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Visiting Germany September 5, 2009

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For a reason unknown I have to come to Germany every September/October. It’s really strange, because it is always a different reason, but I am again there!

What is even stranger, that although it is getting cold, I really like going to Germany at this time of a year. Actually I don’t mind any kind of weather 🙂 But Autumn is something very special for me. And it feels good to be in good old western Europe at this moment…

I am off to Berlin for some days and will post again on Tuesday.

As usual, will be back with fresh impressions and pictures for you!

LOVE, axinia


4 Responses to “Visiting Germany”

  1. Enjoy your stay in Deutcheland! 🙂

  2. Oops! 😳 It should have been Deutschland.

  3. kanagu Says:

    Enjoy the stay Axinia.. 🙂

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