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The closed heart September 2, 2009

This is an interesting phenomenon which I found out empirically earlier and now suddenly discovered in my favourite saint’s writings (it seems he touched all possible subjects!).

“This is the phenomenon of reflection.There are people who may sit together, work together, live together for their whole lives, and yet they may be closed to one another. It is the same reflection. If the heart of one person is closed, its influence is to close the heart of another. A person with closed heart will close the heart of others everywhere he goes. Even the most loving person will helplessly feel the doors of the heart closed, to his greatest regret, not knowing what has happened. It is an unconscious phenomenon.” said Hazrat Inayat Khan.

And indeed it is so! Strange enough, if there is a person with a closed heart, it takes a huge amount of love to withstand this breath of death (a closed heart feels like a death of the Spirit)…

I wonder if anyone of you have made same or opposite experiences?

LOVE; axinia

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29 Responses to “The closed heart”

  1. While the wise bubble-dwelling saint is right in what he says, I guess he has jumped to a conclusion rather quickly, Axinia 😐

    A closed heart is like a closed door. Just like one needs to use the correct key to open the lock of the door, one needs to unlock a closed heart with the correct key 🙂

  2. Dmitri Says:

    If a person with a closed heart closes heart’s wherever he go’s , shouldn’t a person with an open heart open hearts wherever he is????????

    • axinia Says:

      mosty it does, but not always. Even if a saint like him report this difficulty, then there must be some truth in it.. . Apparently not every heart opens, at least not in every moment you wish tp.

  3. swaps Says:

    I think it is good that I cannot recall any.

  4. Veni Says:

    Let everybody open his heart, and enjoy the Joy of The Spirit, which is Looooooooooooove, Pure Divine Love!

  5. Ldinka_108 Says:

    it is not an easy task – i agree. because people with closed hearts usually are arrogant, dry, ignorant. and they have a tendency to step on others for no reason. but they are still humans. it means there is a hope for some soft spots somewhere deep in themselves. when i have to deal with them, usually i try my best in:
    1) not to react because in many cases they might be even abusive (THE most difficult part for me)
    2) send them Divine love
    3) surrender it to Divinity asking to take care of opening that person’s heart and take care of their spiritual growth.
    4) as p.1) try not to react and witness afterwords.
    it does take time, but it does work out… and realized person is capable to change the surrounding even without doing anything special for it. when we meditate, vibrations change the surrounding. love, pure attention and desire for good do all the job. and it is a beauty of Sahaja Meditation.

    • axinia Says:

      it is very true Ldinka,
      but for me it is not the reaction what is difficult. it is just the opposite – aperson with the close heart makes me sad, I mean in a way I feel desperate “how come?”… of cause we can work on vibraitons and we surely do, but still..for some it takes ages to open! That is what is really sad.

      The kind of people that puzzles me is not the arrogant ones – these are easy to handle (in fact you just have to keep pumering their ego and they will love you :)),
      but the ones who are indiffernt -“пофигисты” – that is the most dangerous group. They don’t care for anything, even for themselves. That is what I can never understand. It is probably some deep deep damage on the left side (lack of desire) and that is the worst I believe.

      • Ldinka_108 Says:

        well, yeah. it took them many lives to build the shield around the hearts, so it will take a long time to break the ice. but with our pure desire sooner or later it will happen!
        are you being “sad” or compassionate? if first – it is a reaction. if second – it is a push for them to get into attention of Divinity.
        don’t be sad, it will be OK 🙂 even if it takes a couple more lives to straighten them out. there is no work which can not be accomplished by Divinity. it just might be a slow process – when master removes thorns from fur of his dog, he removes them carefully and patiently – to avoid unnecessary pain. the same case is with any deep (karmic) problem – it takes years to untied the knots built in subtle system.

        • axinia Says:

          That is very true, my friend!
          But the thing is that in Sahaja yoga I am used to solve knots and any problems very fast 🙂 most of the things work out so much faster than it would have taken normally! And thus one gests used to it and thanks that everything should work out fast 🙂 At least that is the case with me. My strongest motivation in my spiritual seeking was that I wanted the method that would bring me a kind of turbo spiritual ascent.(I guess I was fed up of wating for enlightenment all my past lives)… That’s why I was so happy to have found sahaja yoga, for it does exactly that.
          There for when some thing take a bit longer, i am surprised:)

          • Ldinka_108 Says:

            kinda the same here. i think it depends on the readiness of the person – i guess from past lives and experiences. it is a good lesson for me – my husband. im in SY for about 15 years, we are married for 17 years – he still doesn’t practice (very dharmic, kind person, though, twice got Realization directly from SM). i want things here and now or even better – yesterday, but with him i have learned being patient and wise. i guess it is a huge lesson for me – not to push and surrender and not to have expectation = disappointments. such a life. there is nothing we could do, but surrender and enjoy the reality as it is.

  6. radha Says:

    it’s horrible. but no, today it’s different becoz there are people with open hearts whom wherever they go all kinds of doors get opened, today is different than Inayat Khan time.

  7. radha Says:

    i am reading the last couples of comments here. i know what you mean but nothing / nobody can be lost to that extent. we sometimes dont really get the fullmaning of the amazing power of Love. it’s beyong everything and beyong any rock or whatever is deep deep deep down left or right. i believe it is more of a matter of confidence and faith, that something blossoming is going to happen to that person. it’s not important when it is going to happen. to us 5 years for example seems a long time but also time is nothing to Love’s Eyes. i think people who “dontcare” it is not true that they dont care, it is just my misunderstanding of them.

    • axinia Says:

      That is the point! Yes, if we have patience, over the time people around improve, they do, and some really a lot! But is make take a long time and we want the results now :))

  8. radha Says:

    regrding the hard nuts maybe they feel it on another “point of reflection”, like a huge mirror where Light reflects on and plays in all kinds of direction. a prism, more than a mirror. we cant understad everything about other people perception, there must be 1000s of ways to feel Love. thats why we hv to go deeper to unlock them.

  9. radha Says:

    i know we want the results now, everybody expects these good results asap. i think if we enjoy to the fullest at the same way the nuts and the no-nuts these results will arrive and maybe we wont be aware of them coz we are enjoying the work to the last last drop!

  10. Ankur Says:

    Realize that you cannot change anyone, or open a closed heart. Just be yourself – be the one of many flowers that the person with a closed heart sees.

  11. Veni Says:

    Still there is a hope. Chaitanya can change the difficult ones through the open hearted if the open hearted just desire it!

  12. vinayakah Says:

    With opening heart it can be easy for the people who have experienced more love, and didnt get too much pain from others. For the ones that were continuously tortured, it can be more difficult. They feel as if they, by opening their heart, get down their shields, and can be hit easily. And they are, unfortunately, right….

    What needs to be done simultaneously, is forgiveness, and understanding of what they really are, and thet to shine doesnt need any activity – it happens by itself. In that case the “hit” goes to somewhere else, and doesnt pain too much.

    If someone, by closing his heart, makes the heart of others to be closed, it is about the radiation that is stronger. The same (and incomparaby stronger) way it is if one opens his/her heart and by that opens the hearts of others.

    All depends on a depth understanding…

  13. Kazumi Says:

    It’s true, it’s true! I used to have an open heart, then I fell in love with a guy who had a closed heart and I hung around him for a some time and now my heart is closed too!!! It may or may not open again. But a closed heart really does close other hearts!

  14. Whatever Says:

    I have to disagree. I think having a closed heart is not a bad thing at all; it is your right. In some instances (like when you’re under attack) it might even be the wise thing to do.
    However I do believe closed-hearted people have the serious responsibility to:
    * Make shure they don’t give people false impressions, or even worse, consciously play with others’ emotions. This is evil.
    * Acting as if you’re an open-hearted person while you’re not is also immoral, if not evil.
    * Say it when they need help. If they’re seriously depressed but they won’t admit it because of their pride or ego, they’re not only irresponsible to themselves but also to the people around them.

    • axinia Says:

      hi Watever 🙂 i see your point, thanks. I think normally one can feel if the heart of the person one communicates with is open or closed. This is something one cannot hide, at least not from me…
      A closed heart is very common, and yet it is something we should try to overcome and hopefully, later in our evolution we will get over it.

  15. jaslyn Says:

    it’s difficult to open up to another person anymore..there’s this person who can but it’s difficult to reach out to that person…

    • axinia Says:

      jaslyn, i guess it is a question of trust. We have to learn to trust people.
      We have to trust, always. Finally we win the hearts over and the mutual trust and love are established…

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