂 At this moments all possible people start asking me: “how it is possible that you are freezing, you are RUSSIAN!” And this is, really, sounds the too silly to me. Why should Russians have different body temperature? Because they live in “cold climate”? Science say that it is either te muscles or the fat that keeps the body warm. But not being originally from Russia 🙂

Russians indeed know how to keep warm in the cold winter (albite the spring and the summer are pretty cold as well!) and the 2 main reasons are:

1.The central heating system (thanks God for the natural resources) works very well. People are not used to save money on heating (at least it was in my childhood) because it costs almost nothing.

2.The most logical thing: dress up yourself warm! 🙂 Interestingly, this is not that logical for my Western friends. I see people freezing and being dressed rather insufficient. Then,  because of saving money obsession, many do not heat up their homes properly. They freeze inside, they freeze outside. No wonder the hearts get closed 😦 A freezing person is unlucky to feel happy I think.

Now, when the cold season is coming, don’t believe that Russians feel warm because they are Russians – just get dressed warm and turn up your heating  :).

LOVE; axinia

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22 Responses to “The most silly question people keep asking me”

  1. Nita Says:

    Makes sense what you say! If you dress warm you feel warm! But I think people mean that if you are Russian you are used to feeling cold so you shouldn’t mind!

  2. axinia Says:

    ha ha 🙂 I would ALWAYS mind feeling cold!

  3. swaps Says:

    But Russians – especially women, I am told, love to eat ice-cream in winter- 250ml in one go. Perhaps for the calories in it.

    • axinia Says:

      I have another info, swaps. The world leaders in eating ice-cram in winter are acutally Finnish!! (Russians? no..), check your statistics source 😉

  4. Anastasia Says:

    I absolutely egree with you Axinia. People also keep asking me “how it is possible that you are freezing, you from RUSSIA!” For me Australian winter is colder than in Russia, because they dont’t have heating system in the house like people have in Russia. :-)))

  5. How it is possible that you are freezing, you are RUSSIAN

    That can sound funny 🙂 It’s not as if Russians (or the Eskimos, for that matter) are born with an invisible fur coat 😐

    No wonder the hearts get closed 😦 A freezing person is unlucky to feel happy I think.

    I don’t know about the cold as I’ve never been in near-zero or sub-zero temperatures 😐 But what about the opposite? An extremely hot climate tends to make people hot-headed and if combined with high humidity can result in easy irritability 😦

    Temperate weather must be the best then. But it can induce laziness. 🙂

  6. swaps Says:

    Axinia, a good lawyer you would have made … convicting the rest-of-the-world as ‘silly’ by withholding evidence. I am referring to моржи 🙂
    How can people take dip in a frozen river, even relax in it playing chess??

    • axinia Says:

      swaps, what some idiots do, does not count for all – I mean how many people do this? (моржи) -their numbers are hillariously small.

      and what did you mean by “that explains your aggressiveness” I wonder???

      • Axinia, I live in a very hot and humid place and Swaps thinks it has made me aggressive 😦 Poor me, I wouldn’t hurt a fly willingly 😐 I think he has mistaken my assertiveness and ability to call a spade a spade for aggressiveness 😦 Perhaps my use of frank-but-less-than-desirable words and phrases has clouded his judgement 😕 No wonder children are advised not to trust people they meet online, since the internet usually masks the true nature of a person completely 😐

        Swaps dear, if you’re indeed lazy, I wouldn’t blame you at all. Mysuru can make anyone feel sleepy with its lullaby-like weather all year round 🙂

  7. axinia Says:

    today again – the classisc:

    suddenly it becase very cold, last week we had +25 and today only +5 and a stormy nordic wind. AND?? Imagine, people are still dreesed like it were about 20…I mean they have no brains? Could not check the weather forcast??? Sometimes I think, people lost all thier wisdom nowadays…I was the only one in a winter jacket on the street 🙂

  8. radha Says:

    ahahah soo funny! sometimes i also dont check weather and just leave home in rush thinking that HK is always hot and tropical, but some days it s chilly and at least i would need a shawl. so now i am carrying a shawl everywhere and try not to forget it!!

  9. Valusha Says:

    “People are not used to save money on heating (at least it was in my childhood) because it costs almost nothing”

    Living in Russia I can’t agree with you, it costs! And tariffs raise not once a year! Payment for the heating makes an essential part of a rent, I should say. But on the other hand, most of Russians have no possibility to regulate their home’s heating system, becouse it works under the city government order. For example, this year the heating system has started to function in our city from October, 1 till October, 7th, in all houses! Аnd I cannot disconnect it even if I consider that weather is still warmly! If somebody wants to regulate it and to save money, it should have the private house or buy and establish the special equipment.
    I’m sure, if there was such a possibility to regulate heating system without all this difficulties, most of Russians would began to save on it and would be as silly as some Europeans 😉

  10. axinia Says:

    thanks, my dear for this interessting update…I left Russia when the things have been very different…

    See the impact of Capitalism? 🙂

  11. Valusha Says:

    This system of heating and fees for it combines the features of Socialism and Capitalism both, and not the best features, I think…

  12. Lana2008 Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    how true what you told about “silly questions”… And how enjoyble the way you decribed it! By the way I’m very happy to have “discoverd” this blog – although by chance it’s really fun! Thank you and I’m positively surprised to meet “normal Russian peple” living abroad. Have been living in Germany for 5 years I thougt I would never meet such people you are.

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Lana2008, lovley comment! I will be very happy if you would become my regular reader 🙂 if you have desire to communicate, we can meet on Facebeook, are you there?

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