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Earthly pleasures are the shadows of happiness September 14, 2009

Earthly pleasures are the shadows of happiness, because of their transitoriness.

True happiness is in love, which is the stream that springs from one’s soul;

and he who will allow this stream to run continually in all conditions of life, in all situations, however difficult,

will have a happiness which truly belongs to him, whose source is not without, but within.by  Hazrat Inayat Khan.


The poem may sound too elevated, but in fact my life proves it to be true: although I enjoy many earthly pleasures, none of them is comparable to the delight of spiritual joys, to the state of true happiness and peace which comes from within, not from some outside factors.

It is amazing than today we do not need to hide in Himalayas or deserts in order to achieve the enlightenment. Any householder can do that. That is the greatness of our times!

LOVE; axinia

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13 Responses to “Earthly pleasures are the shadows of happiness”

  1. swaps Says:


    Especially because today I was meditating on exact lines ….

    True happiness is in love
    But true love is one that comes with complete clarity and confidence, strengthens and not weakens…it is ennobling!

    ..the state of true happiness and peace which comes from within
    I was naive to think that happiness can be found in work and family, but the truth is that it must ultimately be found within oneself. Otherwise it becomes an endless search.

    Thanks and lots of love for this wonderful post!!

  2. I’m probably naïve, but for me happiness (and sadness, of course) is a feature of earthly life 🙂

    “Earthly pleasures” may be transitory, but happiness does spring from earthly life. “Spiritual happiness” is nothing but emptiness. It is not hapiness per se, neither is it sadness, it is merely closing the doors to sadness and happiness by enclosing oneself in a bubble.

    I guess it’s something like the number zero. The number zero is neither positive nor negative. If one compares it to the negative numbers, it may seem positive. That doesn’t necessarily make it positive. But since the state of zero is not negative territory, one may think that it is positive. Is that the case? 😕

    I guess it’s the same for spiritual happiness. It’s like existing in a state that has shut out happiness/sadness/other ‘nesses which can keep changing, but I don’t think I’ll call it happiness.

    I guess such a reasoning may be stupid 😐

  3. axinia Says:

    Raj, you may be surprised but in a way I agree.

    What you describe it is really true — my state of happiness is always the same, ” It’s like existing in a state that has shut out happiness/sadness/other ‘nesses which can keep changing”, it is a very stable, comfortable state.

    But for the same but: IT IS HAPPINESS. And it is not boring as you may suspect. I wonder if you remember my early post on it:


    let me quote it a bit here:

    ” What happens actually is that life becomes very intensive and funny, sunning and amazing much more when you are a “happy” person ( in fact I do not like the word that such, as it does not really reflect that state). And at the same time it is very relaxing, soothing… Why not have that?”

    It is difficult to explain but it is really so. It feels… fantastic!

    • Ankur Says:

      I would describe it as living in a state bliss – you do not have periods of sadness, neither do you have ecstatic peaks of happiness – you are merely, living in bliss, all the time. (I’m not there yet!)

    • It may not be boring and it may even feel fantastic, Axinia, but what you describe seems like “bubble happiness” to me 😐

      Happiness/sadness/other ‘nesses are different states of the mind. When the inputs to the mind add up in one way, it may lead to happiness, in another way it can lead to sadness and so on.

      At the same time, it is possible to completely trick the mind into different states by different means. For instance, the so-called “laughing gas” can make us laugh 😆 , but it is not natural laughter as the mind has been tricked into laughing by the chemical properties of the gas.

      Alcohol can make one shut off sadness by inducing a drunken state of stupor, but it isn’t quite happiness. There are plenty of narcotic drugs that can take one to different states of “ecstasy”, “bliss” etc. but they are merely tricks played on the mind by the chemical properties of those despicable substances.

      “Spiritual happiness” is another trick played on the mind, NOT by chemical substances, but by the MIND ITSELF acting in a different dimension, i.e., the spirit. For instance, when a hermit undertakes severe penance without eating, it’s not that he isn’t hungry. He has just managed to trick his body into believing that it does not need food. This is very dangerous and an extreme form of spiritual practice.

      “Spiritual happiness” seems to be a similar act played on the mind where the mind itself acting in a different dimension (the spirit) tricks the mind into believing that it’s “happy”. But it actually isn’t. It is just “bubble happiness” and as long as the controller of the bubble (the spirit) exerts control, the mind believes that it is in an eternal state of “happiness” 😐

      I know you’ll be irritated with an idiot like me for defining everything in terms of the so-called “lower state” (the level of the mind) instead of ascending to a so-called “higher state” of the spirit but the spirit itself is just a bubble created by the awesome power of the mind. A bubble isn’t the actual thing – it’s like virtual reality 😐

      • axinia Says:

        I like how you call it ” spiritual happiness”, sounds good.
        The only thing you are mistaken is that it is not the trick of the mind. In fact, Spirit has nothing to do with the mind. It is beyond. And it can only control the mind because it is OUTSIDE of it.
        But again, we are not in the equal position here bacsue we have different exeprieces so far. I hope one day you will see what I mean 🙂

        • I can only hope that you will realise what happens to societies that believe in the so-called “spiritual happiness”, Axinia 😐

          You need not even imagine them as you have live examples in today’s world – certain heavily overpopulated Third World countries (that can range from brutal dictatorships to regressive pseudo-democracies) that are the epitome of collective and individual semi-civilised behaviour that can be described as mediaeval savagery at best and primitive sub-humanness at worst 😐

  4. I agree fully that the greatness of our times is the possibility of enlightenment in every-day life – and indeed through it. I can think of no other way to bring down on earth the majesty of our inner sky, and vice versa.

    I would add that this possibility has made this path towards freedom even faster, 24/7 sort to speak.

    Beautiful also the poem about the permanent happiness, the one that escapes duality and comes from (neutral, I would say) love. Necessary also in a time when spiritual progress is identified in many schools of thought with happiness defined as wearing a broad smile all the time… Whereas true happiness, in my opinion, resembles more a kind of inner fulfillment that is so much far from joy as it is from sorrow, but simultaneously includes both in it.

    • axinia Says:

      gingerbreadman, thank you.
      The last two sentences are brilliant!:
      “Necessary also in a time when spiritual progress is identified in many schools of thought with happiness defined as wearing a broad smile all the time… Whereas true happiness, in my opinion, resembles more a kind of inner fulfillment that is so much far from joy as it is from sorrow, but simultaneously includes both in it.”

      • Thank you. It’s come from the realisation that our tendency to seek pleasure/happiness and shun pain/sorrow at all costs is misguided: it doesn’t help us escape duality.

        Moreso, it is vain, since the vibration that is life in time necessarily includes both ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, therefore being in a constant state of this sliced-in-half happiness is at best an illusion, and at worst a way for some people to make lots of money with this alluring message..

  5. mahananad kumar Says:

    Best of my axiniya!! ” Earthly Pleasures Are The Shadows Of Happiness” only a quintessential sahajyogis have the ability to understand and experience. we know that the mother earth created lord Ganesha. GANESHA is full of innocence , purity and full of cool breeze. so , my dear , that is why we enjoy the mother earth so much. The more we look the mother earth , the more our ganesha strengthens .

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