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When the nature and work of man meet: beautiful agricultural landscapes in Austria September 21, 2009

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One year ago I made already a similar post – about the breath-taking beauty of a landscape, when the nature and the handmade beauty meet: the  agricultural landscapes of Austria.

Visiting the place (Weinvietrel region, by Mistelbach) at the end of summer gives an amazing impression of endless peace and benevolence…

This time I was equippted somewhat better and  I think the photos came out more expressive than last year.

LOVE, axinia


9 Responses to “When the nature and work of man meet: beautiful agricultural landscapes in Austria”

  1. swaps Says:

    And thus the Princess spent her beautiful weekend… : mrgreen :

  2. Yes, they are absolutely beautiful and have the look and feel of paradise 🙂

    I sometimes wish I lived in a sparsely populated, presumably well-developed countryside like this one 😐

    Were those windmills put up by the farmers to generate their own power 😕

  3. Sigrid Says:

    wonderful pictures 🙂

  4. swaps Says:

    But still the farmers are unhappy.

    • I guess they have every reason to be unhappy 😦

      Despite the fact that they provide society with its most basic need (food), farmers in every country and continent are at the receiving end of the “globalist” crooks, acting in alliance with the filthy governments 😡

      Since small and independent farmers are primary producers who can live on their own, they are heroically resisting attempts to drive them off their farms to slave away for the corporate rats 😡 The forces of “free market capitalism” (just like the commies) don’t like free men and women who are outside their control. They are attempting to breaking the back of those who resist their vile plans of poisonous corporatised agriculture (think Monsanto 👿 ) and turn proud, productive and independent men and women into debt slaves and wage slaves like the rest of us 😦

  5. radha Says:

    Just Magical. And did u hav a horse ride?? i am dieing for one in such a wonderful place!!

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