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What’s wrong with smoking? – the real reason why non-smokers hate it September 15, 2009

Smoking… The topic has been a smoky hot discussion since many years, although recently it has become even hotter in Europe. I am not a friend of discussions, because  – as I stated earlier – I am a convinced existentialist and thus I belive that perceptions could not be discussed in general, because of their subjective nature. However I want to share with you one intresting insight on this problematic topic.

There are 1000 and 1 arguments the non-smokers give while trying to justify their intolerance of other’s smoking. I don’t really care for all these arguments. I can only state that unfortunately I am a militant objector of smoking, and I can’t  help it. No amount of spiritual growth  helps me to tolerate smoking around me or especially into my face. Recently I was wondering WHY I actually do not mind seeing people drunk, under drugs, whatever – although that is disgusting but it never bothers me to such extend as smoking?! WHY? I finally asked my husband who has a special boon of knowing all the answers 🙂 And you know what he told me?

“Smoking is irritating because it goes against the Collective Benevolence. If one is taking drugs or drinks, he/she destroys only himself/herself. But smoking , while affecting everyone around shows disrespect to the collective body of the humanity. It becomes not an individual, but a collective problem. And people like you, who are very sensitive about the common good, are so sensitive towards this issue”.

I found this explanation very interesting and true, and you?

LOVE, axinia

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26 Responses to “What’s wrong with smoking? – the real reason why non-smokers hate it”

  1. Troy Says:

    Yes i totally agree with this. Always find this issue diffucult to deal with as it brings up feelings of resentment due to feeling the entrapment and disregard of having to endure others toxic smoke smell. Stems way back from having to uncomfortably and unhealthily endure father smoking habits in car and around us in the home from very young age. Like unfortunately it seems the smoker has all the power and authority so its nice to see some inroads to bring back the balance to the innocent bystander.

    • Troy Says:

      I also had another thought how smoking effects and ultimately damages Charkras and organs involved with communication, and development of deeper feelings of love, respect and courage/ security ie. mouth, throat, heart and lungs. In my observations smokers have unresolved heart and emotional problems that smoking may seems to help temporally relieve and draw back down these feelings as the smoker en-hails. I have experienced this personally myself ( became a regular pot smoker) and know the and self harm actually increase the negative insecure/ victim feelings and unresolved heart issues in the long term. So the problems of the smoker and the collective, i feel ,are at deeper and more sensitive level than what appears to be going on at the surface. There by just by simply making laws and telling people about how you feel about smoke i feel is great but doesn’t actually address the deeper issue involved with individuals. I suggest it may actually develop resisting and resentment to real positive for many individuals thus continue to cause an imbalance the collective as a whole.

  2. I am a militant objector of smoking

    😯 😯 😯

    Those are the strongest words I’ve seen you describe yourself with, Axinia 😉

    No amount of spiritual growth helps me to tolerate smoking around me or especially into my face

    I can understand that! I get filled with rage if someone lets off second hand smoke into my face 😡 I mean, I’m not even as militant as you are in opposing smoking. I understand that the poor fools have got themselves addicted to the curse of the tobacco stick and I’m willing to give them a chance to get out of their addiction. But let them do it ALONE – they even have enough room to do so with their fellow addicts, but NOT in the company of non-smokers who can’t tolerate second hand smoke! Let them kill themselves with tobacco if they want to, but they have no right to spread the filthy smoke in the presence of those who can’t take it! 😡

    As the First World gets tougher with smoking regulations, the crooked tobacco companies 👿 sense they can make a killing (literally) with the overpopulated Third World 😡 The filthy Third World “mainstream media” have been bought off by the vile tobacco lobby 😈 who are also actively recruiting certain creatures 👿 in some “film industries” to spread the curse of the tobacco stick among youth and children. Shame on the savages! 😡

    If one is taking drugs or drinks, he/she destroys only himself/herself.

    Not always, Axinia 😐 When combined with the steering or the handlebar, the bottle becomes a much greater danger than the tobacco stick ever was to other people 😯

    • axinia Says:

      Thanks, Raj, I knew you woudl agree with me this time 🙂

      But seriously, as for the last point of yours (“When combined with the steering or the handlebar, the bottle becomes a much greater danger than the tobacco stick ever was to other people”) that is also true. And, honestly, I do ntotolerate alcohol too much. I just avoid drinking companies.

      At last any addicition is a danger to the society, when seen globaly. It is only that smoking manifests itself more, and is unfortunately so easly socially exepted.

      • Axinia, I was actually pleasantly surprised to see you actually declare something as wrong and that you seriously object to it 🙂 You know, criticising things and behaviour is usually associated with hopeless pessimists like me 😉

        But seriously speaking, I really don’t have anything against smokers (as long as they don’t smoke near me). I’ve had many chain smokers among my colleagues and friends (actually it’s a sad indication of the number of youth addicted to the filthy stick) and some of them are really wonderful people, much better human beings than an undesirable like me. They just happened to fall into this bad habit and found it very difficult to kick it, though they want to. I kind of feel sorry for them 😦 because they don’t really have an intention to cause harm or do evil deeds.

        On the other hand, there are several scum beings 👿 in this world who may not smoke but their hearts are filled with pure evil. Their actions and behaviour expose their intention to cause severe hurt to others and profit from others’ pain and miseries. They fill me with even greater rage than someone smoking into my face, for the simple reason that I can breathe in some fresh air to clear the tobacco smoke but there is nothing that can clear the repulsiveness of the filthy sadistic vermin 👿 that inhabit this planet.

        • Ankur Says:

          Great example. We should not dislike the person, merely their habit.

        • axinia Says:

          Raj, dear – even if I critisize, it does not mean I am have no hope. I do. And I know that one day many things will have to change for everyone, also for smokers.

          It is already changes! Like in ITaly in you smoke in a public closed area (restaurant or bar), you will have to pay the fine of 250 Euros (!) and it works very well 🙂 The sagnificent drop off smokes has been reported last year.

          • Ankur,

            Yes, hate the sin, but not the sinners. At least, NOT the ones who have no intention of causing harm or inflicting pain and miseries on others, like the poor smoke addicts (as long as they don’t affect others).

            For the sadistic ones who do have evil intentions 👿 and perverse savagery at heart, they deserve to be hated more than the sins they commit! 😡

            I was actually pleasantly shocked 😯 😛 that you wrote a very critical post 😉 I was even more surprised that you would declare that no amount of spiritual growth would make you tolerate a practice. Does it imply that spiritual growth would normally make one immune to the nonsense taking place around oneself in this world 😕 If so, I would be the last person on Earth to want such a “spiritual growth”. 😐

            • axinia Says:

              It’s a difficult question, Raj…
              Actually if we take the highest state of evolution, then one should be beyond all matters…but on the other hand the should be love and compassion, and if a saint sees some distractive things around, then he/she can give the attention ot these problems and thus support the process of evolution.

              • It indeed IS a very difficult question, Axinia, because the answer decides whether human societies evolve and become civilised or decay into semi-civilised savagery.

                The different paths taken by human societies is the reason why there is a HUGE civilisational gap between the First World and the Third World (which is going to be removed shortly because the First World will be deliberately pulled down by the “globalist” crooks and the rapidly increasing number of Third Worlders). Let’s take a civilised First World society, say, France. The kids grow up in an environment that does not believe in something like “fate” and the belief in free will and personal responsibility is indoctrinated in them. France even has laws called “Good Samaritan” laws that can punish a person for not helping those who are injured etc. It’s the hallmark of a civilised society that gave ideas like Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to humankind.

                On the other hand, take the semi-civilised society that believes in a maliciously and savagely twisted concept called “karma” (the true concept of karma is different from what the hordes inhabiting this society believe in). The kids grow up in an environment that inculcates a ridiculous thing called “fate” in them that they fail to recognise that “fate” is nonsensical trash. Such superstitions eventually get such a hold on semi-civilised societies that a person who has a medically curable condition is ostracised instead of being cured since the mediaeval minds believe the person is suffering because of “fate” and a so-called “bad karma” in a “previous birth”. Such societies still exist in the mediaeval ages of humankind’s evolutionary path. 😦

                Civilised societies too suffered from such mindsets during their dark ages when they believed that diseases were caused by witches’ curses etc. However, once they got rid of such backward mindsets, they progressed along the path of civilisation and constitute today’s First World.

                Despite the fact that the semi-civilised society mentioned here having contibuted innumerable spiritual “gurus” to humankind throughout history, why does it still remain in mediaeval ages of societal evolution? The answer is because except a very few, most of the saints of these societies (the true ones) went off in search of spiritual growth by building bubbles around themselves and attaining enlightenment. The hordes eventually began to believe firmly that existing in a bubble world is the answer to all societal issues instead of real action to tackle the problems which has lead to the pathetic situation 😦

  3. The comments about drinking and driving, and on how society accepts destructive behaviour, prompt me to comment that actually driving a car (even when not drunk) is something far worse than smoking in its societal impact.. I’ll just jolt down some reasons for that which spring to mind.

    a) Cars kill worldwide lots of people, especially vulnerable ones like elderly and children.
    b) They emit carcinogenic and poisonous fumes and society accepts that just fine, while it would never accept a pedestrial to walk around with a box from which poisons sprout. Not to mention the terrible cacophony they create en masse.
    c) They are a huge driving force behind climate change.
    d) Their production and disposal needs massive materials, including massive amounts of water (if I’m not mistaken, I think it’s 400,000 liters for a 1.1 ton car). Many of those materials are toxic.
    e) Roads take up valuable land, separate communities etc.

    And there are no laws to actually ban or even restrict cars…

    I agree of course that smoking is destructive, to self and others. Alas, so are many other things we humans do in our everyday life…

    • axinia Says:

      very true…many things are destructive and it is mere the lack of SELF-respect that make us do these things.
      And Until we KNOW our SELF, it will remain this way.

  4. swaps Says:

    A possible relief is here.

  5. vinayakah Says:

    If someone is smoking into my face, it is like if hitting me with an axe – just pain appears later. If one understand this, it is easy to react propperly on such cruelty, as smoking is.

  6. davecandoit Says:

    I’m pretty hard core against public smoking. What you do in the privacy of your own home or car is your business, as long as children are not being subjected to your toxic environment. Once you’re out in public, however, non-smokers should not have to breathe your second hand garbage. I have yet to hear an argument for public smoking that even begins to make any sense. It all seems to boil down to this: I’m addicted to a laundry list of cancer causing chemicals and therefore should have the right to expose you to those chemicals too.

    Here in Toronto, when there were smoking sections in restaurants (nowadays there’s simply no smoking permitted anywhere), we used to have a saying: A smoking section in a restaurant is akin to a peeing section in a public swimming pool.

  7. Troy Says:

    After perusing your blog, I felt coerced to write this (please read it; I swear it’s not a horde of B.S.! Although please excuse the expletives!):


    I’d love to hear your thoughts in return. While smoking is harmful to others, if it’s in a public forum and the non-smoker has the opportunity to move to a different area, there shouldn’t be ANY complaining. 🙂

    • Ankur Says:

      Lots of anger in your blog post.

      • Troy Says:

        No doubt about it — it just aggravates me when people have their noses stuck up so far in the air that they feel as if the smoker is obliged to move whereas they can exercise their right to move, too.

        • axinia Says:

          i see your point ver well Troy, however often there is no chance to move (say, on the elevator, while getting out of Undergroudn station – many people strat smoking already there and there is no chance to escape, beause they are just in from of you). I avoid smoking people as much as possible, anddo move amay normally. But the sad thing is it is not everywhere possbile.

        • Ankur Says:

          I think people naturally do try to move away from an offender – be he smoking, making a lot of noise, etc. In California, by law, a non-smoker can ask a smoker to extinguish his cigarette in a public area.

          Anyway, I understand your point. I think you should consider that the act of smoking is now becoming slowly categorized a public nuisance. The individual’s liberties are not being taken away; it’s just the act is not allowed in public. Just like being boisterous, or nude, is not accepted.

          It’s not a qu of right\wrong. It’s a cultural qu, which will vary from city to city.

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