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Maria Theresa of Austria and her Schönbrunn palace (slideshow) August 3, 2009

This great empress is not that widely known as she deserves. In my adoration for this absolutely amazing historical figure I would like to dedicate this post to Her Highness, the Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary, Queen of Bohemia, Grand Duchess of Tuscany and a Holy Roman Empress – Maria Theresa of Austria(1717 – 1780). She was an exceptional ruler and here are some facts that depict her life and deeds:

  • She had in fact begun her rule aged 23
  • Maria Theresa’s father had not given her any training in government, leaving her to learn for herself. Without money, a strong army, and knowledge of state affairs, Maria Theresa knew she had to rely on her judgment and strength of character – and she succeed!
  • Unlike many monarchs of her time, she married for love. When her husband died, Maria Theresa’s devotion to him was so great that she dressed in mourning until her own death 15 years later
  • She gave birth to 16 children, and despite her political activity she was a loving and caring mother
  • She initiated financial and educational reforms (mandatory education in 1774), promoted commerce and the development of agriculture, and reorganized the army, all of which strengthened Austria’s resources
  • She has enlarged her country to the size of an empire, mostly due to a very wise politics of marriages, and not wars.
  • Maria Theresa focused on reforming laws along the lines of enlightened absolutism, especially to strengthen the economy
  • Other important reforms included outlawing witch-burning and torture, and, for the first time in Austrian history, taking capital punishment off the penal code – it was replaced with forced labor.
  • She was the only female to rule during the 650-year-long Habsburg dynasty.
  • Maria Theresa was courageous, generous and kind. She respected the rights of others and expected others to respect her rights. In the later part of her rule, the empress focused more on human concerns, and less on financial and administrative improvements.
  • Many people believe that Maria Theresa was the archetypical mother (indeed, many see her as a mother of the nation still today), loving but stern.

Of all good things Empress Maria Theresa left after herself, the most beautiful one is the palace Schönbrunn  – a palace she built and where she lived for a long time. I have made some shots aroud  the place, please enjoy the vibrations:

LOVE, axinia


27 Responses to “Maria Theresa of Austria and her Schönbrunn palace (slideshow)”

  1. i had no idea about Maria Theresa..But after reading the facts I really feel a respect for her. She was mother of 16 children,yet was able to do so much for the country, its amazing…
    A salute to the mother of nation of Austria…..

  2. swaps Says:

    Ah politics….just imagine, Frederick (oh! the Great) had proposed to Maria Theresa, but it was shot down. Good for both, I think.

  3. Ldinka_108 Says:

    the fact of being a proper mother for 16 (!!!) children just flips me. why nowadays we have so many problems raising only 1 or 2? but she did 16 governing a country at the same time… it is amazing to me…

    • axinia Says:

      yes. she had servants of cause, but you know I read that her babysitters always had priority if children had problems, before the politicialn who felt that very offended 🙂 (men!)

      I read her letters to children, they are amazing, so full of love and care!… She was a good educator too.

      Really such a great personality….True Raja Lakshmi.

    • Tanya Says:

      3 of her children didn’t survive infancy. So she had 13.

  4. Elke Says:

    I especially like the story about an ambassador complaining about all the toys one had to step over and all the little children playing in her office during important conferences.

  5. […] Maria Theresa left after herself, probably he most … Read more from the original source: Maria Theresa of Austria and her Schönbrunn palace (slideshow … Share and […]

  6. The palace looks beautifully maintained, Axinia. I’ve never heard of this monarch before, so thanks for this information! 🙂

    She was the only female to rule during the 650-year-long Habsburg dynasty.

    Glad to know that there was atleast one woman ruler in this dynasty! 🙂

    Other important reforms included outlawing witch-burning and torture, and, for the first time in Austrian history, taking capital punishment off the penal code – it was replaced with forced labor.

    That’s the difference between the First World and the Third World 😡 While First World Austria (that was still a monarchy at the time) banned torture and capital punishment in the 18th century, overpopulated Third World pseudo-democracy India still hands out the filthy death penalty 👿 and third degree torture is routinely practised by the worthless “investigators” to extract (false) confessions by force even in the 21st century 😯

    This post offers solid proof of what I’ve mentioned before – that there is a HUGE civilisational gap between the First World standards and the lowly Third World standards. The average less evolved Third Worlder is ethically and civilisationally several decades, if not centuries, behind the average First Worlder 😐

    Unlike many monarchs of her time, she married for love.

    Does that mean her children were not inbreds arising out of an arranged marriage between two members of Europe’s notoriously inbred royal families?

    She gave birth to 16 children

    I’m S-H-O-C-K-E-D!!! 😯 😯 😯

    I feel really sorry for the average woman of that time! If an empress had to give birth to 16 children, I wonder how many children the average peasant woman of that time had 😕

    Thankfully, the world has moved on from such an alarming breeding rate 😯 But still, in the socially and culturally primitive parts of the Third World, there are couples who still breed at a rate that is enough to produce enough members to constitute a football team! 😯 No, I’m NOT joking – you can look for an infamously corrupt and crooked Third World fodder scamster.

    • axinia Says:

      Raj, thanks for all insights. I can understand you fascination with European style very well. 🙂

      Regarding Maria Theresa having had 16 children, you should take into consideration some fact in teh context of that time:
      -there was no birth control
      -she loved her husbad very much
      -she was indeed an archetypical mother, thus having many children was most probably very natural for her
      -I think an average peasant women could not have much more than 16
      -Maria Thesesa was an exeption, as far as I know no other empress/queen has ever gave birth to that many children, but as I mentioned above, she obviously wanteted it ( as a ruler she could do what she wanted).

      • Axinia,

        Here is the official record:

        The greatest recorded number of children born to one mother in the world, according to the Guinness 2004 world records is 69. In 27 pregnancies, the first wife of Feodor Vassilyev of Russia gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. She also holds the world record for giving birth to the most sets of twins and sets of quadruplets

        S-I-X-T-Y N-I-N-E!!! 😯 😯 shock:

        Of course, that was an exception. Mother Nature does have concern for her daughters and therefore She has limited the ages at which women can give birth to children. Otherwise, the savage, primitive peoples of the world would treat their women not as human beings, but as “child-producing machines” 😯

        Still, I guess that since there was absolutely no form of birth-control, women were treated as little more than breeding cows by the primitive and mediæval peoples. So the average peasant woman must have had no other choice but to be a “child bearer” throughout her reproductive age. I guess that would mean anywhere between 20 to 30 children on an average, though not all of the children would have survived to adulthood as the infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate would have been extremely high 😦

        No wonder then, that the average fertility rate, maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate are important parameters on which societal development is measured. The semi-civilised parts of the world still have extremely high rates of these three.

        She was indeed an archetypical mother, thus having many children was most probably very natural for her

        Why should a woman have children by the dozens to be an archetypical mother, Axinia 😕 I thought motherhood is not related to the number of children, but how a mother cares for and raises her child(ren). I believe that even if a woman gives birth to two children or one child or even no child at all (but has adopted one or more) and is able to raise them well, then she is a better mother than a woman who keeps reproducing like a rabbit, producing (unwanted) children by the dozens who are nothing more than a wasteful drain on the planet’s limited resources.

        When it comes to the nature of humans, quality is always much more important than quantity 🙂

        • axinia Says:

          Raj, some things you just cannot understand because you are a man 🙂
          I know several women whom I would call an archetypical mothers and they all indeed have more than 3 children, some 5 or even 6 -today! I mean these women LOVE to give birth to many children, and nobody forces them, really.

        • lacie Says:

          how can you say any one is a waist and unwanted. i dnt no about you but im a christian and everyone is gods child and to say thts a waist is wrong. everyone is put here for a reason.thts horrible of u t say and if u r a christian then u need to thnk about tht.

        • Lacie,

          thts horrible of u t say

          I guess it was indeed horrible of me to say that unwanted children (who are bred by the dozens) are a waste. I’m very, very sorry 😦

          For Christ did say in Mark 10:15, “I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” Then he took the children in his arms and placed his hands on their heads and blessed them.

          But I didn’t mean to blame the children. Not at all! 😐 I meant to blame their negligent and grossly irresponsible parents, who bred them by the dozen when they have no means of feeding so many, providing for them or caring for them. When the children of such irresponsible and worthless parents grow up, they will usually tend to be even more irresponsible and worthless.

          Why do certain kinds of people breed so many children if they cannot even feed them or care for them properly or raise them to be decent human beings? Is that not irresponsible and negligent on the part of such parents? Why do certain hordes follow this shocking policy:

          Breed them, even if you cannot feed ’em,
          And don’t stop once you’ve bred ’em.
          Breed some more of ’em,
          Even if you don’t need ’em! 😯

          Is that not going against God, when certain hordes breed children whom they cannot even (or can barely) feed, let alone care for properly 😕

          Please remember what is said in 1 Tim 5:8, But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.

          This explains and condemns the gross negligence and irresponsibility on the part of the rapidly overbreeding hordes who cannot raise their enormous brood of children in a decent way. What happens when the children of such hordes are growing up, if they cannot even get enough nourishment (let alone other things) from their breeder-parents? They begin to deviate from the path of God and truth and turn to uncouth ways to satisfy their hunger and other things. In other words, they begin to take what is not theirs (steal), desire what belongs to their neighbour (cast a covetous eye) and even kill to get it (murder) in order to satisfy their needs which cannot be met by their irresponsible breeder-parents.

          Does God say anywhere in the Ten Commandments anything like Breed away, even if you cannot think of providing for the resulting brood 😕 On the other hand, the breeders who cannot provide for their children are condemned as worse than unbelievers, because such irresponsible hordes tend to lead their own children away from the path of God and disobey His Commandments:

          10. What is thy neighbor’s dare not covet.

          8. Nor steal, though thou art poor and mean.

          and importantly,

          6. Take heed that thou no murder do.

          What happens when entire lands are filled with such rapidly overbreeding hordes who cannot even feed their enormous brood 😕 What happens when the resultant, ever-multiplying hordes massively overshoot the carrying capacity of their primitive lands? Such uncouth lands try to offload their excess hordes or even dump them outright on the more civilised lands and peoples who have practised more responsible breeding in line with the responsibilities given by God.

          In other words, the rapidly overbreeding hordes become parasitic leeches who take away (steal) what does not belong to them from lands that do not belong to them by hook or crook (usually crook). The ever increasing number of parasites then try to overpower and oppress the original inhabitants of the said land who were following God’s Commandments and impose their uncouth ways on their civilised hosts. When their hosts begin to oppose this kind of uncouth behaviour from the parasitic hordes, the savage hordes, since they were raised in a manner that does violence to God’s law and Commandments, begin to perpetrate wholescale murder and and grand theft from their host societies and their unfortunate hosts.

          This is the origin of all the world’s problems i.e. the savage hordes breeding much above the carrying capacity of their lands, moving out of their primitive lands en masse and then looking to parasitically leech, loot and and murderously take away by force what does not belong to them.

          No wonder it is warned in Tim that the savage hordes who breed more than what they can support are the basest of all humans, sinners against God who are even much worse than the unbelievers.


  7. She initiated financial and educational reforms (mandatory education in 1774)

    Another difference between the First World standards and the lowly Third World standards. In eighteenth century India (and much longer after that), education was forcefully prohibited to large sections of the population due to the nauseating practices of the filthy caste system 😡

    Just recently, a few days back, overpopulated Third World pseudo-democracy India passed a law to make education mandatory for all. Even that law has several big holes in it and does not guarantee that children belonging to deprived sections and tribals will receive even a basic education 😦

    • Elke Says:

      We should take into consideration that India has been under British rule for much too long. The British took advantage of the caste system in India since the Indians were easier to control that way. The same probably goes for many “third world countries”, they just couldn’t develop naturally because of the other nation dominating them over a long period of time. Comparing India with African former colonies, I think they are doing very well.

      • Elke,

        Unfortunately, Third Worlders in general and South Asians and Middle Easterners in particular, are the most shameless hypocrites on Earth 😡

        They keep blaming the “colonists” and the “imperialists” for ruining their countries, but don’t want to accept the truth that after becoming free of the colonists, they have done very little to improve their countries. In fact, corruption and bribery in the Third World has destroyed much of the fabric of these societies.

        It’s normal for the corrupt, criminal elite of India to blame the Brits for all their woes to divert attention from their own failures. Yes, it IS true that the Brits ruined South Asia’s thriving economy and impoverished the sub-continent for the profits of a few criminal colonists in Britain. But that was in the last century and the one before that. The youth of India generally don’t carry the baggage of the oldies of blaming the Brits for everything, since they know it was the corrupt, criminal, casteist, communal politicians 👿 and bureaucratic scoundrels who are more responsible for India’s Third World status.

        Let’s compare the Human Development Index rank of India with some former African and Asian colonies:

        Gabon:107, Vietnam:114, Equatorial Guinea:115, South Africa:125, Botswana:126, Morocco:127, Namibia:129, Congo:130, India:132, Burma:135, Pakistan: 139, Swaziland:141, Ghana:142, Kenya:144, Cameroon:150, Tanzania:152, Angola:157, Gambia:160, Rwanda: 165.

        The painful truth is that India is solidly in the middle of the former African colonies in terms of development 😦

        The Brits did not take advantage of the caste system at all. They are certainly guilty of encouraging religious communalism but they kept their hands off the filthy caste system which is peculiar to the South Asian mindset. In fact, by introducing European style education (though they had different motives in mind), the Brits actually helped in fighting the nauseating practices of the filthy caste system. Many Indian reformers realised the crookedness of the filthy caste system after they developed a modern mindset, thanks to the modern education introduced by the Brits. The filthy caste system is so ingrained into the mindset of South Asians that even religions which were meant as a rebellion against this nauseating system (like Sikhism and Buddhism) have become badly affected by it. Even Abrahamic religions not originating in the sub-continent, but very much a part of India’s wonderful diversity (like Christianity and Islam) are affected by it to the extent that Indian Muslims and Christians practise a milder form of the filthy caste system 😡

        Let’s face it – the Third Worlders are responsible for their own pathetic status. If the countries of Western and Eastern Europe that were reduced to ruins because of WWII can become highly developed again within a span of a few short years, then what’s preventing the Third Worlders from doing so more than half-a-century of the colonists left for good? Why, even Japan which was reduced to rubble and became a Third World country due to the devastation of WWII became the world’s second most developed economy within a couple of decades. South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore are similar cases. Then what’s preventing the rest of the Third World from doing so???

        The true reason is the ethical and civilisational gap between those with a First World mindset and those with a Third World mindset. Third Worlders will hate me for saying this but it is a fact that cannot be denied. Sadly, it will take several decades for the average Third Worlder to develop an evolved mindset. Unfortunately, there will be no distinction between the First World and the Third World by that time because the First World will be forcefully pulled down to the lowly standards of the Third World and we will all be living in a big, global Third World village by then 😦

  8. radha Says:

    She’s eternal. such a real inspiration for us women!

  9. Nita Says:

    The photos are so clear! we are going to Uk and France at the end of next month and I hope I can get such nice pics.

    • axinia Says:

      Hi Nita, I am so happy that you can come to Europe, sadly not to Austira – as an Austria fan, I belive it is a must to visit this amazing country 🙂

      Anyway wish you a great time and lots of beautiful and clear images!

  10. sailaja Says:

    lovely pictures axinia!!!! excellent. thanks for introducing such a great personality . as you said true Rajalakshmi and also Gruhalakshmi. so fascinated by her personality.

  11. John Says:

    here some biographical information on Maria-Theresa:

    Sahaj A-Z: Queen Maria-Theresa

  12. James Says:

    Thank you so much for telling us about Marie Theresa. Is there a feature film about her? This is what was found on you tube:

    All the best

  13. Tspoon Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful slideshow! It helped me to reflect on my recent visit to the Palace and refresh on the recent knowledge that I acquired while in Europe.

  14. Michael Says:

    Empress Maria Theresa was one of the more able rulers of her dynasty and of the time. She was also one of the most cunning who strengthened her empire through a combination of diplomacy and conquest. However, while she did contribute extensively to the baroque treasure that is Schonbrunn, she did not begin its construction as this was done centuries earlier by the predecessors. Her later years were spent strengthening the empire through her diplomacy of strategic marriages. She married off all her children to various heads of state to secure the future of her realm. Only one daughter, the Archduchess Maria Christina, married the man of her choice.

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