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My vision of the 21st century Arts October 4, 2009

Declaimer:this is my personal opinion/dream/hope/ of what the Arts will be like in the 21st century. And although the century has already started, due to the global transformation of collective consciousness which is currently taking place, in some years or decades the world may change tremendously and the new world with the new values will appear in its magnificent beauty…
Since ages the main task of any kind of art – music, literature, painting, theater, film etc. has been to make people think, to develop their introspection abilities, to cultivate their emotions.For the humanity has been only able of percepting the world through 5 senses.
Even though Love has been the most popular theme, the conflicts within a piece of art has been built upon the main human weaknesses like jealousy, lust, greed, anger and revenge.
This is what we have had so far. However that will not last that long, since many people are obtaining the 6th sense and start percepting the word differently, their values change, as well as the ability to enjoy all kinds of Arts.
I believe that instead of the mental and emotional enjoyment, the measure of all things will be the joy of the Spirit (manifesting through vibrations). The masterpieces of tomorrow will not inspire us to discuss things, will not make us weep… The Masterpieces of tomorrow will make us blissfully thoughtless.
Thus, my prediction is that 90% of the contemporary Arts will die out, probably only very few masterpieces of the world classics will remain. Basically, all the Arts will have to be re-invented. The leading topic will not be the overcoming of difficulties by one hero, by a group fo people or a community. The Art will become more “collective” addressing more global issues rather than the sufferings of one person.
And here is the example of the New Art  – the voice that is reaching out to the Spirit, beyond the mind and emotion.
LOVE, axinia

21 Responses to “My vision of the 21st century Arts”

  1. Your sister has an extremely melodious voice, Axinia 🙂 Is she singing in Russian?

    Thus, my prediction is that 90% of the contemporary Arts will die out

    Wouldn’t such a thing be terrible 😦 Don’t you think that art will lose its soul and heart if it were to become one-dimensional 😕

  2. radha Says:

    great prediction. it is already happening for the ones who have eyes to see.

  3. axinia Says:

    Don’t you worry, Raj – if you could enjoy my sister’s singing then you will be able to enjoy the new arts 🙂

    As radha says, it is already happening and I am lucky enough to have experienced the Art of Spirit many a times – nothing to compare to the boring contemporary arts…you just don’t know. As soon as you will see some more of it, you will see the differnce.

    It is all about exeriencing and not mere discussion “how will it feel like?”…

  4. swaps Says:

    Here some people make a lot of fuss over ‘understanding’ art. I never agreed, having a layman’s approach to art – just lose myself in it, why involve the mind.
    But you say something esoteric – beyond both feeling and intelligence. Hmmm…

    Axinia, I feel the post title could have been just “My Vision for 21th Century”. 🙂

    And thanks for (finally) sharing your sisters singing….have often wondered if the sopranos breath at all. The rendition is so smooth!!

    • axinia Says:

      “I never agreed, having a layman’s approach to art – just lose myself in it, why involve the mind.” – good point, swaps! however I am not able of loosing myself in ugliness, sorry. And HERE we have so much of it.

  5. Volodimir,

    Why should art give something to the spirit 😕 The arts owe nothing to any thing or anybody 😐

    If you remember, not so long ago, the mediaeval-minded bearded bullies of the turbaned Taliban banned all forms of music, photography, painting, cinema etc. saying it was “against the spirit of Islam” 😯


    Your sister’s singing is very enjoyable but variety is the spice of the arts. I think the arts will become very boring if all of it were to merely praise non-existent things such as the “all-powerful imaginary entity” and the “love and beauty of the imaginary entity’s plan” 😐

  6. axinia Says:

    Raj, nobody will have to prohibit any thing.
    things will just die out on their own -because nobody will be able to enjoy them any more.

    And, as with any prediction – let’s see what comes up.

  7. Abhinayaraj Says:


    Please add more examples to what we mean by realised artists so that even the readers who dont directly decipher the secret of spirit (vibrations) can feel in their heart what is meant here.

    Something like those Artists who pull strings of heart deep within, whose creations evoke blissful pleasant moements stored within, those creations that evoke the seeking for a deeper journey into the mysteries.. and so on.

    Few examples: (I am quoting few gandharvas here)

    – When Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sings the sufi Quwalies, how our limited emotions transcend into a moving Joy.. no knowledge of the language he sings matters then.
    – The paintings of Artists like Da Vinci, Michael angelo that make us stunned in subtle silence
    – The poems of poets like Wordsworth that plunges us into the nature (manifestation of spirit outside) and that of William blake that by simple words charms the mystery and propels the heart to discover..
    – The compositions of Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven etc that amplifies the vivid and transcendental imaginations and journey..
    – The play of Dramatists like Shakespeare, Stanislavski etc who made impressions deep within the minds on how swaying to negative emotions and inability to stay within present moments cause many a human problems call it personal, societal, political what may..

    These are just few examples that flashed within few moments now.. hopefully the realised creation history is endless and infinite to out in few pages.. I have deliberately avoided mentioning arts from India as its difficult to mention few and ignore many in this genre.

  8. axinia Says:

    exellent input, Abhinayaraj! thank you.

  9. Elke Says:

    As a matter of fact, only this is lasting art that speaks to the spirit, everything else has shown in the past to be forgotten after the death of an artist. Art that needs explenation for the brain is not nearly as interesting as art that touches your heart.
    Axinia, your sister has a beautiful voice!

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Elke!

      It is very true that only the real art that touches the spirit stays forever.
      My point here was that probably/hopefully the rubbish that is being produced now in huge numbers will not be there at all -because there will ve noone left who would be intresting in enjoying this kind of “art”.

      And this is not the same as today. Because by now it takes ages untile pople filter out who created something really great, and who was just good in marketing.

  10. Things will just die out on their own – because nobody will be able to enjoy them any more.

    Are you sure, Axinia 😕 Cheap, crappy, third grade stuff always has its takers. If not, why is it being churned out in huge quantities? In fact, the trends seem to point to the opposite of what you seem to wish for. The population of most civilised societies, inhabited by cultured people who can appreciate things such as art, has stabilised or is about to stabilise. On the other hand, the already overpopulated semi-civilised societies are adding to their numbers explosively because their mediaeval-minded hordes breed like rats.

    Needless to say, the primitive hordes can appreciate only crude, cheap, worthless stuff that appeals to their semi-civilised nature. So, if anything, quality stuff would face a challenging future as it’s beyond the primitive, rapidly overbreeding hordes to appreciate such things 😐

    • axinia Says:

      In this respect you are badly wrong, my dear. “The population of most civilised societies, inhabited by cultured people who can appreciate things such as art, has stabilised or is about to stabilise. ” – nothing doing! The majority of population all over the world – take America, Russia or Europe enjoy what you call “Cheap, crappy, third grade stuff ” – it is same everywhere!

      Obviously the mainstream population is being stuffed with this kind of art because byconsuming this dead products it gets stupid and easy to control for the people in power.

  11. Ioana Says:

    Dear Axinia, thank you for sharing your thoughts on Art. Same attention & feelings I have towards the Real art .. only that somehow I believe in ‘promoting’ this type of Art and forget about what’s happening with the rest of it 🙂 I truly believe that the Selection in everything is part of the Evolution and nothing can escape it .. and this Natural Selection is sharply intelligent and also is a careful Listener .. For instance at our local free meditation classes we offer quite often special classes that we call: Art & Spirituality .. and sometimes we imbibe with vibrations (poems, music, presentations) from Sufi world, sometimes from Renaissance, sometimes from Native Indians are.. and so on. The feedback we get is AMAZING!! Some people even cry, they are so moved by art forms they don’t normally ‘deal with’ .. and say: “It;s so beautiful.. and I really FELT it .. I felt cool breeze, was real ..” Ok, I am a but ;out of the range’ but I mean that without trying to hard we can ‘promote’ this art, spread the awareness and somehow maybe this art will become ‘mainstream’.. rather sooner than later :-)) Sorry for the long one.. But I really feel for this subject.. Thank you!!! I’ll listen to the music later on.. Yours, Ioana

  12. Алима Says:

    Axinia, you should share more videos with Tatiana, please!

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