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Do you practice Love? July 30, 2009

Piousness and the path of love
are two different roads.
Love is the fire that burns both belief
and non-belief.
Those who practice Love have neither
religion nor caste.

by a Sufi poet

     Shaikh Abu Saeed Abil Kheir

 “Nobody, Son of Nobody” – Vraje Abramian

(image by me)


11 Responses to “Do you practice Love?”

  1. swaps Says:

    I set out as a non-believer
    But once I found love
    And love for everything
    I tended to love just One
    That was God.

  2. I’m honest enough to admit that I don’t practise love, Axinia 🙂

    There are so many things in life and nature that I love, but there are so many other things that I certainly don’t! 😐

  3. Love is death. The death of ego, the death of illusion. It rebirths
    a fresh, virgin being which is beyond the manmade laws and principles. It is a journey to nothingness.

  4. kanagu Says:

    I couldn’t classify myself but these days I am tend to be more relaxed… and with that I am enjoying a little bit more 🙂 and the last 3 lines of the poem is amazing and seems to be true 🙂

  5. ha but isn’t hate a part of love as well?

    • axinia Says:

      ialthought it sound very modern, everone who loved truly knows it is not true. Nate can never be part of love. of true love I mean, not the silly emotion which is sold for love.

  6. CECE Says:

    I do my best to!

  7. bernard Says:

    beautiful, thanks for sharing (the poem as well as the picture)!

  8. Thank you so much for such a beutiful photo. I would like to share it at my blog too. http://afterwind.blogspot.com/2010/09/poetry-of-shaikh-abu-saeed-abil-kheir.html

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