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The way an open heart operates October 7, 2009

What do we know about being open hearted? We may certainly understand what the media portrays as love; it is two people finding each other attractive, falling in love and marrying in one episode (after a small yet entertaining bust up, of course). For many people, this simplistic chain of events is their ultimate dream, and of course they are often disappointed when things don’t turn out exactly as they had hoped, and the dream fades aways under an onslaught of bickering or misunderstanding.

The heart is the seat of our love and home to our compassion. However all too often we are afraid ot open up and allow these wonderful qualities to flow as they should. We hide behind our fears, doubts and ambitions, displaying a false mask to the world to avoid being hurt. The result is the society based on illusion, hidden behind ego and posturing, never truly communicating as human being to human being. Small wonder then that the divorce rate is so high in the modern world, and that relationships come and go as the wind blows.

Love and compassion don’t just point to a nice personality. In their most potent form they provide a power that is strong enough to defeat legions of negativity and personal decay. The compassionate heart forgives instantly, and so moves beyond the cage of the past into the glory of the moment. The real loving heart cannot judge, for love is truly blind.

From “Meditation” by Nigel Powell

(image by me)


7 Responses to “The way an open heart operates”

  1. dmitri Says:

    axinia, i really agree that a compassionate heart forgives instantly insted of judging… recently (after working on my left channel with candels) I experienced the opening and the compassion of my own heart, I hade some ocasions when either people did something very wrong in my presance or told about something in their past, even when its really wrong I just coldn’t judge them, sponteunasly, I wanted to forgive and just said Ok it happened, now you are here and i hope that you will have the strenth to not commit this mistake in the future. It is so wonderful.

    • axinia Says:

      dmitri, what a beautiful sharing, thank you so much!! This is exactly what was meant in the post.
      I wish so much that as many people as possible could experience it same way…

  2. Fatima Says:

    So beautiful and so true. When I feel pure love flowing through me, I can’t seem to fault anyone for anything. I’m just filled with an endless compassion.

    This post also brings something else to mind. When people have their hearts open and flowing with love, do they glow?

  3. pooyan Says:

    wow, so poetic and so nice, and so true !!! thumbs up 😉

  4. Small wonder then that the divorce rate is so high in the modern world, and that relationships come and go as the wind blows.

    I wonder if Nigel feels that a high divorce rate is the sign of a loveless society 😕 I, for one, think that a very low divorce rate is a sign of a primitive, semi-civilised, misogynous, savage (not to mention utterly loveless) society.

    One just needs to look at the evolution of the unit called the human family over the ages to understand this. Primitive peoples didn’t quite know the concept of divorce, NOT because they were full of love, but because “marriage” was never viewed by the savages as a relationship between two equal individuals. It was more of a kind of slavery, where the woman was always the “slave”, meant to serve her “master” all her life, bear his children and tolerate unending abuse in return for the basic needs of life and safety.

    There is plenty of proof that women were always treated as less-than-human and as the “property” of men, so the very idea of divorce must have been anathema to the primitives. Why, till recently, primitive hordes belonging to a certain semi-civilised society burned hapless women alive on the funeral pyre of their husbands 😯 This disgusting thing is practised to this very day by a handful of stone age creatures 😡 Of course, the barbaric hordes viewed it as a part of their “great culture” 🙄 and were forced to give it up due to the efforts of reformers of the time only because of the introduction of modern education from the civilised world. But old habits die hard. The semi-civilised hordes might have been forced to give up this nauseating practice, but the barbarians still practise primitive things like ostracising women whose husbands have died, preventing their re-marriage, forcing them to dress in white, ill-treating and abusing them etc.

    It’s not a wonder that such semi-civilised hordes have a very low divorce rate compared to civilised societies where women (and men, too) can freely get out of marriages that no longer work by means of divorce.

    Of course, a very, very high divorce rate is not good for any society 😐 But a suspiciously low divorce rate is a clear sign that a society is inhabited by primitive-minded, nauseatingly misogynist, semi-civilised hordes 😡


    • axinia Says:

      Raj, thanks for this comment, I wanted to answer you will a long comemnt too..but then I thought mabe a make a povacative post on arranged marriages vs. love marriages from my kind of “western” view..that would be interesting. The topic is just too big for one comment 🙂

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