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Get your hands read by Nita! September 22, 2009

My longterm blog friend Nita, an excellent journalist and a great person, has started a new blog sharing her fascinating hobby – palmistry. Plamistry is the correct name for what is commonly known as “handreading”.

Judging by the number of hands painted in prehistoric caves it would seem that palmistry held a interest for humans since the stone age.Archaeological discoveries have discovered hands made of stone, wood and ivory by ancient civilizations. The emperor of China used his thumbprint when sealing documents in 3000 bc. Information on the laws and practise of hand reading have been found in Vedic scripts, the bible and early semitic writings. Aristotle (384-322 bc) discovered a treatise on palmistry on an altar to the god Hermes. The greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen (ad 130-200) were both knowledgeable about the use of palmistry as a clinical aid. Julius Caesar (102-44bc) judged his men by palmistry. Notable people such as Paracelsus (1493-1541) and Fludd (1574-1637) brought respectability to palmistry through their writings. Later Dr Carl Carus, physician to the king of Saxony in the 19th century matched palms to personality. Advances in genetics, psychology and forensics have propeled palmistry into the modern age. In 1901 scotland yard adopted the technique of fingerprinting in criminal investigation and identification.Medical researchers studying skin patterns (dermatoglyphics), have discovered a correspondence between genetic abnormalities and unusual markings in the hand. Research has confirmed a link between specific fingerprint patterns and heart disease. These days palmistry is well accepted throughout the world. Proffesional palmists can be found reading palms in every country in the world.

Nita is a palmistry master with 30 years of practice and with her blog she offers not only an insight into this fascinating sphere of human knowledge, but also a possibility to order your own palmstry report! Here is what Nita claims:

Don’t be afraid of Palmistry:

Palmistry frightens people because they feel that a certain thing is fated to happen. But when we go to a doctor with high cholesterol or other symptoms, are we frightened even though we know what could probably happen if we continue a certain way of life?

A palmist also gives you a diagnosis and tells you of certain trends in your life as well as the probability of a certain event happenning…if a certain lifestyle and behavior is continued. Your life is in your own hands, and not dependent on chance.

Lines change and with it our future. And just as no doctor can predict with certainity that a heart attack will happen, a palmist cannot foretell the future with any certainty.

GET YOUR HANDS READ by Nita at Palmistryforyou.

Enjoy and would be great to know about your results 🙂

LOVE; axinia


9 Responses to “Get your hands read by Nita!”

  1. swaps Says:

    I am an amateur palm reader. On a visit to my college after graduation I set out to try my new skill on friends….this kept me lingering there long enough to learn that a company was visit another college for campus interviews. A week later I got my first job. I was, probably, the first palmist whose fate was changed by palmistry!!

    (Trifles aside, there is something about it. I believe it is an effective tool to diagnose and even foresee medical conditions.)

  2. That’s a brilliant idea by Nita to make the past (ancient art of palmistry) meet the present (internet age e-palmistry portal) in order to predict the future 🙂

    Usually I’m somewhat indifferent to astrology, numerology and palmistry though I try to do things in accordance with the principles of vaasthu shaastra and feng shui 😐

    One of my class-mates in college is a palm reader (since his dad is a professional palmist). He must have examined the hands of almost everyone in class, including many of our professors. I’ve had mine read by him as well. Usually, he was highly reluctant to make predictions. He would find out a fair deal about one by examining the hand and would confidently state things about one’s past (which were usually accurate). But when it came to predicting the future, he was deliberately vague. Even after much prodding, he would only make some kind of a general prediction. I got the feeling he knew much more than what he said, but didn’t want to set his predictions in stone 😐

  3. axinia Says:

    I was also interested in palmistry when I was younger…Once I saw on the hand of one friend that he woudl die rather earlier (before 30) but I could not believe, it was such a good person and nothing was pointing at this thing. Sadly enough, 2 years after this he was killed in a car accident…I was really shocked.

    Basically I know that everything our body expresses (its shape, state, even every spot on it) – these are all thing that can be read. Physiognomics is fascinating too. The body language…Everything! And the most fascinating for me is -of cause! – vibrations, because it is the most accurate the fastest method to check a person/or oneself and to diagnose.

    Still, palmistry can be very insightful and I highly recomment everyone to try it out at least one in the life – if done by an experienced professional with enlightened attention, it can tell a lot about your potential and development.

  4. radha Says:

    …and how many palm reader with enlightened attention are there for the ones who want to try? this is an important point to focus on!

  5. Ldinka_108 Says:

    i couldn’t find on Nita’s web site how to contact her in the order to submit the images… Nita, how to get in touch with you?

  6. Nita Says:

    Axinia, thanks a lot for mentioning me. 🙂 I have come late here as I was away in Europe for a few weeks. One of the things that I want to do with my palmistry blog is to remove the superstition associated with it. And when it comes to Raj’s friend, it is clear that he was a good palmist. A good palmist can never predict the future with any certainty. It’s like a doctor telling a patient that he is certain to get a particular disease. No doctor will do that, but unfortunately many palmists have got into the habit of telling the future with certainty and that has given palmistry a bad name.

    Ldinka, I will be putting up the details on how to contact me on the blog after a while. At first I want to establish the blog with more hand readings, of famous people. Perhaps it will be a few months before I will be starting the handreadings for the readers. If you check once in a while or subscribe to the feed that you will know when. And I promise you that you won’t be disappointed because I am doing handreadings of famous people which you might find fun to read. In fact the next person on my list is the french president, sarkozy. I intend to read palms of one person from the west and one Indian alternatively. At least that is my plan initially.

  7. Nita Says:

    radha, unfortunately, very very few!!

  8. vivek roy Says:

    Palm reading

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