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Why I love Germany September 10, 2009

Germany is not the country that is…eh…commonly loved. Apart from the sadly known historical background it can’t boast with great nature, climate, awesome sightseeing or else. Germany is just not a place one normally visits as a tourist. In Europe the masses head to Italy or France, may be UK… But Germany?

To me personally Germany has always been an attraction. There are many facts in my biography connected to Germany, I posted some of it here.I believe it is not only for my love to German language, but actually it is my love to German people that takes me there again and again…

I went ot Berlin few days back and was again pleasantly surprised by the amazing friendliness and readiness to help of Germans.

What I really like about Germans is how they are clearcut in their expressions, direct in communication and well structured. It goes well with some parts of my own character I think. And these are also the things that I miss in any other country I visited!

One more thing that fascinates me is the sense of Friendship. Germans are great friends, once they have enclosed you in their hearts – it is forever. It reminds me a lot of Russian friendship.

As usual I traveled with my camera and took some pictures for you. These are probably not the typical sights of Berlin, but that is what I found cute or interesting.

LOVE; axinia


15 Responses to “Why I love Germany”

  1. dinesh Says:

    Hi!! How are you?
    Nice post;Loved this.

    take care and have a nice time ahead

  2. Lovely pictures, Axinia! The Germans have a great sense of precision, orderliness, sophistication and civic responsibility as is evident from your pictures.

    The modern cycle rickshaw looks cool! 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Hi Raj, thanks!
      I love going by rickshaw, you know 🙂 BTH, it was a velo-rickshaw! This job is done by strong guys 🙂 My sister and me, we went by it along the biggest park in Berlin, it was like…very speicl, something like driving in a cab…in a good comfortable pace, you can see everything and enjoy a lot!

      • Axinia, I think you’ve misunderstood my comment 😦

        While I’m glad that you enjoyed the ride, I just meant that the velo-rickshaw looks cool – I mean it’s a modern looking design, hopefully ergonomic with good seats and devices like gears (and maybe even a small electric motor) to reduce manual effort, unlike the notorious contraptions found in some Indian cities.

        But while it may look cool due to the modern design, the principle of a rickshaw is definitely NOT cool according to me! How can I ever support human pedalled rickshaws (even if they’re modern, ergonomic velo-rickshaws with gears and electric assist) when I’m totally opposed even to the idea of animal drawn carriages? 😕


        In fact, I’m a bit saddened that the technologically sophisticated Germans have allowed rickshaws on their streets 😦 I hate the very principle of a human powered rickshaw 😡 The Berliners could instead use electric golf carts or even “rickshaws” that are completely powered by electricity and solar power. Human powered rickshaws are a definitely a retrogade step, even if it’s a modern velo-rickshaw 😐

        I’ve pedalled a rickshaw with passengers when I was younger (just for the fun of it) and believe me, it was NO fun at all! It made me understand that the unfortunate rickshaw pedallers lead miserable lives 😦 Boy, was I glad when cycle-rickshaws completely disappeared from my city!

        By the way, I love cycling and I used to cycle for long hours (for fun) when I was a kid. A human pedalled bicycle (for oneself) is definitely fun, eco-friendly and good for health but a human-pedalled rickshaw to ferry passengers is a regressive vehicle.

        • axinia Says:

          I agree with you Raj, I was also actually surprised to see it in Europe, becase even in India I have not seen any velo-rikshaws so far.
          I guess it has to do with some transport regulations – like a velo vechikle is allowed in qeuares and pedestrian roads, while any motor vechikle is not. For touristic purposes it might work better, that is why they go for it.
          Business as usual 🙂

  3. Ldinka_108 Says:

    well, I think there is something about being a Virgo and loving Germany. many national qualities make the perfect click with the Virgo personality 🙂
    wish I could visit this amazing country one day…

  4. Nova Says:

    You believe it or not… I find Germany one of the most enigmatic cities of Europe. There is something soothingly endearing about it. I cant wait to see the place! 🙂

  5. swaps Says:

    Germans are empire-breakers….will surely impress Bhairava avatar of Lord Shiva. But, of late, they too are softening up due to materialism.

  6. radha Says:

    a bee in the cappuccino??

  7. Valusha Says:

    Und meine liebe berliner Baeren!:)
    Danke fuer schoene Fotos, ich hab noch ein mal verstanden, wie ich Berlin vermisse …

  8. draupadi16 Says:

    Sooo schöne Bilder – zum Eintauchen in diese Metropole! Danke Dir! Draupadi.

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