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How many Indigo Children do you know? August 31, 2009


I was asking myself if I should post about Indigo Children or not…Finally I decided to do so, for I believe this information might help some of my readers to understand their own nature and behaviour better.

Indigo children is a New Age concept developed by Nancy Anne Tappe describing children who are alleged to possess special traits or abilities. The concept was initially developed in the 1970s, gaining popular interest with the publication of a series of books in the late 1990s and the release of several films in the following decade. Beliefs about indigo children range from their being the next stage in human evolution, possessing paranormal abilities, to the belief that they are simply more empathetic and creative than their non-indigo peers. There is no science or studies that give credibility to the existence or traits of indigo children. Many children labeled “indigo” are diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

When I first came across this theory a year ago (too late!) I realised that it explains absolutely everything in my behaviour, especially in my childhood.

What is an indigo Child?

  • They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it)
  • They have a feeling of “deserving to be here,” and are surprised when others don’t share that.
  • Self-worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents “who they are.”
  • They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).
  • They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.
  • They get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented and don’t require creative thought.
  • They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school, which makes them seem like “system busters” (nonconforming to any system).
  • They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward, feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.
  • They will not respond to “guilt” discipline (“Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did”).
  • They often posses some “paranormal” abilities.
  • They are aware of their mission of saving the world and they are sometimes too serious about it.

These children are often the older new children. They are rebellious, and want things done their way. They have new ideas and are here to bring down the old systems of thinking and doing on this planet. It is their mission. They are also here to make the planet safe for the more sensitive Crystal children to come in. They are often considered to have “warrior spirits”. They have unique gifts, high intelligence, remarkable spirituality, strong intuition, and intense willpower. As for physical characteristics, they have what are often called “old soul” eyes. They have deep eyes that are “grown-up” and full of wisdom. Indigo’s are commonly misdiagnosed as having ADD. This does not mean that every child with ADD is an Indigo child.

When I’ve read some sites on it (unfortunately often too esoteric), I just realised that is about me! I always felt I knew many things better than adults, and therefore could not stand any authority; I was rebellious and a-social (until I met like-natured people in my 20-s). I was not aware of having any paranormal abilities, but some people with such abilities were after me – one famous seer in my town in Russia fished me out and wanted me to become her deciple  for my special energy (I was very surprised as I did not feel any!), later 3 young magicians were one by one trying to marry me. They all wanted some “powers” from me. I was really puzzled… After all that it felt so natural that I found Sahaja Yoga – thanks to it, all my deepest spiritual quest and powers have manifested, and I’ve met many people who are just like me!

Moreover even while blogging I feel many of my regular readers are so called adult Indigo Children, that is probably the reason they feel so attracted to this blog- mostly Indigos are misunderstood and bored by the mainstream.

Today, unlike 20 years back I can see that the number of Indigos is increasing –  I keep meeting them as children or young adults a lot. That is a good news! 🙂 However one says the newest generation is not of the same character as Indigos – they are called Chrystals and are often described as follows:

Crystal children are younger and more sensitive. They are often misdiagnosed as having autism. Crystals love nature, children, babies, water, and animals. DO NOT put a Crystal in the modern educational system. It is a recipe for disaster. They will either be labeled, diagnosed, and given harmful drugs, or be mistreated because of their differences. Crystals will fair much better in a less structured and nature-oriented homeschool. Crystals are creative thinkers and natural healers. They are highly intuitive, spiritual, and truly see the world differently. They are often refered to as having “angel souls”. Crystals also have very characteristic eyes. They are similar to Indigo eyes. Their eyes are often have very dark pupils, a lighter and unusual color in the iris around the pupil, and then a very dark ring around the edge of the iris. Many people with examples of this pattern have unusual blue eyes.

I think a brilliant example of such a child is Akiane – I once posted about her here. 

What differs these new children from the rest, is that they feel very strong about thier life’s purpose and mission. Here’s how Hunter Zinkle, a 21-year-old Indigo Child, puts it,”I know that my purpose is to help the human existence run a little smoother. I try to do my best with everyone I come in contact with, to help their lives seem a little easier and less convoluted. With a lot of my friendships, I feel like I’m opening the flower of life for them. With other friends, it seems like I’m their guide to life.” 

Amazing, that is what I would have said too, in same words! (see the purpose of this blog, 1000 petals)…

And how many Indigo Children do you know? 🙂

LOVE; axinia

(image by me)


47 Responses to “How many Indigo Children do you know?”

  1. swaps Says:

    But Axinia, I thought you are a Communist 😉

    • axinia Says:

      What is the connection??? Sorry, missed the point here…

      • swaps Says:

        I meant a Communist (at least in theory) doesn’t consider a particular group of people special.

        • axinia Says:

          I don’t know much of it, I only know and share the main idea of Communism.. .

          People, although all same in Spirit, are very different in thier ways and nature – this is a simple fact and it makes the beauty of life, by creating variety…

          DIFFERNT does NOT mean BETTER at all. It just means DIFFERENT.

          • swaps Says:

            Yes, things start off innocently enough and before we know, different begins to imply superior or inferior. It happened here in India like nowhere in the world and its effect still strain relations between people. So, though I recognize that some are different (why, actually better ;)….I leave it at that.

            • axinia Says:

              Yea, the cast system in India is the best example of that!
              However even in the Soviet Union, although in many ways people were equal (much more than anywehere in the world), still we had a kind of a cast system too. It is typical human.

              • A kind of caste system in the Soviet Union? 😯 So the commie members formed the priviliged caste, the toiling masses the exploited caste and the political opponents, rebellious intellectuals, religious people & other such undesirables formed the “untouchable caste”, eh? That’s sickening! 😡 No wonder the commie political idea self-destructed 😐 It just shows there is no better alternative to democracy – I mean true democracy as in the First World and not the nauseating pseudo-democractic nonsense that exists in the semi-civilised Third World. The existence of systems like the filthy caste system 👿 proves that humankind is yet to civilise itself.

                But the Indigo and Crystal theories do not classify people based on their birth or political association or economic status. It classifies people based on their behaviour. An Indigo or Crystal child cannot be identified when it’s born or by the socio-economic status of its family. It becomes apparent only by its actions as it grows up and the environment can affect the behaviour so much that an Indigo can become a non-Indigo or vice-versa.

                • axinia Says:

                  Thank you Raj, a very valuble contirubution, just what I also wanted to say – that “the Indigo and Crystal theories do not classify people based on their birth or political association or economic status. It classifies people based on their behaviour.”

                  Cast systems exist everythere, in every society. I only hope in an ideal society that may form itself one day on this earth, this this will dissapear.
                  One of the storingest “cases” is education – in Soviet Union estimated half was with high education, and the rest – workers and villiagers, which was considered “lower”.
                  Same here, in the democratic West 🙂

                  Especially in Austria, if you are graduate (have a Magister or Doctor title on your card) then you can be sure you will be served better everywhere- form the government offices ´tii the a medical doctor, just anywhere…such a a horrible cast-thinking!!

                  • The systems you mention, bad as they are, are nowhere near as nauseating as the filthy caste system, Axinia. After slavery, the caste system must be the most disgusting system 😡 to have ever existed on this planet.

                    The ones in the USSR and Austria are more like a class divide between the “cream” and the “rest”. While class discrimination (that exists in most societies) is bad, I would assume that there would be complete, unhindered socio-economic mobility between the classes i.e. a peasant (or his children) in the USSR could study a course (that was free) and become a member of the “upper class” or an Austrian can do some research (again free), obtain a doctorate and get treated like the “cream” of society. Such civilised things are simply unimaginable in the sewery caste system 👿

                    Of course an ideal, egalitarian society would have no place for class divisions. But sadly, such societies tend to exist only in imaginary Utopias 😦

  2. I think, Swaps Raj and Sahaja are Indigo children 😉 You are one for sure – Axinia 🙂 I think I am half Indigo! Some times I am different for the sake of being different. I will soon publish a speech that I gave in my college (during the selection for a national level competition) on the topic of pollution which was unconventional for the sake of being unconventional! Of course, I was not selected. LOL.

    I think certain people are made to be born this way in order to create a balance in this earth. Its their destiny to do so, and they often create the balance even if they didn’t intend to, initially.

    Destination Infinity

  3. When I first came across this entire “Indigo” thing on this blog,


    I knew I had to be an Indigo going by their characteristics 🙂

    Everything is fine with the Indigo theory and the usual criticisms don’t matter too much as far as I’m concerned. But I do have some problems with the predictions of this Indigo theory, Axinia 😐

    According to it, Indigos and Crystals are supposedly increasing in number and this increase will ostensibly, lead to a so-called “transformation”. This is where the problem lies. Okay, let’s assume Indigos and Crystals are being born in somewhat greater numbers than before. However, that is not going to lead to any kind of “transformation”, for the simple reason that evolved creatures are always born in lesser numbers than less-evolved creatures. So even if evolved Indigos and Crystals are born at a greater rate than before, less-evolved non-Indigos are being born at a much, much, much greater rate. So Indigos and Crystals will not be able to do effect any kind of “transformation” at all because they are numerically overwhelmed by the less-evolved “others”. Far from Indigos and Crystals being able to improve the world, it will actually slide into utter chaos and destruction (and it actually is!). Unfortunately, the Indigos and Crystals being born now seem to have appeared much before their time and will not be able to carry out their “mission” 😦

    later 3 young magicians were one by one trying to marry me. They all wanted some “powers” from me. I was really puzzled…


    Are you sure you’re not a “witch” (a female wizard, in a positive sense, as in the Harry Potter stuff), Axinia 😉 What kind of “magical powers” do you possess? Hehehe…


    • axinia Says:

      The time for the transformation is right! As for new children being born in lesser numbers thatn the masses – no problem, interestingly it is not the mainstream that rules!!! (this is a great topic, I will expand it soon).

      As for magical powers I have no idea – since I was born people saw something in me, but I neigher felt anythitng no tried to work it out… I was immune against all kind of magic and esoteric…
      Now I have much “magical” powers – as everyone else who practices Sahaja yoga 🙂 you may remember my post on it:

      • Unfortunately, I don’t think so, Axinia 😦

        Even the Mayan elders believe that the world will not end in 2012 but there will be some serious kind of “transformation” as they put it. A little more than three years to go for that.

        BUT, it’s not going to be an easy path filled with roses at all. If there is going to be any kind of quick “transformation” at all, it will only be after a period of bloody chaos, destruction, war (maybe even WWIII), economic collapse, starvation, disease etc.

        You’re right, the mainstream does not rule. As of now, it’s always a crooked, criminal cabal of scum that occupy the fringes of civilised human behaviour that rules. This is more so of the backward Third World countries (over)populated by a majority of semi-civilised, less evolved humans. And these rapidly overbreeding Third World savages are determined to pull down the First World to their lowly levels in alliance with the vermin that have taken control of the First World 😡

        A sudden peaceful transformation is always an oxymoron. “Transformations” are usually revolutionary or evolutionary. While revolutionary transformations are somewhat short and can occur suddenly, they are never peaceful but always bloody and chaotic. Evolutionary transformations, on the other hand, are usually peaceful but they take a long, long time to complete even if they are set into motion by a sudden event.

        I think a sudden, peaceful transformation that will be completed in a short period of time will always remain the stuff of dreams 😐

        • axinia Says:

          Raj, did I ever speak of a sudden peaceful transformation?

          Any transformation is rather painful, this can be, for example, admited by everyone who is busy with his/her spiritual growth. Any new stage of awareness is gained through some hard experience. This is kind of normal…

  4. Ldinka_108 Says:

    How interesting… many things click together now… the only part with the weird diagnosis… i saw and still see many kids who might be righteously called Indigo, but almost never I see them causing any problems or acting weird… moreover, many people calm down, relax and smile in the presence of this kind of kids because they are so innocent that they provoke this kind of reaction from normal people.
    as to being rebellious, i notice they just can’t stay nonsense or something impure, than they really feel uncomfortable and might stand out to it… otherwise, they are great fun and joy to be around.

    • axinia Says:

      Ldinka_108, I see what you mean.
      These kinds are very powerful and energetic but it is not that they case trouble – they are just easily bored with everything that seems to be important to adults 🙂
      It they do not meditate and not live thier creativity, their energy goes left (mystics) or right (supraconscious), or they just go off…Apparently, many commited suicide in the West because could not cope with the realiy.

  5. radha Says:

    i think my husband is of those kinds (also after having read some remarks from his teachers when he was child) . i used to have one girll ike that in the classrom when teaching in southamerica, another teacher told me “u know she is an indigo”. she was strong and special, i loved her alot (but the others too 🙂

  6. radha Says:

    these children have special traits but i dont know why people come up with all this conceptualizations about special traits in human beings. they are just there to be nurtured and appreciated, there should be no need to cathegorize them extremely.

    • axinia Says:

      totally agreee with you, radha. But the human nature is like this that we like to cathegorize. In fact there is even “21 types of Sahaja yogis” lecture by SM…must be helpful in a way.

      And I agree with you that this should never become a dogma. Actually for this reason i gave up studying psychology – because of too much cathegorization and all sorts of classifications of people.

  7. Veni Grig Says:

    So openly and beautifully said!!! And so many great comments!
    Thanks to our Divine Mother, with SY meditation anybody, who wishes it, can also acquire spiritual awareness, and get transformed into a representative of the new human race appearing on Earth.

  8. Ankur Says:

    Re: The Caste System

    Originally from what I have heard, it was a beautiful system as well. The purpose of it was that a guru or someone would analyze your nature; and match your nature to the kind of work that suits you most. Thus the individual’s personality is in synergy with their work. Of course today caste is very far from the original intent.

    Today, an individual is left alone to find this synergy. Some find it, most don’t?

  9. Anything that is incapable of correcting itself and changing for the better cannot be beautiful, Axinia 😐 Religions are not capable of bettering themselves, they are only capable of decay 😡 and therefore, they deserve to perish!!!

    • axinia Says:

      The main messages of every religion are beautiful: what Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Budda said was indeed beautiful and nesessary for that time. BUT non of these people have started and organized religion 🙂 That is the point.

      • Which just confirms what I believe…all religions are a farce! 😡

        If they cannot even preach what someone said truthfully without distorting and twisting the message continually to suit their own ends, how can one expect them to be of any good to humankind 😕 They surely deserve to go the way of the dodo if humankind is to have any hope. 😐

  10. CECE Says:

    Hmm…..some of these characteristics describe me. Though I don’t want to jump to label myself. I definitely have issues with authority, I love nature and animals, I am annoyed with our current system of politics, etc. I am quite young to get into spirituality, but my grandma was a huge influence on me. One of my close friends is probably an indigo or crystal child. I love her!

  11. Candice Says:

    I played this video game called Indigo Prophecy that my friend bought me a couple years ago. The character you had to save was called the Indigo Child. I thought this title was just a made up idea that fit the storyline. Then I discovered New Age and I realised that it fits nearly all of my beleifs. This discovery led to researching Indigo Children.

    I was so thrilled to find out that I might be an Indigo. I have always felt different, and the descriptions of Indigos matches me almost perfectly. All my life I have felt like I was on a different plane compared to most people. Like I was somewhere spiritual where no one else could reach no matter how much brainstorming they did.

    But then there were those few individuals that I always thought of as being on the same plane as me. I am positive that these people are Indigos as well, and none of us knew it. So I have met only a few Indigos. These people I feel I am connected to in ways that I can’t explain. It is very undescribable.

    I’m so happy to have found out about New Age and Indigo Children 🙂 I have never met any Crystal Children, but I am positive I have met a few Wayshowers who have greatly impacted my life 🙂

  12. Gordon Says:

    Hai axinia,

    Sometimes it is strange being called “a new age theory” when you have been born almost 40 years ago and know for many years in your heart and soul that you are an indigo and here to help the world.Being an indigo has not much to do with religion, although I and many indigo’s and crystals feel Jezus and God, as well as angels and nature are very close to them.

    How many indigo’s do I know? Dozens! 🙂
    As well as many many crystal beings.

    Last year i organised a day for indigo’s to meet up and it was a beautiful experience with 27 indigo’s in a circle enjoying meeting eachother.

    Love, Gordon

    • axinia Says:

      what a joyful input, Gordon, thank you!
      You have an amazing face, you are definitely one of us :)))

      • mirel Says:

        being able to see the colors of the human aura, which is our soul’s signature represented as a frequency of light energy…
        i agree, what a beautiful smile….
        all the best

  13. Andrew Says:

    Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m indigo too. Much love to you!! 😀 I’ll bookmark you. 🙂 I’m starting up a new forum for indigos just now actually, want me to send you an invitation? 🙂

    Love & Happiness


  14. Brooklyn Says:

    I have never read about or even really heard much about Indigo Children, but one night a man came up to me and told me he could guess my name. He got it right. He said that he had a dream the night before that he was supposed to meet me, and then he told me that I was an Indigo child. What do you think the chances of this being correct are?? Everything that I read about them seems to fit perfectly with how I act and feel, but don’t you think I would have felt something about it before he suggested it??

    • axinia Says:

      logically, yes…one normally feels being very different…at the same time if you grew up in an atmosthere where many people were like you, then no wonder you have not noticed anything! WHat’s your age now?
      Recently, in the last 10 years I can see so many Indigos(or whatever you may call them) around, the numbers are increasing rapidly!!
      ONE DAY WE WILL MAKE THE MAJORITY!!!!!!!!!! imagine…

  15. Brooklyn Says:

    I’m 21 right now, it was about a year and a half that it was meantioned to me though and since then I have believed it more then ever. not in telepathic ways, but in the being more empathetic and concerned then normal people. its almost as if I can feel people’s pain and feelings sometimes.

  16. greta Says:

    I’m indigo. I know few indigos, but I didn’t get into very good relationship with them. I would like to meet new indigo. email me – colorful_life@mail.com

  17. Lara Says:

    I’m 21 and recently ( about 2 days ago actually ) found out that I am an indigo child/ adult ( I’m not sure where the age cut off is). This is so cool. In the past week I have been going through a lot with my abilities in claircognizance and I wanted to research it, one day I found pages on indigo children. I clicked and found out that every indigo’s personality is exactly like mine! I was relieved and astounded at the same time. I’ve always had that feeling of being alone, I’ve found very few like minded people in my life but I’m very thankful for them. I just knew I was different. If anyone wants to talk, feel free to email me. 🙂 Thank you for writing this! ~ Lara

  18. Sara Campitelli Says:

    Hi Axinia, I,m a Sahaja Yogi, my name’s Sara, I’m Italian. I’m 47 and I’m quite lot sure that my son filippo is an indigo child. My husband does’t meditate and obstacles my son coming in Sahaja Yoga and doesn’t understands my son peculiarity. I can’t say to him that Filippo is an Indigo. Moreover He does’t want to speak about spirituality while spirituality is a natural subject and feeling between me and my son. My son is very prompt to other’s necessities and he owns a natural wisdom since he was one year old. Now he is 9. He is loved by everyone but I know he feels himself different. He is proud to be so, but sometimes he suffers for the stupidity and mainly for the lack of love others children or adults manifest. Can you give me some suggestion? Mainly how to conciliate my son’s necessities and my husband blindness?JSM

  19. axinia Says:

    Dear Sara,

    I don’t know what to advise you with…I believe Indigo children are quite strong on themselves. As I have already mentioned, I was one of them 🙂 And I was not bothered at all by the poor acceptance with the peers. Just tell him to keep cool 🙂 He will, I am sure.

  20. Sara Campitelli Says:

    Thank you Axinia, your words conforted me and made me realize you you are right. Many times Filippo reminded me that his difference doesn’t bother him at all, and as I told you, he often says he is proud to be different! I realize that my conditionings still don’t allow me to be relaxed about the originality and newness he has introduced in my life!! As regards my husband I think I’m not still able to control him by love. That’s why I found your posts on marriage and your clues to be a good wife very,very useful! Please go on publishing about that! Yesterday a Sahaja Yogi quoted from a buddist anonymous : “How others treat you depend on their own karmas, the way you react depends on yours” !! Thanks again. sara

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