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How spirituality awakens in a human being July 31, 2009

Spirituality is like the water hidden in the depth of the earth: hidden in the heart of man, this water which is spirituality must be, so to speak, dug out. This digging is done when one takes pains in awakening ones sympathy towards others, in harmonizing with others and in understanding others.  -says my beloved Sufi saint Hazrat Inayath Khan (1882-1927).

I find it a beautiful explanation of how the spirituality is generally born in a human being. The next step is when one starts seeking the Spirit everywhere – in oneself, in others, in nature. One starts seeking for the very depth, for the very essence and beauty of everything and… one day finds it!

LOVE; axinia

(image by me)


10 Responses to “How spirituality awakens in a human being”

  1. Rambler Says:

    reminds me of an interesting article I read recently


    • axinia Says:

      thanks, Rambler,
      the article is indeed interesting – it shows a way of thinking of a modern intelligent men who never had any enlightening spiritual experience. I can understand. In fact, Spirit can be percepted and felt clearly, that not something imaginary, like the author may believe.

      I used to be a convinced atheist before I had my expeirences. see and you will find 🙂

  2. Peter Says:

    He speaks for water in the heart, but in the heart is only Atma-Spirit- The Eternal Witness.

    The Water is little bit lower.

    • axinia Says:

      yea, Peter , I know what you mean. Probaly for a person to become spiritual one has to get his Kunladlini water (spontanelously) rise until the heart?…

    • pooyan Says:

      I found the spirituality a mere desire, to be one with God, so maybe he is speaking of the “Water” of desire, and “Awakening” means to express that desire … but desire reside dormant in Kundalini, so back to Axinia’s point of view, “Water” is not Atma, but the Kundalini. (JSM!).

  3. swaps Says:

    The fountain….I see differently now 🙂

  4. kanagu Says:

    the image is really beautiful Axinia 🙂

    and thats a beautiful thing you have shared ::) its inside of everyone 🙂

  5. Veni Grig Says:

    When we get transformed into a complete Chaitanya Shakti the water of our Kundalini should become one with the Ganga of All-Pervading Power of Pure Divine Love springing down from our Sahasrara. At that point our Self Spirit should be awakened completely. Furthermore, we will be perfect mirrors of The Divine – loving witnessing Self Spirit, and loving Kundalini united with The Spirit. Both freed from the chain of the gross.
    Isn’t it beautiful???

  6. Raj Suhansa88 Says:

    Well said on this. “Awareness” is called God, Krishna, Devi, Shiva and so forth.

  7. I suspect that the spirituality/religion distinction has been overdrawn, particularly in the modern context where the two blur. I have just posted on it. In case you are interested, here is the link. http://deligentia.wordpress.com/2009/10/30/spirituality-and-religion-a-false-dichotomy/

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