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How to fall asleep and wake up easily July 14, 2009

This is an intruduction of an easy method to fall asleep in case of insomnia or to wake up fully when the body is still asleep and the alarm clock is ringing mad. I found it out experimentally, but apparently the method is known since ages in India as Pranayama exercise.

How did this idea came up? Usually after a meditation, when my body (physical and subtle) get balanced, I can feel that my nose becomes very clear, even if it was not blocked at all. This is a very pleasant feeling, as if I would get the second breath. This happens automatically without me doing any special yogic exercise for it. As far as I can explain it, the Kundalini does it while rising. Actually this is also a good check up for a quality mediation : )

How is it related to the title of the post? In fact, I use this knowledge of the “pure nose” for regulating my body activity! – and I am sure everyone, either a yoga practitioner or not, can use it same way.

Let me tell you why and how. Basically we have our left side and right side (please read the detailed explanation here and here). If we are active (mentally or physically) our right side is at work. You can notice that at that state your right nostril is more clear. If you feel moody or weak, most probably your right nostril is blocked. Same for the morning wake up.

What can we learn from it? In the night, if you are still active but need to sleep, block your right nostril (may be by slightly pressing a finger toward the nostril) and lay down quietly. If you can not breath (which is most probable, as the left nostril mostly blocked at this state), then breath with the mouth for some time, after some minutes your left nostril will free itself and accordingly you will fall asleep without noticing it… The opposite works for the morning wake up. Here you have to block the left nostril in order to “switch on” the right one, and thus activate yourself.

I am using this small tricks sometimes and they work incredibly good. If you like to try it out, happy to hear your reports 🙂

LOVE, axinia (image by me)


15 Responses to “How to fall asleep and wake up easily”

  1. dmitri Says:

    thenk you axinia, i need this trick couse latly it’s hard to fall asleep for me, and i dont sleep well…i tried to close my right nostri right now and i couldn’t breate, my left nostril is blocked and im really active mostly mentally…i’ll try it when i’ll have trouble sleeping

  2. Rambler Says:

    hey thanks for the tip, I surely need to try this out

  3. dmitri Says:

    you are right, but i cant get into meditation. it doesn’t work for me

  4. dmitri Says:

    do you have any tips on how to maditate>?

    • axinia Says:

      dmitiri, I surely do 🙂
      I have tips which work for me, and that since 14 years…
      I used to be a very “mental” person and it took me even some months to finally get a blissful experience of thoughtless awareness through meditation. The only this that made it possbile for me was the practicing of the sahaja meditation (after getting your inner Energy awakend, and that is mostly clearly percepted).
      The trick itself lays in the coolness which you then feel on top of head – when you start enjoying it (and that is the true bliss, very enjoyable!), your thoughts will vanish and also the both nostils will clear out. I would not know how I would do it otherwise, without feeling this cool breeze, as I am not a person to believe in the imaginary light, etc. (tricks others use for meditation). I need a clear prof and something that works.

      Try this site out: http://www.freemeditation.ca/meditation/

      good luck and let me know if it worked.

  5. dmitri Says:

    i actually got my realisation two and half years ago and used to atend sahaja meditation meetings weekly for a year and half . the thing is that before coming to sahaja yoga i was allready suffring from schizophrenia. sahaj yoga helped me very much and i got to a condition where i was happier then ever before, so i thought that i was cured and i stoped taking the medication…and then i had a mental episode agian,,,while being not complatly sane i olso was with the sahaja collective (when i first came to sahaja yoga i told them about my condition)…i was realy ill and they suggested that i go to a hespitol and stop coming for a whaile….after returning from the hospitol the only thing i thought about was returning to the collective but they told me that they cheacked vibration and its better that i dont come…so no for a year i haven’t been in sahaja classes and just meditating at home…but ever since i returned from the hopistal i could’nt maditate as i used too……do you think i should call and ask if i can come? it’s been a year already and im well, taking my medication.

    • axinia Says:

      yea, I think you should definetly try it again 🙂 But basically as far as I know schizophrenia can be cured in Sahaj, but probably not by you alone, you will need some help. If your desire is strong enough, it will happen.

  6. dmitri Says:

    i know it’s not a perosnal blog for me and my problames so i appolagize for not been on topic. sorry

  7. draupadi16 Says:

    Dear Dimitri, I´m sure, you should ask the collective about your return!!!! One year is such a long time!
    I´m meditating for 20 years and I feel the collective meditations like a bath in the sea. So clearing, healing and full of joy like a loving family. With best wishes from Draupadi.

  8. dmitri Says:

    thenk you axinia, Draupadi!!! after reading your replay i picked up the phone and to my surprise i was told that i can come. there is a meeting next week and i’ll be there… I’m very happy…thenks for the encoregment!!!

  9. Madhu Rao Says:

    Meandered in while surfing the web. Amazing ! Being from a south Indian descent and having done Pranayamas as a part of various things yogic and vedic the simple explanation you offer was a revelation. I will give it a shot….

  10. bernard Says:

    The easiest things work best! 😉

    Another household remedy:
    Wake up easily with a morning walk barefoot on wet grass.
    Try and enjoy!

  11. Mahesh Nayak Says:

    Hi axinia,
    Interesting technique. Will try it sometime. I too had problems waking up in the mornings however I found that if I meditated before sleeping I could wake up instantly.

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