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A good HR question August 12, 2009

As a HR Manager I often face people who have lost /or never actually had their professional orientation.

Here is a good question to ask oneself about it:

It is an old story, but just tooooooo good, isn’t it?


P.S: many thanks to my dear friend swaps for sending it to me.

LOVE, axinia


14 Responses to “A good HR question”

  1. swaps Says:

    But Axinia, the best job might not pay you enough…but I have found mine 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      swaps, this is a philosophical point. Indeed, the job which fits one’s abilites and is well paid at the same time is for may people a dream…That is what I was trying to poin out in my earlier posts.

      One of the best paid jobs in the world is that of a salesman (in any kind of industry) – and how many people are born salesmen??? Very few!

      That is the genuine problem with the capitalism – it does not let people do what they really want, but what the system wants. It’s a shame! And I do hope that one day the world will change and we will live in a way we will be able to fullfill our missions and express our talents the best.

      BWT, I have also got a job which is both fitting me and is well paid 🙂

      • You know I’m not a fan of “free-market capitalism” that is anything but free, Axinia 😐

        But, to be fair to capitalism, it does offer the freedom of choice at each and every stage of one’s career. If one likes his/her job/career/field, one can continue in it till the cows go home. If not, one can always shift to something else, even without sufficient expertise. Though it doesn’t necessarily bring out the best talents of everyone, it does offer choice and the freedom to shift.

        I wonder how it would be in socialism forced by a communist government 😕 My guess is that it would be even worse. Once trained by the government to be its “worker” (quasi-slave) in a particular field, there would be no escape as there is only one employer in the entire land. And that employer likes its employees to be obedient quasi-slaves who dare not think of anything outside their jobs (“work is worship”). If one slaves away obediently enough for Big Brother, one may expect to move up the ladder faster, that’s all. But if one gets any funny ideas, then one would be marched off to the nearest Gulag to do the only alternative work allowed – forced penal labour to correct the “deviant behaviour” 😯

  2. bernard Says:

    in my old company i did job interviews together with a colleague from HR. the best question we were ever asked by an applicant was: “please tell me, why are you working here?” 🙂
    my colleague from HR was a little baffled 😉

  3. 😆 This is very funny! Thanks for sharing it, Axinia and Swaps! 🙂

    I don’t blame the poor mother camel. She is certainly not responsible for the situation. It’s the lowly clothed-apes-with-opposable -thumbs 👿 who cannot live in peace with their fellow Earthlings who are responsible. They’ve outbred all other mammals (except maybe pigs and rats) and have destroyed the habitats of magnificient creatures and played havoc with Mother Nature. Shame on the vile human scum beings 😡

    It seems the crooked Australian federal government is planning to butcher more than 650,000 camels in cold blood 😯



  4. radha Says:

    it s very funny tis is just where my attention is dragged to during these days. especially nowadays it looks such an important question to ask, and where i live right now people are really serious about it. career is to important in hong kong.

  5. Ldinka_108 Says:

    I was positively shocked when learned that Americans change their careers 3- 4 times during their professional lives… Sometimes it is quite radical change.

    • axinia Says:

      Ldinka_108, I know what you mean.

      It has become normaly in the West to change career, even radically. I personally see it positive: mostly people have many talents and are not able to live all of them in one profession. It is great that we can try differnt things out, and I have my story about it:



      • Ldinka_108 Says:

        I like that people have the possibilities to make those career changes. Sometimes they even switch from good-paid jobs toward less-paid jobs only for internal satisfaction sake. I admire that… living in most material-oriented country, people still find it possible to express inner selves through real vocals. And, yeah, possibilities for hobbies are developed here, too.

  6. kanagu Says:

    Hi Axinia,
    You have been awarded:


    Please accept it 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      thank you my dear friend, I will surely place it on the wall. It is the fist “the coolest blogger award” I get, and it is really interesting what you said about it :”When we read these bloggers posts, we will feel the freshness of the morning air and they make you Smile.” – because it is exactly what i want this blog to be!!

  7. Kiran Says:

    Interesting point of views – and the comic strip is hilarious! Very true in the actual world. Every one should have the liberty to focus on inner happiness. A good paying job does not necessarily promise happiness. Vice-versa 🙂 What satisfies your inner being and happiness should also matter.

  8. When it comes to jobs, I think the best job is the one that is most challenging – that gives you a lot of skills. And Axinia, the so called born salesmen (alteast in India) might do a lot of sales targets but they indirectly indulge in disruptive practices as well.

    Destination Infinity

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