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My 3 most beautiful dreams July 21, 2009

Dreams are special and very personal. Despite the private nature of this phenomenon, dreambanks where people can upload, search and analyze dreams are becoming a trend. I once posted a highly interesting dream study here. 

I like remembering my dreams. The first thing I do when I wake up, I try to recall details of my dreams, for they are mostly of predictive nature. My dreams are colourful, beautiful and adventurous. I think I had only a couple of nightmares in my whole life. Sometimes I think my dreams are the reason why I do not feel like watching films – the films just can not compete 🙂

Today I thought of sharing with you my 3 most beautiful dreams, for I hope they are enjoyable. Welcome to the world of my dreams!

1. The Rose-coloured City

This is a dream which I had many years back but it is still in my memory because of its incredible beauty and impression upon me: I found myself walking in a huge City all made of some unknown rose-coloured building material. It looked a bit futuristic, somehow unearthly and very clean. I met several people on the streets, but generally it looked a bit empty. I don’t remember any special plot of this dream, but the feeling of being there I can recall any time… Awesome!

2. Dancing in the air

This dream is my favourite by its fairy beauty and breathtaking sensation. I was dancing in the air above a field, I was clad in a very long pink dress out of finest silk and chiffon, it felt and looked very ethereal. And I was beautifully singing! It felt so natural, as if I have been doing it my whole life… Dancing and singing in the rose sunset sky over a wheat field… Unforgettable!

3. My birthday dream

This is a special dream, both because it’s so meaningful and because I dreamt it on my birth night (I was born at night). I was climbing a high and steep rock leading straight to the sky. The rock was very narrow (probably 2 m wide) and really too steep. However on both the sides of it I could see majestic landscapes. On the left hand side there have been soft green hills, blue sparkling river just by the rock and people here and there, doing some work or travelling. On the right hand side I saw a vast red land with rocks and deserts, very powerful and beautiful too. Also some peple here and there. Both sides looked very attractive and welcoming to explore… But I was climbing my steep rock. At some point I met a sage meditating on the path. He told me I took the right path. I was happy to hear that 🙂 And just continued along my way…

I know it was a very good dream (going upwards is always a good sign). The natural yogic explanation that comes to my mind here would be that I have chosen the middle path despite the right or the left one. Whatever it is, this dream was indeed a great birthday gift!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my dreams and please feel free to share yours, as a comment or may me as a tag on your blog.

LOVE, axinia

(image by me)


22 Responses to “My 3 most beautiful dreams”

  1. globalinternational Says:

    hhmm i like it, very nice , GOD bless you .

  2. Lovely post, Axinia! Your first dream seems to have occured because you love roses and the colour pink 😀 In your second dream, you seem to have stepped into the shoes of your sister 🙂 And the third dream sounds something like the fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk – the main difference being you seemed to be on the correct path and met a wise sage instead of a blood-thirsty giant! 😉 😆

    You were born at night? Me too, close to midnight, in fact. My poor mother! 😦 This undesirable one has only been a trouble to her right from the night I was born 😐

    I usually don’t like sharing my dreams with anyone, so I will not be using that dreambanks website.

    But here is one pretty ordinary dream that I had just today. It seems we had to attend an examination and we (some unidentified classmates and I) were running late. We had to pack several files into cardboard boxes and take them along with us. Since we seemed to be late, we had to drive like maniacs through empty roads on a blisteringly hot afternoon to reach our place. It seemed like playing one of those video games, the only difference was some higher force seemed to be in control. I wasn’t sure why we had to take those boxes full of files with us for an examination 😕 but one cannot question things in that occur in dreams, one just has to sit back and let them play themselves out 😐

    It seems we reached our place just in time when I was woken up by a furry feeling. It was my cat brushing himself against my toes. He just wanted to say, “Good morning!” (meow, meow!) 🙂

  3. bernard Says:

    take the middle path
    don’t loose your way
    it will give you second birth
    on your happiest day


    – inspired by your birthday dream

  4. kanagu Says:

    Thats a lovely post Axinia.. 🙂
    your dreams are so beautiful…
    I never had such beautiful dreams or I never remember it much..
    most my dreams as a child were horrifying ones.. they always come to after watching a horror movie 😦

  5. Rambler Says:

    I like dreaming, infact there have been times when I have felt bad when my nights have been dreamless..so relaxing when we wake up

  6. radha Says:

    hey Axinia! last nite i dreamd of you! i was in vienna during Xmas time and in the middle ofthe town there was a green hill completely decorated with different terracotta natvity sets,all from diverse artists. so we were touring the city, then we stop for a drink at your home, there are also your hubbie and some russian friends. we sip our driks around a table hand decorated by you, with a mosaic (a tree with yellow mostly in it) quite imperfect, not too too comfortble the table but we are all smiling and chatting and laughing. it was so nice. incredible!

  7. radha Says:

    yes and right the night after having read your article. how fun 🙂

  8. swaps Says:

    I liked the last one.

    In my latest refreshing dream I was in a Russian air show in 70s!! 🙂

  9. Nihoxi Says:

    Hi! i just wanted to tell you one of my most beautiful dreams. It was light, but misty and i was in a theme park, and it was totally empty. I walked to a little playground and it was covered in dark green ivy and little rose creepers. There was a small path leading into the forest and in the forest was an area covered in little pastel ribbons attatched to flowers and leaves and there were spirits dancing and i found i was wearing a clingy cotton dress, white and i was so happy. And i danced and prayed to them, for them and with them and i woke up with a smile on my face.

  10. jack Says:

    hi anixia. seems like u know a lot abt dreaming. i like dreaming too. i love it. but the problem is that it doesnt happen too often. i just had a beautiful dream. its relevant to the fact that i wana be alone in this world and do what pleases me. so i am in a small village waiting for someone. suddenly a guy starts running towards me. i realize that i have done something he didnt like. so i start running to . funny thing is that i am running faster than a car. then i find an exit gate where some workers were hanging. after leaving the village i start running again. and i finally reach a city which is so colorful and so beautiful with its greenary and skyscrapers. the thing that added to its beauty is the fact that the whole dream took place just after sunset, when the sky is the most beautiful. truly one of the best dreams i have ever seen. then atlast i reach an open hotel with hanging gardens and chandle lights. people there are sharing their stories with each other. then suddenly i realize that its new year. and i started feeling lonely. so i gotta say that the ending was sad but i loved the dream. cuz i had such a dream after a very long time.

    what i wana ask u is if u know a way to have beautiful dreams . thx

    • axinia Says:

      jack, i think the way ot have beautiful dreams is t have…a beautiful soul life 🙂 Really. If you lead a balanced life end enjoy it, then your dreams wil become beautiful. the chanracter of dreams depens on the temperament and physical state too – for instance, if your liver is hot then yu will often dream of some adventurous things, runnings, dangers…

  11. Adallis Says:

    I’ve had a beautiful dream before.. It was so elegant I feel like I could recall every single detail… I was outside, it was around midnight and the wind felt so peaceful and soothing. Then suddenly I heard whispers near my ears I turned around in the beautiful garden but yet still nothing. These whispers were of beautiful sayings and quotes. Then the wind rushed around my sides picking me up from the ground and the rose petals arose and twirled all around me and I was able to hear the beautiful sayings clearly now. “you are beautiful never doubt that.” they said and the rose petals turned into the words I was hearing… The wind slowed and the sayings became more and more distant but I could still understand every word. Finally the rose petals slowly made their way to the ground. The wind had set me laying on the ground also and I closed my eyes, but the beautiful sayings seemed to turn into a song that had slowly put me asleep. Then I awoke… That’s my beautiful dream.

  12. GS Says:

    Nice dreams! very calming and soothing 🙂

    Dreams are fascinating. They almost always border on reality. There is a clear logic, and yet they push the limits of reality into the fairyland. Though they are beautifully magical and sometimes impossible, they stay pretty close to reality. Teasing you into thinking about how nice it would be if it were real 🙂

    I do have a lot of dreams. One particular dream keeps recurring. I use my legs to walk in the air. I almost feel the pressure of the muscles of the calf as I try to push down the air and keep walking 🙂 and weirdly enough I keep asking in my dream could this be real.. I wake up with a mixed feeling. of finding it to be a dream and laughing about how I really thought that it could be real.

    I do not like to interpret dreams. Just like we do not interpret reality.

    There is really no difference between them. From within the dream, the experience is absolutely real! But Only when you wake up you know it is a dream. The Pink city for example, appears fascinating and magical only upon waking up, but from within the dream, after a while, the pink city becomes natural and real.

    Similarly this ‘Reality’ too is a dream. and we will think it is absolutely real, until we ‘wake up’. 🙂 When we wake up from this reality, we will realize how dreamily fascinating this experience is 🙂

    One may wonder, what is waking up from the reality?
    Knowing that this world as we experience is nothing but an illusion, and realizing that I am the only reality, experiencing this whole drama of life, by a systematic and thorough investigation of this experience, and truly convincing oneself about it beyond doubt, is waking up from reality!

    Only difference however is, that when we wake up from this reality, the reality continues. So, knowing that this is a dream, we will continue to experience the dream. And because we know this is a dream, we will enjoy the experience without worries. The ups and downs, success and failure, good and bad, the Yin and Yang, the Siva and the Sakthi, the Darkness and Light, the endless duality of this beautiful world will truly begin to entertain us, without troubling.

  13. john david Says:

    Hi axinia iam john

    as i was once prayed to know meaning of my name instead to seek… From all resources…
    The night i prayed i got the meaning of my name….
    As i was dreaming i was laying on the ground my bro is beside me… And a girl came from nowhere… Asked my name and i inreturn asked why u need… And she said i can tell ur name meaning….
    And she said the full meaning of my name which i can’t remember but i just remember this one…

  14. Fahxhj jxyjf kxfjv Says:

    Dyxucgh usuggru vsh f bkcux a m jxdhf i fjfshdhh z dhfufj

  15. Mansi Says:

    My dream is to be a world best dancer or singer . I also working on it recently I was selected in Super Dancer but some problems that coming in my house I will not go but I will not give up I working hard and all my friends and family know that I will a world best dancer my is that

  16. Ravindra Kumar Says:

    How many words are there

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