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The sky and spiritual growth September 17, 2009

Not by chance the sky has been always compared to something spiritual – to paradise, to bliss, to something beautiful and pure… Recently, taking off from Vienna in a grew cloudy day one interesting metaphor stroke my mind:

When we are so called down to Earth and the sky looks grey, when it’s raining, it’s cold and unpleasant – the whole world looks like it and we can’t imagine a sun shining anywhere else:

Rising higher, struggling throughout dark clouds, it can look like that:

or like that:

At this point life feels like a series of shocks, it hurts, we get our though life lessons… But if we learn the lessons right, after some time we are able to rise higher and get some other perspective…

At some point, when we break through the clouds, suddenly… the Sun is shining, the sky is full of light, it feels so pure and bright! We can breath fully!..

And at this very moment we KNOW that life is merely the standpoint.

It is the same county we are flying over, same weather…

But being beyond the clouds, we see a totally different picture:

Life is serene and beautiful, magnificent and peaceful. ETERNALY BLISSFUL.

This thought is not new, and it has been the best desctibed in one great book on spiritual growth, I posted about it here. 

LOVE; axinia

(all images by me)


10 Responses to “The sky and spiritual growth”

  1. swaps Says:

    Beautiful….serenity is truly beautiful.

  2. Lovely pictures that are very, very beautiful, Axinia 🙂

    The clouds look like fluffy cotton candy 😛

    Hmmm… though it looks beautiful and serene, I’d rather prefer the first picture because it seems to be paradise on Earth (which is what I would aim for) instead of going for paradise in the “heavens” 🙂

    • volodimir108 Says:

      ha, good point Raj!
      and what would you say if axinia would have taken as the first photo an image of chemical plant in a gloomy day? Then it would not look like a paradise at all.

      • Good question, Volodimir! A chemical plant spewing out toxic smoke? Yes, that would definitely look bad… but my idea of paradise on Earth would not have too many chemical plants.

        It would look like the first photo – lush green fields, cozy cottages, plenty of birds and animals and clean electricity for buildings and vehicles. The few chemical plants that are absolutely necessary would be forced to treat their toxic wastes before releasing them.

        I prefer to transform the Earth into a paradise than going for a paradise in “heaven” 😐 But I know humankind will have to suffer for its evil deeds before it comes to its senses and attempts to work towards creating a paradise 😐

  3. Alima Says:

    How did you manage to take such pics?They are
    wonderful!The story as well.

  4. Ldinka_108 Says:

    i feel like i could fly after this images and story. especially combined with quawwali from the freemeditation.ca – such a bliss! thank you, Axinia 🙂

  5. CECE Says:

    Beautiful… I was lying down in my local park today staring up at the sky, I felt extremely calm and peaceful.

  6. axinia Says:

    thank you my dear friends for these beautiful comments!

  7. Deepa Mahajan Says:

    So Heavenly. At this time on the life of our planet where there is environment destruction, pollution, smog,etc it is wonderful to see Axinia find beauty in the most unusual places. She comes to us like a breath of fresh air. She is like the lotus blooming in the dirty waters of a pond!!
    Keep it up , My Dear, you inspire so many.

  8. axinia Says:

    Thank you dear Deepa, you are too kind to me. I am glad if my blogging can make a tiny littel difference to someone…

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